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Wtather Forecasts 

Victoria and VUlnlly \\ InrtN iiiii«ilv <>^m - 
• rly and anulhorly. chitfly cloutly vvlili rain 
tonlfhi iir .Saturday, am I liinary If mperaturr. 

Ijfiwcr Mainland: I.lKht to tnodrralei 
«lnd». mostly cluudy wlih rain tonlnht or 
Baiurdsy, ttallnnary or lilxliri' temperature. 


Co/oftist Ti^mphonea 

BuBlne.'.s OWlco 11 

t'IrculBtloiv ..,.. r. . II 

Job Prlntlnf 197 

Editorial Hoom» »' 


VOL evil,, NO. 299 



'Macdonald By-Election Has In- 
terred It Five Times Deeper 
Than It Was After People 
Spoke a Year Ago, 


Vm, !?obert Rogers Makes a 
Straightforward Statement 
on the Condifct of the Cam- 
paign and Points Raised. 


Work In tb* DomlUoW Will X«r««ft«t 

B« Vitdar Control of • ir»UOB»l 


TORONTO. Ont.. Nov. 28. — Tlie super- 
vision of tho work of the Y. M. C. A. 
ill Cttnutlii has ',)assftl from the Interna- 
tional Committee In New York to the 
Canadian National Council, and the 
assoclstion In Canada will henceforth 
be self-governing. By this arrange- 
ment tho National Council assumes the 
whole tinancial responsibility for super-: 
vising work In Canada. Tho ItUerna*^ 
tlonal committee will continue to co- 
opcr.Tto with the Canadian body in an. 
advisory way and on invitation. 

A budjset for tili« nftUooal work, e*!!- 
"ins"t«r f6S,||d4';pi|'.ip«;^«a'a.t ih« olos-' 
ins session of tl^']>iiB«e|i»ii.'1F,''lfc, C^.^A.: 
convention tai>r«k;'^~ ■.■.'..'..""''.-. i •<'■'•, 

LONDON, Nov! ill.~illP«. Thomas 
Hardy, wife ot tlie n^lwUst. died this 
morning at Has Oate. Dorchester. She 
bad been In Mllng health for some 

trfSttfiTK^JSJuTlESoSdi I 

liONDON, Nov. 88.— The worWa t\%' 
hniir mntorear rMorfl WM Hffatffl ly 


Eaord Bobarti Deolarea That iTo Se* 

ftnce Schema Could Have Bean 

Mora Madly Conoalvad 

Sir Edward Grey's Suggestion 

for Getting Nations Into 

|^|ouch on Points of Agree- 

'• Wieint Meets With Support. 



Atbartlan Independence )s Un- 
looi to Be a Point on 
P Are Satisfied. 
m Dardaneiles* 

tiUNlHJN, Nov 28. — Speaking here 
last nis'nt I^ord Roberts dlHclainifd liav- 
Ing made un attack at Manclieaier on 
tho oJIlcers and men of the Territorial 
forcts, but maintained the, position he 
took up that the Territorial force was a 
failure In dlBclpUnc, numbers, equip- 
ment and energy. 

"No such scheme for the defence of 
lllon," he declared, "could have 
lore madly conceived. When thi 
K.'isonditlon of n rf ft||ji;' jij ''rtfef|i||i|i 
'"iniien .would , reallil''^ip.-iHp^;<'^i^ 
traitinir^ ■ tfeelr:-'««|«|M>i«f;ft<i'"'ifc ^-i^riiaiMft-i**-- 

'■■'' ii 'i' i ' '' | -j i mV i>i ' i ll n il II . | i » . 

mhrlt CiMtS of Xmmigranta. 
OTTAWA, Nov. 38.— Canada la re- 
cAlvinsr the hiirheat class of tn»migrant«, 
thoufh '« smaller number of free tioine- 
atdadara wero- located last year than 
•v«r before. The receipts from actual 
settlers being 118,200,090. the aver«g« 
i»rice paid wa« %t^,19 per aorc- Tbia 
is taken as ladicatlns that newoopers 

ase p aaaee tte < e l ief H »pa b1 > — W i iw i 
The year's homcistead aitslos w;«re 
S$,1S1. representlnsr a poptilatlon of Ol.- 
272, as compared with 4«,478 entries and 
107.884 souls \n the previous ITMur. 

Vienna Press Express an Unal- 
terable Stand in Re.gard to 
Occupation of Any Port by 
That Nation. ^^^p^^^'SX^, 



i,i '. ,<i| ' iii.i . ii 

London Cojt^iporfdent Points 
Out the Wejakness of Posi- 
tion Taken by Emperor's 
-Advisers. - 


sir Edward Gray Btatea Tbat Great 
Britain Waa Wot Party to 


I..ONl)ON, Nov. 28. — Great Britain 
wus ill no way a party to the Kusso- 
MonKolian agreement by which Uussia 
recognized tho Independence of North- 
ern Mongolia, according to a statement 
maile by .Sir Kdwanl Grey, foreign sec- 
retary in the liouse today. 

The statement was culled forth by 
an Intimation in form of a question put 
by Laurenae Glnnell (Ir^sh Js'atlonallat) 
tliat the mission of M. Korostoveta, 
former Russian minister at Peking, to 
Urga, Mongolia, and the treaty with 
the Khan of Mongolia were the first 
fruits of the re^cent vlaitjto Lotjidon of 

W, ii I I ■ 

WifmiPSSCt. Maa, Kflv, ♦JMt.r-*»>e 
l|»ro(>erty form«rl]r owned iMntriiiOc^ 

IfalB fplHwi^ Ww «Wned" by the jSatta- 
dian iNHii i^ OoMiiiiierce, has been por- 
ehased tty cbs ]3omt«Ulrtt Trust ^Sem. 
paoy. Ttk« j^ce ivas fSOO.OOO. or |7>e00 
4r-«*»«i — mAf t > s tfc a l il| >lie s* prt as a v e r 

Adriatic Port Which Is Greatly 
Desired by That Nation Is 
Taken by Its Soldiers With- 
out Resistance, 



Ignore the D§ell 
■fifdependence % Albania in 
Both These Instances. Are 
Awaiting Austrian Actiom 

OTTAWA firev. SS.— Today's eittlns 
of tM ^M& gl ft inks the Hvelieat that has 

"'^''"^JH^f^'*!^P^' *l»*>^»My o<f the sea. 
»ion« vsroiaiWttite^ft tA«' AiJIdress brac<»4 
tip ariS' wtfs Vrittvened by at nsttnber 9f 

lnn'rchaii«-('s. . ■ "'■ 

Hon. Robert Ro.-j-^rs start-id tlie ball 
KoinK by a speech in which he replied 
to the charges of wrong-doing In Mac- 
donald constituency. He said that In 
thi.s tight the Liberals had been at their 
old game of appealing to race and re- 
ligious prejudices, and that they were 
liisappointed when, despite their efforts, 
ilielr policy of reciprocity had suffered 
.such a smasltlng defeat. He was i)ulto 
prepared to accept the respon'slblllty I'or 
all that happened In that ■constituency 
and was prepared to justify the. Ccn- 
servutives for tho arrests thuy had 

Mr. V. B. Carvell (Carloton, N. B.), 
Who replied for the Liberals, started tip 
several protests by the vigor of hia re- 
marks'. Ho declared that outside the 
province of Manitoba no siuh prostitu- 
tion of justice had ever been witnessed 
in Canada. He had a number of warm 
passages with Mr. Arthur Melghen 
(Portiigo la Prairie) a.s to whether or 
not W'alkinshaw. one of the Liberal 
workers »tM»«>trterMn«<l— ^-toaen allowed t<^ 
see counsel or not. Mr, Carvell declar- 
ed tliat he had not. which caused Mr. 
Mcjgheh to make a s|ioech later on 
proving that he had. 

Later In the evening session there 
were a number of lively passages at 
arms between Mr. A. C. Boyce and ll'ui. 
Frank Oliver. 

Mr. J. C. Turriff (i;,i.<i .\sslnlboia), 
v.ho was the last siicaker of the day, 
described Hon. Mr. Bogers as the mas- 
ContlniMKl on I'ago 2. ("ol. !t. 

Victor Hemsry «t ^BrcM^fckmd* ywiter- 
day. He made MS niltto ««»lnst 4S1. 
the previous record. Hemery traveled 
•& 1-8 miles t|i the final hour. 

- "4 


Reduction in Duty Is Being 
Urged Upon the Government 
and It Will Possibly Be 

OTTAWA, Nov. 2.S. — Advlces have 
been received at the <le)>artment of 
trade and commerce that the press of 
I'Yance Is urging upon th government 
a reduction of duty upon wheat entering 
France, owing to the fact that a large 
crop In the northern part of Franco has 
not ripened well, and that it will be 
necessarily to Imiiort a larger quantity 
of Canadian h-trd wlieat than usual in 
order to provide the qtiality of flour 
which French bakers are accustomed to. 

A somewhat «lmilar condition of af- 
' fairs occurre<l In ]8!)8, when prices of 
wheat advanced greatly In I'Vance, and 
the grovornment suspended the duty 
from May 4. 1898, to Juno 30, follow- 

The department Is advised from 
ParlB that the present iiosltlon Indi- 
cates that a reduction of duty is to bo 
expected during the present session. 

Bnffraffette Outraffaa. 

LONDO.N, .Nov. liS. — Another series 
of letterbox outrages, supposed to be 
the work of militant sun'rageties, was 
committed in the t^entre ol' London this 
evening. Add was poured hito the 
boxes threoughoiit tho district includ- 
ing Threadneedle street, the Stuck 
ICxchange anil the .Mansion House. 
Many letters were destroyed and much 
Inconvenlenfe was caiised. 


1 — 'Reciprocity r« Durlfd Fur Down. HrbiR 
I'owera Into lli.rniony. Au»lrl:ins Will 
Hinder K<»rvl«. .Sfrvlan Trooiis iir.-iipy 

I — Telegraphic Ntiwu. 

J — Jnlllat<> Hlllalde SptvIop on Monday. 

4— Editorial. 

6 — Splendid Dlaplay of aooko Poultry. 

« — Nawa of ibe City. 

7 — Inaplring Rally Ry Ward Ono Workera. 

% — In Wnmrn'a Realm. 

•^Sporting Ncw». 
1«— Additional Spprl. 

U — Conaeerate N»>w f'hurrh on .Sunday. 
\t — Real Hlitate Advta. 
II — R«al Kafala Advii. 
M— l/ocal Nfawi. 

11 — Marine and Shipping Nevra. 
M— Saya World Should t'nif*. Agalnat War. 
Sf— rar«*-ell Dinner to fol. Koy. ,M. V. O. 
ll — Balkan I.,aacu« and Final Spttlem«nt. 
rt — N'o Confadaratlon for Newfoundland. 
If— Cjaaairiad Advta. 
il>-Oe«tUla« Advta. 
Jt'^CiSaairiad Advta 
M--Jman«iaJ ITaara 
|J Kj ipl4i i ■■B S BSi ft tM^ Afrli 

~"."~y")ktanitoba Oiftclal Saalraif 
WINiSIlPIilGr-Nov. 28.— Ro«bert Br 
Gtraham. deputy attoroey-generml, . Has 
filgnlfied his intention of resigning jfrom 
his present government position at the 
end of the year and will, It Is reported, 
go into private practice. 

liriBV. fa.-*-ai^Eld«rard Orey's 

Pl^^Mjiiiiill tiuU the anbftssadors of the 
*W illfc tilaittWMtn no'yeta— G reat Brlt- 

mhi,: .'#l»«iM|i; |>«salMi>. Mwg^," Awi&9% ' 
Ifnagftry itHd^taly^HitltttSId liH^nMe in 

«; ""f" 

Dominion Government Pur- 
chases Property for New 
Structure. Plans for Build- 
ing Nearly Complete, 

Commanding an unobstructed view in 
all directions and Ideally situated for 
meteorolojrlcal observations and si.'ismic 
research work, a site, comprising an acre 
and a fifth, has been secured on Gon- 
zales Heights upon which the new i.>o- 
mlnlon government observatory for Vic- 
toria will be erected. The property Is 
situated 210 feet above sea level. It, ad- 
joins the southern end of the land on 
which the wireless station is situated. 
On receipt of a telegram from the 
deputy minister of marine and fisheries 
yesterday, authorizing the purchase of 
this land, the transaction was corn- 

The preliminary plans for the iicwr ob- 
servdtory are now being completed by 
Mr. F. Napier Dcnlson, of the local 
iTioteorological office and will be for- 
warded to the East for approval In the 
course of a few days. 

They «lll allow for a building speci- 
ally adapted to the fine site which lias 
been secured. Special provision will be 
made for the Installation of sflsmo- 
graph.s, the present government having 
already recognized the good work car- 
ried on by Mr. Denlson in selsmologlcal 
research. It Is purposed also to con- 
slderalily extend the range of weather 
forecasting, and to bring this about the 
officials of the observatory will Work 
with the wireleKs station with a view to 
availing themselves for meteorological 
purposes, of mes.sages received from ves- 
sels on the Pacific. 

Other extensions In the work of the 
local branch are contemplated, which 
have hitherto been Impossible owing to 
the lack of rooin and facilities. 

The Ilomlnlon government has already 
.granted for the building of the new oh- 
servator.v, the site and special instal- 
ments, a sum of nearly 1^20,000. 

one. of the capltahi, with a, 
phaslzing tho points arising' dSt if'We 
Balkan war on which the nations are 
already In agrecTnent, is understood to 
have the support of Germany, Franco 
and Russia. 

The idea la to endeavor to avert the 
disposition to drift Into an alignment of 
two groups of the powers forming the 
Triple Alliance and the Triple Kntente 
over Isolated ciucstlons such as caused 
the tension early tliis week. 

It Is antlcli)ated that, without at- 
tempting to reach a detailed settlement 
of all the i.roblems whicli will come up 
for argument at the end of the. war, the 
unibassadors will be able- to register 
an agreement on principle on such mat- 
ters as the future of Albania, the dis- 
position of the islands In tiie Aegean 
Sea and the opening or closing of tiie 

Subjacta of Agraamant 

For instance, the powers apparently 
are all ready to recognize Albanian In- 
dependence and to pledge themselves 
not to seek WrrltorlaJ-ncJitrhsllion in tho- 
Aegean Sea. 

Some revision of the standing of the 
Dardanelles seems to follow the changes 
of the map arising front the war, and 
there Is a disposition to believe that they 
will be maintained open on a basis cf 
equality for all nations. 

Problem.s like the •Aitstro-Servian dif- 
ficulty will be left for settlernent after 
peace has been concluded. 

The main object of the proposed con- 
ference Is to brhur the powers into 
C.'onlinwrd on Pajtr ',' Col. T>. 

|i||||BANB, Aua., Nov. 28.-«-Several 
oif *iii farmers at BarmundoO and Tar- 
agoola have installed IrrlgatlnK plants 
on their selections, and so far the ma- 
chinery has given every satisfacilun. 

ILK mm 



Royal Commission Resumes Its 
Inquiry, Sitting in Vancouver 
and Hearing From City's 
Medical Health Officer. 

Imperial House Committee 
Hears Further Evidence in 
the Matter of the Charges 
Against Ministers. 

VANCOFVlcn, B. C, Nov. 28. — At the 
cmirtiiouse today the ])rovliiclal milk 
comp.iissioncr heard testimony regarding 
Vancouver's milk supply In all Us 

Tho commissioners, I'r. A. I'. Proctor, 
chairman; Dr. J. Coultluiid, and Dr. An- 
son Knight, chief veterinary inspector, 
heard testimony from Dr. F. T. Under- 
bill, Vancouver's medical health officer. 

Dr. Underbill declared that Vancou- 
ver's milk supply Is not clean, and that 
its proportion of butter fat Is not up to 
retiulrements. Ho said adulteration 
still continues, bvit that the use of pre- 
servatives hud been stopped. 

The commissioners remarked that 
they found that the Dominion and pro- 
vlnclo.1 governments seem to be conflict- 
ing In their regulations governing the 
Inspection of milk, proper grading and 
^unitary requirements. They suggested 
that the two governments must co-oper- 
ate and bring about a smooth working 
set of regulations, so that the viol.-itors 
could be properly punished. 


Kalahari Country Traveraed by an In- 
trepid Cape Town Man Alone 




Calsrary Brlgrade Makaa a Ban of 

Twanty-Ona Kllea and Savaa 

Town Vrom Bula 

CVLGAHY, Alta., Nov. 28,— A run of 
twenty-one miles over the frozen prai- 
rie roads by the Calgary motor fire ap- 
parnlu.^ flaved the business section of 
thi: town of Langdon from destruction 
this afternoon. Fifty-five minutes after 
the call for help was received In (.''al- 
gary. the city motor pump was throw- 
ing water from n slougl. on the out- 
skirts of Langdon Into the Hicks block, 
where a general store and stock were 

The timely arrival of the Calgary ap- 
paratus prevented the spread of the 
fire Into the adjoining buildings. 


Patriotic . Zndlvldnala Are anbeertblar 

road* to Ancment the Oovara- 

meat Vrorraiiune 

HFRLIN, Nov. 28. — Besides the war- 
ships provided for by the Reichstag, 
Germany Is receiving privaf« subscrl)>- 
tlons for the purpose of obtaining 

At Mannheim an association for the 
construction of training ships, of which 
Grand Duke Oldenberu Is chairman, has 
voted $200,000 for the construction of 
a third vessel of this description. 

MemeHal aervioee 

LONDON, Nov. 28.-— Memorial ser- 
viceji for Sir ISdward Seaborne Clouston, 
Bart., wer« held today at St Peter's 
Raton fiquare, Prebendary Storr ofTlclnt- 
IHK. A lar»re number of rcprcaentatlvc 
Qmsdlaas fttunded the serviea. 

LONDON, Nov. 28.— That the Mar- 
coni Company had sought to nbtr.lii 
control of the Poulson patents in Amer- 
ica and had been refused, and that late,- 
Mr. Carl PhlUlp, representing the Dan • 
i.sli lnterp.«ts in the Poulson Company, 
told t)ic witness he had received an , f- 
fer for a largo block of stock, appar- 
ently made In the Interest of the Mar- 
coni Compan.x-, was testllled to by Mr. 
Beach Thompson before tlic i>arlUiuvnt 
investigating commission yesterday. 

Soon after the Poulson concern had 
establlshtd communication between 
Honolulu and San l''r«iicl.sco he .said he 
reoeiveil a telegram from Mr. .Arm- 
strong, once manager of the United 
Wireless Cmipany, asking him to name 
the not price at which he would sell 
tho property and patents of the poul- 
son Company. The reply was that they 
were not for sale. Mr. Armstrong later 
told Mr. Thompson he had made the of- 
fer on behalf of the Marconi Company, 

Mr. Phillip had said he had an offer 
for a large block of the stock of the 
Poulson concern find asked Mr. Thomp- 
son If It would be advlHable that he 
see the Marconi manager, Mr. Gotlfrey 

"I tfild him," said the witness, "he 
had better not sell any more than he 
could deliver, as I was sure Mr. Isaacs 
would accept not leas than the control!- 
inu interest, which it wsb Impossible to 
sell, as 76 per cent had been pooled for 
fifteen years." 

Mr. H, A, Madge, the admiralty wire- 
less export, testified that he consldereil 
the Poiilaon system had demonstrated 
|(s ability to do long distance vork at 
all times *y the San Francisco-Honolu- 
lu tests and also Its ability to do two 
hundred worda a minute, which could tie 
■topped up to alx hundred while the 
Marconi Company bad ahown it could 
send oalf fifty words a oUnuta. 

LONDON. Nov. 28.— According to Tlie 
.Johannesburg Sunday Times, a South 
African traveller, T. S. Bowker, has ar- 
compllshed a remarkable Journey on 
foot and without companions through 
the great Kalnhari Desert. The main 
dlfhculty encountered hy tlie traveller 
was the ab.«ence of water. 

l-'roni Molopo river to Lake Nigainl 
the country is very dense, there being 
not as inucli as twenty miles of open 
countr.\-. There Is nothing but forest, 
dense bush, camel thorn trees, shrubs, 
tall grass and hundreds of thousands of 
blighted trees. He describes it as a 
desert as flat as a table. Mr. Bowker. 
who left Cape Town with $2 in his 
pocket and travelled two thou.sand 
miles, considers that he made the 
cheaiiost Journey on record. 



^ \w 



Premier Botha Announces the 
Intention of the Administra- 
tion to Offer Contribution to 

rAPF TOWN. S. ,A., Nov. 28.— Pre- 
mier Botl.a, speaking at Stanilerton on 
the naval question, said that the South 
African government was preparing to 
offer a contribution to the naval de- 
fence of the Kmplre. 

However, he continued, the cabinet 
was unanimous that fha Imperial au- 
thorities should first be consulted as 
to what form the contribution would 

Nevertheless. Premier Botha conclud- 
ed, be felt sure that South Africa would 
^ave her own shipe placed In African 
waters to help to protect trade and 
commeree, and to relieve the burden 
now pUcad upon the Imperial navy. 

l^td i«r triit^p«s property 

4,'i. ~<^'i"',l 

LONZ>OK, Nov. it—The Vienna 
correspondent of tThe Tlmes: says that 
some ofjthe, foreign office orgatajLJMfe. 

' -'^1 

««Pt tfeMlt the Austrian demand on 9^x. 
via Is ah Irreducible minimum, frbrrt 
which neither the powers nor Servla 
will be able to subtract a particle. 

The Neueswlener Tagblatt declares, 
he adds, in a seml-ol'flclal note, that 
Austria will not '.How Servla tu pos- 
sess Durazzo under any clrcui'iisn-inccb 
whatever, and "that Servla v.-ir. he 
obliged to evacuate Duratzo, to- 
gether with the rest of Albania. 

Commenting, the correspondent says 
that a declaration of this kind ha,.; bel- 
ter be left to Irresponsible journalists 
iind that before the evacuation of "the 
rest of Albania" can be spoken of, Al- 
bania Itself must be defined and Js- 
limited. At present it Is a vague geo- 
graphical expression. 

Similarly, the qucstipn of a Servian 
port on the Adriatic requires a pre- 
cise formulation before it cnn be pro- 
fitably discussed. Au.stria a)id Italy 
are entitled to say a word on the 
status of any port susceptible of forti- 
fication, but the correspondent thinks 
Servla is entitled to demanil from 
lOurope a definite guarantee. Contin- 
uing, tho corresponijjujt .aavs: 

"The prlnclpnl cause of tlip improve- 
ment In the situation is said to be 
due to the advice given by the Ger- 
man gmperor to Archduke Franz 
Ferdinand, and also partly to a report 
received from the Austrian ambas- 
sador to England. .Audiences at 
Schoetbrunn today are said to have re- 
sulted In the abandonment of the pro- 
posal that recruits normally unable to 
do service next autumn should begin 
training early next year. Tho extreme 
mllltur.v parly has thu.s suffered a re- 

(onlln.ird on I'lixe \;;. <'oI. 5. 




Liberal Senator Declares in 

Favor of Such a Policy in 

Order to Man the Line of 



OTTAWA, Nov. 28.— In the I'pper 
Chamber today twt) members. Senator 
Patrirk C. Murphy, of TIgnlsli, P.K.I., 
and Senator William McKay, of Reserve 
Mines. N.S., were Introduced and took 
tl.elr seats. 

The debate on the address was con- 
tinued by Senator Roche, of Halifax. 
He said It wan gratifying to note that 
the governor-general had madp a tour of 
Canada last year and had come Into 
contact with the pooplp at first hand 
anil thereby "wais able to form his own 
opinions of their feeling." 

Senator DomviUc (.\ew Brunswick) 
said there was a good deal of loyalty 
talked of just now, but the question 
for the people to decide was: "Will 1 
fight If fighting comes?" 

He doubted if the Canadian.^ as n 
people were as eager for fighting as 
w«re the Bulg"rlarus, who today were 
dying upon the mountain tops. Today 
Canada was called upon to stand up and 
say what she would do for the Km- 
pire's defence. History would Judge 
her by wh,-it she did today. He did 
not think much of tho idea of handing 
over thirty million dollars to b^ngland 
to build ships with. He did not think 
the proposal would go down with the 
people, and ICngland did not need the 
money. .'anada would have to go to 
lOngland to get the money and, after It 
was brought to Canada, It would be 
returned to Knglnn.l to be spent there. 
lOng^and rfow liad all the money ft\\e 
wanted and could builJ all the ships 
she wanted. 

What was required was men. The 
beat thing, therefore, the government 
could do would be to have a compulsory 
naval service, Vf the people of Canada 
wanted to fight they should be given 
the best chance possible. Parliament 
shoulil give the government as much 
money as It wanted for the building of 
flhipa in Canada, though they coat 
tslltce what they would if thay were 
buin ij^mewher* else. 

OaJBxfiiMdgs Widens VMM 
CAMBRIDGE, Bng.. Nov. 

ttf ' l < MW H W|» Jp» »!g« |IHIt, t o Nonconform- 
^W(^'1i^lM'-W¥^'W tl»e University 
i^i^:^. When it agreed, by a vote of 43S 
agratnst 826, to rescind the regulation 
forbidding the conferring of the degree 
of doctor of divinity on Nonconform- 


i 11. isf nil 

Member for Greenwich, Mr, 
J, Hamilton Benn, Believes 
British Government to Be 
Nearing Its End, 

VANCOUVKR, B. C, Nov. 28.— Mr, J. 
Hamilton Benn, .M. P. for Greenwich, 
who arrived in this city yesterday, is 
more than ever convinced that tlie pres- 
ent government in Great Britain is on 
Its last legs, and he would not be sur- 
prised to see the Asqulth administration 
collapse before the end of the present 
session. W^hen in Vancouver In Septem- 
ber last he predicted an election In the 
motherland before the end of next year. 

"The home rule bill," he .said, "is a 
bitter pill for many of the «overnment 
supporters to swallow, and I would not 
be surprised to see many of them boll 
the party on that question. A great 
many Liberals were not sorry to see the 
government beaten on the amendment 
by Sir Frederick Banbury. It is a long 
time since such bitterness has been dis- 
played as in the present session." 

- ■* . »i)iii i i» i n i it i. 

JP1|JBAZZ0. Albania, Nov. 28.— The 
ftfi^^ troops occupied this town to- 
5lli^««T'No resistance was offered. 

The Austria-Lloyd steamer Graf 
Wurmbrand left immediately with a 
number of refugees. Durazzo is the 
port on the Adriatic which Servla de- 
sires to retain and which Austria Is de- 
termined Serviu shall not hold. 
Capture Blbra. 

BELGRADE, Nov. 28,— It is offi- 
cially announced that the Servians have 
captured the town of Dlbra, in Albania, 
forty-five miles to the southwest of 

A Ziarge Boaat 

LONDON. Nov. 29,— "We have now 
occupied Durazzo for perpetuity," is 
the telegram which General Jankovltch, 
the Servian commander, has sent to the 
government at Belgrade. 

The fact tliat the government has 
made public this message, says the 
Vienna correspondent of The Dally 
Telegrajih, is regarded as proving Sor- 
via's Irreconcilable attitude. Budapest 
liapers assert that Servla Is mobilizing 
against Austria and intends to form 
a new army, armed with the guns cap- 
tured from the Turks. 

The Servian.^, ignoKlBg-rth« proclama- 
tion of Albanian independence, have oc- 
cupied Durazzo without resistance. Thus 
the conflict is now raifced in acute 
form between Austria and Servla, and 
It remains to be seen whether the Aus- 
trian government will take any direct 
action. The Servian action, ctupled 
with tlu' warlike feeling prevailing at 
Vienna, it i» likely to keep up contin- 
ued anxiety. 

It Is reported from Home that a pro- 
visional .A-lbanlan government has been 
Continued on !*««« Z, Cnl. 4. 


Member for Algoma and Hon. Frank 

Oliver Blaonaa X,ate aovernmant'a 

Protection of Workara 

• OTTAWA, Nov. 28. — Mr. A. C. Boyce 
f (.Algoma), and Hon. I-^ank Oliver en- 
gaged in a lively tiff this evening. The 
Algoma member accused the ex-min- 
ister of being more solicitous about 
the events of the Macdonald by-elec- 
tion than lie had ever been about the 
practices In ills own regime. Mr. 
Boyce cited the case of Philip Wagner, 
an official of the interior department, 
wlio was convicted of preying upon 
iminigr«nts and stealing their money. 
For. this 1)0 was jailed and on his re- 
lease was promoted by the minister. 

"In my iudgment Mr. Wagner was 
the euhject of persecution," inter- 
jected Mr. Oliver. 

Mr. Boyce returncfi to the attack, 
saying that both Mr. Oliver and his 
leader. Sir AA'ilfrld Laurler, liad voted 
down a resolution for investigation 
into "the thief and thug" whom they 
had taken to their bosoms and pro- 
moted. Ho proceeded to accuse Mr, 
Carvell (Carleton, N. B.), with bolnff 
one of the personal obstructors in the 
pn.-Jt of any Investigation into wrong- 

Ziarge Xquipmant Orders 

MONTREAL, Nov. 28,— During 1912 
up to date the C. P. R. has ordered 
rolling stock to the value of $48,000,- 
000, which is double the amount ever 
ordered by any railroad system In 
North America during the same period. 

First Lord of the Admiralty 
Confesses the Backwardness 
of the British Provision^ for 
Aerial Navigation or Warfare. 

LONDON, Nov. 2S. — Following the 
announcement from Berlin that tho 
latest Zeppelin dirigible, manned by a 
crew of eighteen men and costing |17B,- 
000, on her lest flew successfully for 
four days, dropping a third of a ton of 
high explosives on a huge raft, whicli 
wa.s destroyed. Mr. 'W. J. Hicks (Brent- 
ford) in tho House of Commonis yester- 
day prodd • the first lord of the Ad- 
miralty as to the Identity of the air- 
ship which passed over Sheerness 'n 

Mr. AVinston Churchill, replying, ad- 
mitted that it was not a British air- 
ship. He confessed that Great Britain 
had no airship equal to the Zeppelins 
or capable of travelling sixty milea an 
hour. The navy had aeroplanes capable 
of travelling seventy miles an hour, 
but there was no dout that Germany 
held tho pre-eminence in airships. 

CcloneJ Seeley said the army had five 
aeroplanes capable of making seventy 
miles an hour and fifteen more are 
being constructed. He refused to tell 
whether Great Britain has guns capable 
of hitting an aircraft 6000 feet Mgh. 

Fift^ Years Ago Todap 

<From Tho rolonlut of NovembPr 2i>, 18C2.) 

N'analmo Hoal Mlnpn— Roderick Fln!ay»on, Eaq., of the Hiidaon Bay Company, 
rptnrn<-,l veaterday In- the Otter. The tranafer of the minea lo^nther with tna 
whole of the plant and machinery, to the Vancouver <-n«l Mining Oompany liaa 
been fully romi.let«.(l for the aum of £40.000. C. H. Nlcol, Eaq., will ramain al 
Nanalmo ai manager for the new projirletora. 

Biriha— In thia city, on the l«th Imt., Ih* wife of Mr. Wm. Wail, of a 

Died At hU realdenre on the Baanlcli road, Mr. Richard ChaeamtB, Sgad 4# 


For Comox — Tha aehoonsr Antelops nailed for the n«w aetUamettts at CamMt 
veaterday afternoon, carrylnit ilx pae«enfl:pri, and aev&ral tona Of fr«l|l>t. Moat M 
the paaaengera are new aettlera, soln» up t»' locate farms. The Antalopa Will nm 
regularly between Iha aettlement* and Victoria. 

Preparing for Winter— The sheda of the HudBon'a B«y W* 
In and fittad with alldlng doora all round, thus adaMtng theio iwr nwmva,^ 
d»rlnr the wet weather ahould occaalon demand. The ImproteAianta add l»aeh !• 
the already commodloua and convenient charactar of the pramleuS bMeagtSt »• *■»» 

Owing to the •xceaalvaly denaa fog whieh pravallad last night the 'steMMJt, 
Caledonia waa prevanied from leavlag far New Weatmlaatar at tfce 1M*t atvefrnSMk 
She will atart thu morning, weather parmlttiag, eartytnf alMWi nnr MB* m 
fratght. ' * •> 

T ■'■ -r- ■ •'' ' ' •'■■ '' - ' ■ -..,..,■ f.i ^.111. .„._,_^,i 

■'■-■'■ •■'■"''■^^■'•'■^''"'"- '■!•''- 


^it3B-a..-v:.- I..I. 

■"■ '•' ^^■■'■'-. i^:':ii.< .'.i'L> 

_i^. iR....i,.'v.'^.jrn'';>r— •.J.j/Ai 


Friday, November 29, 191? 

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Cholera Remains Still the 
Greatest Menace of Both 
Sides in the Turko-Balkan 


uiiiiiiniliijiili ftmi 


. I' 


HOWE STREET— Eight rooms, hardwood floors^ 
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LO.NDOX. Xov. 2S.— The Dally Tfk- 
graph's Constantlnoplo corresiiondent 
.says : 

llamendekt'uj, and are now iBolated in 
a spe<^t||,j$uii0i|^. where the victims tC' 
celve; liftiiir .isttentlon. The cholera 
ItseVf shows some signs of dimtnishlns:, 
which fact is due to the cold spell of 
the last three day*. 

"Nevertheless,. It is far from over, 
and dally claims hundreds of victims. 
Although the exact figure Is not 
known. It Is calculated that 17,000' 
deaths have resulted from the epl- 
demia Only 8 per cent of those at- 
tacked have survived. These figures 
do not Include the thousands who have 
died from dysentery and enteric fever. 

"The medical authorities are greatly 
alarmed, and 'fear an even worse epl- 
deqglc in the future. The season alto- 
gether is abnormal. The rains are 

l an g flvwa i aa. i r a \Vet siwn coriiea rwh. 

or three days before the snow, the 
^holera Is sure to spread with terrible 
rapidity. On the other hand, two or 
J_hree days of snow and frost pro bably 
wUI "wipe it" out altogether." 

Telegraphing ftrom Constantinople, 
the correspoQdent of The Daily News 
says the British Bed Creiicent autharl<p. 
ties, under Colonel Suttees, have taken 
over part of the American cholera hos-. 
Ptfil^^yiJiMt Stefano. The British Hed 
Cf^i^al is well supplied 'with funds, 
bat is lacking in workers. 



of Mr. Rogers," and you have seen the 

"It la true thfit they discussed the 
question of r<'t'l|iroc'lty, but my h^'n. 
•friend has great dlffU-ulty In reallzliifi: 
that reet()ro(li.\- buried on tlic -1st 
<if September, 1911. (Olieers.) Tliey 
went into Maodonald, and ihoy |<ro- 
sented the resurrected corpse of rcel- 
proelt}', hut onlj- to stand by on the 
12th of October and seo its rel)urlq,l iit 
the hands of the electorate. 

"I might SUV thut in coiiruM'linn with 
the issue of the writ for MiLcdonnUI I 
was in favor of fixing iv date that 
would be fonvcnlenl for m.\' riKl^t lion, 
friend to be present and administer llifi 
unholy riles of his party to that baby 
thvit was lieing buried fivo times dofp- 
or tlian ever liefore. 

"W'biui we went into the c intend in 
Macdonald Wf did not go apologizing: 
for reoi)irocUy. I had occasion to say 
in Montreal a short time before tiiat 
election tliat there was no hone.'-n sen- 
timent in favor of. reciprocity ln..Jjla*t- 
ern ■ Canttdn. ' '^f.m^^liy: ^thit^HlJi^' 
ment, a«4i our frhwitflfe In WeiRtertr <5asf» 
tlOfi. vU^ by tttiLt «tat«nMH»i. and in 
my very first speechln that contest I 
undertook to deny In the strongest 
language possible that reciprocity car- 
ried any advantage to the farmers or 
the farming community of Western 
Canada; hut that, on the contrary, no 
part of the Dominion had profited 
more by rejecting reciprocity than that 
same western country'." (Prolonged 

Baala of Vrospsrtty. 

Mr. Rogers qjtfoted from a speech by 
Presldent-Elect Wilson at New Haven, 
In which Mr. Wilson said he had been 
much interested In the reasons given 
In Canada for the reluctance to take 

('onUnuetl from V»gn I. 

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ter Of the administration. He thought 
that his .royal highness the governpr- 
gcn«ral should ask tor the repignatlon 

^oiftho minister Of public works. 

The debate will he continued tomor- 

' TOW by Mr; James McKay; K.C., (Prince 
Albert), who moved the adjournment. 

Beady to Ueet Opposition 

Hort. Mr. jElogers said that in vlewtpf 
the fa^t that members OppoBlte had 
confined their amendment to the recent 
by-elections in Macdonald and Riche- 
lieu he would confine himself to theae, 
but that at a later dalte he would pro- 
pose naming to the house the means 
eiW|rt#i»*|^|^J«^^ In elec- 

tjNnpif lit other parts, oX Canada, 
lii^tforrihg to the election In Mac- 
'flonald," said the minister, "I am 
pleased, inside the house; or. putalde, 
to analyse It and discuss the result. I 
was not surprised the other day upptt 
hearing the remarks of the right hon- 
orable gentleman who moveo ino 
amendment that he was disappointed 
.ind even pained when he had to dI!•- 
^ the result of the overwhelming 
defeat he and his friends receivcjd at 
the ha;ids of th- indlgniint eli.'ctorate 
of that con 

■ 1 can au;' . :. ^rstand that it was 
hard to reiillsie that the day has passed 
when they can any longer fool any 
respectable nuniber of the Intelligent 
electorate of thj; Dominion. The old 
way In which tfiey achieved a me4s^ 
ui- of success during the la«t flttcan 
' I M-a has been di?covored and they 
run no longer work it. They uttempted 
it in Macdonald runl it failid tlnre." 
Keal Uboral Aim. 

Mr, Rogers said that the Liberals 
liad g:onp into Macdonald ostensibly 
to discuss reciprocity, but tho hope of 
.su^-cpss was not In their beInK nble to 
malce olear to the fnrmi^r .nny mlvan- 
i.itTf in reciprocity but in recourse t'> 
ilieir old methods. They had gone /.n, 
knowing it was a constituency of vary- 
ing- racoF. (•reeds and nationalities, and 
adopted their old ijollcy of ondenvorlng 
to .ippeal to pas.-iions and prejndicfs-. 

Thr>»rV|uoto(l from caniiialurn 
liter.-ilure. which had bei^n clrculati'd 
nmonK the Roman Catholics of the rid- 
ingr, out to those of that falt'i 
the necessity of conslderinif their re- 
ligion as well as other material intor- 
psts. The cninp'iiprn literature en- 
larRoil on fn alleged alliance between 
the Oonsorvatlve party and th": Orange 
order, "the slavery of Coiipervati<;m 
iindor the Oransjo whip." The advice 
Riven the Roman Cathidics was to de- 
feat Mr. Morrison and teach a lesson 
to the minlptor of tin-' fmnitor 
Appeals to Beligion 

In addition to Ibis tin' r.iinister 
fbarged that a|urents of tin- lalK-ral 
parly had gone to the priests iuul the 
homes In the riding, •'tc'llr.B the elec- 
tors that they would he false Ito (heir 
religion and false to cerythint; if tln-y 
wotild go out and votf" for a candi- 
date of my choice, fof the reason that 
they claimed that I had over lioon guil- 
ty of being too friendly and too gen- 
erous to the Roman Catholic minor- 
ity In Manitoba " 

"And I plead friillty. Air. S|>eaUer," 
added Mr. Ffog^ers, "lieeauS'^ I do not 
expert to live to .see tlie da.v when as 
a publlo ropresonln ti'-e in this parlia- 
ment or elsewhert' 1 will ever b.' cfullty 
of an>thinK' els^ tiuin fairnes.s iind gen- 
erosity to the Roman f'atholie minority 
in Manitoba or of .any nationality or 
of any race or any rreed In Canada." 

There were additional mfssaKC"? sent 
to the elf'ffors In M.ifdonald s.iirl the 
minister, messages even from the Vader 
of the opposition when he fpioted from 
a Bprech of Mr. O. l?oyer. :\1.1'., Im- 
ploring* the l^ren< h-< 'anafllans to sup- 
port the candidHte who favored the pol- 
icy of "the grreat French-Canadian. 
Lauricr," and to remember whrn mark- 
ing their ballots on Oc^nber lU that 
Kiel was hanged by the government 
of Sir John .\. Macdonald. .Mr. Roirers 
also quoted from a .tjiecfii l)y Mr. 
Oauthier. .M t'.. In slmHar terms. 
XKiiivrooltr Was BurleA. 

"Tb»\v made their appeal to mlk'. 
cieed and religion." was the judgment 

m» redlprbcUy. i^r6|t>6^A l k T BA V . mA- 
dlans had said that they did not know 
where the pact might not lead, and 
preferred not to be mixed up with the 
eadiyng economic conditions of the 
United States. When he "queslloned 
the latter part, of tfals atateiiiien^ he 
found '^bat Canada had. ft(l,lw>t«(|^,Ua 
economle ■■ condHioiut Ih i» 'vr^ i^l 
they had not corrie to Ift tlid Stdta*/ 

"If we have these favorable econ- 
omic conditions in Canada," continued 
Mr.. Rogers, "then, I repe&t, It l.s due 
to the grand potlc.y laid down h.v Alac- 
donald and Cartler. upon Which we 
have built tip the great natloji that ex- 
cites the admiration of the great na- 
tion to the south and draws from Its 
President-elect the Iann0M||» f^ which 1 
have Just quoted." '^^^'^'^ ' 

Macdonald By«-EI«otioB 

Mr. llogor.s then pi-ococded-.- 1^ deal 
with the alleged e}ectiet'<Miii#1ties 
In Mardnnald, arid jaeclttjp&fl tttai:t"Vrom 
his kn-. ledge of ^ho conditions ho 
would make the statement that no ar- 
rest was made in the constituency that 
was not fully and completely Justified 
by the circumstance at that time. It 
Was true that a mistake might have 
been madei or thaCthrough the gener- 
osity of sofne of the persons Who had 
the prosecutions Irt charge, the/ did 
riot, out of sympathy, carry them to a 
conclusion. The opposition had cited 
cases of Individuals arrc-sted, and he 
intended to deal with one or two of 
these. Especial mention had been 
madO of the arrest of W. R. Slfton. 

The mtniiittp dfscrtbaa Mr. Slfton a« "an 
Individual, who Wa* employed by the late 
government and paiiJ ahandaoraeaalairy out 
of the i)Ubllfi>' ireasury for yeara. ancL who 
parllcularfy l^l!rform9ir>o.,fervlpB o.avo, to^o 
about .the country debavutTlns: the half-; 
breed vote in various' locaUtle.<>." 

Aa concerning. Stftoh'a opcfetions, the 
.nitnlfter. read a^veral affidavits from West- 
vrnera glvins their obiervuilon of hlx ac- 
tion* In the vlllaife of gl.;I.,eurcnt, where 
he had been buying liquor freely for hal r- 
Srec-de and offering them money. Slfton 
waa alleged to have stated that five thous- 
and dullarH \you1d be spent for Mr. nivh- 

CTonrts Wai Decide 

Mr. B. M. Macdortatd (Pictou) asked why 
the minister did hot Initiate proceedings 
against Slfton and IVla asslstanii*.. . 

Hon Mr. tiogers — "The honorable gentle- 
man opposite told us the other day that a 
protest hud bren entered ngnlnsi the elec- 
tion of the member for MncdonalU, and I 
now tell these grntlemen opposite that a 
C'liinter protest h»s been entered iignlnst 
their cundlrtntc nnd we expect that the 
conduct or the lionorable gentlemen will not 
furtlier be tolerati-d' In this country. We 
Bri> going to Ki-e that a full nnd thorounii 
cxamtiiotlon of the records of the Liberal 
party In lliat constituency will be plnceO 
before the conns of the country." (Cheers.) 

Mr. Hogcrs referrej further lo the opera- 
tions of Sulllviin. n nepliew of "t.'aii" Sulli- 
van, or Toronto. 

•'.\s 'I'ap" Sullivan was the hope of lln- 
Liberal parly hi Ontario In days past and 
»:onn so the .Sullivan arrested In Manitoba 
has been nnd Is the hope of the Libera! 
imrty of 8iigkatihi'Won," Mr RnEn. !iiid. 

I' roseciillohs ifustlficd 

"T>el mo tell them that thl.s man Siilliviin 
operated In thu elections In Snsltliulicwan 
In such a innnncr as to put to shame all tlio 
efforts made on the part of the Liberal 
parly fn Ontario b.v the notorious '(."ap" 
aulUvBii. Wo are going to have them alt 
before the irourts and will make clear the 
reasons why Ihfse men were arrested. In 
cver.v case there has been complete .lusHfl- 
cntlon for the action taken by the officers 
of the law n.<i I upderstand It." 

Mr. Iloffers concluded with a ref.erenr.' tl 
the Kli'hclleu election, Sir Wilfrid La\iiiei' 
had chnrKed that there had lieen promises 
made by tln" minister there by proxy, and 
this ho would most vigorously deny. Not 
until weeks nflor the election had he known 
thai there was such a proposal as n marine 
railway at Horel. and he had not been 
spoken to about It by .Sir Rudolphe Forget 
or anybody else. 

"I am prepared in lea\"e this case before 
the house and the, country." Jlr. IMgers 
fuid. "We went Into .Macdonald and we 
carried li by an overwhelming nislorltv, a 
vlclory due to the Intelligence of the elec- 
tors of the consiimency." (Cheers. » 


Old Castom of Jtunplag Zsto a Bowl of 
Gaatard Xaa Bmb J.haudonad 

LONDON, Nov. '1%. — .Mtliousli niueh 
of the inedlucvul cbaiactor of the Ivurd 
Mayor's ofllce Is «till retained, tiicrc la 
at lea-st one atljiiml tu it which ba-s dlb- | 
appcurca—iiunuly, llic "Lord .Mayor's 
j'ool, " a pcrsoiiaKc who (lllc-d in Itic city 
un ortUc Mitiillur tn lliMt wliicli the court 
jcMtor undertook in llic tloyal house- 
bold. There was one, tiowcver, 
whuii bo wa« wont lu perform wlii'h 
wuM probably peculiar to ids oflU-e — tli.i 
ifuiiliiB li'lly drc.HHCd int,j .i 1i'i\\l t'f 

Tbl.s t".d< place at a certain moment 
durlHR tlio Lord Mayr's 1.mi:^iucI, and 
hhakeapearc mention.'^ n m "All'.s W'i-11 
That Knds Well," wlicrc Lafen 
marks, "You have made shift to 
into't, boots and ami apura and all 
bim that leaped into tho custard!? 


;CI«»Httuwl' from gface I. 

Closer contact and have in exlsCence an 
authoritative body which will be In a 
position to eliminate c«ui»e« of friction 
whenever they arte*. 

; Kittle sews of Ve^ttattom 
News as to negotiations of the Bul- 
garian and Turkish envoys at the village 
of Bagtche, near the lines of Tchatalia, 
and' the temporary lull in the battle- 
fields is very scant beyond the teat that 
the plenipotentiaries altting In th 
lor car between the two enemlfiij |||gf«? 
pected to get to closer quArteilr 

Nothing has reached the outers 
as to the actual proposals madej)^„.^j 
allies which would enable an ejsitlni'afe 
to be made of the result. Dr. Dari^ff. 
the' aporkfiaman for the Bttlgftlian-.ply^r 

potentlarles, has been selected to pre- 
afdeoVer the negotiatlona, *" " . 
Ttie friction existing at Salonlca and 

>i,^l)nirbere between the Bulgarians and 
thorOreeks causes little surprise, but it: • 
is considered likely to lncre«we the' 
anxiety of the Balkan league to bring 
the terms of peace within Turkey's 
powers of acceptance. 



fontlnurd from Page I. 



font In lied from I'age I. 
con.ititiited at X'alcna hy eighty Al- 
banian dck'gBlcs. 

Attstrlans MoboUse. 

VIENNA, Nov. 28. — Much exiitemont 
has been oci'a."»IcnFd by the action of 
the Rovernment in arrAnglns; for th'^ 
moblllr.atlon of the Austrian army, 
which proves the ministers' determina- 
tion to be full}' prepared for any Je- 
vclopment In the Balkiiii crials. 
Veaoe negotiations. 

rONST.XNTINCPLK, .Vov. !«.— Tt la 
state In otnclal circles that no result* 
have been readied In tlie peace conf:'r- 
once. Ueltberations will continue to- 
morrow when Osmen Naalm Pashe, 
the Turkish ambesMndor to U«rjn*.ny. 
will join .il»« dcl«gate«. 

bull, and .(^ount Vim Berchthold'a 
hands have been strengthened. 

"According to credible information 
received ' from .Budapest, Consul Pro- 
chaaka was never molested by the 
Servian troops at Prlsrend. It is 
thought that the hostility of the local 
Serb population obliged him to be 
cautious in his movements. The in- 
terruption of his correspondence was 
due to the dlscovefy of private letter.^ 
from him denouJnclng the Servian 
armj-, which were seized when the 
Servians captured the Turkish, mails 
on their way to Pri^rend. The consul 
v>'as allowed a^nilitary escort on bis 
Journey to Uskub." 


Cooker That Kocently T-urned Ottt Ovai 
aOOO Flea an Hour Ooea Baat 

SPOKANE, Wash.' Nov, 28.— The oyen 
that baked 2250 pies per hour during the 
recent fifth .N'atlonal Apple Show, may 
1>0 taken to New York to cook food *or 
the "bread lines." Lew S. Hturtig, of 
Spokane, originator of the 7C ifoot oven, 
\» not only negotiating with New York 
people for Its Installation there, where 
he claims it can do In one hour work 
which now reiiulres six, but he has or- 
ganised a company and will cook bread 
"by the mile" at San Francisco In 1915. 

The oven has been patented.' It is built 
of brick.s, Is 75 feet lonfr and three feet 
square. Heat, is supplied by high pres- 
sure gas pipes, the pies or articles be- 
ing carried from end to end on an end- 
less chain. The journey requires one 
and .a half minutes. The huge oven wan 
looked on rather as a Joke until It suc- 
cessfully bnkcd 50,000 ples at the apple 


Sitting Opened in Vancouver Testerday 

and Continue! Today. In Victoria 

on Monday 

V.\.\COi;VEn. B. C.. Nov. 28. — With 
Mr. H. U. Drayton here for the 
time since he became chalrninii nf the 
Dominion railway commission, and ac- 
companied by t^mnll^•sio^er McLean, 
that body today began to Inve.stlg.Tte 
a long list of complaint.'t, npplici- 
tions and petitions. 

The complaint of the \',incouver 
Hoard of Trade relative to conditions 
from the traffic standpoint went over 
until tomorrow. The Vancouver-Nn- 
nalmo Coal Mining Company's a.«isertlon 
that the E. & .N'. Hull way f'ompany re- 
fuHcd lo handle Its private var.s over 
the railwjiy company'.^! line will tome up 
,'igain at Victoria. 

The commission will Ifrtvo for \'l' - 
toria on SaturdHy and .iit IIuti- oii 


Eztansiva Damage Son* Anhora and 
Afloat m ttaa FhiUppiaas 

"49 Years of Integrity 


IF you like the Raglan- 
shouldcrcd overcoat, 
Iiere it i.s to |)erfcction. 
The revival of this st3-le i.s 
one of Fashion's moods 
this Fall. Tt is being worn 
by smart dres.scrs in all the 
style centres. Note the 
cuffs and full skirt. It is 
not an easy shoulder to cut 
a,u4*t^ilor, but we guaran- 
t« iabthing less than per- 

We are sole ailments for 
2oth Geiitury Coats and 
have every other style. 

Overcoats From $1JS 

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Overcoats with the two- 
way collars. 

Leather Linfed Motor. 
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leather lined, two-way col- 

-lars. .„__ ^ : ^ 

Another sMpment 
these just iui]>ack«d. 


1291 Government Street and Trounce Avenue 

[skating Shoes [ 

W. Cathcart & Co. 

Skating Boots 
At Cost 

10.")2— Men> Black I.lKhlnIng irif«h 
lloekey Itiiot, with Mkales attar.heri. 
ni $4,6,5 

15)^0-l6)^4 — AVoinen's Tnii or Bln<-k I.lffht- 

nlnjr Hlleli Hoekey Bout, with skates 

attae.ied, at ..;... f8.95 

10S3-1047 — .Men's B«>f.t Xlia<\k or Tan Calf 
HkatloK Boot, with Goodyear Vk'nll 
«olc, at ........■.'..;.■.... ;. $3,83 

J382 — Women s Blaek Skat inff Boot, Mtli 

wliile trim 5t«y.o, a: (tf.'OS 

1.V0 — WDmen'n Tan ."^kBtlaff^ BonU, best 
qualliy, at $3.85 

ISflO — UonieOH Bo^t UlHck .SkoMnK 
BiMil s, lit $t,SO 

■>»0 — .^ilHh«.,' Uet.t Blaek Skating Uootfi. 
at $'*.00 

B60 — loutlis- Bewl Black Skating Boitn. 
at $?,«» 

\',Zt — Boys' Be«t Black SkatUiK Boot^. 
at ; $2.85 

1040 — Men'N Bln<;k LlKiitnlng Mltrlr 
Hocke.v Bootd, with tail oulBido touii- 
ter, tan trimmed and padded ankla 
support, at $3.35 


Pemberton Building 

621 Fort Street 


50 ACKES of .splendid land, throush which the B. C. Klectrlc Railway 
runs. Afljolnlns .section waterfront. Terms. Going for. . . .^;{7,000 

148 ACSES, oomprlsinj? an tip-to-date farm with house and offices. An 
h1':i1 proposition for subdividing into 5 or 10 acre blocks. >33,0l)D, 

balamo en terms '.^80,000 



Temple Building, fill Fort Street. 

Pboaa SMO. 

Wa% Net 

.\nil a far hif^gcr percentage shortly. The price of this 
revenue producer is $15,500, on terms. Wc invite investiga- 

<r PHONE \AS 521 FORT ST. 

M.X.N 1U.\, Nov. "JS. — Many live."; were durlntf n sevorp typiioon which oc- 
curred today causln/j rlomnge to prop- 
erty .'stlmatPil at rnillionn of pesos. 
The storm, wliieh waji very violent, 
crossed the '.slands of Samar. tjeyto 
and .N'orth Panny, leavlnK ruin in its 
patli. Tlie. town of Tactoban. the eapl- 
Inl of Kryle, was pr.TCtlcally deatroyi'd. 
Two steamers were wrecked in T^cto- 
b,«<n harbor. 

Mow many persons w«re killed by 
fallen houses, flying debris and \>v 
drowninK is not known, but the loss of 
life in reported to have been jureat. 
Another Ijphoon of unusual severity 
Is pretlieted by the wealh«'r burrau 
• long the we.'«t coast of Mindanao. 

Stcanmhlij Moremrnlii 

SA.N" FHANl'IHCC), »' Nov. 2«.— Ar- 

rUpil: St'-nm-rs Tahill. .'^,' .1 ' • ;, : BlIiTbelh, 
iiandoti: .^aunelon. Pori Angelci; llomrr. 
CiMia Hay. Silled: tlsatl*. Melbourne. 

VOKOHAMA, .N<iv. :.'..— A rrlv»d : ~»Un- 

churia, Han ^ranclaco; Tatnba J<«ru. 


Give Him a 



Fully guaranteed, and can be exchanged if not suitable. 


1230 Broad Strrep JH V_/^^C O 

Two Doors 
From CMoBlst 


We have on hand for Immediate delivery, a larfe quantity of 


This Is a clean, free-buri>lng fuel, exceptionally irood'fof th« UtehMl 
ranee, \ ' 


<1S Yatea Stre«t Eaqulmalt Road PJioaw tlt^«a^-lM 



rrrtfay, NevtmMr ZViUHf 




Think, a 6-Hole "Buck" Range Only $29.75 

That itronRly mitde, 
handsome looking lib- 
erty Ilanse- 18 Inc-h 
oven, roomy warmlnK 
cloaet. with modern 
conveniences, will tako 
waterfront It required, 
with or without legs. 
Delivery free. Terms 
to rea|>onstblo parties. 

If you can buy a 
range under better con- 
ditions, with a Buar- 
anlee thrown In, we 
cannot do burlness with 
you, bui wr- conscien- 
tiously believe that by 
eelUnp you the above 
we save you anything 
from 96 to $10. 


We arc now In tine. 2'"'"-'"" '■• l-hls Una and can 
•how you the majority of th<! "Buck" lines In 
wood or coal heaters at 

$3.00 I! P. 

Huylng by the car gives us unlimited aasort- 
ment as well as unappioached prices, and then 
u«;\ln llie stock is brand new and modern wl 
cotivc-nl.jncc-3 not po.-i.seaiif d by the older n^odtels. 
To Hee Is to save. ,. 



New Tramway Line to North- 
eastern Portion of City Is 
Now Ready for Operation. 
Burnside Schedule Changes. 

"P 5? 


llteclric Hoiise!ic>Ml Appliances 
1^ Christmas Gifts 

On Monday morning the new Hill- 
side avenut> far line of the B. C. Klec- 
trlc Company will be placed In opera- 
tion, a regular service havhiR been ar- 
ranged by the company. Residents in 
the northeastern aectlon of the city 
have been anxiously awaiting the In- 
auguration of this .service, that portion 
of the city having- Increased very rap- 
idly' in population', and the service will 
be a decided boon to the hundreds who 
"°w have tgWppf^illl^.,^^ 
minu%9 BerilK'1l«ii:'.«p^ 

r, tbfl tir^t^ ear }«i^vlitc; kh« Cedar 
tM^ t||rnMi|»iM «t «.18 a.m« »Qd t|>e 

«fti% j8Wtt«»» •«♦*«• will Iw fro9> •♦»lh 
m.viit>' to l^*^ ;>,^ TlM routa wlU In* 
via. IPtouglas ttMet. Fort street And 
aovernihent atreet 

Ootncident with the openlns of the 
BilM4e avenue line, ehansea In the 
Bumaide av«nue aervioe will bp made. 
A twelve-minut« service will be siven 
between Wa^hlngtoh street and tho 
downtown section via Yates and Gov- 
eminent streets, the first car leaving 
Wnshinston street at 6.06 a.m. and the 

the Installation of the mains from Elk 
l^akQ to the olt}'. One main which 
»tarts from the lake with a diameter of 
twtnty-four if.ches remains at that di- 
i arneter but a short distance when It is 
r«'duced to sixteen inches and, nearer 
the city, is enlarged again to twenty- 
fjur Inciies. Naturally the capacity of 
the entire line is that of the smallest 
diameter. To make the main for Its 
whole length of the larger diameter 
would materially increase Us capacity. 

The chief feature of the englneei-'+t 
report will, naturally, he that relating 
to cost and these llgures will be forth- 
coming both as regards the -cost of fur- 
ther enlarging the IS'k Lake system and 
also of connecting tip with the Esqui- 
mau Water Works system in Victoria 

Mr. Kust's If port, at least portions of 
Is is now In preparation and the whole 
vs^I be ready for subnii.'islon to IHe city 
council .sometime during the early part 
of December. 


IMI uu .I w i f litK tfi e du w iilo w K yulnts 
at 11.4S p.m., the Sunday service beln^ 
the same as, on other UneSi 
• The wder for slxty-flv* cars which 
tM odn|Wkity Uwued early in the year Is 

iRvT' bdwt i ^ a "b jT the Vfusuntrc&t- 
and (>>a«1i'OaMj>M|]r, Breston. Ont., and 
the first deltovli^ wiil^ be made on or 
befolre April 1 next. There are ten cars 
dtie for delivery here from Seattle 
next month and they will form a much 
needed addition to the oresent equlp-^ 

Sjtecies, After All, May Have Been 

'',''H||N|^''C><>n:mon In the Olden Says 

■ ' 'i^S.'-^f^:'^;. ■ ■ :'::: ' .... . ■■'■■■■■ - ■ 

■• .,|fv|B»v,;,»'r««cl. KfM#%.^'«ipttot- of the 
l)^|p|,,j(Mtt(nb)a ..iO|filii9i(,':M«.: not./ae-'.a 
#Ma. isMm'-«oc:;«lAee.-..r!iaUttea. the power of 
'i-'^dM^li-i^fflUi 'Ititi^ to' make miiUbna 
tbtAk. ' iM.'^liif'dMM^^ ' anuile vpU 

autitit t^*-': »m ^ ' wn'' 9t tK« breadth 
of publicity tii a Mitti^'piirl^pb. ' 

aCr. Kermode. It -WlU b« r«BiMnbei>«d. M' 
an lnt«rvlew r«o«ntly auneeteO. that ao 
whit* man had ever «een a epactmen of tbe 
Uraua Kermodei In life— slso that OQt mere 
than twenty-five of these bears have been. 
Icllled up toiaate. and it ia not unreasonable 
to auppoae that the i^eciea''*(if a dtatinot 
apecle) nay now be extinct. 

Since then not a <^ay haa paaa^ that has 
not seen someone arisini to ooatradiet. 

t H f Pug i i the p re w. t i i^ tneofiui gr o w eu r a- 

tor. One of the moat intereatinf of the 
odatrlbHtlons to the diaeuaaion which haa 
ae Vet Nlu>peared is in a letter alfiuKl by 
Mr. W. N, Carty, of Vanoouvep, In the 

"I thlnlt thia animal mu«t.h%ve 
autte oommoh lo the flortbweatarn .pan of 
Amefitis in earlier day* and here Quote 
from Waahtnrton Irvine's account of the 
adventures of Captain Bonneville, of the 
IT. S. army, who loft Fort Osage; on the 
Mtaauurt river. May I, 1832, to establish 
posts throughout the Worth west: ■ 

" 'Having forded the Wind rlv^. Captain 
nonnnville and his three companions pro- 
ceeded across a gravelly plain. Ilere they 
came across numerous droves of buffalo and 
hi^lied- for the purpose of securing a supply 
of beef. As the hunters were stealing 
cautiously lo get within shot of the game, 
two small white bears suddenly presented 
themselves In their path, and, rising upon 
their hind legs contemplated them for some 
time with a whlmslCBlly, solemn gaze. The 
hunters remained motionless: whereupon 
the bears, having apparently satisfied their 
curiosity, lowered themselves upon all fours, 
and began to withdraw. The hunters now 
advanced, upon which the bears turned, rose 
again upon their haunches, and repeated 
tholr serio-comic examination. This was 
repealed several times, until the hunters, 
piqued al their unmannerly staring, rebuked 
It with a discharge of their rifles." 

"The same author, also mentions white 
bears In his account of the I<ewis and 
Clark expedition of -o05." 


I Angus Campbell & Co., Ltd, lOOd'lO Government btreet 


The Greatest Apron Sale 


Ever Held at "Campbell^s 

Sale Will Last Two Days 
Today and Tomorrow 

l^t Only Ladles' Apron s But Children's Pinafores as Well 

ii^tftnS' TEA .APRONS of very fine lawn 
'' "'"''*nd fancy nitisUu, handsoniely em.broidered 
-' itnA iirhnm»A with ^inicv Ifififin'i-iT'^'ff'V' 

■ -1 ^* -'tis '•w*' # 

with Im^rt, emtediitred bibft— 

Regular- Value 65c. -Today aud to* 
morrow 50^ 

Regular value 90c. Today and to- 
morrow .................... T5^ 

Regular value $1.25. Today m^^ 

;. ^r 

finished vyit^i a deep hem With neat" tttpking 

ttnd tthnined with dainty tps^^; 


Regular value 3Sc. 1>e<toy , „ 
morrow .ft. •..« .SQSS^' 

Regular value 60c. Today and to- 

. < ♦ ., ... ..• t.'vf'^' 

n;|!orrow|> « »'.?.ftl^* • ^* 
Regular value 'gtic. Today WM. 







have miich iflfiictlty abottt 

making up your mind after an inspection of 
an'V of the local electric stores. 

Light and Power Dept. 


^phone 1609 


\\ ill be interested to know that we carrv HYDRATED 
LIME FERTILIZER. Ask us for pamphlet showing mar- 
velou.s results in growtli of plant.s and all vegetation. 

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Four Lots, each 55 x 147. Price, each $1,250 

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Yacht For Sale 

The "Tannis," 55 x 11. Good accommodation. Twin screw, 
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Real Estate, Yacht and Ship Sale Brokers 
733 Fort St. Ground Floor Phone 2690 


Not If you try our Poultry Foods. Use Sylvowter'a Poultry Mash in 
the morning at fl.TS p«r sack, and our Henfood in tho evening at $ajU 
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"King of Tompkins," No. i, four-tier, a lovely red apple and a 

splendid keeper. Special price of 

91.60 PER BOX 

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Just a frw boxe^ of Okanagan "Jonathans" left 

$1.85 PER BOX 


Farmers' Exchange 


«• joxiraov «t. 

wmoMM •»« 



Kamor That Ooveriunoat and Q-. T. P. 
-wm Sbaie Cost Is Slatinctly 


Referring to the many reference* that 
have appeared in the provincial press of 
late having for their text the stated de- 
termination of the government to eroct a 
Joint traffic and railway bridge In partnership 
with the Q. T. P. Railway Company, at Kort 
Ffaser, Deputy Minister Foster states that 
this announced Intention of the government 
is erroneous and decidedly premature. 

Correspondence has taken place with the 
railway company, and the fact has been 
ascertained that that company Is willing to 
be Joined by the government In the erfct- 
tlon of such a bridge as suggested. It is 
now the business ot the department to lii- 
vestlgale fully the question of cost, ani 
ascertain if the Joint bridge proposed can 
be built with no more expense In the gov- 
ernmental contribution than would suffice 
to erect an Independent vehicular traffic 
bridge, when necessity arises for such a 

With respect to the proposed traffic 
bridge at Pitt river, the matter seems to 
be In statu quo. The new bridge at Kam- 
loops has now been completed and Is In 
use, proving a great convenience to the 
directly benefited communities. -r^ 


Kitrlc and Sulphario Acids 8acc«s«fal 

la Kew Boatli "Walaa at a 

TrUli&sf Coat. 

The Agricultural Gazette of New 
South Wales, issued under the direc- 
tion of the minister of agriculture of 
that countrj', aay» a farmer there has 
discovered that a mixture of equal 
parts of sulphuric and nitric acid will 
destroy a stump of tlie hardest wood* 
In a few weeks. 

The stump of a mahog-any tree three 
feet six Inches In diameter was de- 
stroyed so completely In five weeks by 
the use of 12 cents' worth of acid, 
that it could be knocked to pieces 
with a garden hoe. On the subject of 
applying the acid, tue Gazette says: 
"The acids are used in equal jjarts 
and nothing is added to them. A 
hole is horcd In the stump with a two- 
iiicli augur, deep enough to hold the 
quantity of acid lo be used, and then 
one acid l» poured In and the other 
added. The hole Is then plugged air- 
tight with a wooden plug." 

A stump three feet In diameter 
should be treated with about one-half 
])lnt of each add. The nitric acid is 
poured -into the stump first, nnd the 
sulphuric acid is added in all cases, 
and not the reverse. In mixing tliese 
acids much heat is generated nnd oaro 
must be taken not over a. half pint of 
each to be mixed at one time, which 
must be allowed to cool before an.v 
more is added. Both of tiiese acids 
are extremely corrosive and should not 
be allowed to come in contact with the 
person or their clothing. 



Watar Commisiloner Hntt Will Soon 

Submit Data of Coat of Increaa- 

Injr 'Wat«r Supply 

As soon as the necessary data has 
been secured, Water Commlsulonor Uust 
wjll prepare his report on the moans by 
which the city may provide for a. bet- 
ter w»ipr Bupply during the coming 
Slimmer and until such time as the 
Sooke Lake water works system ia 
ready to deliver water In the city. In 
hla Inveatlgatlons Mr. Kust has been 
oonsiderably hampered by the lack of 
plans for the existing system of mains 
from Elk I-,ake to the city and much 
of the Information must now <be secured 
at first hand which ought to be on 
file In the water works department. 

Tho survey of Elk lAke 1« now be- 
iniv made to ascertain Its exact capacity, 
a «mall ctunp having been establish- 
ed for the «urveyorB at the lake to ob- 
viate the necessity of their coming ipto 
town every evening. The exAcf depth 
of the lake will bo ascertained as well 
as other facta which will Indicate to 
what extent the city can safely depend 
upon that source for the coming sea- 
son's supply. ^ 

Some peoullar engineering feats have 
bf«n aoowyipUshM in connexion with 


Twenty Thouaand Dollars Already Sab- 
scribed Tor — Sixty Thousaud 
Dollars Needed 

The Wolfe Monument Fund Organi- 
zation Is now engaged in the work of 
soliciting funds for the erection of a 
monument over or near the grave of 
General Wolfe, says The Montreal Wit- 
ness. It Is estimated that to construct 
a memorial worthy to stand a.s a trib- 
ute to the man who gave Canad.a to 
the Empire, from fifty to sixty thou- 
sand dollars will be required. Of this 
sum an amount approaching twenty 
thousand dollars has already been sub- 
scribed, as follows: ''gMM'y''\ 
Citizens of Vancouveri|^|ip^. . .$ 6,000 
Citizens of Winnipeg .'. .."!..... 4,500 

Citizens of Toronto so far 3,000 

Citizens of other places 1,000 

Lord Strathcona and Lord North- 

cliffe 1,000 

In order that the character of the 
tribute be national, subscriptions are 
being solicited from all over the Do- 
minion. At the head of the movement 
are such men as Sir Gilbert Parker, 
Mr. V. C. Wade, K. C, of Vancouver; 
Sir John Gibson, Lieutenant-Governor 
of Ontario, arid many other prominent 
men throughout the different provinces. 
Mr. H. J. P. Good.^of 79 Adelaide street 
east, Toronto, is secretary of the com- 
mittee having charge of tho movement. 

At the present moment the memor- 
ial to Wolfe Is a small column erected 
by the rank and Hlo of tlie British 
army, quartered In - Canada, in 1849. 
These gallant soldiers, .sacrificing a 
day's pay in order that they might do 
lienor t^o tho memory of Wolfe, gave 
an example which should not he lost 
upon the citizens of Canada. 


'• i 

Mr. Morrison's Artists Delight I^arga 
Audience at Victoria Theatre 

The Victoria thentro was flllod last 
night with an enthusiaslic and appre- 
ciative «iKllence, of course largely 
Scottish In ll,s composition. From tho 
time Piper Cameron started his pipes 
at the cfunmencement of the pro- 
gramme till tho strains of Auld 1/ang 
Syn,o was hoard, every moment was 
enjoyed. Madame Burnett's fine so- 
prano was heard to advantage in "An- 
gus Macdonald" and "My Aln Folk" 
for which she was encored vocifer- 
ously. Mr. Ben Waddeil, the Seattle 
tenor, scored a great hit in his "Suc- 
cess tae Bonnie Scotland" nnd gave 
"Annie Laurie" for an encore. He la 
possessed of a fine lyric tenor, and, 
having the broad Doijc, he at once be- 
came a great favorite. Mrs. Long- 
field sang "Fiona" charmingly, and Mr. 
Jesse Longfleld's violin aoloa were 
much appreciated and encored. Mr. 
Morrison's appearance was the signal 
for a great round of applause. He ap- 
peared In Highland costume. Ho re- 
ceived * tremendous encore for hla ren- 
dering of "The Battle of Sterling," to 
which he responded with "That'a the 
Reaaon I'm Wearln' the Ktlt." Mrs. 
Mathers humorous recitation of the ad- 
ventures In a sail boat on tho Clyd« 
won the approbation of the audience 
who demanded an encore. Mlas Shear- 
er's Highland dancing filao earned her 
an cnoore, and aha responded by danc- 
ing the Highland Fling. Th« duct 

and embroidery- 
Regular value "4$c."Tdd4y andto-. 

'»•••• I 



— - R e g j uta r value . fip c. " 

-. ifl<>rr6w .,•,.•.,••,«,• •■♦,.» i>,*.-t » *;• •.«-*i 
Reg^ar value 750. '^■:^%xiky and to* 
morrow .60^ 

WHITE LINEN APRONS, without bib|^ 
excellent quality and well finished — 
Regular value 75c. Today and lo- 
morrow^,,;^^^,;. ..... . . ....... .60f^ 

NURSES' aSW#S, with round, or square 
bibs, the "Red Cross" and "I^irse Nora" 
makes — 

Regular values 65c and 90c. Today 
and tomorrow 50c and. .,„,j,:^,^,75^ 

with /ancy fronts, large selection of patterns 
to choose from — 

Regular values 90c. Today and to- 
morrow 75^ 

Regular value $1.00. Today and to- 
morrow 90ip 

BUTGHfeR Umir APRONS, witk 

.,K, -■■'" ■■- ^^mo'rro'w, '•'iSS^^^T-*"'"'"'-^^^ 
■Regular valiif''^|j^"'^'*TnTOay and to- 

morro'w 60^ 

Regular value 90c. Today and to- 
morrow 75^ 

with sleeves. These come in large sizes — 
Regular value $i.oo. Today and to- 
morrow 90^ 

without bibs, very good wearing quality — 
Regular value 65c. Today and to- 
morrow 50^ 

neat patterns and new styles. For ages of 
8, 10 and 12 years — 

Regular value 75c. Today and to- 
morrow 60^ 

Extra Special in Children's Pinalores 

W'c have thirty-seven Children's Muslin Pinafores, just slightly soiled by water. Regular 
values 35c to 45c. Today and tomorrow 25^ 

Also thirty-five Children's Muslin Pinafores. Regular values 50c to 90c. Today and to- 
morrow • • 35f^ 


See Window Display 

Time is limited in which to select your 
gown for the Policemen's Ball next 
Wednesday, but "Campbell's" prompt 
service assures no delay to late shop- 
pers. As usual ^ve show the most ex- 
clusive models — impossible of duplica- 
tion, and as for VALUES, well, "Camp- 
bell's" remain in the lead. 

We Open Daily 

at 8.30 a.m. 

and Close 

at 5.30 p.m. 

" Thm jtQuhion Cantre" 

"Spring Cleaning." by Mlfia Shernitt 
and Mr. Morrison, waa a clever bit of 
acting and nice singing, as was also 
the trio between Miss Sherrltt, Mr. 
Morrison and Mr. Brown. Mr. J. Do- 
ble In hla character songs "Bonnie 
Hlelan" Mary." Plt^r McParlane sus- 
tained hla reputation as an artist of 
the Harry Lauder type. Mr. J. Q. 
Brown also sang that stirring patri- 
otic song "The Highlanders Tosst" 
Id good vole*. Perhaps the finest num- 
ber on the programme was Mr. Morri- 
son's "Mary," hla well modulated voice 
being Iveard to perfection. Mrs. L>«wIb 
Hall performed the duties of aooom- 
panlst In a most accomplished man- 
ner, and Mr. Morrison Is ta be con- 
gratulated on hla sacoAM from all 
points of view. 

Vacant Lot 




Crease Ave., off Burnside Rd., 50x112 feet. 
PRICE 9650 


Corner Johnson and Broad Streets Phone 7ajr 









Friday, Nov«mb«r 29, 1912 

B(tablUh«<l list. 

Vh« Colonlil PrlnUng and Publl«hln|f 
ConApany, }Llm:ted LlablUty. 

J. S. H. MAT80N. 

1111-1216 Broad Street. Victoria. B C. 

SabTOrlptloa Bate* Ily Carrier 

Vtarly ;-, »«■<"> 

Half- Yearly Ji^J.i..: » "» 

Quarterly . .^'.,... .. .i .'^,. l-^O 

Monthly .......' »•'' 

Hnbtrrlpllon Kntoi >)■ Mali 

To Canada. Great Britain, the United Btatea 

and Mexico 

Yearly I».00 

Ilalf-Yearly »■»<> 

A.11 iiubs<:rlptlon rates payable In advnnce. 

Mall lubicrlber* are rpinieBlcrt to make 

ell remittance* illreol to The Dally Colonu:. 

8ub«i-rlber4 In oiderln* chancf of addro»» 
should be particular lo give both new and 
old atidrjsi. 

Friday, November^8^^;''1912: 

.■>l'-i»iWi 1. 

osowuro XK poFui.ARiTT^:^ 

The polltlcat' fifemiahB, who sMt. 
nothing but mistakes in the actioai of 
1 ha preRent (ulministradoxi tti OtttkW*. 
must derlvci bttt ;efl|j(t:( iB (w h i l ft » t from the 
Mmlta of ,th« 

IW*'* - ■ ,-, -., 

Whenever th*;^H5ojp,fe have hail 
'tin opportunity, they h»v)» shown em- 
phatically that they do not regret the 

in of September ii, iill. th all. 

liy->«lecttQns h*,Vi6 been held. In 

of ti>cs^;COna*rVfctiyfe* \»ere re- 
Vurned bv ^laanatlon: In two others 

ner. For Canada to make her assump- 
tion of her Jiharc of the burden <<)n<ll- 
tlonul on imperial representation would 
pluoe th(> people In a fulHo light i)ffore 
the world. 

There U not thft leant reason to believe 
llmt Mr. Jlondou's amendment to the Ad- 
flre.sH will mrct with any support wortli 
nu-ntlonlnK- Nevtrthiless It Is not ntnlKH 
to say thtit, do.slrnlile as Catiadltin a.s- 
.slKt.\nce to Imperial defence l«. U ought 
not to be conditioned upon representa- 
tion In an Imperial council. Assistance 
\n a obligation; representation Is only u 
desirable consummation. 


The announcement that the Dominion 
g-ovemment lias authorized the purchase 
of a site on Gonzales Heights, whereon 
shall be placed a selsmologlcal obser- I 
vutory will be very ipratifylOff hot | 
. iipijif t»Jthoa« who have been iforeAiofct 
1^ iMiWiMr tbl« nJattfu- bpon the atten- 
Cioh of the autboritiM at Ottawa, hut 
to tbe public generally. Vhe geneala 
jot tbe movement tp estabUsh an obser- 
vatory bere Was In the iQterestinK arai 
successful experiments and observa- 
tions made In this olty by Mr. F. Napier 
Denlson of the local Meteorological Of- 
Boe. Mr. Denlson Is among the fore- 
most InveatlKators of selsmologlcal 
phenomena and the somewhat daring 
theories which he has advanced In re- 
spect to them, have Impressed leading 
scientists. He placed the result of his 

o ba er vatiuHs be furc U i b Buaid uf T iadu 
and asked ,the co-opehitlow dt'^^t'^ 
In an effort to sebura -flniieh"flJral 
the l>ominiOD as would provide a sta- 

lmpreB»lon» of his contemporaries, no 
one can at pre.-ient undertake to nay. j 
If wc grant that he was qualified by 
disposition to form an unbiased JudK- 
memt, wc- Hliould yet question the de«lrc- 
ablllty of plac'nK so manj- of our lea<l- 
hiK CanadlaiiH In the pillory; and those 
who knew hlni personally, or are fam- 
iliar with hl.s career, will not be ready 
to a.-^Heiit. to the claim that lie could 
HI)euk without personal bias. He was a 
inan of very strong vlew.«(, und a good 

It la very questionable If much real 
good, comes from loo close an examin- 
ation of the records of men in political 
life, und tlie reason is that we arc as 
llUily as not to mistake ilnlr motives, 
and it Is from these tliat the character 
of ulinoHt every act of a public inaii 
mu.-^i h judged. We recall the words 
"Of Port|a*i^;j|^'; ' 

"•Through^-- JaatlM, be :. thu Mk(:mmil^l>9^ 
thlsr-^ .,.■■•. :v,-.,;.-:*^|?^r^rV>' ■■- 

.■•■■ \tiitM\. ''■.-. H.- ■ -■ 

"Bhbuia MM «alvatlon.^ 

Moreover ' tt la of doubtful value to 
expose to »MbU6 .oontltnety the weak- 
nesses of publlo men, who haVs. passed 
off the stage^ When we read of Wil- 
liam Pitt, the statesman who held the 
tiller of Britain during the most trying 
hours of her history, we feel proud of 
h'lm as a patriot, as one who made his 
nation arbiter of tbe world. The read- 
er who has seen the other aids of the 
story knows of his weaknesses, but he 

In a few weeks. And yet we have people 
rlpht here In Victoria, who tiilk of KoinK 
to war with the aame llKht-heartedness 
that they would talk of ROlnK to a play. 
We notice. howcA'er, that those who tallc 
that way are g-fnernllj- thoae who would 
not ttcttinlly ko. 

Dog hieat Is now quoted on the Oer- 
inan markets; that 1h, not meal ftir 
<IOK8, but dogs for people. The Pax 
Germanlca is as terrible as a War. 
When yesleged Paris took to eating 
dogs, the rest of the world thought the 
lowest depth had been reached. Wlien 
Germany takes to such food during 
pence, wliat shall we say except; "linw 
long, O Lord, how lone?" 


The problem of Increased school ac- 
commodation in thp city still seems to 
be acute. We venture to think that If 
the board of trustees will map out a. 
comprehensive programme which will 
gtjsrd against congestion during the 
bomhBf year the citlssna iiill readily 
sanctjtloo the expenditure of the mfmsy. 

■ ; . ,i : ' . ■ r.^^ n 4 . . J ..- ' 

The l^tarday BvmlnK/Poal r«mi|J>1» 
''fhat^ '"tttitf .^^vait,; w^.^-^. time .«h«i> ' a 
man with fio an4 p tight Idea Could 
make a fortune so'tasUy knd so rapidly 
as he ean today." This may be true, but 
unfortunately it is easier to get the 
$10 than to get the right idea. Having 
promulgated the aforegoing piece of 
wisdom. The Post ought to follow it up 
by pointtns out some "right Ideas." 

A Winnipeg man recently bought a 

Mr. Atldnaon Writes: 

•Sir, — Theri' are two crrora on your 
account of last niglit's bainuiol of the 
voters' league in this murning's Col- 

1 did not go to represent Jlayor 
Cottcrlll, but hoped to hear him, as 1 
am one of very many thousands who 
think he in the best mayor .Seattle ever 

And I was christened Will, not 

Possibly 'your reporter thinks I am 
like the little girl who said she "was 
christened three times, but it did not 
tak-e cillicr Mnie." 

Truly yours, 


What Zb Zntorestlag? 

.on editorial :28th issue, 
rt paragraph with "It 
tlve to learn jUHt what 
jfiewspaper readers are 
lasUly interested 4n the sporting pages.' 
tnUs on the face of it. looks like an In- 
vitation to take a chanee for a. little 
space. For over fifty years X. have read 
the p99tir», for the^last twentyfive 1 
have read- The Colonist or as we used 
to call It on the Mainland. Qranhy the 
reliable. Later it was cut down to 
Granny. I had forgotten the old affee- 
tlfonate name we had for The Colonist, 
but when at the Revelstoke convention 
an old-time friend of mine asked me 
if Oranny was as trustworthy as ever. 
My answer was 1 receive, read, and pay 
for It every day it Is published. I as 
one bumble individual think you can't 
improve matters very much. We read- 

ers believe the other readers should 
have equal chaace« wi^h us. 

Here'a about my daily nnenu before a 
tap of work is done; All foreign news, 
.Houaa-nf-Commanii.- .Loadnn. , Ottawa. 

a spectacle, even for those who loathe 
thebarbarism »f war, and see behind the 
glories of this conquest the crude facts 
of slaughter and wounds and desolation 
to qualify by any minor regrets our 
sense of triumph at the victory of IU>- 
erty, and the collapse of an unworthy 
tyranny whose civic vices had at the 
last ruined even its military virtues. It 
is not the success of mililarlsni which 
we are witnessing, but its defeat. 11 is 
a peasant race which had gone to scliool 
to liberty which had beaten a govern- 
ing caste, whose only study was war. 
— The Nation (London). 

What Canada. iiWants 
It has been calculated l•^' very compe- 
ten American statisticians thatbylD50 
Canada will be a much richer, more 
populous and more potentially powerful 
country than Great Britain. Be that as 
it may, men are now yvlng who will see 
that change in relative world position, 
surely the empire Is being built for that 
day as well as for thl.s. If the empire 
were tlien threatened by, say some Ori- 
ental foe, would not every available ship 
be In the Pacific? What would Great 
Britain be doing with her ships, keeping 
them af^: tUfrSolent patrolUng the British 
channe^l^iipae they were British? Can- 
ada wantsrthe police force where there Is 
danger of burglars, not lolling in pfW 
uhlforros In plices wher^ IMMW «1^ «ftt 
required.— Winnlpsg Teleg«(tt*L 



Mrs. Moddy, 84 Vi^ncouver street, will 
be at borne today. 

Mr. Robert Dunn 'returned to ,Vlor 
torla last Sunday after spending tbe 
past three weeks in Winnipeg. 

Mr. ana Mi ' s. 8. A. Jeww iwgs i l ate • ! 

The engagement is announced In Otta- 
wa of a wonian who was lor several 
years Qultc prominent in the public eye, 
both by rc.usou of her own personality 
and also because of her husbaiid's repu- 
tation. Hhe is .Mrs. Stonc-Wlggin.s, the 
widow of the clerk of the finance depart- 
ment at Otluwa who attained a great 
reputation in the early eighties as a 
weatlier prophet. Mrs. yione-Wlgglna 
is belter known as the woman who fin- 
ally secured the passage through th J 
Canadian parliament of the bill to 1-^gnl- 
Izo marriage with a deceased wife's 
sister. That measure was passed by 
the house of commons once or twice, 
but was rejected by the senate, and then 
Mrs. Stonc-Wlgglns niudc up her liiltld 
that tile bill had to go through, and ehe 
laid slefic to the senators, with the fe- 
sult that tliey finally sucumbed to her 
entreaties and passed the measure. 
Twenty ago her pen name "Gun- 
hilda" Was farnilhir to every new.spapcr 
rri.i. r, beause of Its frequent uppcar- 
ane in the pres? In advoacy of the re- 
form. After ttio bin was d vh. 
Wonien of Canada recognized hor sor- 
Vloes j^jtisubscrlblng a bust of her which 
II^JUpiKfn the library of Jmrllament 
a>tift'^|^^Hn» to this day. Her engage- 
ment Is tO- Mr. Charles Merkley Rice, ^l^-.4- 
Denver, Colorado, who is a Canadian vv""' '^■ 
birth and a graduate ot't'^Vl^erSlik tJnl- 
vorslty. Toronto. He l« 4JM fj^sldent of 
^tb» National Lifted g i M ft ft p g y I<eaguo qf 
the United States and a noutlng lawyer 
of Denver, where he bas Ityed for thirty 
odd years.. ^ ^, ' . ., 

A political genaatlon ot the highest 
order ha« been created In. the £^st by 
the publication of thavlRrpt volume ot .,. 

lU B liiWUUll ' g lif tUB-lgjI B ,etv Rlnltai ' d ' " ■ 
Cartwiight from JgftS down to iMjl, 
The final, touches tfl the volume We^ 
given by Sir Richard during w^hat Was 
his fa tal. Illness, and, therefore, the vol- 
~ume"may .^ fald to have received hl»*~' 
.personal ailtprijival both In proof and 
:sheet form, A second volume, dealing: 
with publlo affairs from 1896 down to 
1912, is understood to have been left 
behind by the late statesman, and it is 
hoped that it will also sec the light •.■rb 
long, because if it Is half as interosting 
as the first volume It will tlirow irreat 
light upon many things which have bei'u 
.subjects of oonjecturp ever, since the. 
formation of the Laurler cabinet in 1896. 
The predomlnent note of^the first 
volume Is, of course, air Richard's In- 
tense hatred of Sir John A. Macdonald, 
whom he insults in the bitter uer- 
.s&nal style; hut the feature oi' the hook 
Is hl.s cinslaught upon the late Hon. 33d- 
ward Blake. He asserts that a.t practic- 
ally every critical point In his career, 
Mr. Blake's political conduct was open 
to censure. He Is particularly bitter !n 
rega'i^';to the course of Mr. Blake dur- 
ing the campaign of 1891 when "unre- 
stricted reciprot;Ity" was the Liberal 
policy. Old tlmer.s will recall the tre- 
mendous sensation that was caused 
when it became known a few days be- 
fore the election that Mr. Blake, thr; 
former leader of the Liberal paj-ty, hatl 
written a letter denouncin.g the party's 
trade policy. By tremendous effort on 
the part of the party leaders the text of 
the letter was not published until after 
the election, but Us tenor had becomr 
known, and It proved a very effective 
weapon in the hands of the Conser- 
vatives. Sir Richard describes Mr. 
Blake's course in respect to that letlei- 
as "treachery" and says: 

"My own opinion of his conduct Was ' 
sucli that I never spoke to him, nor hold 
any communication wUli him from that 
day, and I prefer to state the facts with- 
out further comment'." 

He also criticizes the manner in which 
Mr. Blake resigned the leadership of the 
party in 1887, asserting that "it \va.s 
not only a most discourteous act to all 
those who had acted with him, but it 
was calculated to paralyze their ttctlons 
In every way." Further on, Sir Richard 
says that "Mr. Blake, with all his abil- 
ity, and it was very great in some ilireo- 
tions, often behaved like a spoilt child. 
He lacked two essential qualities for a 
leader of a party, particularly a i^arty 
in opposition. He had neither the bull- 
dog courag-c to fight an uphill battle to 
the end, nor had lie that sense of loyalty 
to his party which has redeemed many 
smaller and In some respects wofso men 
than he was. He had not been a loyal 
colleague of Mr. Mackenzie and he Was 
not a loyal leader to his supporters." 

His references to the late Alexander 
Mackenzie are more charitable. He ad- 
mits that he had differences of opinion 
with his chief, but asserts that not ono 
angry word ever passed between them. 
His chief point of criticism of Maclten- 
zle is that "playing politics" was foreign 
to him and that "he worked fourteen 
hours a day in the routine of his de- 
partment, serving his country, but did 
nothing to organize the Liberal party." 
He also refused to accept Sir Richard's 
advice and recommend Sir John A. Mao- 
donald for an imperial appointment, 
which is news of the first order, never 
Iiavlng been made public before. It 
might he interesting to conjecture what 
would have happened had such an offer 
been made to Sir John. There Were 
times In the days when he was in oppo- 
sition when he would havp been glad to 
accept such a posltlop, the days when 
lift was in povertj', and when the 
leaders of his party were In a slighting 
frame of mind. But the offer was not 
made, and Sir John went back to stay 
in office until his death. 

As to Sir Wilfrid Laurler, Sir Richard 
l.<< more careful. It is true that his 
reference to the ex-promler deals With 
the period prior to 1S96, and that later 
events might have changed his views, 
but his reference to the failure of Sir 
Wilfrid to win the oonfldonce of Ontar- 
io Is especially valuable in view of the 
tremendous rebuff which that province 
gave him ymr. Laurler Is de- 
scribed as 'patient snd painstakinir" and 
"poBsensInK iho not Ineonalderabln 
Bdvnnfagr> for n. IrudiT of havlnc no 
fumlly and being, therefore, better able 
thnn most to d«>vo!o hl» whole energy to 
hl!» r-olltl'^nl work." 

Two xen»<«ne^s «ro eharacterlstlo of 
the man: tin«v Is: 'I r«'»tard 'Hansard* 
u.o an H>v«>n«lo« of the hevU. designed 
cXHresdly for th»* j%rolonsatlon of the 
d^wnlon " Tho other Is; "It is one of' 
tho nilnfortunir'a of public life here and 
.»lB«<vvh«»r«> ihm tlte |M>ople appear to havo 
positively no memories, at least bono 
whieh go back beyond a vsty faw yearn 
at furthest,' This la as traa today as 
It WM when it «M wrtit^Ja UN* 


^Conservatltfe»» wijre- -elected' -by- con 
slderably increased raajoriti^^ • while 
lii the V t^f maixdng vt^^ geata. which " chans;«i^*jii|l#:j|^tWSBg» 
_ J, although rit. Is slphWitol 

' *{1ilfy^'' were heUl by 'i-ery \a.tge\t'^<b 
creased majorities. In tho sum tpial 
of tho aggreg'ate votes recorded In 
ihoso by-olectlbns tho ConseJrvatlve 
majorities rose from l52'3' to" :iS9t>; w'hllo 
tho Liberal ma,joritIes dropiw i ii..m 
:.t18 to 461'. "I'his represents a net 
gain of over 25013 votes In the four 
seats which were cdntesteil atby-el^c- 
tions since Mr. ' Borden' ftttnine'cr pot\-Er. 
It is very obvious that tho adminis- 
tration is growing In favor dally. We 
venture to believe that the. country Is 
today more prosperous than -it ever 
was before, and we are on -the-eve 
of better times. stllL , Oiir natlon^&oil 
is becoming a Very compl^to thitiiK. 
J, ess now, perhaps, than at ^ny uine 
in the past are etlucfUional "actlv^es 
necessary to l>rlng h6me to tht-', pe^JJle 
ihe Ideals and. resi;on.sibil!« which 
our immense resources entail. .\ !.:i(i- 
ior recognition of obligations i.s a r-ign 
of the times. This, we, believe, has, brt- 
come apparent" In the dist;u^slon which 
has already arisen on tho subject Of 
naval defence. Rarely, If. ever, .In our 
lilstory, has an announcement been 
awaited so eagerly as that which Mr. 
Borden will lay before the House, of 
Commons in the course of the next 
few days. The Intereat. which has been 
evoked Is one of the healthiest ear- 
marks of our growth to greatness. 
The people may be divided In opinion 
on the question of methods, but we be- 
lieve that they will be willing to be 
guided by a programme which Is 
based on information furnished by the 
Admiralty. As we have said, by-elec- 
tions show that the faith of the people 
in the present administration Is grow- 
ing stronger, and there Is. little doubt 
that Mr. Borden will haVe overwhelm- 
ing support in whatever he will pro- 
pose should be done In the matter of 
Imperial defence. 


i|to,^heni^^ Sharp prltl- barrel .of Ol^tarie^'i 

|rf §t rpSl$y "^^'aiVrays he opened i% he'i 

Hon Boi^' In which he~could porsus 'his 
reaearches under Vavorablo conditions. 
The 'Board showed itself sympathetic 

desirable: but ruthless dissection of 
1. character and motiv es Is llksly to do 

mors harm (taiin good. Tbe older gen- 
eration of 'Canadians knew already 
many of ths tttlnga which Sir Richard 
and > commlitee was appointed to ac» j ^^ toij. ^^ ^^ .^e no reason why tho 

yotm«pa» teneratloB should tM told about 

We .suppose tliat everyone is In favor 
of some .sort of recognition of Canoda in 
the councils of the Empire. The other 
self-governing dominions ought also to 
be so recognized. The difficulty to bo 
overcome is n practical one, Viut It ought 
not to be insurmountable. All that Is 
necessary Is to ascertain just what each 
party to the arrangement would like to 
have and then to adjust their various 
Ideas to each other. As yet no one has 
proceeded further with the presentation 
of the case than cwmere general state- 
ment, and, apart altogether, from the 
wisdom of bringing up such a question 
by what is tantamount to a vole of want 
of confidence, we are imuble to see what 
good Is to l)e accomplished by so doing. 
Any resolution on .such a question which 
the House could adniU on the motion of 
n private member, would be very little 
more tlian a mere academic ixpres^don 
of opinion. To couple It with a declara- 
tion making such recognition an indl.s- 
pensable condition of a contribution to 
the naval defence of the Kmpire seems to 
us to be an Indefensible course. If Mr. 
Borden is able to tell Parliament that 
such a recognition will be forthcoming 
as soon as details can be arranged, wo 
shall nil be gratified; but to put forward 
the Idea that It be forthcoming be- 
fore Canada contributes to imperial de- 
ffincc looks very much like a mere luib- 

Canada cither owes a duty to the Km- 
pire or she does not. The issue in clear- 
cut. To say that she shall lUscharge 
that duty provided she Is given in re- 
turn representation on an imperial coun- 
cil seema to us to exhibit a very poor 
appreciation of it. Australia, New Zea- 
land, South Africa and the Malay 
States have testified to the!r appreciation 
pf their duty In an unconditional man- 

\ M i. ■■— t 

With Mr. Denlson. When,^,the time, 
came to lavi^ the aid of Mr. ,0. ,Hi, 
Barnard. |C. %>.. fn. carrying oat Mr. 
Denlson's plana, hs .showed Jilmself very 
earnest Iff' bis efforts In that behalf. 
It is simple jostles to say that the suc- 
p«SB which' has attended the movement 
is Chiefly «ae to ^r. -^i^f^ ^*^. 
ity. t , ? 


Afg fi.T. n-A^ing-p.TrtAig aXULAaXIOSS. 

Presldeht-elect Wilson, kddresslhg an 
audience In Bermuda, where he has 
gone for <i reat. expressed the hope.tbs^t 

nothing win happen during his admlA- 
Isfration to distiirb the good relations 
existing between the Brltitil?^ 'Btniplrfe 
and the United StatCSi Wt^ this Seh- 
tlment we will all be In perfect accord. 
If ./Mr; Wilt|6#« .h«X^)4b*.''to''vl»a.'r«'ai-.. 
iKcd, there must be no renewal of the 
exceedingly crude utterances and PUb- * 
lie acts which have charaetcrlsed our 
neighbors dturlfig the past few years. 
We. must have . na inorc talk of "ad- 
juncts,'' for example.. There inUst be 
nof .more repudiation, pf. tr.eijity obllga.- 
tlons. "There must be lio attempt to 
stretch the jurisdiction of United States 
tribunals beyond inatters within the 
United States. ■ ,. : 

■■'■ f-:* ■ 

When we speak of friendly relations, 
we do not employ the term in a diplo- 
matic ' sense. Diplomatically the rela- 
tions between two countries may be 
everything that can be desljiid. while on 
both: sides there may bC antagonistic 
popular feeling.,; In these days, and on 
this ; continent, this feeling is exceed- 
ingly unlikely to result in war, but it 
is almost sure to create frictions, to 
lead to irritation, to Incite retaliatory 
legislation, to stir up senseless antago- 
nisms, to Interfere wltli the mutual 

trust and confidence that ought to between two peoples sharing a 
continent between them. 

There Is nothing In the most friendly 
relations that, can exlflt between Canada 
and the United States at all Incom- 
patible with the place Canada occu- 
pies and will continue to occupy in the 
British Empire. Any Ill-will that exists, 
ond there Is much of it, has arisen 
out of a species of provincial bump- 
tiousness from which many of even the 
more prominent public men In the re- 
public arc not wholly free. The old 
practice of "twisting the lion's tall" 
has been abandoned, and has been re- 
placed by a species of offensive self- 
sufficiency, which Is fruitful of irri- 
tation. When this trait Is exhibited 
at the expense of Canada., It is very 
likely to arouse a feeling of anger and 
provoke retorts that are the reverse of 

them. ' It Is a good thing to '^t th* 
dead past bury Its dead." 


Th« ttty/t York JoumiU ha* been ««^ 
,«ai^l»tetek t^«j\i^i»ws of aMrtiflienrbf .«w<<i' 

■1itMiMptpW«ittltude towards tariff 
revision, and thus summarizes the con- 
clusions It haft.J5ftc^e4,J.,''.TJI»we_wlll.jBe 
no rampant Xrif tnrfafiitti. IAmM viU 
be'A|o diaposltlon to destroy the jprotec- 
tlon systexD. There will be no reckless 
disregard of the legitimate business de- 
^mand for prudence in the readjustment 
Of. conditions. .There is every reason to 
expect that tariff changes will not be 
itnade hajihazard, but will proceed jalong 
logical and consistent llnesi biuHid on, 
maricets rather than maxims." ' ', 

It presents Its own views as to the 
principles which ought to guide Con- 
gress In dealing with this difficult sub- 

First— That it should not cause the 
wjige scale of Anierlcan Avorklng men to 
,ib9 ,d.epije.sf(?d by foreign comp.c^itlon. 
' Second — That the burden of tariff 
taxes should, be borne by the luxuries 
rather than the necessaries of life. 

Third — That the kind of protection 
that creates monopolies should be en- 
tirely done away with. 

Fourth— That reciprocity treaties 
should be negotiated whereyer such 
treaties will .stimulate commerce and 
lower tho cost of living. 

Fifth that the American . merchant 
marine shall be restored to Its former 
Iniportancc and power by a system Of 
preferential duties. 

How far these views are those ex- 
pressed by the tnehibera of Congress who 
have been Interviewed. The .Journal does 
not say, although It closes Its reference 
to them by oljservTHg that It "is good 
news to discover that they are pretty 
sure to be the policies of the Sixty-third 

jSPPles for $5.36. When 
found a oa^ signed by 
the farmer who Mised the apples. On It 
Was written; '*l~ got seventy cents for . 

thl^ barrel df apples. How much did you 
pay for it?" The Winnipeg man would 
Uke to know who absorbed the differ- 
ence. We are under, th« Impression tha^ 
if all food products were stamped with 
tha price Which the producer got for 
thnn, consumers would find a way of 
reducing the high cost of lUing, or 
know tbe reason why. 

Vhe Canadian Northern h»M - tsegun 
' Myillt..M;eel west ot .the PemHba Mver, 
whioh Is some seventy miles west of 
Edmonton. Sixty miles further west 
is the McLeod river, over' which a 
-bridge will be erected during the win- 
ter, and by next spring rails will bo 
laid tQtailhe Yellow Head Pass, where 
^^^ ^lIpHPPfr'Columbla section of th>> 
new transcontinental line begins. It 
Is quite pOBsiblei that by this time next 
year the C. N, B, will be able to run 
trains all the way from Port Arthur 
to* point o'n the North Thompsop. . 

An enthusiastic writer In a recen,* 

magjfM^pf^V'i#P^^^B of the fine f le«i 
whic^^ipllppiblcd in the Hudson a few 
weeks ago as oonsisting of "grey, old 
fighters." This is very much of a poet- 
ical exaggeration, although the term 
was applied in cold prose. The ships 
were grey but they Were far from being 
old, for In fact most of them are among 
the latest triumphs In naval architect- 
ure. They were potential fighters, no 
doubt; but most of theni haVe yet to 
discharge a gun against an enemy. The 
latter remark is true Of the very great 
majority of all the war vessels afloat, 
and long may It contintic to be so. 



Without having at hnnd a copy of 
•Sir Itlchard Cartwrlght's Memoirs, we 
arc only In a position to speak of them 
from the reviews printed In the eastern 
papers. He certainly deals with the 
publlo men of Canada without gloves; 
but, however, much any one may dls- I 
agree with lilm or doubt tho expediency | 
of publishing what he has written. It j 
must be borne In mind that he expected | 
the book to appear durlm,- his lifetime, 
and must tiieroforc have been prepared 
to meet his critics. Possibly if he 
could have anticipated that he would 1> • 
tak' n awny before his book wos on sale, 
he would not have printed it. 

Sir KIchard, If we may judge from 
the rather copious extracts from the 
Memoirs that have been reprinted In 
the papers, has not very much that .'.s 
good to say about any one. Just what 
blstorlcnl value will be attaclicd to his 

The decision of the Inter-Stato Com- 
merce Commission, if ."uatalned by the 
Court of Appeals, may have a very far- 
reaching effect. The details of the 
case. In which the decision has been 
given, were publiBhed in our marine 
news yesterday; the substance of the 
ruling of the Commission is that It 
has jurisdiction over Canadian 

ships entering Bkagway, no matter 
to what point in the interior their 
cargoes may be billed. This means 
that goods may not be shlppeo 
from Victoria to r>«wson, both Can- 
adian points, without the steamships 
carrying them under the control of a 
foreign Jurls<llctton as to rate.t. ■^ The 
reason of this Is that Skagway and the 
White Pass ami Yukon Itnllway, as far 
as the Summit, are In fnlted States 

Pending tlie derl.slon of the Appellate 
Court in this point. It cannot be aalil 
to be dednltely settled; but If , It is 
held to be good law, it would seem to 
extend far enouRli to bring' every for- 
eign vessel enterln.v: a I'nited States 
port, no matter where, under the juris- 
dli'Uon of the commission. While the 
l.i.oue remains undetermined It may bo 
preinaturo t.i express any opinion as to 
Its effect upon the course of commerce, 
but, as at present advlned. we think It 
likely to be very advantngeous to Can- 
adian ports. 

A contcnnporary asks that the manu- . 

faotureatul sale of revolvers shall be 
prohibited by law. It says that tho 
weapon is of no real value either In 
peace or w.-ir. ami that iiinri: than half 
the murders committed are due to the 
fact that the murderer had a revolver. 
The only possible use fnr a revolver 1;; 
as a defence against another perrton 
who has ono. The logic of thKs reason- 
ing secm.s conclusive. Moreover, the 
pos.-'esslon of a revolver by a rlght- 
mlndcd person is more often tlian other- 
wise a source of danger to hhii when 
he is confronted by a criminal arniod 
with one. Banish the revolver! 

Mrs. Ada Droulllard, of Fifth Avenue, 
New York, has achieved fame by appear- 
ing in public with a fur coat of Ru.«si;ni 
Sables costing |35,(iOO. It took an ex- 
pert two and a half months to select 
tlir skins, and nlloi,'ethor a year was 
necessary to make the garment. The 
lady's sister-ln-lnw had formerly hold 
tfie American blue ribbon In furs by 
wearing a $20,000 salilc coat, which Was 
stolen from under her eyes as it lay be- 
side her In a box at the oper;\. If there 
is any line of extravagance In dns;-. 
that seems Ju.«»tlflnble It is that wliich 
exhibits Itself In furs. It Is astonish- 
ing how much better and more import- 
ant a man or woman feels when envelop- 
ed In the skin of some other animal. 

and Victoria when In session, all tni^t- 
ters pertalijiing ^d unity of Empire, 
naval or otbeniise. city council, just 
a, glance tat the healitMK Af Cont't cases 
Inolnding MaglstrBttottllj^s receptions; 
all the short eldtpriats and any of Hhe 
longer ones that may interest me. I 
take in all the Items of city news which 
are crisp and to the point; cricket 
notes are very: interesting to me.. Death 
notices are the. least plca.«ant of my 
reading as ever^,.;pp^vy and then an- 
other old fi li iHTi.tii|jM5jM'"ii II il the divide. 
The foregoing twe«>*ttie about half an 
hour to read and all day to dlgc-st. 

In the Sunday magazine there are 
two pafses 1 alway.s read, the one to an 
Hour With the Kdltor, the other a pagb 
for the young. In these I get the rose 
in full blossom with the Ktiltor a)a.d 
with tho young, the finest color In the 
bud making ready to blossom as the 
other fades. Now Mr. Editor If the suf- 
fragettes, pony races, boxing fans, bar- 
gain stores, theatre, dances, shipping 
nows, marriages, births, divorces, real 
estate snaps, sherrlff's sales, etc., 
none of these things appeal to me, but 
as the readers of these various items 
are quite willing. to allow me 30 min- 
utes a day I am only too pleased to 
recriprocate. I thtink Mr. Kdltor If It 
were possible to get at your readers' 
favorite subjects, you would discover 
that the sporting columns have as many 
adherents as any other matters dealt 
with, especially the morning after Sal- 
*mbn'8 sweepstakes arc drawn. Whilst 
cricket Is the only game 1 know any- 
thing about. I am satisfied manly sports 
are the real quill to make men and 
should be encouraged. I have had box- 
ing, swimming and boat pulling lessons. 
a three years' drill with the militia in 
my young days. I have seen the time 
when knowledge in these matters would 
have been of great value. Referring to 
boxing, the chances are the other fel- 
low's nose would have been pulled. Had 
I any knowledge of swimming I havo 
one life in my mind I could have saved. 
In boat pulling we never know the 
moment when that knowledge may 
como In hondy and drilling with tho 
militia a couple of nights a week with 
a fortnight's camping in the summer 
will work wonders. I hope the parents 
ot boys who are big enough will encour- 
age them to join the scouts, eventually 
the militia, and by the time they are 21 
wc shall have a generation of young 
men whom fatherfl and mothers as well 
as tho city will be proud of. 

] havo somewhat dl.-'gressed but not 
very much, as manly sports, scouting 
and drilling are akin. In closing my de- 
sire is to see the old reliable (The 
Colonist) continue In the same old 
straight furrow It has been ploughing 
for over half a century. Apologizing 
for space. GUY WALKRR, 

705 Pandora avenue, Victoria. 


i;p to date not far short of a hundred 
thousand men have been killed or died 
fiom wounds or from disease in the Bal- 
kan war. It Is easy to write this, but 
not so easy to appreciate what It means. 
It is as though the whole adult popula- 
tion of T/ritlsh Columbia were out oft 

What's the matter with the hens? A market reiiort of b week ago 
said the price of eggs was seventy cents 
a dozen. This calls for some explana- 
tion. T.t is a niattrr of surprUe that in 
the course of the Achate on the Address 
some ardent Liberal did not a.'sk ^Ir. 
Bord?n for an explanation. It Is all very 
well to talk about the German menace, 
the greed of the cement magnates and 
little things like that; but why do not 
our statesmen grapple with a real tiucs- 
tlon? The meek and lowly hen wolks 
placidly around her yard and refuses to 
lay eggs. If she only acted that way In 
Victoria we might try to explain It 
awny, but as she Is doing the same thing 
from Halifax to Dawson and from Ta- 
busintac to Nltlhat. It Is time we knew 
ths reason why. 

Mr. Bryan to Bermnda 
Let's see. Politics should be Cov- 
tinor Wilson's recreation, since it was 
made very clear that he wa* going to 
Bermuda for recreation. Any one who 
visited him on a political ermnd was 
to he shot on the spot. But AVIlliam 
J. Bryan is to go to Bermuda, ap- 
parently on the governor's Invitation, 
and therefore not on politics, but on 
matters clo.«(ly related to recreation. 
Yet to a man with a spyglas.R it looks 
very inuch likt- the beginning of cab- 
inet building. — New York Herald. 

Seattle, have taken up their resldcnco 
in Victoria. The latter, was formerly 
for three years president of the Alli- 
ance Fwincalse of the Sound city, 


ofBoe Ktew from six t^.. Xorty m^m' 
•bara.' : '■'' ,■ . ' '• J- •'■'i. ■' '.■" ..■■' V 

M;r. Eric Gordon has rcttiraed to Vtci 
torla after a six months' visit to the 
Queen Charlotte islands. 

The m&rrlage of Mr. W. W. Benja- 
min Gage and Miss Margaret Mitchell, 
both of this city, was solemnized one 
day this week at tho home of Mr. W. 
Smith, Duplin street. Rev. H. C. 
Thorpe officiated. 

Mr. Samuel Rolph has left town for 
Calumet, Mich. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Fetch and fam- 
ily left town yesterday for the. Old 
Country where Mr. F. E. Fetch, who Is 
well lfflgyn:;^,.^lo,Mi.l. musical circles, 
will..vWpPKiipp|i|^K singing In Lon- 

Mr. C. J. V. Spratt has left town on 
a business visit to Toronto. . 

Mr. V. C. W. Agnew leaves today on 
the Northern Pacific for England, 
traveling via Winnipeg and New York. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lindsay and Miss 
B. Galletly left town last Sunday by 
the North Coast Limited and the "Adri- 
^atlc" on a trip to the Mediterranean. 
.^Mr.' and Mrs. N. Ga.'i's and family are 
leaving town tomorrow for Chicago 
wh«re they will make their future 

Mr. C. L. Betterton has left town on 
a short visit to Ottawa. 

Mr. J. F. Gallery has left toWn for 
Pittsburg, having been called there on 
account of his mother's illness. 

Mr, F. G. Aldous, B. C. L. S., has re- 
turned to Victoria after a four months' 
stay in Kngland. 

Mr. F. Clayton and family left Port- 
age la Prairie yesterday on their way 
to Victoria where they will make their 
future home. Mr. Clayton resigned 
the office of city treasurer a week be- 
fore he left, and at a meeting of citi- 
zens held on Wednesday evening was 
made the recipi'Cnt of a cabinet of ciit- 
Icry, accompanied by an address ex- 
pressing regret at his departure and 
appreciation of his services to the city 
for the past 26 years. The city hall 
staff also made him a presentation, as 
did the Portage club. Mr. Clayton was 
also proinlnrnt in Masonic circles in 
Portage la Prairie, and Portage lodge 
present'ed him last .Saturday night with 
a past master's jewel. 

A presentation of a gold watch and 
chain and pencil case was made to Mr. 
Fred M. Russell by the firm of Weller 
Brothers, Limited, and its staff, on the 
occasion of his retirement from the 
firm after twenty-three years service. 

Among the Vancouver vdsltors at the 
Kmprcss are Messrs. V. L. Butcher, E. 
H. Rountrce, R. O. Wheatley, W. Mc- 
Donald, T. W. Adams, F. E. O. Berry, R. 
Fitzmaurlce, N. W. Cotton, J. N. Har- 
vey, John T. Fife and F A. Brewey. 

Mrs. and Courtenay, of London, 
England, are sta.ying at the Empress. 

Mr. C. Arthur Cochrane, of Verrton, 
Is staying at the .Enivress. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. M., of 
Vancouver, are tmoPiTSt the late ar- 
rivals at the Em.iri>..!s. 

Mr. D. S. Wllllainr,, f>f Toronto, ar- 
rived at the EmpriHs yesterday. 

Mr. W. I-'urncBs Clark, of Montreal, 
Is at the F.mpress. 

Mr. J. G. Mulligan of Toronto, Is a 
guest at the RItz. 

Mr. F. C. Fyne, of Winnipeg, is in the 
city and Is slaying at tlie RItz. 

Mrs. Malcolm Gillespie, 16.10 Monter- 
oy avenue, Onk Bay, will receive today 
and not again until the next Friday In 


Actret>9 and Fabllshsr Sad a Hovel 
About Bavarian Prince Xionla 

Tho Sine of Bulgaria 

There has been in modern history no 
rf.surrectlnn so wonderful and so rapid 
for none of the new n.itlons rose from 
ft degradation so complete. Italy was 
cultured in hei' political death, Prussia 
was a formidable state of the second 
tank, and even Japan was a disdainful 
and unconquered hermit. But In the 
Bulgarian army the very generals wlio 
lend It ipmrinber a hoyhowl In which 
the most vivid recollections must bo 
physical humiliations and oppressions 
endured by their pen.«innt fathers at the 
hands of their Turkish lords. Today, 
thtMr cannon Is heard at the gate of 
Constantinople, and their army (IreRms of 
the ptirple of empire and tramps towards 
the eastern Rome. They have done In 
we.-'ks v.hat Russia scarcely achiev*^ In 
months. It la hard, in the face of aush | t%rti~VeMka 

-The practice of writ- 
Is not encouraged In 

nrcnNK, Nov. 2*. 
lag roniHim u clef 

.Some yearn ago Prince LouM Ferdinand 
of Dnvarla m«de tho acquaintance of im 
nrtreBB, with whom he lived for some lltno. 
After the inevitable parting, tho prlnoeii 
mlatroaji went to live at nale, and being 
dl»»ntliifii"cl with the provlalon made for he.- 
Bon, wrote a novel iVi which her. late lover 
flKurcd. under the thlnnem of dl«)jiil»e». ni 
the villain of the book. This ehe fo1<I lo a 
Rwlsa puliUnher, who forwarded a copy to 
Prince boiile, xaylna; he rt-ould nupprota the 
work on payment of 140,000. 

Ilia letter waa placed In the hand* of the 
Bavarian mlnlater, and both publlaher ntid 
author were promptly 

T'.iey were tried at r>Ji",» the chief 
town of the Canton of Hal*, on the i-hnri^r 
of conaplrlng to produce a llbal: Tba enurt 
founiia t)iem_ sutlly and ■•nl (ha man tn 
priMW for al'itht ^ontba sM ths wemaa for 

■■■. i"!^;*;-- 

Fridiiy, November ?9, 1912 




eet Police 

e '""■'Ball 

I Will Be Wearing a 
Pair of Maynard's 


Just think of it. Gold and all 
co-lors in satin, velvet, suede 
and patent leather. Were 
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Well Bred Birds of All Classes 
Evoke the Admiration of 
Breeders, Value of Co- 
operation Efforts 





and Serviceable Heater- 

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tractively finished, suitable for your sitting' 
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Really the best all-round heater you can get. 
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B. C. Hardu^are Co., Ltd. 

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Sooke was Inoklng It.s best ypsLerday when 
the first car ut visitors to the poultry ehuw 
nrrlvej. The hall w«8 filled to Its ulmoBt 
capacity by the birds ataefd, which rnuit 
have nunihercU nearly three hundred, and 
Ihe poullryniBu asseinhled Were all of one 
opinion, namely that a hotter collection of 
poultry had rarely hoeii exhibited at any 
local shoA' of similar sUo, 

After Professor W. T. MacDonald, live- 
stock commlDsloner for the province, had 
declared the show open and conRratulat^d 
the iieople of Sooko on the excellent collec- 
ilon of birds which their liberal prize list 
had attracted, the Hon. W. H. Hayward, 
M.P.P. for CowJchan, who had Btudled the 
pens at hU leisure during the morning. 

This Is Probably the House 
You Are Looking For 


It'.s a 7-roomed house on a full-sized lot. It 
contains a hall, a living room with an open fire- 
place, dining room, kitchen, pantry and one bed- 
room on first floor. On the second floor there 
are three bedrooms and bathroom and separate 

This house is now under construction. If you 
speak now, you can have it finished to suit your 
taste. Besides details given -above, there is a 
cement basement, modernly fitted with station- 
ary wash tubs. Pipes for furnace are in place. 
The entire property will be fenced. 


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Why not g\v^ n tiseful %n<\ durable present? 

A FEW si;goestion.s 

Kloolrlc Irons — Best selection In tho city. f4R0 to 

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naslillfrhls, up fnjm $1.25 I Table Lamps, up from .. 

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We Carry the 
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of Records 
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ments arranged- 


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rsuKmll to • heAdtche Is to waste tatrgf, Mitm And oemfort 
To stop it «l once simply tske 

NA-DRl)-CO Headache Wafers 

Your Drugftst will confirm our st«tameiit that the/ do not oontain 
ipyUilDf th«t can harm heart or iMrreus syatAm. 2Sc. a box 

llATlOMAI. •nV4 «NO CHKMieAl, CO. Of OANAOA. UIMTK*. 184 

'<iiftnMi'''1iiiB(lirbiiiii:''iiiiii^ ht 

He instanced bta:U0iim:''0ktxitt 0' Cow^ 
lejban. and^ the bepMit <&*t tUe .eo-9per< 
Wive em^¥r. -Iltajl^tiiii*., fe|iiKW|j«»le for 
there. $aM'i^Sti^- mi» ,^ .tUne .--IrMlM not 
fee far dleeiknt <#lieln So'oko WotiW llutve « 
Similar essociatlon and fattening elation of 
its own. Co-operation mtut be the basis ot 
any rood farminii;. and the. royal oommissloa 
^t would be aittlns In a (ew dajre would. 

v m \m MM B BwincM. una inii wiwiei txii b t 

the most Important ttaejr woold.have to deal 
With. Mr. Rajrward (leve (Isores showintr 
the variation -in the ^^eoaiKtMy oir e«8S pv>^ 
duoed at different tiaaiKe of the JTs^r. wUlnh.- 

. tether-, wm ii .j| t» ;/ ' b«s vy-. c fl s i t Vfivt se t • e n*. 

mboT. mugt-::^m^ mto odi#iii^^i^a.>'iiir' 

thtose who exolktnied at the hijrii pirloe ot 
einrs at the present time. 

To Prodiico Good Birgrs 

Mr. II. B, Upton, of the department of 
aBrlculture. in an address stated 'n 
order to have ess» when prices were hlrfb 
It was absolutely necesoary that the hatrt- 
InR should be done between March 13 tin I 
May 16, and Mr. E. B. Cnle, of Bast Ilui'i- 
aby, himself a successful poultryman, liopfri 
that a law might be Introduced niaklUK U ii 
penal offence to label eggs with dosc-lr- 
tlons they were not entitled to, as foir in- 
stance to sell as fresh local eggs those oC 
uncertain age which came from a distance. 
' The Judgf, Mr. H. Raid, of Victoria, con- 
sidered the oxhlbitlon" of extraordinary 
tiuallty. It contained the best display of 
MorkiiiKs and turkeys, he said, he had cv:r 
sfpn at a local show, and In running ovir 
the prUe list he spoke In high terms of Mr. 
Duugiin's While Lcffhorns, Mr. Carter's 
PiiitrUlRo Wyandotte jiullet. Mi»« May 
Hlohardson's Buff I.,eKhorn cockerel and Mr. 
S. CIckk's niack Mlnorcaa, as also of Mr. 
U. McDowell's exhibit of pigeons which 
carried everythlnjc before them. The fol- 
lowing were amonk the principal awards of 
the day: 

Plymonth Rocks,- White— 1st. Mrs. French. 

Plymouth Rocks, Jiurred — 1st, I>ady 
Kmlly Walker, . 

While Wyandottes— -1st, pen. cock, hen 
ami pullet, J. Lewis; 1st cocl^erel, T, O. 

White I,eshorn — .1st. J. J. Dsugran. 

Huff Leghorn — 1st cockerel ■ and pullet. 
Miss May Richardson; lat pen and hon. 
W. E. Nachtrleb. 

njack Minorca — 1st oock, cockerel and 
hi'ii, S. CleKK. 

/YiiconaF— All prizes, 'W. H. Smith. 

Dorking.^, Silver Grey — Ist prize, \V: 
Millar HlBes. 

IJlack OrplnKlons — All prizes, W. A. \a.n 

(Jame, Dark Cornish and White Cornish— 
1st. W. M. Hlggs. 

f:ebrlght I'.antams— Ist, Smith Brothers. 

Hron7,c turkeys — Ist and 2nd, W. Millar 
IIIaiT». ' 

C.pfsr. Toulouse — 1st, W. M. HIggs. 

I'ekin ducks — Ist drake and duck, W. M. 
UlKgs; 1st pen, .1. c. Cooke. 

rtost dozen brown eggs — T. Powell. 

Pigeons — lat In four classes, R. J. Mc- 
Dowell; lat in Tumblers. W. H. Stevenson. 

Rneolnl Prizes 

.\!r, W. Millar lIlRgs, ))re»ident of the 
Smokk iiHsticiiition, also carried off special 
prizes n."! follows: The sliver cup offered by 
the association for the best display of 
poultry of one or more v.Trlftl?s, the cop 
Rlvfii for the best pen In the class for 
English birds, and the sIlArer cup for gania 

Mr. .1. .T. Dougan took the cup for the 
best pen of White Lcglmrns and Mr. Boll's 
cup for the best bird in the show, as well 
a= fi-.i- r'.-r:ic fT the best male In the 
Mediterranean cliis.'Kfs. Mr. J. Lewis took 
Mrs. Millar Hlggs" prize for the best pen of 
Wy.TndotlPB, Mr. Mat.ion's cup for the best 
male In the .\mcrlcan classes and Mr. D. 
Mulr's cup for the best pen of Aniorban 
birds. , 

Mr. M. Young's prize for the bost display 
of pigeons went to Mr. R. McDowell, and 
Mr. E. Milne's nip for the best male In 
English class to Mr. W. H. Van Arum. 

The .^ooke Farmers' Institute cup for the 
best pen of Orpingtons w«s won by Mr. 
W. E. Nachtrleb, and Mrs. French with her 
White Plymouth Rocks secured two siieclaln. 
The cup for the best p»n In the Mediter- 
ranean classes went to Memrs Smith 
Brothers, of Victoria. 

The Shrine of Fashion 

— — OFFERINGS — - 

Never before have we offered such rare values as we here offer for Friday and Saturday shoppers. We will 
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Kelowna Xnigratlon Xntereata Pear 

Bosh rites May Occnr tinien 

Xoad Ze In Operation 

Messrs. H. R. MacMIIIan and R. E. Bene- 
dict of the provincial forests service are In 
Vancouver today, where they have been 
asked to appear before the Dominion Rail- 
way Commission to give evidence as to the 
dispute which has arisen between Kelowna 
Irrigation Interests and the Kettle River 
Valley Railway Company. Tho situation 
appearn to be that If any fire were to occur 
along the watersheds to be traversed by the 
right-of-way, the deMruetlon of the bush 
would result In tho ruin of the entire Irriga- 
tion system of the district, l^or this rcHMon 
It Is highly Important that adequate steps 
be taken to prevent fire. 

The irrigation interests are asking that 
the railway be compelled to use oil as fuel, 
but It Is expected that a compromise will 
be resphed by the establishing of a compre- 
hensive system of patrol. One of the points 
for the commission to consider will b« as to 
who should bear the cost of such patrol — 
whether it should fall • entirely upon the 
railway or entirely upon the Irrigation Inter- 
ssta, or should be met by Joint levy. 

Messrs. MacMiilan and Benedict are not 
concerned lif this question of who Is to foot 
the bill, but will Simply confine thomaelves 
to expressions of expert opinion as to what 
measures are necessary to assurn iha safety 
of the foreets atong the watersheds. 

A danoa wiil be held in Colwood hall 
ou Not. lit. Music by Mrs. Oouf*. • 

Charming Gowns 


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Our European buyer was .successful in purchasing $3000 wortli of attractive 
Grey Squirrel Furs, so much in fashion this season, at a remarkably low price. 
Therefore we can offer you these, Friday and Saturday, at a saving of 50 per cent. 

Reliable Furs Reduced 20% 

Any l-"iir I'luni our stock, including Minks, Persian Lamb, Black Fox, Mole, Musk- 
wash Seal Coat in 54 inch lengths. Mink, Marmots, etc., ?.t this price reduction. 

Also one Muskwash Seal, in length, with deep cuffs and collar of sable. Regular 

$375- For ■ .....$290 

And a perfectly matched Grey S(|iiirrel Goat, in 52 inch length. Regular $250. $175 

From Our Mantle Department 

Ladies' Coats, Regular $22.50 to $35.00 
Friday and Saturday, $12.50 

We have selected 50 more Coats to sell at this extraordinarily low price. 
They comprise zibelincs, freeze, diagonal serges, tweeds, broadcloths, 
etc. Also a few splendid value Raincoats among these, .shown in the 
seasons best colors and all sizes. Regular to $35.00. For . .$12.50 

From Our Mantle Department 

Suit Prices Cut to Half 

( )ur splendid collection ot high-grade Suits, excepting serges, 
in the season's most-wanted colors. Conservative tailor- 
ii'ig. in mannish effects, both severe and modified. All ex- 
actlv Half-Price. 

Reg. $25. 
I'^cg. $45. 
Keg. $35- 



Reg. $50. Now . . .$25.00 
Reg. .$40. Now . . .$20.00 
Re'^. $65. Now . . .$32.50 




From Our Children's Department 

Coat Clearance at $5.45 

The balance, about 20 in all, of our Children's Winter Coats, 
for ages to 10 years, in all colors. Regularly sold to $10.00. 
To clear Friday and Saturday $5.45 

From Our Underwear Department 

Oddments to $1.25 for 55c 

The season's oddments in Ladies' Vests and Drawers, in wool 
and cotton and wool mixtures, in natural or white. Regu- 
lar to $1.25. Friday and Saturday 55f^ 

OODMENTS to 65c, for 35^ 

Comprising broken lines in Ladies' Vests and Drawers, in 
white or natural wool and cotton mixtures. Regular to 65c. 
Friday and Saturday 35^ 


Watson's extra fine, closely-knit, all-wool Combinations, in 
white only, high neck and long sleeves. Sizes 34 to 40. Fri- 
day and Saturday $2.25 

From Our Hosiery Department 

65c Ladies' Cashmere Hose, 50c 

Penman's make in seamless knit-to-shape Hose. Some have 
natural wool feet. Sizes 8 1-2 to lo. Friilay and Satur- 
day ' 5^ 

.Ant-ither 40c grade. Priced, 3 iiairs for $1.00 

$12.50 to $25.00 Stylish Hats 
Priced at $6.75 

Our French designers and trimmers J.iave been 
bllSy preparing over 400 new Hats. Every one 
is exclusive in style and shape, and up to the 
minute in appearance. Offering a wide oppor- 
tunity for individual selection of these Hats 
that early in the sea.son would sell from $12.50 
to $25.00. Friday and Saturday $6.75 

Tweed and Waterproof Hats to Sell at $3.85 

A variety of stylish Tweed Hats, also natty- 
shaped waterproofed satin makes, in a variety 
of the better colors. Regular to $10.00. Fridav 
and Saturday $3.8^ 

Corset Department 



Cut in medium low bust, in 
fine quality white coutil, 
well boned, has six at- 
tached garters. A good 
range of sizes. Friday and 
Saturday ^1.25 









mMtiviiKNa ■t.4iL>bMft*<>-Mc^'H>i<«> *--^ 


Friday, November 29, 19i2. 

7 Buys That Are 
Below Value 

Chapman Street, between Linden and Howe, 55x137. 

Price ?2,000 

Howe Street, near Dallas road, 50x117. Price $2,500 
Hampshire Road, near McNeill, 3 lots, each. .$1,500 
Monterey Avenue, near McNeill, full size lot, $1,500 

Dunlevy, near Uplands, 50x120, tor $1,750 

Corner— Cook street corner, i/^xiiy, semi-husincss. 

Price $8,500 

A Six-Room Bungalow on Bank street, one block from 

car. Price ,.... •• .;...... $o,ouU 



Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange , 
Corner Government and Broughton Sts., Pbone 




Afternoon and 
6nlng Qowim ^ 


The perfectly clad woman is a de- 
light to the eye.. The simplicity of 
prcvaiHng fashions makes it much 
easier for most women to have pro- 
perly made apparel. 

It will be a delight iov ,.111 to come 
in and see our charming display of 
attractive gowns-^handsome in weave 
and rich in color tone. 

Smart 1 ailor-Made 

Every latr. prevailing style is repre- 
sented. I'.eaiitiful, yet serviceable, 
fabrics. Prices are surprisingly rea- 
sonable, too. Come in today. \'ou'Il 
be astonished at the imnicn.^c varied 
stock we have. 

Dynes & Edd;ng!on 

High Class Ladies' Ready-to-Wear. 
Phone 3983 728 Yates Street 







Does all that's clalmctl for it — and 
here arc some of t^'-e claims. It la 
thoroughly clastic, and lasts longer 
than any other paint because It ex- 
pands and contracts with any sur- 
face. '. 

It iB RuRi, Aclfl, Heat and Salt 
Water .Proof. 

It iW an Ideal roof paint, being- 
suitable; for ,it6n, tin, wood, cloth, 
fell, .paper, or composition roofing- 
Being: -hsavy In body It fills small 
holes .Itself, and larger ones mny be 
permanently repaired by muslin 
patches • and a liberal coat of 




J 202 Wharf Street 


Phone 15 

Correctness of Style 

Is one of the most essential features in a tailor-made garment. 
I 'have the latest a[)proved styles from the leading fashion 

centres of the world. 


I Ladies' Tailor, 742 Fort Street 

Phone 2264 


Of Every Description, antl for Ml Purposes 


All sizes, delivered complete from works or set up at any 
elevation in town or country. 

We are now located in the largest and best equipped barrel 
factory in Western Canada, and prepared to handle orders in 
small or large quantities. 

Write or Phone for Prices, etc. 


p. O. Box 1430, Victoria Telephone R4496 

Douglas Road and E. ^n6 N. Ry., Near Lampson St. 

FREE-Tlic FlrcbUiec In the Home" 

A aaMatlfMi BMk— ••nd ua your C<ldr»w, or ring np ItT, and w* will mall 
-^W« have tli« larcen -vartetr of mmmMm^Otrntm tmt TIIot In th* Wwt 


Qnamal's Oouit Xooa*— TenderH for 
tlie erection of a court house at Quea- 
nfl win be received by tlie minister of 
public works up to noon of Friday, De- 
cember 27. 

Oak Bay Bulldl&ff — A building permit 
was issued yesterday from the Oak Bay 
engineer's office to Mr. T. B. Wlnahlp 
for a six-roomed house on Foul Bay 
road at an estimated cost of |2,600. 

Xiaad Survayort Q-asattad — The names 
of T. Ueachurnp and E. G. Neville, of 
Vancouver, have 'been added to the list 
of tliuBC entitled to prficllce tlie profts- 
sion of land surveying In British Co- 

T. KL, O. A. Oamara C31ul> — The CBmrra 
Club of the Y. M. C. A., wlilch has done 
Koud service In past years, will m-'et 
for reortfanlzatlon on Mondiiy next, uiul 
the attendance Is invited of all Inter- 
ested in amateur photoffraphy. 

CUy "Will Pay —As a result of the Tire- 
men's (.xhibitlon on Blanchard street on 
Saturday several of the windows in the 
V. M. G. A. building were suiashed. Tliey 
have:o|||lit^i|||iii^^i':'the exvvtittt}^^^^^ 

Ajfata Adjoorned— Thft}; 
John M. Tl&f^^fft llia[W 
Ohren hy'mi^^mim. 'Vrltt -a^'lciiili' 
'was Bgatti.vni&*^a«it uii'til' Ta«Ntf#' 
nutt. .^Maviki to rapraseaud hv llr. 
i^oiNk' .;* J ■■■; I , 

ftMfelat to • JfltM«Mi*-An«nK^ th» nt»a 
of the VaricouvftT Island ' Dev«lopmont 
Leasae yestes<|ay was a request from |i 
farmer in KonvlUe, Manitoba, who afJ^! 
for information about Albeml and i^' 
-eapftWlrtiw* — gli s tofui f iimtlwi ii' UI, | hi ! 



|- 'ir>ifi"'1riiilljii|r'ti 

qtialH tetw fct B»»riito ke. ■ Its twSWtftif ir' 

will comm^p^i ||««MBtoko and the sur 
rounding 1eia#t*Ji^ trom Arrowhead to 
Three Valley, the XUeclUewast Vslley 
and Bfgr Bend. 

Plra Wardeno to Ueat — A meeting of 
the fire warden.s committee of the city 
council will be held this afternoon when 
a number of requests for r-ermlWRlon to 
make alterations to buildings will be 
considered, together with matters pur- 
talnlnR- to the fire department. 

Office Chanced — Notice has been 
Klven by Norton Griffiths and Company, 
l..;niltoiJ, that the local office, which has 
ixen located at Vancouver, has been 
transferred to Montreal. This is under- 
stood to be the result of the jjreat 
growth of the company's construction 
business In the East. 

Brldgre Over Coltuubla — A plan and 
description of the bridge which the Col- 
umbia Xtlver Lumber Company proposts 
to construct over the Columbia river, 
about five miles south of Golden, has 
been deposited with the minister of pub- 
lic works at Ottawa and in the land 
rcKlstry orflce at Nelson. 

Wants to Bent a Farm — a farmer of 
Walijoli', B.i.skntchewan,, writes to the 
-Vancouver Island Devoiopment League 
asking- where he can rent a farm on the 
Island and what are the prospects for 
making good under such condiliDva. He 
has several sons and several horses and 
promises to bring them all If he can Ki:t 
the right !)lacc to locate. 

rraeer Biver Perry — Applications are 
Invited by the minister of public works 
for a charter for a ferry to ply on the 
Kraser river between Now Westmln.ster, 
Port Mnnn and Annacls Island and Co- 
quitlain. Applications will 'be received 
up to noon of Monday, pecember 9, and 
the charter wi'u expire on March 31, 

&npreme Court R'llea — The King's 
printer gives notice that tho new and 
rev»sc<l editlan of the supreme court 
rules is now ready and copies may be 
had for Ave dollars, with postage and 
registration twenty-nve cents extra. 
No notice will be taken of orders for 
copies unless accompanied by cash or 
certitied cheques. 

Vew Ponud Dletrlot — Balfour school 
district, in West Kootenay, will be 
created a pound district by tho provinc- 
ial secretary, unless eight landed pro- 
prietors of tho dl.strlct object within 
tliirty days. The status of Lazo school 
dl.strict has been raised from that of an 
as.sisled school dl.'itrict to that of a 
regular school district 

Nanaliuo's xag-hting- System — The 
Nanaimo Kleclric, Llglit, Fower and 
Heating Company,, gives notice of 
Its intention t-o apply for a licence to 
take and use one hundred and flfty sec- 
ond feet of water in addition to their 
present record out of Millstone river. 
The water will be used "for generating 
electric light, power and heat ,ln Nan- 
aln)o city and within a radius of fif- 
teen miles Ihorcof." 

■Work of Water Board — The board of 
investigation under tho water act will 
me<!t at Lytton on Wednesday, Decem- 
ber 4, to hc«r claims for water rights 
on Botannle; and at the same place on 
Thursday, Decembiir 5, for similar 
claims on Nohomeen creek, otherwisa 
known as Humbug and Humboldt creek; 
Stryon creek, otherwise known as Last 
Chance and China creek and Nlknla 
creek, otherwise known as Fort Dalla.s 

Zmprorlncr Moant Souglaa — I'rellm- 
Inary work In Improving the roadways 
and trails on Mount DouKla.". Is being 
done undci- the supervision of City En- 
gineer UuKt, a gang of men having 
been placed at v.'ork some days ago. 
While It Is not the Intention of spend- 
ing any conslderuhle sum on that park 
this winter a great deal of rough 
work can be don* to prepare the place 
for a proper scheme of Improvement 
next year. 

Adrartlsas the Otty— ^The loyalty of 
Mr. L. A. Wattclet, the manager of tho 
Victoria Baaeball Club, to hla city has 
been proven to the. Vancouver Island 
Development League by his returning 
with a big lint of people to whom he 
haa been "preachins Vlctorii^" durinic 
hts recent visit eaat. These Include 
realdents of Chlcagro, Rf" Loula, Butie, 
Sioux City and other Important centres 
of population, and they will all be sent 
pamphlets descriptive of the c-lty with 
the best cllmsts In America. 

Bvttdlatf g g pfts ss BuHdlna permits 
were issued yesterday by the bulMlmr 
Inspector to Mr. Thomas Heastip for 
a dwelltnc on Orahsm street to oost 
«M««; to Mr. N. R. Okuflstd. 4^p«f||it|' 

H. Boultori. dwelling on Hilda street. 
$3800; to Mr. O. H. Plaslon, dwelUng 
on Stannard avenue, |2000; to the Mer- 
chants Bank of Canada, alterations to 
the McCallum block, recently acquired 
by the bank, |J00; to Mr. C. Dawspn, 
dwelling on Myrtle street, |1500. 

BSBtsnoad to Jail — As the aftermath 
of a long debauoh, following the death 
of his wife some short time ago, Charles 
Gunlon, an Indian, was in tiie police 
court yesterday morning sentenced to 
three months Imprisonment with hard 
rabor. Dominion Constable O'Connell 
gave evidence to the effect that since 
the accus'Cd was freed from detention 
after the death of Mrs. Ounlon he had 
been drinking very heavily. Fatrlck 
Shields, for having a bottle of liquor 
In his possession while at (iunion'.'s 
house, was convicted of supplying, and 
sentenced to two months hard labor. 

MaeUng- Postponed — Owing to lack 
of a quorum the special meeting of 
the school board called yesterday was 
not held and accordingly consideration 
of the programma of school extensions 
for the conilntf year was not discussed 
and will not be dealt with until the 
regular monthly meeting In pecember. 
ity arrangements ■ 
atlon ut the Sir 
, ,. ._ „^ ,,,,,, ,. :^<li^v:?^ntral 

lo'Wfng appofn" 

''•«liws' . .niotns M 


Igj'vlce arc gaatip^fr'.flilc «iMk: J. F. 

ite, of .San Josef hay,' V. Bi. Scribner 

Ocean I'alla jyad E. Q. MoBrlde, of 

(jrw W-estmln a,.(l|j|],|U Iw JiMPtlwa Uf tU l 

- .' ^'°' ^'' ^° ^!^M^f •'^^ CloverdAte. to' 
^11,, a coroner '|)|^^p|.ii)roviDC«; ' T. .IL 
J'amieson, if D^r'to 1»« «, medical health 
officer at Ocean FaUH; A. IL, C. C halk 
to bo a clerk in iaS|?>^i5w^ 


We have a large stock of 
all the late«t shaped purs 
and 'marked at our quick 
selling prices. 

Black Xmlt. Pox Btoles, ^|3.00 

to W.0O 

Muffs to match, 13.00 to 97.60 
Uink Marmot Btolsa, $3.25 to 


Koffs to match, $0.00 to $18.50 
TtUbat Btolas, $4.00 to... 910.00 
Thibet Xaffs, $5.00 to... 97.60 

Children's Beta in Thibet, An- 
gora, .Moufflon, Hare and Chin- 
chilla, Per set. from $3.00 to 


\''ictoria House, 636 Yates St 

Agc^its for Butterick 

mont; James E .PUtiiKtt^tb;::W;*'IJtW*:.:tii:' 
tho audit oftlce. Ills Honor the Lieu- 
tenant-Governor lias 'beea.AiMUBed to ac- 
cept the resignation v||ty|iil|l>'lstophcr 
Carlson of Bella Coola.'" iiiH^Ustlcc of 
the peace. 

Xiosch Convicted — In the police court 
yesterday morning, H. J. Losch, who 
had been arrested tho previous even- 
ing on complaint of John Hutchinson 
that he had offered to sell him opium 
and cocaine, was convicted and fined 
$25 or In lieu thereof to spend one 
monUi In Jail. After Hutchinson had 
given his evidence, Losch himself was 
examined, and he said that he had been 
a trusty at tho police station while 
serving a sentence for drunkenfess and 
that he had found the drugs In tho 
detectives' room. Inspector Perdue ex- 
plained that his office staff liad be.'n 
under the Impression that the stuff 
had been destroyed. 

Strike Sympathizers Oommitted — A 
long distance teU'jvlionc nics.Mage ye.«- 
terday to Suporln tondi nt of Provincial 
Police Campbell, from Cumberland, 
stated that five of the men recently 
placed under arrest on charges of In- 
timidation and unlawfully asstrmbling 
during tlic ■existing strike troubles at 
the mines had appeared before Police 
Magistrate Abrahams and been com- 
mitttd for trial. Two women, strike 
sympathlxers, charged with assault, 
were allowed to go free with a warn- 
ing. The five male prl.soners will bo 
taken to Nanalnto to stand trial. The 
message stated, further, that matters 
were qUlet and no further troubl* Is 
looked for. 

Dancing Sxhibltlon — .\. mo.«;t Inter- 
esting demonstration of dancing was 
given at the Alexandra club ballroom 
yesterday afternoon by Miss Eileen 
Swepstone and her Juvenile class un- ' 
der the tuspleea of the Gonzales Chap- 
ter of the Djiughters of tho Kmplrc. 
The ballroom was crowded with. parents 
and friends of the children who much 
appreciated the entertainment provided 
for them. The children performed 
first, first of all with skipping ropes, 
after which they did an' Indian club 
drill atid a tambourine dnnco, with 
several pretty step danccfi. Miss Swep- 
stone danced ft-vr times, wearing a 
dainty white and silver ballet dress 
with effective touches of scarlet. Hor 
first dance was to the accompaniment 
of Dvor.ak's Humoreske, from which It 
derived Its name, her second Pas Mil- j 
Italre which she danced to the ac- ' 
companiment of Orelg'a' Bridal march, i 
while as a dallc/ito compliment to the ' 
Daughters of the Empire she carried a 
silk Union Jack. The next dance, 
Si)rlng!nsr Oavotte, was given to the 
acompanlment of "In the Shadows" .ind 
the last and best, a tambourine dance, 
to the accompaniment of Scharwenka's 
Polish dance. She wan afterwards pre- 
.■(onted with a beautiful bouquet of 
large white chrysanthemums by Miss 
Yoder Pemberton, on behalf of tho 
chapter. Miss Swepstone was fortu- 
nate In having for an accompanist so 
gifted a musician b.«! Mr. Heatnn, who 
has accompanied Adeline Genee, the 
world renowned Swedish danseuse. 
Mrs. Hamilton acted as an able ac- 
comp.anist for the children's dances 
and drills. Tea was served during the 
afternoon from long tables at the end 
of the ballroom, decorated with white 
narcissus. Mrs. Curtia Sampson, re- 
gent of the Oonznies Chapter, Mrs. 
Revan and Mrs. Shallcross acted as 
doorkeepers. Tho large gathering pres- 
ent Included Lady McBrlde and Hon. 
Dr. Young and Mrs. Young. The pro- 
ceeds were devoted towards the funds 
of the chapter, and among other things 
will help to purchase the Qoniiales cot, 
which Is to be placed In the new Ju- 
bilee hospital. 


Matcorologlesl office, Victoria, B. C, at 
8 p.m., November 2«th, 1»12. 

"Bi* barometer Is falling to the northward 
and unsettled milder weather I* likely to 
follow, flbarp frosts have occurred on this 
Island and the lower mainland, while la the 
prairie provlnoee the weather Is eaaai>ara- 
tlvely mild. 


MIn. Max. 

VIetarIa » 44 

Vaneourer %t 4 ) 

Kamloope t* 10 

Barkervtile t4 10. 

Calgarr. Alta. .,.,.,,, tt it 

Wianlpev, Man. ...«.« It t< 

Portland. Ore. ^... ,•-.>. I* 4< 

Baa Pranclsco, Cal. tO It 


BlvB'Wt •••aas«»se*««»«ao«ss*sos«k*eaeis 44 

Are the gifts that are always 
appreciated — they are never 
relegated to the bottom of 
the drawer. 

A r ew 


Gold Scarf Pins, set with 
pearls, rubies, diamonds, 
peridots and emeralds. $4 
to ?50 

Beauty Pins, in Roman, 
bright and enamel finish,, 
10 and 14 carat gold. 
Pair, $2 to .?5 

Cuff Links, bright, Roman, 
pearl and diamond set. $4 
to ...?30 







The Jeweler 
915 Government Street 



Friday Morning, November 29, 1912. 

The terrible CMrlli- 
quakcs recently '^^jj^l 
CO rded' ^^Dll^^B^- Mexico, 
with their appa^lling 
lot$ of life and, d«^'; 
stiruction of property, . 
are visitations happily 
ttnknovv^n in this city. 
The steady flow of 
prosperity we enjoy 
ha^ never been checkt- 
ed by such a catas- 

trophe as overwhelm- 
ed San Francisco, and 
there i^^ nn rea.son to 
think that X'ictoria 
may ever receive a set- 
back oM^^t'iiiM^i 

iiW$s$Ws 'may, there- 
fore, witht«v^ry confi- 
dence in future vatu«$, 
give close attcintiofi fo 
the properties mck- 

tioned ■ m\o^x .i'f^i' 
Gazette toaay,. 

Ye Olde 



The Tea Kettle 

BUsa Wooldrldra 

IIU Be«fftaa St.. Opp. Tlotorls 


Before "Fixing Up" For 

Electric Fixtures 


The eeleetloo will 


The deetane will 


The prtoee will 



Bnqaire abevt the XBW 
■mjt r AOimiC - CLBAMBB 

rrtea fit 
flla afftelaaar U KarraloM* 

T. L. Bogden 


M.. Baa* >1t« ■■!! 


E 3-i-<-Comer on Fairfield Road, not far Irwi ^ 
GoOk st reet, 133x165, suitable for s tore d '^nfe 
apartnients* Price, o^ tttrtns. v $10,000 

E 1-2 — Faithful and Howe Streets; 1^ 48x100. 
Price, on terms $2,500 

D 2-3 — Corner on Fairfield Road, in Ross Bay 
section, 130x170. Price, on easy terms, $5,500 

1 Bay Road, lot close to Fort street, 
50X^^.iT; Priced for quick sale, on easv terms, 
' $1,160 

B 2-7— Nice Lot in Oak Bay Section, 50x120, no 
rock, surrounded by nice homes. Priced 
at .y $1,300 

639 Fort Street 

Phones 2445 and 4049 v 

Cut Glass Gift Goods 

Here you will find at all times a very complete stock from 
which to make your selections. Bowls, Vases, Bon-Bons, 
Celerys, Nappies. vSugar and Cream Set.s, Wine Decanters, 
Water Bottles, Tumblers, etc., in the latest and most exclusive 
designs. As for prices, examine the following: 

Sugar and Cream Set $5.55 

8 in. Berry Bowl $2.95 

Dainty Bon-Bon $2.95 • 

Redfern & Son 

1211-13 DouKlss Street 


Katabliebod 1862. 

Vlcforla, B. C. 

View Street 

We Have the Cheapest Lot 

Between Douglas and 


Price and full particulars 
from . 

A. S. Barton 

Member of Victoria Real 

E.-^tate Exchange 

Room 215, Central Bldg. 

Phone 2901 

To Builders and 

Before ordering material 
for Interior Finishing, ex- 

Am-I-Wud Panelling 

In Plain and Hardwood 


Samples and Prices on 



1 105 Wharf St. Phone 1 164 


Client must have the money to meet payment of 
property in Vancouver. Triple corner on Rich- 
mond Avenue and First, lots 76, 77 and 78. Asking 
$4,800, wiiich is very cheap, considering the coming 
carline on Bay Street. Make an offer and we will 
submit it to our Vancouver client, but act TODAY. 

Bungalow Construction Co., Ltd; 

738 Fort Street, Opposite Kirkham's. Vhoum $137 


Crlday, 25, 1y12. 



Wescotfs Store News for Saturday 

As usual, our store news is very interesting for our many 
customers. Tlie tiiree h'v^ specials for Saturday are put on 
for the benefit of our customers, and if these are not just what 
you want, come around anyhow, and we will do our best to 
get something tu suit vou. 



20 only, cO he cleared out at a sacrifice. These come in black 
only, and are splendid for the girls going to school. 

Regular prices $5.00. $<').oo, $7.50. Sale price ^1.50 

Regular prices, $1.75, $2.50, $2.75. Sale price 75< 

Regular price, 90c. Sale i)rice 25^ 


Here is a most attracti\c' lot of Ladies" French Kid Gloves, an 
excellent wearing quality, in all the poinilar shades. Satm*- 
day special, pair ^l.OO 


A collection of the nicest and most popular Furs lor the girls, 
a splendid and useful present for Christmas. They come in 
Thibet, ermine and in black plush. Special prices, sci. S5C, 
$2.00, $2.50 and , .flJ!^ 

i.ia.ji,ujiiiwi.j.i ■ . - I ,t>"''>'^'- ;yi'' 

McCall's Fattet^S. ^'^ilit^'^ll^-ptxi^ 

Bigger Bargains Ithan Ever 

Our Xtnas Sale is provitij; to t>e wittioat an <^aal in the 

Provincci for price* are «uch that no woman can afford to 

SATSUMA^'llASr^ MNS. ^e«gtrtair5oc td^.^ "^^t'A 
Sale Price ^V^ 

SILK PIN CUSHIONS. Regular 15c and 20c. -f A^ 
Sale Price .AUC 

SILK KIMONAS, hand embroidered. Regular ^Q rtff 
$10.00 to .$12.00. Sale Price . . : ^Owiud 

A small deposit \s ill reserve anything you may select for 
Xmas presentation. "^ -, 



He's a Terror 

N\here boots aro concerned," I.s what most mothers have to say aboul 
their boy.s. We know the schoolboy and his ways, and we sell the right 
boots for him. Uluchor cut, in strong black leather. $2.25 to $1.75. 




Cor. Government 
and Johnson 

Christmas Bargain Hamper No. I 

YOURS FOR $5.00 

The Greatest Christmas Hamper Ever Advertised 

Containing Six Bottles Choicest Wines and Spirits, Costing, 

If Bought Singly, $6,00 

The whisky i< Scotland's best and 10 years old. The wines 
arc the very choicest it is poi^sible to obtain. 

Send $5.00 today, and this Bargain Hamper \\-iIl be deli- 
vered, carriage paid, to your home in time for Christmas. 

Price list of other Hampers free on application. 

Hudson's Bay Company 

Oprn till 10 p.m. 

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Haltaaa Itolalna. 2 Iba for iOo 
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FtaiMt Cr«Mn»r]r Bntttir, i lbs. 

for «I.M 

Cmmos Cwrmmtry, per lb. 44a 
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Cold Feet Made Warm 

If you are one of those 
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R. A. Brown k Co. 

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Smoking Concert Develops 
Splendid Proportions. Stir- 
ring Speeches by Local 
IVlembers and Others. 

Not the least Interestlnff feature ot 
the splendid K^lherlnK of Ward One 
tJonsprvatlves In the rooms ot the t<joal 
n8so<-latlon last nlKlit wag the a,n- 
iiouncement- made b.v Mr. H. B. Thom- 
son. M.P.P.. of the categrorlcal denial 
of the statement attributed to the Sir 
.Toiin Jaclison enKineering firm to tht 
effect that they did not intend to carry 
out the broiUtwater contract. 

As proof of his statement Mr. Thom- 
son read a teleyrMiii t'rijm Mr. Albert 
Broolje, Kenf-ral numager of the lirm, 
.sa.^ini^ that there was no foundation 
for the rumor. Other features of a 
ropi^t enjoyable and memorable nature 
;»)peeche8 by IVIr. W. Blakemore 

w: i»*1»Dlft^«S ffl[€ i>ro 

admlhlstratlon and its bentHcIal 

S1|S ifi^Jlldni tk the people, and )b|f 
r; tiKfifilia$?$9^ of tbe Co4«', 

tjHa war^riMlpflSS^S^ 
crowded b»iro|||'^iii|iPip|^ 

way the eoiii»«ttoa wa In^ 
doorway aad tlia' pavsageway 

to the hall. It was then perfectly ob- 
vious that Instead of over-estimatlngr 
the enthusiasm of the ward adherents 
to the Conservative -cause the commit- 
tee had under-estimated it in not pro- 
vidiiifr for a more commodious meet- 
ing: place. Despite the petty discom- 
forts of such a situation, however, the 
audience evinced the utmost enthus- 
iasm. The .speeches wei» brier ana 
pointed, and the vocal and other inter- 
ludes proved extremely divertinR. 
Judged by any standard the gathering 
was an unqualified siiccess, and if the 
other ward.s of the city aspire to eclipse 
they will have to e.^erclse themsel\-«s 
to a consiilerable degree. 

Standlufr of B. 0. 

Mr. H. V. W. Behnsen, M.P.P., wa.s 
the first speal<er of the eveninR-. Tie 
devoted his remaiks entirely to an ex- 
position of the Inielncss policy of tne 
Conservative administration In the 
province during the past number of 
years. He traced the history of the 
province from the time Sir Richard 
McBride a.^sumcd the reins of gov- 
ernment down to the present time. 
I-Vom a purely business or commercial 
point of view he explained that until 
the advent of Sir Richard Mci?ride the 
province had no history at all. It 
practically unknown in the world of 
commerce, and In the world of credit 
it was not known for ai^iy„,pqoo, iTiat 
condition of things took some" time to 
efface, hut he pointed out to them that 
today it nas so effectively effocecl that 
It was difficult to Imagine that It ever 
existed. Today B. C. stood high In the 
world of commerce. It had attracted 
the attention of the wealthiest cap- 
itall.'?ts In the world, and as a result 
of their faith in the country and the 
administration at the head of it (hey 
had Invested their money. 

What had the opposition to set up 
against a policy that ,iud lirought th<« 
province from obscurity to fame. Not?i- 
Ing at all save a string of witless 
criticisms. They did not even pretend 
seriously to have a policy. They merely 
contented themselves with mlsrejire- 
senting the policy of the government 
and endeavoring to pull the wool over 
the eyes of the people who were cred- 
ible enough to give a hciring. 
Strength of Orgranliatioa 

Mr. Leonard Tait followed with a 
strong exhortation to keep on organ- 
izing. It was pleasing to him to sec 
such a large number present and to 
know that it meant they were still 
actively engaged even during times of 
peace. Referring to the Songhecs Re- 
serve question he pointed out that 
while there admittedly had been delay 
there was no cause for romplalnt as 
the premier would undoubtedly carry 
hl.<i Kchenie to an issue. He-'drew an 
inuiginatlvo picture of the union ter- 
minal on the reserve, adjacent to the 
heart of the city, and stated that when 
It was realized, as It would be, it 
would be the means of developing the 
city In the direction of Victoria West, 
where the Interests of Ward 1 Consor- 
\atlvcs mostly lay. He also predicted 
that the people in that section of the 
lity would have their dream of direct 
connection with thfi city fulfilled 
through the comprehensive policy of 
the premier. 

Mr. H. B. Thomson oponed his re- 
marks by referring to the report that 
the Sir John Jackson engineering firm 
had abandoned the contract awarded 
to them to build the breakwater at 
Victoria harbor. He was in a position 
to give the statement emphatic denial, 
which he did by reading a telegram 
from Mr. Albert Brooks, general man- 
ager of the firm, to the following 
effect: "Absohitely no foundation for 
the rumor that we will not go on with 
contract." That was more than proof 
enough, commented the speaker. No 
one ever really believed that the con- 
tract would be abandoned, but at the 
same lime it was well to have such a 
denial ready to refute further allega- 
tions along the same line. Why should 
the Sir John Jackson firm abandon 
the contract at this Juncture? It was 
claimed that they were doing so be- 
cause of submitting too low a bid. 
What sort of a reason was that to al- 
lege agralnst a firm of the standing of 
the orte undertaking their contract? It 
wan perfectly true that their bid wa« 
greatly below that of the next lowest. 
and considerably below the govern- 
ment, but he thought that when the 
flrni signed up 'to undertake the work 
It would not be like them to abandon 

VroaC off W«Mter. 

Mr. Tbomion then turned bis atten- 
tion to Ottawa affalra. and that 
brought htm to a consideration of th« 
naval attbatldn. "I feel proud," he 
aald. "and I think you f««l proud i^lth 

p. J. XIDDEZ.!. 

Mr. F. IJ. Ridden, president of tlie 
Culedonia Clul), the third annual Vtan- 
ciuet of which will 

).T;;,i « p i ua ,<nnT. wm^\ 

WflmS'msi-.-^'--:':'/' '■ ' 

1>« held this even 
at the EmpreuB 

is a greater need here tlian on the At- 
lantic coast This fle«t unit on the 
Pacific coast Is of the grtatest pos- 
sible ImportHnce not only because of 
our dcfencelesg position, but on nc- 
lount of the opening of tlm Panama 
innal and the j;reatly hu-rea.sod murlnt; 
respouslbllltlea It will bring to thl» 
coast. We do not anticipate complica- 
tions, but history does not teach us 
I by folding: our armH and crying 
I peace there will necessarily be peace. 
It Ijj not my buslnesa to predict trouble 
with Japan, or with any other power, 
but you know that Japan Is u great na- 
tion, so great that ah* broutrht one of 
the strongest military powers of ICiirope 
to her feet. 

Mnst Wot Xsmaln Zdls- 
"What is the condition of things in 
Japan? .She Is a progressive, ambi- 
tiously aggressive country. Anyone 
can detect the difference between the 
Jap aiKl the Chinaman. The one li> list- 
less, indifferent; but the other Is alive 
to the Issues of life and the Issues of 
national life. Her population Is in- 
creasing,' at tliQ rate of half a million 
(inniiaDy, and, coupled with that fact, 
it nui-st bi! rcnjembered that her terri- 
tory Is .snuiU. And, over and above that 
consideration, it must be remembered 
tliat her people arc refused admittance 
into several other countries — Australia, 
New Zealand and South Africa, for ex- 
In these circumstances, I put it 
flB It a sane policy to sit down 
rid our ai3iMbv<jii0< hope f^r the 

■T » * 

, .■>- -'/-r; 

Jij!? Iba stand taTtw M 

;;; M. p., in t;he.;iJ<i% 

when the..| ^n^|^ ';ii^(j>«'K)n ',waa' be- 
discussed.^' ^w|Pk|P ^ald that: the 

I|l^ i»f ^ay Of as&ltitlnir the 'thother 
cdt*l»iry^tie' voiced the sentlmehta' of 
the 'people of the province;' ancl partic- 
ularly' hfsbWn constituents, the people 
of' victoria!. More than that; he be- 
lieved that they were the sentiments 
of 'all the right-thinking people of 
Canada." But what was the situation 
on the Pacific Coast? They had a 
country of great wealth absolutely un- 
protected, and he thought It was only 
reasonable to suppose that other coun- 
tries -not so well proN'ided materluUx-, 
but infinitely better provided fOr war. 
should cast longing eyes In their direc- 
tion. He believed, with his chief, that 
a naval unit for the Pacific Coast was 
Ihe onlv solution of that difficulty, and 
he thought they should go on agliatlng 
for it until the.v got it. (.Applause.) 

Speaking briefly of the proseprity of 
the DomlniOHv he pointed out that In 
18S2, with a r>opulallon of nearly fifty 
millions, the United States produced 
no more than was produced by Canada 
last year, when the census showed her 
population to be between eight and 
nine million. Ho thought these figures 
were -a revelation of the latent pos- 
sibilities In Canada. Vf Canada could 
produce as much with eight million as 
the LTjilted States could with fifty mil- 
lion, what might they not expect In 
the future? Tt behoved every one of 
(hem to keep these facts In mind, and, 
in their own siiuill wa.v, contribute to 
lbs .general result, which, he predicted, 
would inovitabl}' be a glorlou.s one for 

Songhess Ssssrve. 

Mr. ^"\^ Blakemore, who. w.i.s the rmly 
other speaker, devoted .a portion of his 
remarks to a discussion of the diffi- 
culties attending the settlement of the 
Songhees reserve. After stating that 
Sir Richard McBride had not wasted 
a moment in trying to .bring about a 
settlement of the question that would 
be agreeable to all parties, he said that 
the premier had all along Insisted that 
the terminal to be located im the re- 
serve must be a union one, affording 
facilities for all the great ralUvay 
lines coming into the city. This atti- 
tude had beefi dictated by the lack of 
other accommodation of a suitable 
character. It was, naturally ahd right- 
l.v, desired to have the transportation 
and terminal facilities of the city con- 
gregated together in one vast unity, in- 
stead of scattered about the city, de- 
fying location or disturbing ametjlt.v. 

"I do not think," he proceeded, "that 
It is any .secret to say that Sir Rich- 
ard failed to bring about the settle- 
ment lio h-id set his heart upon prior 
to his departure for Ottawa recently, 
hut, upon arriving In Ottawa on en- 
tirely different business, he decided, as 
a last resort, to go on to Montreal, and 
there' he interviewed the chief of the 
r*. P. R,, and brought to a successful 
consummation the lengthy tangle of 
interests that has been agitating the 
citizens of A'lctorla for so long. I do 
not think, therefore, that Conserva- 
tives should join in the crltlcl.«m In- 
dulged In by the political opponents 
of 'the go\-ernmpnt, because it had' been 
clearly proved that Sir Richard and 
his government have all along been 
striving to bring the problem to a 
satisfactory solution, not merely satis- 
factory to the railway companies, but 
satisfactory to the citlxens and to the 
government of the province." 

Speaking of the opening of the Do- 
minion parliament ho referred to tl.e 
fact that they were now waiting for 
the announcement of the government's 
naval policy: and in that connection hf 
stated that a.s loyal Canadians and 
British subjects they were heartily in 
fnvor of tl.e policy enunciated by Sir 
Richard McBride. which was that the 
government of the country could not go 
too far to satisfy Britl.'ih Coliimbli. 

irssd of Paolfto n««t. 

"But there are two things Impend- 
ing 111 connection with the naval situa- 
tion. The one has regard to what Is to 
bp done by this country to assist Great 
Britain In the present emerjrency and 
the other has regard to what is to 
be done In the line of a permanent 
naval policy for Canada. The first 
proposition offers no difficulty at all. 
Conservatives are agreed to a man that 
whatever contribution Is dee-med neces- 
sary by th* government of the country 
will be most freely «iven. With regard 
to the other proposition, it O not cer- 
tain fhat VLj. Borden will enunciate any 
policy just yet. But whether he does 
or not, there is one aspect of It that 
the people of this country cannot mis- 
take, and that Is that in any scheme of 
naval defence In which Canada will be 
called upon to participate, there must 
be provision for the creation of a fleet 
unit for the Pacific coast. (ABPUu;t».) 

"tt needs no lengthy argument to 
sujMPi^t tlMit 6oat«ntloii. I UUQk th%r4^ 

best?" ( ApplauSppf^^^t?: 
alderman Okell W^tlnd uj^ tflf .|»f!^. 
^ngs with-:*- attrring'. «peec*fr::-tl|WH|»3 
";^'^he neceB8lt3i.,#|'^^irBnlzatlon. He cOnr 
gratulated tJlWR Voa the aplendid at-, 
tendance and thought, JJi augUPed wall 
«o« |lia.wir.ty in lizard 0||«(» , . .. 
' iM>«y'>CWn^ nrniitgifHiWt ftf ifflWHir fm 

ijtg' .gentlatlMln', 
^jpiiU, . .Falrey.^.atid( 

suhttrtttedi the 
taking part: >|< 
Norrls. Mr. ,Xoe 

mirably at the piano. Ji^llll 
Involving hair, .pulling, was^^i 
Mr. P. Mcli>onald of Calgary' 



Weeks' Notice Must Be Olven or 
Doable Faes Must Bs Paid 

Persons who have private bills which 
they Intend to bring before the provinc- 
ial legLslature ■ at its rtext "session 
are warned that the session ' opens 
January 16, and notice of any private 
legislation must appear in {he official 
Gazette six weeks before that date. 

The legislature as a rule is not 
strict in the enforcement of the six 
weeks' notice, but usually contents it- 
self with charging double fees when- 
ever this regulation Is Infringed. The 
city of Vancouver is one of the most 
notable sinners In this respect and it 
Is a regular annual practice for the 
legislature to refuse to remit the dou- 
ble fee which the oori>aration has to 
pay on account of Its remissness. 

Xotlce is given by Mr. F. A. McDlar- 
mld of a bill to confirm tiie right, pow- 
ers and privileges of the Albion Tntst 
Com[iany, I.lmited. Messrs. McPhlUlps 
and AVood give notice of a bill to incor- 
porate the Sisters of Instruction of the 
Infant Jesus and also a bill to incor- 
porate the Convent of the Keliglous of 
the Sarred Heart. 


victoria to Campbell »lver Highway 
BstB'bllstasa by Notice in Pro- 
vincial Oazstts 

A highway to be known os the Vic 
torla-Campbell river trunk road is es- 
tabllshod by a notice which appears in 
the current number of the official Ga- 
KCtte. The lilghway will be forty feet 
wide. It commences on the left bank of 
a branch of the Cowlcl--;n river, in the 
centre of the Clcm-Clem-a-letz bridge 
and runs to a point on the district line 
between the districts of Oyster and 
Chemainus, the total length being nine- 
teen and a half miles. 


Old Country Z'ootball 

GLASGOW, Nov. 28. — The touring 
.South African Rugby team defeated 
West of .Scotland hero yesterday. The 
Springboks outplayed the Scots In all 
stages and won 38 points to 3. 

lyondon — Football games played yes- 
terday resulted as follows: Second di- 
vision — Bradford 2, Blackpool 0: Rugby 
Kent 18. Jliridlesex 4: Cambridge l:i, 
lOdlnburgh 0; Midlands 15. East Mid- 
lands 5. 


smOUL — The funeral of the late 
Mrs. Sproul will take place this after- 
i noon at 2 o'clock from the family resi- 
dence. 1109 Pt*ml)roke street, Rev. .lo- 
aepli McCoy officiating. 

W.A,RP — The funeral of Walter Fred- 
erick Patrick Ward took place yester- 
day afternoon from the residence of his 
percnts, Mr. and Mrs. Ward, ITTiO Haul- 
tain street, to Chlrst Churcfi Cathc-drol. 
where service was conducted b.v Rev. 
F. H. Fatt. The Interment was In Rnjn 
Bay cemetery. 

ARMSTRONG — The death occurred 
in the city on Wednesday night of 
Florence .Marjory Armstrong, the one- 
yenr-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sid- 
ney Armstrong, 330 John .street. The 
funeral will take place today at 2 
p. m., from the above residence. Rev. 
Dr. Campbell officiating. 

ANTONICH— The funeral of the late 
Mr. N. Antonlch took place yesterday 
afternoon to St. Andrew's Cathedral, 
wher«< Hev. l'"'afher 'l..etefme conducted 
service. .\ number of friends of the 
deceased were present. The remains 
W'ere Interred in Ross Bay cemetery. 

Births, Marriages, Deaths 


OLDFIEr^D-OI-DFIBI^D — On Wednemlay, 
November 27, 1J12, at St. narnabaa 
«hurGh, Victoria, B. C, bv the Rev E 
G, Miller, Doris Octavla. dauKhter or Mr 
and Mrs. Oeorre Oldfleld, of auffolk, 
KnKland, to Hsnry Clsrence Oldfleld, 

fldest ion of Mr. and Mrs. J, H. Old- 
leld, Victoria, B, C. > 

FtrayeA rtn Monday, November H, 
■ vrade Jen»#r row, with dark face, 
neck and shoulders, body lighter, 
Anyone found douining tilts animal 
«ltl bs prosecuted. All ■xpsttass 
psid. and a stitta«la rswaril will k« 
paid for inforn«ati«n teadina to hor 
1sr«ab«ita. Apply ^os XX. 0el' 

'■U; ■■'■ i '-■■S-ti-,'^>'^...AV.i'.': 




A Pair That 
This Christmas 

The Columbia "Nonpareil/' $180 on Terms 
The Columbia "Eclipse/* $35 on Terms 

These two representative GOLUMBIAS will 

make hundreds of homes hapj)ier and brighter 

this Christmas. They are not the most expensive 

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|^^Ka|their respective.tjpes. They will give the. 

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-Reason just think s^riowsl)?. <?( tli^^^^onder f ul, 1 ast- 

iohC'-ol-these instruments. Think of the 

reaotn Gl the pleasure they will afford — pleas- 
everyone from the baby to the g'randparents. 

hig after frivolous and fleeting gifts are gone 
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tone chamber. A' simple turn of 
the button governs the shutters 
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fully. It is supplied in beautiful 
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The "Nonpareil" $180.00. 

Has a record compartment with 
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You can have either of these or ANY Columbia 
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Western Canada'^ largest MUiic Hoiist 
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'^.; >^^;;-:A^:t\.:.. L-^.r.-\:^.^- 


^^^.■.^. ,.. ,::^£.i.:i^'^U..:./.^i.:M^'iif.k:^>^ 

w^WtMwi^i ii r u fc ii j — ii r il w ill i# ^ . 

'.^'^ ipi w.ajii*Ji|v^ia 




Friday, Novambar 29, 1912 


The Greatest Values Ever Offered 
in the Greatest of all Musical Instruments. 


Obrla«iii»a Xaar 

Only a rnonlh an-d Christmas will be 
litre. Kvery store presents iillntL-llnns 
tliai make the average ■v^umun fcfl 
something like lU.smay. Tliere ia ho 
much to buy and so little to buy with. 
So she waits and waits till the last 
week and the choice must be made. 
The small amounts that rnljfht have 
brought a glow of happinesSi to tly; 
hearts of loved ones and stillsfled real 
want.s are spent hurritdly, and some 
who should have been remembered, are 
nrKlecled. Tlie custom of Chilstmas 
Kivlng has lukcii <loep rpot among- tlio 
KLiicrous people of Victoria. Prc-scnts 
arc purclia.scd, not only for near rela- 
tives _bui for a. circle m' irkrids wnlcii, 
\ ery often, only the money to be ex- 
ponded draws clo.'«e. No one who be- 
lieves that love is the best thing In 
the world would wislt to see the 
custom of Christmas glvlnp abolished. 
We Angio-Sa;?50i^|L,.Jire foa. ,Uttte JUj- 
cllned to • Ki«#!1lipte'^ ^ " 
^kaH t^^ la in t>tif u^r^JOujfl'iin the 
Ht'luifiif t« commemorat«^B|»^Mrth of 
l^ltn w1h>«^ Uf« wats an expr«tr8ion of 
lov«. we «tlWt)}tf 't^^la our poof way to 
m*k» aith«rs' happfar, to 'amltttntty fit- 
tint* And yet.- what Itut 'ia' accord 
with tha aptrli of tb« «ea«Mi |bMt Uia 
jexoltemant 'Mid '^ burty to ii^blcti ao 
many «ive way on thif l«at f«w days 
before the festival. ' it ia aeldbm that 
any wise choice e«n be ' made even by 
the axperteneed ahoppftf.. little' help 

presentation, and then there are other models — also hornless— any 

of which may be bought on convenient terms. i;3iiim 

The newness of the three models illustrated is in the design, and the improvements are 

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Gideon Hicks Piano Co. 

The Real llcintzman Pianb.s^i^^|s^'r-Victrolas and 

Prompt Attention to Out-of-To\vn Orders. 
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Lessons in slnprlns: and voice ' 
production . 
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On llic 


Adjoininj^ liatley Park 

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Oil tcrni.s. li cash, balance 
1. 2, 3 ycar^. 

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Raisins, Alixed Peel, Figs 
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Phi.-ne lOfl. 

?^«!^'^ ^mt^f---^ 


Bracon IMIl Tark. 

Select Uljjh-iiiacle 
Colleiso lor boy« of 7 
ments of weU-;ijjpoln 
In lovely Beai-on lUII 
ra. Outdoor Bijor;,. 
Ll/e or Piofee:<li>;ial 
lnc!u»ive and sirlct 
vaci.nci<"< Auiumn t< 
rrlDclp^l. J. W. 

Tlctorl.^, B. C. 
Day ana Xioaiitlnit 
to IS years. Refine- 

tod irciiilonion'i home 

I^ark. Number llmlt- 

I'leparpd for Uuslne.'<> 

Ex.imlnat!ona. V»Ka 

ly moderate Seven 

■rm, ><epr Srd. 




Sale Lasts Two Weeks 

Regular price $35; now $25 
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!■ l i t tw gjiyi B wtg a fimuiifd iwM ana , 
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i-ea90Q|tbl« , ana undciifd^ . oilitomera 
from tHTly tnomlnler til) )«t6 «t ntgKL 



IT'S AI>I^ BiaHT.' 



in thi 







730 l'al«v 9tn*« 
Fb«M ••« 

.■•-:. - ■ . I p jtii iii M, ,, i r», mmm ' ' " i? 

The m f<^ »tty of ■wmitbfe. ^ao'n. turn ta 
a ctpV'Ud fltofti JMluir'tiia, 'i)«y«r 'i** 

cnnfd to take what ^ihe Js ofifered 
rather than go tlirouKli the crowds In 
another store. I..ookcd .»t from the 
standpoint of the workers In the store, 
the Christmas rush Is cruel. It takes 
weeks for many a girl to recover from 
thf overwork and many discomforts of 
the usual week before CUristinas. 
Li^very one ean do somethlnpf to le.ssfn 
tlie Btraln by buying the greater num- 
ber of presents and other Christmas 
supplies before the Jest week. A 
rre.sent will not lose any of its beauty 
by beingr kept at, home Instead of 5n 
town. The R-lver will he more likely 
ti> k' 1)1 the Koi5d temper and the cheer- 
I'ulii.-s.s which, more tlian presents, 
iii.iKi.- a merry Christmas in any home. 
Mun and slrls in the store.s will', if 
the shopping is spread oyer a month, 
be able to enjoy the festival. The 
women of Victoria should remember 
that the population has increased morc- 
rapldly tlmn the accomodation In the 
stores, and that the frowdingr, which 
in other years rv di.scomfort 

inoiigh on some afi 1 and even- 

ing-s, will, unless Steves be taken to 
prevent It, b" f-"- greater this year. 
For their <> • .s as well as; that 

of the emt>ii).vi<-.s in the stores they 
should make an endeavor to do their 
shopping as cerly as possible. 

by the majority of mothers. At the 
game time, women leacliers should feel 
that it it incumbent upon them to fit 
Ihein.sclves IDi- the work ol' the school- 
room uH well as did the best of the 
old time schijolmust(ir8. 

Xomas for Taachtra 
Is is out I'f the tiueslloa that Caiiail.-. 
or any of its pruvlncea should go biiuU 
to the L>ld plan of furnishliij; a liome iur 
tlie tcufliLTM of Its rural scliojiil.s'.' lii 
our busy growing time the education of 
tlie jouiiK has been looked upon in tho 
nature, more or leys of a tran.Mltory 01:- 
tupatlon. Youtlis preparing for a pro- 
fession earned tlirlr collegi.! fees by 
tcaclilng tile district school. In later 
years youn;,- wonu-n have occupied tlic 
yearf that precede niarrlago in teaching. 
N'l) one will deny that in both casts ex- 
cellent results liave been achieved. Tho 
talented boy, full of ambition and en- 
thu«tasm, iielped tlie children up th'.'i 
ladder he liad himself scaled with llttlu 
aid. His HiBter or liis cousin with great- 
er patience and more careful tact, cou- 
pled with sympathy and tlie mother 
love latent in every good woman, often 
attained even greater succfss. Jt Wa;; 
seldom In oUhcr case that tlie ciilhlicn 
J»)pMy<M| jlit<l^'^ft<llU* oC the ripe scholur- 
iWlQ^'ttWB'iChtt VMe experience that urn 
rarely found In youtb. The moderate 
salary of tlic country or vUla«e school^ 
teacher was no Inducement to tbe mi»» 
witli tbe world before bim to adopt aii^ 
arduous calllngr. The woman, who, tai^ 
any reason, remained unmarried, often 
followed an occupation for which sbo 
proved heitself eminently fitted Ijy na- 
. ture and* by the tralnlnflr which expert' 
enoe only can stvc. In the United States 
ihe ability of suoh women has bOen 
recogniaed and they have beeh elected 

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57 Men's Overcoats 

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Not a coat in tlie li>t l)ut what 
?Si^\C.\cellcnt value at its former 

to the talBhest p<Mts In their profaaslon. 
It Is stltl true, however, thftt the youth 
and Inexperience of teachers are, on this 
continent. > the iirpeat barrier to* :the «:d- 

i^MWaM|,aiJB)iB«ii)a iWluwi fifltKiatteiii 


Cancer Bunetln 

Who Is Ihon in these days that, hav- 
ing pap.-iid middle age. ,l*as not a dread 
of cancer? Women, who have borne 
many sorrows, tremble when in the 
days in which they might have looked 
fjrwaru to comfort and ease, they (Ind 
them.selvos attacked by this teniblo 
dl.'ieasc. How mucli quiet heroism has 
been displayed by such sufferers, only 
near relatives and nurses know. While 
tlie cause of Oils scourge has baffled 
students something Is being learned by 
Investi^'ators and they are ready tn 
place Ihl.s knowledge at the dl.sposal of 
humanity. The Chicaso Medical boci-ty 
which is working with a committee of 
tile congress of surgeons, which met 
recently in New York, ha.<? Issued the 
following bulletin. The to con- 
tciil tile heginnlng.s of this disease is 
very strf^ng among women. That this 
la fooiisli and often fatal Is tho opinion 
of who have Issued the bulletin 
of which the following arc the chief 

"Cancer in lln' hrginniru; 1p a local 

"No cure for cancer has l}.een dis- 
covered e.Kcepi .surgery. 

"Cancer l.s operated on i mrniMlhi 
will not return. 

"Advanced cancer caiinut be curi'd by 
.surgery, hence the need of .sockliiK surg- 
ical aid at once. 

"Cancer of the breast sliows Us first 
sign by a lump in any part of the 
breast, or by pains under the arm. 

"Cancer of the stomach begin.s with 
indigestion, lo."fs of flesh and , general 

"Cancer of the Inlernnl organs .sliowi 
itself by ii li,>t;ularity in thrlr funitlons. 

"Education of the public on cancer 
will save of lives r'ntb year 
as it ha.s done in ccnsimiption and ap- 

Egufil Watres 

Most women agree that men and wo- 
men who do the fame work should be 
paid alike. This principle has been 
adopted by tlie educational authorities 
i>r the city of New York, but the re- 
sult has not been sallRfaetbry. When 
men were compelled to work for wages 
with whlcli women teachers were satis- 
fled, they found they could not live as 
persons in tlielr position should. The 
conseguence has been that the niunber 
of men teachers has decreased rapidly 
and. unless steps are talcen to prevent 
It the WJrk of Instruction will soon be 
altogether In the han<ls of women. No 
one thinks that this is a d''sirable stat " 
of affairs. Schools no more than homes 
can bo beat conducted by women alone. 
In most cities this matter Is regulated 
hy placing men In the best paid posi- 
tions. The New York board of educa- 
tion lias not adopted what may be look- 
ed upon as an expedient of doubtful 
honesty. To secure th« very best edu- 
cation flor men and women of the 
future in far more Important thon any 
theory of equal pay for equal work. 
Where the task to be acconi]dlshed Is 
purely mechanical, the principle Is 
-«mind. But no one can measure in- 
fluence. The result on a future gen- 
eration of spending the Wholm of school 
life under the eor^trol and Inftuence of 
women alone will be luoked forward to 
wtui aajRtoty. »•» wly by i^||»|if^ i»|^| 

H, til; tfilft'-v:«My, ' j^Ni>eb|li»'';#d|d :t>«i'„llMul<«^ 
an ocupatlori for a married man a great 
step to remedy this evil would bo ialctm. 
In Canadian cities the high salarttts of- 
fered have been effectual in retaining 
the services of married men as princi- 
pals and as Instructors in high school.s. 
In the rural districts the tendency Is 
increasing to employ young girls uloiie, 
as women of experience are attracted to 
the towns. A late number of The Crafts- 
man contains a letter whlcii suggOsts u 
remedy. A tcnciier. who was married 
and tlic father of a family, secured n 
small farm near his school. In the out- 
door work he found the exercise and 
diversion he needed, while in making ti 
home Ills wife was contented and hapiiy. 
This is wiiat he says after four years" 
experience In living on a farm and 
teaching the neigliborlng school: 

"My wife ana I are more than glad 
we made llic change when we did for 
now our children can grow up strong Jn 
body because they cat fresh, wholesome 
food; they have a chance to develop nor- 
mally because they are tree from the 
over-stimulation of tho city; they can 
Uarn to know and love the beautiful, 
simple things of life because they ure 
not bound by the artificial standards cur- 
rent in the average city.or town. Then 
my wife .loves tlie country, too, and wo 
have room enough to turn around in, 
fresh air to breathe, time enough to 
tlilnk witli and brains rested enough to 
think with. As for me, well, I just love 
the country more and more and the 
work J do In tlie open air is making me 
so strong and hearty that I believe 1 
shall be here to enjoy life for many 
years more than I could have expected if 
I had remained In town." 

This Is tlie tenclier's view. Can we 
doubt that the effect on the rural com- 
munity of the presence among Its peo- 
ple of a cultured man whoso interests 
were Identical with their own and xvlio 
would give tiie cliiidren the same views 
of life lie lield himself would be elevat- 
ing and refining? Are there among us 
men of high attainments who would 
be content to labor f<jr a modest -com- 
pptcnce with the consciousness of liav- 
ing lived a life of usefulness? It will 
only be in sucli a case that a home pro- 
vided for the rural district school 
teacher will help to give permanence to 
the work of the schoolmaster. 


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jirovlnelal autliorlUcs were (|uitc riglit 
in suggesting tiic Englis.^i type for the 
now Columbia university build- 
ings, which, he declares, will leflect 
tlic feeling of O.xCord and Cambridge 
ratlH-r than that of the more modern 
.\inerican universities. 

Burton City hadl.i wantM a ductcir 
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Wolgaat Fouls and Ritchie Is 

Crowned Lightweight King 

Former Champion's Strength 
Wanes in Fifteenth and in 
Sixteenth Resorts to Unfair 
Tactics, Result Popular. 

DALY CITY. Cal., Nov. 28. — 'WobblUi* 
around on hla less, his eyes (flaxed and 
hl» body reeling. Ad Wolgast. conqueror 
of Battling Nelson, foiiKd WUUe lUtchle 
twice Ui the alxlL-oiitli round of their 
fight today, ana with a vvavc of Kcferee 
Jim Griffin's hand, which dlBquallfled 
Wolgast. KUchle becanio Uglitweight 
champion of the world. 

By hla cool, calculating ring »t;iu>rul- 
sblp, )ila courage and his all-around 
splendid fighting ability. Ritchie won 
his spurs in the cluuniilonshlp division, 
Although the record boults will not show 
a luiocltout to his credit over Wolgast, 
he indisputably punched his way round 
after round to victory with his waspish 
left to the face and hia stinging right 

Wolgaat ia Trouble 

The end of the flglit caOM 
at the ringsiUo had noUoH- 
teenth Tound^p-^iil^f-im»m»sVa strength 
was waning *..'Av.iBi|l|»,;i SPhe boya faced 
each other in the jWitteentb, BttoMe ooa. 
fidtntiy QMxyljw the aiinia* to the 
'^'"""'^'"n|jliip-.*hi9«e;<ace the sneerlnv 
smile ham ^u i i0^ ^Ab .Wolgast was go- 
ing aM'ay^lPai^iiiM ipde him wince with 
a two-h^ii|iitt tMil«ir «« fl!^ IBld-SMttOB 
an(t then .jaufnlrtr thnt^trtt ■ nniehim 

mm km in 

IVIexican Shows Remarkable 
Reversal of Form and Gains 
Decisive Victory Over Man- 
dot. Will Challenge Ritchie. 

;■• AD WOLGAST ?V:|»'' 

.^ ^t, who lost his 'crdw* 

■;';'|;|;5^iRitcble yesterday 


riKlit and caught the CadlUao »«hter 
1 airly on the jaw. He fell back on the 
ropes and sagged forward, pitching ll|}' 
anotJi«r ins|;Mii; tOTfards hls.pwit iCeori 

Ititphle jl p l i M e i li _^ j||| »: . f^; ^ 'A y . . ^^^ || 


peated the Ti»ht OtrOfS and' Wolgast 
went sprawling. 

At the count of four Wolgast, his 

'ain clouded, fhinj? himseli: through 

:■ vr instinct at his antagonist. Ritchie, 

to his agreement, had wallted to 

•t'posite side of the ring when his 

Hint went to, the canvas. As Wol- 

' '.iMie up at him he rushed to meet 

^ "••I the two exchanged blows. 

' CUa^nplon Toula 

Hfnily d.ii> 
Huit Hil'j:.: 


Wolgast yet covered so 

i'l not send in the fin- 

'■^'•''•'- ^■•'' .Hid only twenty-four 

life of the round remaln- 

'•\ m-ar his own corner, put 

• adty crofis again when Wol- 

".^lu.sf.^ Jrit took hlni low. Billy Kolan, 

lihv inMMasci-, leaped to the edge of the 

' -lioutiid to Referee Griffin, and 

'• of voices raised the cry of 

j'i'oul. Koui!" Griffin rushed over and 

■\v;iiiu,i Wolgast. but in another Instant 

' ' 'P of the champion hit the 

"I. nitchle tried to fight back. 

Mas plainly in distress. . 

ihcn rushed between the flght- 

>i Wolgast aside and raised 

'■and in token of victory. The 

: -iL Uie ringside cheered and hun- 

't!*drt rushed to shake the hand of the 

n v..,kinfi of the lightweights. 

\\\Jgast had the better of seven of 
'. .'■ -tonnds, four wore even and the re- 
it.iiiKUr were easily Ritchie's. 

In. the first two thejocal lad outboxed 
• 'haniplon; in the fourth he outboxed 
iiid the .sixth was really the turn- 
ing point of the fight. He stood shpul- 
jder to shoulder with Wolgast and alug- 
= il to the body and head Wolgast had 
■ i.cicl) tlie wor.-3t of the milling, and Tom 
.'"lies, his manager. Increased the .tIIow- 
aiicc of brandy that the champion hart 
taken during each intermission. All 
througli the fight Ritchie blocked and 
<luckod cleverly, but Wolgast's left hand 
i'rijlspd his loft eye and nearly closed 
it- Tn llic ln-1'lghtlng his right .>ye 
was slightly damaged and his lip puffed 
a bit.'s blows did little other 

Out of Condition 
Wolgast seemingly wa.s lacking 3n 
condition. In the round before the 
finish his legs were so heavy he could 
hardly lift his feet from the mat, While 
Ritchie, fresh and breathing easily, 
danced around ills pufi!ing adversary 
and poked him with his straight lefts. 
Wolgast says that he did not Intend 
to foul Ritchie and that he thinks It is 
a poor way to win a championship. "I 
did not hear Griffin caution me and I 
do not believe I struck a foul blow," he 
•laid after the fight. "Ritchie was 
rough, and when I first got in trouble 
In the sixteenth it was from him throw- 
ing me against the ropes, instead of 
hitting me. T would fight him again 

Ritchie protested that he was fouled, 
but said that he was strong and could' 
have finished Wolgast in another round. 
The Vew Champion 
The new champion, known to the 
sporting world as Willie Ritchie, Was 
reared In San Francisco as Gary Steffon. 
He la twenty-one years old. The arena 
was crowded to the guards, several 
thousand people being turned away at 
the gates. James Coffroth, the pro- 
moter, estimates that there were |40,000 
in the house. 

Konnd One 

Ritchie, with the men Jlghtlng closa, 
scored seveial times to th.'. head and 
face before the ch2mpion->-essaycd the 
offensive. They mixed fiercely In a 
neutral corner and Ritchie scored first 
blood as the result of a succession of 
ahlrt-arm blows to the mouth. Wol- 
gast snp-t blood as he took his seat 
Ritchie's round. 

Bound Two 

Wolgast opened the round with a 
rush, breathing heavilj'. The champion 
kept well under cover and after delug- 
ing Ritchie with several lefts and 
rights to the Jaw, drove two wicked 
rights to the jaw and a left uppercut 
over the heart. Ritchie broke ground 
and looked worried. Wolgast, still 
spitting blood, drove two telling lefts 
to the stomach. The rorund ended with 
desperate In-ilghtlng. Wolgast's by a 

Bonad Three 

Wolgaat drove two wicked rlghta to 
the atomach and a right to the mouth, 
•tertjng a thin stream of blood. Wol- 
■aat alnoat aent hla nvan through the 
repea with a tramesdoua light to the 

Jaw, but Ritchie foiicht h«ck with such 
flercenesB ttiAt it looked a^a if the cham- 

Bonnd"*oW" ::,■■' 
Both flghter.s seetned Stronger and 
shoaildor-to-shoulder they lexchanged 
right uppercuts to the jaw, the cham- 
pion's punches having by far the great- 
er power behind them. Ritchie drove 
the champion against the ropes, land- 
ing several snappy facers. He shook 
Wolgast with two heavy drives over 
the heart and the "wild cat" stood In 
his own corm r and covered U-p. Ritchie 
had the Hdvantage iand the crowd cheer- 
ed him lustib'. 

Continued <in I'lisi- Ul, ( ol. S. 

THE V liD 

Thomas' Outfit Will Go Up 
Against Fifteen Composed 
Almost Entirely of Victoria's 

LO.S AN'GKL,ES, Cal., Nov. 28.— Joe 
.Mandot, the pride of tho South, went 
down to defeat today before the tiger- 
ish onslaughts of Joe Rivers, of ]_.oh 
.\ngele.«i, over whom he had won an 
easy decision on Labor day. 

It wa.i a clean-cut victory for the 
.Mexican, who showed a remarkable 
reversal of form, exhibiting more speed 
and cleverness than heretofore in his 
career. It was nearly dark and tho 
clectilc lights over the ring had been 
lighted when Referee Eyton hoisted 
num^Maia in token of victory at the 
ol(iJ||;:;;|!i?^tlie twentieth round, but it 
was a needless foi-mallty as only one 
decision was possible. It was a fast 
and gruelling dght frotti «tart to flniah. 
At times jHJth,, Wya tfeww oaitiUfm to 
the windar|gpt^^|j||«('' ^6uii^' li^ ' tiilr 
desperate aiifofcta" to end the flight with 
a knockout, 3«it the hear ^at thing to a 
W^iiMW^Jcoted l)y niytn to 
ifnpt when ;he alntoat floored 

t*» .iliwtoinila;" wttii ' ''.t*m<iib''"«traight 

In lieu of the Victoria Welsh-Law 
Students Barnard Cup League match 
wliich lias been postponed, the Victoria 
Rugby Union has arranged a match be- 
tween a Victoria! team, to be known as 
the Colors, and the Welsh club for this 
Saturday. It will be played at the Uni- 
versity School grounds. Mount Tolmie, 
starting at three o'clock. Mr. W. C. 
Moresby will referee. 

The Welsh club's opponents will prac- 
tically be the city representatives and 
tho contest will not only be good prac- 
tice for the "reps," but will be a fine 
test of the ability of the Welshmen. 

The Oak Bay grounds are taken up by 
the high school students, who are play- 
ing Vancouver Rugby for the Thompson 
Cup, and girls' hockey, on .Saturday 

The reason of the postponement of 
the Barnard Cup matcla Is that the 
J. B. A. A. team, which goes to Van- 
couver to meet McGlll in a return match 
is taking a number of the Law Students' 
best players. 

At last night's meeting of the Rugby 
union the following were selected as the 
Colors' line-up: Fullback, Johnson; 
three-quarters, Martin, Galllher, (i. C. 
Grant and D. M. Grant; halves, Morton 
and Champaln; forwards, G. Ileinekey, 
8. Gillespie, G.^fllllgan, B. Scott, J. 
Houston, Redger, Pcrnhcrton and Chalk. 
Reserves: Three-quarters, Boggs and 
Dickson; halves, Mclnnes; forwards, 
Brynjolfsen, Montelth and Colllsson. 

Victoria Welsh — Fullback, C. Grif- 
fiths; three-quarters, H. B. Jones, Dal 
Thomas (captain), Sid Hendra, H. O. 
Forester; halves. J. Bailey and A. Hill; 
forwards, H. Watkins, II. Edwards, H. 
Leason, Dai Davies, H. H. Boyde, 8. 
Honeychurch, H. Lomas and O. Grant. 
Reserves: Three-quarter, Richmond; for- 
wards, Wlikle and Richards. 
Coopar-Xelth Tangle 

Rugby players are now beginning to 
talk of the annual matches with Stan- 
ford and CallfO'-nia, and in this connec- 
tion a tangle has developed which may 
block the contests. Vancouver holds the 
Cooper-K^lth Cup and, following the 
u.sual procedure, the champion California 
team would come up and play for It. 
But there is no champion California 
team, the annual battle In the aouth 
having resulted In a draw. 

As a moans to got around this diffi- 
culty Vancouver has proposed that the 
Callfornlana send an all-star team horth 
and It is poBsblei that this proposal may 
be adopted, although obviously the host 
way out of the difficulty would be for 
the two southern teams to do as has 
been advocated by the newspapers In 
San Franclaco and pla/ off the tie. 

Then the winner could play Vancou- 
ver, and in that case It Is likely that the 
Victoria Union would bring the other 
team north for a series of matches. 

ooth bsnda to th« aitotQiish vttb aa oe- 
caaional upDercut to tlia'bKln. 
\ ITranchman Almoat 0«%. 

" ' " " ' ' iof 

ohtSW Bdthetfitng Itfce kia~ even brealc 
in the Bucceeding two rounds by slug- 
ging at close quarters with the Mexi- 
can who had cast air defensive efforts 
aside In an attempt to put the South- 
ornor down for the count. 

Mandot's judgthent of distance, how- 
ever, was weakened by his desperation 
and he was thrown off his balance time 
after time by his wild swings. 

All science was discarded In the last 
round. Standing cIosc',''ll^y slammed 
rights and lefts to the bead and clos- 
ing In, fought fiercely head to head 
v.'lth honors about even as the final 
Eong clanged. 

The Rivers of today was a wholly 
different boxer from the boy who was 
so hopelessly outclassed by the New Or- 
leans' lightweight on Labor day. He 
fought a cool and heady battle and, In- 
stead of covering on attacks of the 
Southerner, he found the latter in his 
own way. Time after time he beat 
Mandot "to It" with left swings .and 
his defence was nearly perfect against 
the stinging straight loft.-5 with which 
Mandot tantalized and punched him in 
their previous encounter. 

Blver. Coma Back. 
Rivers' form rever,«!al pu7.7.1od Man- 
dot as much as It surrpised the spec- 
tators and his inability to slow down 
the swinging rushes at times made 
him desperate. Rivers was literally on 
top of the Southerner then slugging nt 
long range, shooting hard rights and 
lefts to the body with an occasional 
uppercut. a method of offensive fight- 
ing against which Mandot's science 
was of little avail. Several times the 
referee was forced to pry th.em apart 
and once Rivers hit the referee in 
breaking away. Neither of the boys 
were badly marked.' 

Rivers will Immediately ohallengo 
Willie Ritchie for a lightweight cham- 
pionship battle. 

Oroaa Ontpolata Valaoa 

NEW YORK, Nov. 28. — Leach Croaa 
outiwinted "Battling" Nolaon In a ten- 
round bout here today. Nelson took a 
great deal of punishment but was forc- 
ing the flght at the flniah. 

Next spring 60,000 fruit trees will be 
planted. at Okaknafan Ka)la, 


NEW YORK, Nov. 28.— Horace Fogel, 
former president of the Philadelphia 
National League baseball club, is for- 
ever excluded from participation In the 
councils of the National League. 

Thl.s was the decision of the mag- 
nates of the league after six hours' 
consideration yesterday of tho charges 
that Fogel had made statements re- 
flecting on the Integrity of the National 
League. Of the seven charges. the 
club owners found the former Philadel- 
phia club president guilty on five and 
dl.smis.sed the other two, relating to 
Ijrivileged communications. 

Th© finding of the league was: 

"Therefore, be It resolved: 

"1. That this league hereby censures 
and condemns Horace S. Fogel for the 
utterances and the publications »o made 
by him while president of the Phila- 
delphia baseball club of this league. 

"2. That he, the said Horace S. Fogel, 
"be and he Is. hereby forever excluded 
from further participation In the coun- 
cils of this league as the representative 
of the Philadelphia Ball Club. 

•*3. That theso resolutions be spread 
upon the minutes of this .league and a 
copy thereof duly certified be furnished 
to each club composing the National 


Marltlnierg After Johniion 

The National Hockey Aisoclatlon Is 
between two fires now. On one side 
tho Patrick* are fighting ihem tooth 
and ijall with fine effect, and on the 
other »lde they arc beset by t)je 
Maritime Driving Ciubn, The N. H. A. 
player* are purely having the time 
of their liven. 

Not long ago Manager lanor, of the 
Halifax Social Cluh, arrived In Mont- 
real ofltenalbly to look over tho 
ground for players whom the N. H. A. 
didn't need. He alao Intended 
making Inqulrlea regardina the poa- 
•Ibtllty of the Maritime League 
coming In affiliation with the 
N, H. A. 

-<^ater It tritniptrcd that one of the 
main reaaona of hla viatt In Montreal 
waa an effort to tempt Kml* John- 
aon away from the Wanderera. The 
Maritlmera are bent on making 
hocke> talatorir this jraar and are 
raising all kind* of money to attract 
the start from' the eaat to the cittea 
on th* eastern coast. 

Pat Connolly, Champion of 
British Isles, Here Looking 
for Match, Seven Tears 
Without Defeat. 

Pat Connolly, the champion heavy- 
weight wrestler of th-e Isles, 
and the light heavyweight champion 
of the coast. Is In Victoria looking for 
a match. Connolly realizes that it 
would be a task of considerable diffi- 
culty to match him with a man of his 
own calibre, and has stated hl« wiliing- 
ness to throw any lliree men in an 

Connolly arrived yesteday from Van- 
couver, where in tho past few mohtha 
he has gained laurels by flooring all 
comers. His most recent victory was 
over John Berg, one of the greatest 
light heavyweight grapplera In America. 

After having travelled the States for 
three years and previously performed 
in all the principal centres in Great 
Britain, Connolly l)oasts the proud rec- 
ord of one continuous string of victo- 
ries. He has never been beaten in seven 

Connolly weighs 185 pounds wlicn In 
condition, but In order to get matches 
has repeatedly been compelled to n:>eet 
men weighing anything from 200 pounds 
up. He Is open to challenges from any- 
one. Irrespective of weight or reputa- 

Local prnmotens have u plan in mind 
to put Connolly on In the Victoria the- 
atre in the near future if arrangetnents 
can be made. A suitable preliminary 
cr two would be stagefl, and it Is be- 
lieved that the affair would be a good 
drawing card. 


Adda to Xiong String of Buccaaaaa- 

Ottaer Amarloan rootball Xaanlta 


PHILADELP?IIA, Nov. 29.— Penn- 
sylvania added another victory to her 
long string of successes over the 
Cornell team by winning today, 7 to 2. 

At .Salt Lake City, Utah--Unlverslty 
of Utah, 7; Utah Agricultural College, 

At Everett, Wash.— Everett High 
School, 3; Queen Anne High School, 
Seattle, 3. 

At Hoqulam, Wash. — Hoqulam High 
School, 6; Aberdeen High School, 0. 

At Tucson, Ariz. — University of Ari- 
zona, 22; University o'l! New Mexico, 

At Denver, Colo. — TTnlversUy of Col- 
orado, 14; University of Oklahoma, 12. 

At Palo Alto, Cal.— Palo Alto High 
School, 31; Stockton High School, 0. 

At Sfilem, Ore. — Willamette Univer- 
sity, 30; Montana University. 9. 

At Los Angelos— Oregon Aggies, 23; 
Occidental, 6. 

University of California, 18; U. S. C. 



MoCredla'a Idea of What Would Ba 

Oood Btulneaa Takaa Victoria 

Out of Town on Holidaya 



Former Champion Took a Daal of Vtin- 
lahment But Waa rorclng Fight- 
ing at Flniah 

NEW YORK, Nov. 28.— Leach Cross 
outpolntod Battling Nelson In a ten- 
round bout here today. Nelson took a 
great deal of punishment, but was 
forcing the fighting at the finish. 

Cross weighed 1.18 pounds at the 
ringside, and Nelson was four ounces 
heavier. Cross started In with left 
Jabo to the face and right and left 
hooks to the head. The "Battler" was 
outclassed, hut managed to land hard 
on the .law with right and left, and 
had Cross crouching at the end of the 
first round. 

Cross had the better of the second, 
third and fourth rounds, and In the 
seventh round Nelson waa forcing 
Cross all over the ring, but taking ter- 
rible punishment. 

Nelson's willingness agaln.-jt sure de- 
feat was remarkable, and he actually 
made Croa^ back up, forcing him 
from corner to corner until the final 
bell. It was a wonderful showing on 
Nelaon'a part, and Cross did Aot gain 
any Laurels by outpointing him. 

The Northwestern I^eague magnates 
are already engaged in the business of 
schedule-making for 1913. Walter Mc- 
Credie. of Portland, has drawn up a 
schedule and forwarded a copy to L. A. 
Wattelet, manager of the Victoria club, 
for criticism. 

It was criticised, too, although there 
Is really nothing wrong with It cxcapt 
the fact that It takes the Bees over to 
the American side on Canadian holiday 
dates, and has a decided tendency to 
favor the Portland Pippins. 

Mr. Wattelet Is going after nine full 
weeks this season, and will fight any 
attempt to renew the split series sche- 
dule. Nine weeks of ball here Is not 
too much, conaidering that Seattle and 
Vancouver get fourteen or fifteen. 



Anatralla'a Xalnatay Falla and Bagland 

Appaara to M»v Spleadld Ohanca 

of Winning Savla Gap 

anwh Vvaaral Today 
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Nov. 2«.— The re- 
maina of John T. Bruah, late president 
of New York Natlonala were aent on a 
noon train to Indlanapolln, where the 
funMBl will be oonducted Friday at the 
honJkf hla daughUr, Mrs. HtuTir Netr- 
toa ^MtpatMad. 

MKLBOURNE, Nov. 28.— England has 
drawn first blood In the contest for the 
Davis International lawn tennis trophy, 
Members of the English team today won 
the first two of the singles matches. 

J. C. Parke (England), defeated the- 
world-famous Norman B. Brookes 
(Australia) by 8-6, 6-3, 5-7, 6-2. 

Charles P. Dixon (England) beat It. 
W. Heath (Australia) by 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 

Brookes' defeat by Parke waa un- 
expected. It Is considered here that ttie 
Englishman's victory has seriously 
damaged Australia's chances of retain- 
ing the trophy. English apectatora 
argue that ahould Auatralla loae the 
matchea, future cont.eata will le made 
interesting bccauae the United Statea 
aurely will aend Ita beat team to Eng* 
land to compete for the cup next year. 

A great crowd aaw the gamea. Lord 
Dtinman, governor-general of thei Com- 
monwealth of Auatralla, w«s preaent 

The matchea were played on the turf 
court% which were In aplendtd condi- 
tion. The gamea will be tfoatlKued to- 
morrow and Saturday. 


A nev/ article, whicli commends it.self, nQt only for all pur- 
poses for which a staple is used, but for use in many ways 
where a staple could not be employed. 


We have just received a complete line of above in 
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E. G. Prior &Co., Ltd. Lty. 


Corner Government and Johnston Streets 

Hunters' Waterproof Clothing 

ii«i |i i i i ]i i HM ii M iii m i l l ii j i i ii u ri i M ii uiim ini) 

limmm W^mp^pi Hiaat^ng Coat $7.00 

Duxback Waterproof ^ll^litg Pants ^4.50 

IftWiryer's Oilskin Coati. $3.75 

Sawye^*'0&|f&i Legg&pi, pair, $1.50 

■Oilskin- Co atiitt i|t l > laftjk, <» j f j^towj^fall Ht i ^tli, j ^rice. 
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ife «^ mfi,:tmii,>i^^^k ^^ . 85^ 

;iiul 14- 
. . $7.00 

inch leatli 


1 32 1 Government Street 

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Only $35.00 Only 


1913 MODEL 

Fitted with Eadie Coaster Brake or g:ood reliable rim brakes, 
mudg-uards, tool bag and tools, and bell for only . . . $35 
Don't miss this chance while they last. 


(Agents for Raleigh and Cleveland.) 
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Money Makers 

Two Acres, i^-mile circle, two car line ser- 
vice, lo-room house, garage, city water and 
private pumping station; very high. One- 
third cash. Price $19,000 

Or will take Fairfield home as first payment 

Corner, 120x100, facing Uplands road, big 
finap at one-third cash. Price $3,000 


Corner Government and Bastion Street. 


Addltlwaal Svwt •■ rim* Hk 


Xax% Daaoa 

Will bo held 

Frldajr, Saoamb«r S. 

8 o'clock, 

Xb Oonnanrht Xall. 

Youths, 60c. Glrla, ?5c. 

For particulara apply 

eiO T»taa Vtaona misai 


I have now Inatalled In my 
Oarage at (31 View Street, a 

Complete fiKl Modern Auto- 
mibilc Repair Plant 

And have aecured the aervlcea of 

an axpert automobile maehtnlat. 

An r9p»in vwomvOf sttmidM 





Made from water 
from which atl gitoaoM 
have been removed. 





..„,.K.:,....,.....:.K,..............r;>..;::.... .V.-..V /-v.-. .■-..■-.. .^ .....v.. ....^^....,^:i..,:ii^^s^..,...^^ 

.iTiilliirn' III Hi WW 

M l t t tuUiU m n mi ni i*!! 



Friday, Nov«mb«r 29, 1912 

Toys Toys Toys 

Remarkable Display in Our 
Basement Department 

IF you want toys that represent real (luality, visit 
(uir Basement Department. Everything- from 
dolls to locomotives — from cannons to crirkel 
sets — will !)(-■ found rhere to delight the child's mind. 
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'^*^'^- ^hi * 

ien in^ii<i let them siee for them- 

f j^lves what wonders Santa Claus has prepared for 
their Christmas. , 

New Display of Battenbergs 

In centres, runners and doylies — all sizes- 




'^ 1) 


Sir Thomas Lipton Receives 
With Enthusiasm Sugges- 
tion lor Race From San 
Francisco ta-- Honolulu, 


Tluvt the 'internutlonul yacht race of 
1915 at Sun Kranclhco will be the great- 
PHt III the'hlstory of yachting is already 
beconiluK evlflent. Before Sir Thomas 
Lll'lon left the Hay city assurances had 
been Klven that In addition to the l^lplon 
boat and that built by the San Fran- 
cisco .syndicate. Hawaii would enter a 
boat, and plans are b^lug formulated I'or 
ri|'^]|veat ocean ' <l|^jj|fl(jil" ^^'^ Francl&co 
;r.i£!:%».:iirtWia«;"^«^e close of the 


' lfiiitw>6tt;idMJlenKe to the world wa.s 
t8iHti»S by Air l^homas Uptoa to com- 
pete for the blue'libbon of the seiui in 
-Ban liVanclsco waters in 1916. a yacht 
laoe tliat would excel former compotl- 
tlfm» was' practically assured. Mow it 
is more oertaio. 

Swift as the answer oams from 'Ban 
Francisco that the ohallense would be 
accepted, «n4 a boat built and nwhned 
to Bull against the Shamrock, the aaaur* 
ance that Hawaii will also answer the 
challenva with an island-built boat 
cones «with equal speed, and wi^ all the 

mgrfl anthwfftnim tt, U» rtwgttffn fa*- 


Whose defeat yesterday by Blvers waa 
only second to the •surprise ytven In the 
Wolgast-Ritohle battle. Maadot Was 

uuasia B i ' ga iHH mu g t ' in c eiy a g pi r ant t o r 
the lightweight ohamplonship, not even 
excepting Ritchie, before yestec^day'a 
upset. hung on. Ullchle put left, 
ilKlit and left ,to the Jiiw..- Wolgasl 
cauglu illtflUe with a tenlflr left to 
the Juw which stungr hltn. WolK<i.Jt 
put li-fl to tlie stomach. Woltjasl b 
Mecondti yflK'd, "one more." They si>ar- 
re<l In the centre, ut the bell. Hound 

Bound Thirteen 

They came to clinch. The traded lefts 
to the bead. Feinting with the left, 
WolKKMt Mwung rl»flit to the stomach, 
und tliey clinched, Wolmibt banghiK 
UUclile's bad «.yi'. Wolgast tluii put 
riglii to the head and then nilH.sed two 
vicious .swings. They clinched, trading 
upper-cuts. They tradi^d lefts and then 
JtUchle landed- a hard left to the stom- 
ach. Wolgast put right to the jaw and 
left to the stomach. llUchie landed left 
to the stomach and hard left to the lace, 
iol)eatInK it aa WolyarU missed left 
MWinj,'. Ultchle put right to the head 
ami left to the .stomach. They roxitthed 
it In the centre. Illtchle put loft to the 
Ktomach In a clinch. Ritchie uppercut 
with right and banged W'olgast on the 
ear with right. They roughed it all ovyr 


Rltibli^Ml wtlih rtgiu, but Ad ducked 
and clinched. They roughed it andWjilk 
gust put right to the car. They tUr^' 
upper-cuts. They ffddled. and than 
Kitchle put^left to the face. Wolgast 
landed right to the nose. Bltohle missed 
left for the bead. They traded light 
lefts. After fiddling in the centre, Wol- 
gast rushed Ritchie to the ropies. No 
very bad blows were landed. They 
roughed it In a clinch, j^radlng l^idiiey 
punches. Ritchie, put a right to the, 
stomach. Wolgast put lefl' to thi% imxo 
and upper-cut with his right, :R4ttihIo 
shoved him aWay and landed a leift to 


Too Late to 

Witse-Karuoni' Oiiportuulty — W» 

havf Jusi ui-qulri"! a iiuljurban Iract 
of choloe land which we hava aub- 
illvlded Into acre blocks und arn 
«<llln(f nt ft price vvllhln tho reach 
of t-vcryone. Tho flmt 10 block* 
will be aold at $B00 per blm.k. 
Quarter caali, bttlpiice 1, 2 and i 
yfiam. lirltlah Canadian Home 

llulldera, Ltd., 3U' 316 Sayward 
Hulldln*. Phone lOSO. 

Foul Bay Sea View Home— Nawly 

built. J rooms and den, IW atorey 
houae. faclnif aca, 2 blocks from 
car, upon cornor lot, with paved 
atreeta, all modern convpnlencea, 
concrete foundation and baaenient. 
piped for furnace, 2 fireplaces. This 
bargain Includes hardwood floors In 
l)all una hardwood borders In par- 
lor, dlnlns-rooni atid den. 1/lce 
16500; 11000 cash, balance lasy. 
nrlilsh Canadian Homo Jiullders. 
Ltd., 312-316 Sayward Butldlnir. 
Phone 1030. 

10-Acre Ranolt for 8al»— AH un h r 
plough, deep chocolate loam, froa 
of rocka. An Ideal home for a 
la|3lne.ts or professional man, not 
Ipk far out, on main Saanich. road^ 

Ut xeet';n^l|MlM»iMvy||^M 
with Mce«it«lttt .^'*le*:\:,#'?;iWW- 
mountain. Price |*»»" p«''aei»| 
quarter oaah. t>al»nee », 1 aad » 
>«arfc -Brttiah '0*ha4IKit ':.' jk«#*" 

Baiidera. Udu, iis^Hii iNurvaM 
BitfMlng. Fbone WWrt 

Ooed Acreage Boy — ts^ ^K^M't 
railroad, tn Convex 4llii4|e%^i(»|iHt^ 
acre. Thla.Und la w<«l ttX|lbM«(i 
g094 ■oil, and should ba wiirtW, at . 
teaat double: this amount U you ',' 

■r e InUw i t ea i m l e wa Umt > »■ 

should hot overlook tbla ojpportwilty 
to «et what you want. We can 
naiM you easy tem^a British oan- 
adlan Some Bulldars, 1*|„ HI* 

— n» Bay ward -BaUd lag. ,>fa »B Hf > » M>^ ' 

' ''/" f 'i ' ". ' ' i . 11 " jv I ' i ' ' i . ii '' i , ;,i. i ^ > : , 

Thi, -1*;^ |fc|»(j|*^*-A::8fv«»-ro6nie#'; 
houae thit »tOO cash will handle " 
One block from car line, baa air 
modern conveniences, full cement 
basement, piped for furnace, lire- 
place, built-in effects, etc. Price 
75, 000; (TOO cash, balance over 1. 2, 
3, 4 and 6 years at 7 per cent. 
British Canadian Home Builders, 
Ltd., 312-315 Sayward BulIdlnB. 
Phone 1030. 



Ontario Street — West of Oewego. 
full sized lot. Price, on terms. 


on tt 


Suparlor Street — West of Men- 
Kies, large lot and small cot- 
tage. Price, on terms, ^6,500 

Mlchlgran Street — Just off Men- 
zles, eight-roomed house and 
deep lot. Prlfje, on terms, 

is f 5,aoo 

Weuzles Street — Corner of Super- 
ior, lot, with house. A cholco 
location for business and apart- 
ment purposes. Price, on very 
easy terms ^18,000 

St, Jaxnea Street — House and lot, 
§|^„J!,i4a5, renting for $23 per 

.;", .Vij|iiiiil^*:';I*rlce, on easy terni-s, 

' 'WW^f.. :'. ^4',ooo 

Soatli, Turner Street — Full-sized 

] 1,Uil ' <"iiii|.i;iiWHll situation. Prict^, 
«(k '^Se'... ?a,50O 

Oonstance 4MipMl Mrt^i'lMMtMllS 
Road— lB*,''»-^^'«0 X 150, waH 
situated, ^>1<{iTO splendid view. 
Briof. on,«lsr terms.. 98, 000 

on t a r/nA 


Society Brand Packages 

"Msm of Society Brand packages. These contain 
Stamped linen and nainsook |6r itrticles of nnaef^ear, 
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^^^ — ~ 

cause it was unexpected. 

Sir Thomas received the announce- 
ment with enthusiasm. In the conver- 
sation- the plans grew, until It had been 

i th4< ' tif*t>f yrt f *. o ^ r n c ea..4o~ba. 




We have a new, .modern Bungalow, one block off Oak- Bay avenue, that 
we can deliver at li.'i per cent below Its value. If you want the best In 
the city today, s«e U3 at once, as" this price Is good for the balance; o* 
the month only. ' . ■ '' •' ■ '" '' ■'' v , .""•■'. 

tl75 cash and $10 per month. Including Interest, b\iys a fjue corner lot 
on Mlllgrove street. ■ • ■■ , 

TO KENT, 5 rooms, furnished, FairflRld, $35 per month. 

7-room house. Oak Bay av^'nne, close to Fort street, $35 per month,, one 
year's lease. 


Phone ai63 

618 ITateB Street 

Cheer For !he Tired 

After a hard day's Work, 
be sure it's 


Go farthest for the money 

We have a few oood lots left in our 


Which we wish to dispose of i)efore 
December 15. LANSDOWNE is on 
the two-mile circle and only two 
blocks from the Mount Tolmie road 
car line. The remaining*' lots are all 
cleared and in grass, and no lot has 
less than 50 feet frontage. Prices 
from $625 up. One-quarter cash, bal- 
ance in 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. 

^«(a'1<fWb'trviyi(9!beo]WKters ahoiild be 
concluded with an oeoan race from Ban 
Francisco ba/ to Bohoiulu harbor. 
"How ftvr la lt?" 
^How Is the water?" . ' 
" ff^f/'PrlPlwai were th«J only questions that 
Lipton asked before he joined in the en* 
thuatasm of the supgestlon. 
"But I must have a steamer to follow 

movlh(;^^|ppn|ip|pWlftly OS the race 

"You'll have that steamer, and every 
yncht In the race shall have a steamer 
to follow hor," was tlio quick response 
of the man front the Islands. 

All that la necessary to complete the 
])lcti:re is to recollect that steamers 
nowadays liavo wireless; and that the 
world will read first each mornlngr, ;n days of 1915, the story of the 
Kreatest International ocean race that 
has i!%'er been contested. 

No sooner had the plans been made 
than teleRranis and wireless niessafjea 
were sent hy the 'Frisco Chronicle to 
all, the great yacht clubs, announc- 
In the fact that Honolulu as well 
^ti» .6an Franel.S(-o would accept the 
clhanif?nge of the British yachtsman, 
and ■ Inviting them to join In the 
Krp,at event, that promises to hold 
the attention of all the world In 1915, as 
no other single contest In the realm of 
.sport, has ever (toCUfc^hcfore. 

When ColoneVt^npIp called on Sir 
'rhuiiuiSrr<giiM;;v.S|iiiiPi''''- 'yachtsman had 
little id|HMI^^||||^|liirport of the visit. 
Colonel jiSrtieii^iiilltie with John H. Soper, 
relii'i'd brlKadlor-general of the Honolulu 
National Guard. 

"Wo have yacht races at Honolulu," 
he told Sir Thomas, "and when I ko 
hack tliere I am polng to endeavor to get 
some of our i)eople together und buUd 
a boat to compete with you Jiere In 
19i5." ■■ '■ , 

'■'rh.T.t's fl'»^ia^^*»" "'"'•'* tlio comment 
or the Br 1 tliilJPpS^t •- ■.,"■■; 

"Why don't'ydu'issue a formal nccept- 
'■ ance of Sir Thomas' challenge," was 
I suggested to Colonel Parker. 

"1 want to wait until I get the othcru 
tcgctlier," he suld. "There's no doubt 
I but that they will do It, but they might 
think that 1 was taking too much on 
inyeelf If I didn't wait until I get back 
before, aicpptlng the challenge In the 
name of the Islands. 

"But I tell yon what I will do," h:' 
added, as the Interest in th%> conversa- 
tion proKressed, "I will give $20,000 my- 
.■^elf toward the fund for tli(> Hawaiian 

But that was only the way It began. 
Colonel Parker soon raised his own con- 
tribution to $25,000, and before long the 
wireless was sizzling the message 
through the air tliat will put the good 
men of Hawaii on their mettle. There 
will be .•something doing. That's a fore- 
gone conclu.slon. 

"And why not nnisli with a race from 
San Francisco bay to Honolulu harbor?" 
suggested the man from Hawaii. 

"How far Is It?" asked l>lpton. 

"Two thou.<(nnd and eighty-nine miles." 

"And how's tlio water?" 

"Smootli In pummer, with n good pall- 
ing breeze every day." 

"But I have a .vteamer to follow 
my yacht," said Hlr Thomas. 

"You'll have that steamer, and every 
yacht In the race shall have n steamer 
to follow her," answered Colonel Parker. 

Then a Hat of all the big yacht clubs 
was made, and The Chronicle wired 
the news of the big race that is to bo 
to each of them. 

It means line spo.-t; and. Incidentally, 
It means an attraction added for tho "X- 
position year, than which there could 
be none greater in the whole kingdom of 
sports. — .San Francisco Chronicle. 

Herman House 

742 Fort Street 

Phone 2264 

Open evenings and Saturday afternoons 


Continued from Pns<r 9. 

Bonnd rive 

After a rally at the ropes they ex- 
changed hard lefts to the jaw and some 
clever blocking on tho part of both men 
hroughl cheers from the crowd. Wol- 
gast then chopped nwny with right to 
jaw and rjuick as a flash shot his left 
to the Jaw. A right cross almost sent 
Hltchle to ills haunches, and the cham- 
pion followed this with tv ) tremendous 
body punches and a right all but closed 
the California's eye. It was the beat 
round of the fight up to this* stage 
and decidedly In favor of Wolmst. 
Bovsd BlM 

"WoXfBMt fou(ht with freat oootoess 

and took no chances with tho shifty 
local boxer. He kept at a safe; distance 
and landed liieveral solid lefts over 
Ultchie's damai^ed eye. At close range 
the champion hammered away at the 
body, landing several telling wallojis 
one reaching the pit of the stomach 
with great force. Kltchie fought back 
gamely but his hitting power was de- 
tlclcnt and the champion took his cor-, 
ner grinning broadly with the honors 
in his favor. 

Bonnd Seven 

Wolgast ru.^hed in and planted his 
right solidly to the jaw. It made Willie 
Wince perceptibly. Wolgast began to 
talk to Ritchie as they busied them- 
selves at close rnnge with the cham- 
pion whipping s. \.!:ii punches to^ the 
jaw and body that all but floored the 
Callfornlan, Ritchie appeared a bit 
groggy at this stage and took his seat 

Bonnd Sight 

Illtchle came up with a sick smile 
and the Champion- immediately busied 
lilmself with short range blows to the 

Tho Ohamjplon's defence was virtually 
Impregnable and time and again Ritch- 
ie's blows Went for naught. Wolga.-^t 
landed a half dozen clouts to tho body 
and jaw and scampered to his corner. 
Wolgast's round. 

Sound Klne 

They rushed to a clinch and roughed 
It In the corner, Wolgast putting In sev- 
eral vicious uppercuts to the stomach. 
Wolgast put three lefts to the Jaw In 
another clinch, hanging on with the 
other' arm as he swung. ItUchle ducked 
out of dose quarters and pirt left to 
tho head. They clinched and Ritchie 
put left to the face us they broke. Wol- 
gast put hard left to the stomach. They 
fought to the ropes. Wolgast put vic- 
ious' left to thft,,j;)iMce. Ritchie upper- 
cut twice wltti^|i|j|||i» '■ the ''face; They 
roughed It In 'I'^CTimch. Wolgast put 
hard left to the face. Ritchie put three 
hard lefts to the face and h<-ld his own 
with th.3 champUm. Woltcast put left 
and right to the Jaw and Ritchie backed 
up. They fought hard In a cUncli. 
Ritchie put hard.left to the face at the 
hell. Wolgast nid i shade. 
:»ot:na Tei* 

The usual clliicii. Pcth hammered 
tho kidneys. Tli.jn Wo'gast put n/t 
to .the stomach .ml liiey traded lefts 
to tile face. \'.'.)l^-ist bored in antl 
stemeil strong. Ritcr.i. missed i,aiC 
left for the head. Rlichle uppei-cut 
with left to the f;i(-.>. Wi> ir.U 
hard left to the lace They tr.ule I 
punches as they came lui of a clinch 
W'olgast rushed WlUie to the ,-oiis.i 
Hltchle upr)ei-ciit twice with left. .\,i- 
other cilMuii, breakln,^; from which Wol- 
gast put hard left to the face. Ritchie 
upjv-r-cut with let-, to llie stomach anci 
put hard left .tnd -lu'it to tho faro, 
Wolgast came •iffr KiU'lile ll^c,' u 
tlgtr. Itltchle put In .neveral luird 
right upper-cuts to the face and Woi- 
gimt dripped blood. Ritchie put in a 
volley of rights and lefts. Ritchie was 
punching Wolgast hard at tlic hell. 
Ritchie's round. .lones looked veiy seri- 
ous In Wolgast's corner. 

Bound Slevan 

Wolgast riishe<l to a i-linch pounding 
tile stomach. Ritchie put riglit to head 
and upper-cut with left. Ritchie put 
hard right to the wtomach. Rllclile 
started to force it, putting hard left 
to the head as Wolgast came in. "W'ol- 
gast fought hard In a clinch. Wolgast 
eauglit Ritchie with a hard bnckhand 
left a.^ Rltchio was .'(tr.-iightening up 
after ducking a wild swing. Hltchle put 
a hnrd right to the stomiich. Wolgast 
put riglit and left to the head. Woli^'ast 
stumhlt'd down and the crowd went 
wild. Ritchie put right and left to 
tho head and repeatod. Ritchie put 
left to the face. Ritchie landed right 
to the face. They were swapping 

punches at the boll. Ritchie's round, 
but Wolgast seemed strong. Wolgast 
took another drink of whiskey. 

Bonnd Twelve 

Rttchlfi put left to the face. Ritchie 
landed another loft to the face and Wol- 
gast put right to the head and ham- 
mered the kidneys. Ritchie put right 
to stomach. Ritchie landed left to the 
nose. Wolgast swung right and left, 
.but Ritchie ducked. Ritchie, turning, 
put hard left and rlirht to the jaw. They 
fought hard in the centre. They clinch- 
ed In Wolgast's corner, Wolgast put- 
tins in two hard riftits to the etomach. 

t BB r aca. — lan tt ift 6i'6g6 & annea wa 

Wolgast put right to face. JRitchlo^put 
left to the stomach. They were spiarrlnii 
at the bell. Svcn. Ritchie's right We 
was nearly clos ed and Wol i iBust'g-; left 

oy« wnp aiao 'h'unsed -up. 

' ' '•.' '''". ' ' ;- ' 'Hjjwiiiii' wuttfan- ' 

Bltchte upper-cut with right and put 
left to the face. Wolgast rushed, fight- 
ing Willie to the ropes. Wolgast put 
left to the stomach and missed right as 
Ritchie danced away. Wolgast put two 
rights to the stomach In a clinch. They 
sparred, neither landing. liltchle shoved 
Wolgast back and put left and another 
right to the head. In the clinch Wol- 
gast upper-cut with right Ritchie put 
straight left to the face and good right 
to the stomach. Wolgast fought hard 
in a clinch, putting right and left to 
the stomach, it was a hot rally. They 
wrestled across the ring. Ritchie duck- 
ed a terrific right swing and came In 
with right and left, but did little dam- 
agre. Wolgast put left to the Jaw. Wol- 
gast Swung wild, and Ritchie caught 
him with left to the face coming in. 
Ritchie laughed as he took his chair. 
Wolgast had a shade. Wolgast took an- 
other drink of whiskey. Both boys 
seemed strong. 

Bound Slxtoan 

Wolgast came in willi head down. 
They clinched without a blow being 
struck. WoLnast kicked to the referee. 
Ritchie rocked Wolgast's head, landing 
at will with right and loft and knocking 
Wolgast all over the ring. Wolgast held 
oh and Ritchie upper-cut him with right 
and Jeft, staggering Wolgast on the 
ropes. Wolgast swung wildly and they 
roughed It In the centre. Ritchie flung 
"Wolgast away and landed left to the 
right eye. Wolgast hung on. Hltchle 
put right to the head. Wolgast landed 
left to stomach. Ritchie put left to the 
face. Ritchie wins on a foul. Wolgast 
struck him low with left. 


Oorg-eoua Spectacle Presented at Arena 

Xiast Evening — Co«tumcB Many 

and TTarled 

Skaters to the number o£ nearly a thoun- 
nnd sclind avidly on the opportunity to 
oxhlblt their ta.nto In fancy and comic cos- 
tume on the occasion of thp fancy drosii 
cnrnlvnl at the arena rink last evening, and 
a more Korgorus spectacle than that pro- 
sented by the monster mass of color, wind- 
ing sinuously around and around the Ice 
could not be con.lured up by the utmost 
effort of Imnglnatlon, It Is estimated that 
ovnr L'.SOO people, skntcrs nnd spectators, 
attended tho carnival. 

Tho costumes were so many and varied 
ns to utterly baffle description. There wore 
those so ridiculous In tholr make-up as to 
hrlng tears of laughter to the eyes of tha 
onlookers and there were others of such 
beauty, that the most pronounced aesthete 
could not havo found fault with them. 
Others wlire seen which, while not very 
striking, were so orlRlnal In deslpn and true 
10 the character their wearers Intended to 
« depict that, they found favor In the eyes 
of the Judges. 

Norvnl Haplle and Mrs. lUitler, tho pro- 
fcsslonalH, gave an exhihitlon of pair skat- 
ing, which elicited prolongod applause. 

The prljic winners were: Ladles' fancy 
dress costume — First, Mrs. Charles B. Wil- 
son, dressed ns a Blackfoot Indian; second. 
Miss Huble. attired In the "Sweet Capornl" 
costume. Men's Canoy dress costumo — First, 
Mr. E. A. Ooddnrd. dressed as n Zulu; sec- 
ond. Mr. A. Vlgellus as a Dutchman. Tomlc 
costume. — First, Mr. Ijorne Woodliy, dressed 
as a hobo; second, Mr. Leslie Klyles, dressed 
In the costume of the Order of the Bath. 

The .judges were: Mrs. Ttarnld Pethlok, 
Miss Constance Ttromley and Miss Bruce. 



Basketball WIU Beoelve FartloaUr 

Attention from ITew Athletic Olnb 

— ITew Qnarters 

DUNCAN, Nov. 28. — The Dtincan Ath- 
letic Association, wliloh was or^anixed 
a few weeks ago, was but a short-lived 
body, but from its ruins h»s arisen an 
organliatlon which has taken the 
original scheme in hand and bids *alr 
to make a groat success of it. 

The new athletic society will be 
known as the Duncan Amateur Athletic 
Club. A strong committee has been put 
In charge of Its. affairs. 

Basketball Is to be played here and 
enthusiasts will find that their hew 
quarters are every bit as satisfactory as 
the hall In use last winter. A city 
basketball league is in course of forma- 

Basketball will not, however, be the 
only form of sport carried on. It Is 
proposed to encourage boxing, wrestling, 
fencing and JIu-jltsu and tournamentu 
and competitions will he arransed at 
suted intervata 

Bound Investment — Purchas© shares 
In British Canadian llonio Llullderi 
while you can at ^'. 25 per share. 
In addition to profits from our 
BulldhiK IJepariment. tha Heal En- 
late and Insurance Denartnn.jnt con- 
tribute -to the dividends on Homo 
Builders' shares. Send for pros- 
poctus: It will Interest you. 

Also fine Itats ^iwikittess prop- 
erties, suburban and district acre- 

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almost any figure when as cl^s^^pUJr^^^j^Q the city. 
Not only are onr quarter acre^||||^|Mpi^|ind terms - 
but they command a perfect v^«^'iwS#j0i|ost beautiful I 
scenery of southern. Vancouver/ Island. We • are 
iie^y in the development of 




St, Paul's Evangelical Luth- 
eran Congregation's Edifice. 
Brief Resume of Develop- 
ment in City, 




Rfeisidehts here will enjoy all the privilege.s 
ifc^ j^ifflprts ol the city as well as bet; 

^ ^bM^ df the «ti^^ f« Ihetttm- 

menfi!pp||5ii!%aj||-^ will be piped tO their 
houses. Streets will be laid out, making the ap- 
])roach by road simple and convenient, and also 
placing the beaches within'casy reach of all. 


Plekse let me have by return mail full particulars of 
your Ksquimalt subdivision. View Royal, including its 
exact .situation, summer home advantages, improvements, 
price and terms. It is understood that in requesting this 
information I place m_\self iindera( " 




Province or State. 

Island Investment Co., Ltd. 

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On Sunday will occur tlie consecra- 
tion of thu now .St. Paul's Kvangell- 
ca) Lutheran church, which has Just 
emerged from the hands of th« contrac- 
tors and will henceforth be dedicated 
to the work of tlie Lutheran cause in 

Occupying a prominent location on 
the corner of Princess avenue and 
Chambers street, the new church edi- 
fice does credit arcliitecturally to Its 
surroundings, and will continue to do 
BO, f)ven after th* .district In which It 
^i^jiSikcea has suffered the tranBforma- 
'#fl t^t maustrlal «oUvUy IM- wor)c 
tfiil i^ 1ai« oentral seoUotw of tb* city. 
ThS exterior Is distinguished by mod- 
e«t pretension, and the interior la tn 
iMieplnjsr with the arospecUve needs ot 
the consregatlon. It' has a seating ca* 
IifQlty for iOOr with adequate apace re- 
served for the ebolK, and a oapaoioua 
obanee!. VH»f ara two entrances, one 
on Prineeso'&ventM tl)« the other on 
Oiambers etreet 

At thta time of tr«u»ltion to greater 
lOiUura tn the Ufa of the eburch It may 
not he without Intereat to refer briefly 
to the siiUent featur<i« Of th« Lutheran 
mdvfutMBt 111 J:he clts^ — ItJuB„flnly 
matter if «#iMilve yeara that the Ger- 
man elatnaBt to m0ll0ii^:i.:fiofiii^ m the 
chiirph. AV that tin** it was located 
at Spring Ridge, and prtor to their 
tenure of the building It belonged to 
the Icelandic settlement which was as- 
sociated with the Spring Kldge district 
from a much earlier time. When tlic 
Lutheran churchmen decided to take 
over the churcli they moved it to Mear 
street and continued to occupy it until 
the spring of tills year when it was 
recognized that to continue longer in 
It would retard the development of the 
cause through lack of sufficient ac- 
commodation for the Increasing con- 

Conferences were held with a view 
to arriving at a solution of the diffi- 
culty, and as tlie price of land was 
tlien, as it is now, greatly in the 
ascendent. It was deemed advisable to 
sell the property and build another and 
more commodious churcli ■clsewlicre. In 
casting about for a. site the one now 
occupied was selected as the most suit- 
able for the needs of the congregation 
and with very little delay the prop- 
erty was purchased and a contract wan ■ 
let shortly afterwards for the erec- 
tion of the churcli. the consecration of 
which takes i>lace on Sunday. To- 
gether with the church a parsonage 
has ben «reeted on the adjoining lot on 
Chambers strict. 

Znargetlc Fastor. 

The pastor Is a young man, Rev. 
Otto G. M. Gerblcb. He has been con- 
nected with the church for the last 
three years and has done a great deal 
toward realizing the gratifying condi- 
tion of things which exists today. 
Pracllonlly speaking this Is his first 
charge, for while he held a temporary 
])Osltlon after graduating from the 
Columbus Unlversltj', Ohio, he was 
never permanently associated with any 
churoh until he came to Victoria to 
ofTlciHte as pastor of the St. Paul's 
Lutheran. I'rlor to the coming of Mr. 
Gorblch there was a hiatus in the pas-' 
torate of something like two years, due 
f'l thf fact that the church was grow- 
ing at a greater rate than the nnlver- 
sitles could provide pastors for them. 
His immediate predecessor therefore 
was the Rev. Helneke. 

When his new church Is opened and 
everything is in working ordei again 
it in the Intention of Mr. Gerblch to 
Innovate a trifle with regard to music 
in the church. With the assistance of 
Mr. F. Parfltt as director he hopes to 
instal not only a choir of good voices 
but .-in orchestra of talent also. 

Forenoon and evening services will 
be held in the church on .Sunday. The 
flrpt will be in German by the Rev. O. 
T. Just ot Christ Church, Vancouver, 
with an Kngllsh reading by the Rev. 
Prof, .\rmin Paul Meyer, president ot 
the Pacific Lutheran Seminary, Olyni- 
pla, Washington : and the second will 
be in Engii.'ih by the Rev, Charles 
Rush, of the Kmanuel Lutheran 
church. Spokane, Washington, witli n 
(rernian reading by the pastor, Hev. 

Great lntere.<!t \b Iwlng taken In the 
opening of the new church by the 
members of the congregation and it Is 
exrected that the day of consecration 
will mark the beginning of a new and 
even more successful era in the history 
of the church in the city of Victoria. 



A. Hew Order Wtaloh Smi Juat Been 
ronnded by King Peter of a«rTl» 

BKLOHADK, Nov. 28.— .A new order, 
that of "Dushnn the Mighty," has been 
formed by King Peter for the decora- 
tion of mi'n and officers who have dis- 
tinguished themselves In the war. It 
is named after the great Servian Czar, 
who succeeded In sub.iugatlng the 
greater part of the Balkan Peninsula. 
and on whose brief rule In Albania the 
Servian claims to Durazzo are nomin- 
ally founded. The name chosen for 
the new order Is, therefore, significant. 

TenBC TtetorlaB Stee. 

VANCOUVER, B. C, Nov. 27.~W11. 
Ham 3ohn Dalton Smith, 21 years of 
age, captain of the Argo rugby foot- 
ball team In IfOS-ltlO, died at the home 
of hlfl parent*, 1116 Bldw«n street, to- 
night. He waa born In Victoria and came 
here with his parents eight years ago. 
His father Is a member of the firm of 
Smith A Sherborne, contractore. 

Port Albernl is becoming dletlnotly 
m^tro^Utaat It new haa a department 


A. areat Inoreasa Is to ^a Made Vext 
Tear — Huge Bam Voted 

PARIS, Nov. 28.— A great increase 
in the atrenb'th of the French aerial 
fleet Is to be made next year, a auni 
of $5,000,ouo liaving been set aside for 
tills r.urpose, aa compared with |4,000,- 
000 In the present year. It has not 
been the practice of the French mili- 
tary authorities to make spectacular 
exhibitions of their progress In aerial 
development, but enormous advances 
have, nevertheless, been made. 

Tlie establisment now provided for 
comprises no fewer than twenty dir- 
igibles and 382 aeroplanes. Of the 
latter, 342 scouting craft will be 
divided into thlrty-elglit escadrille.", 
each consisting of eight aeroplanes, 
with one as a reserve, or spare. Twenty- 
.scven of the squadrons will be field 
escadrllles, and elevefi fortress osca- 
drlUes, one stjuadron being allotted to 
each army headquarters, one to each 
army corps, and three aeroplanes to 
each cavalry division. It is further, 
stated that forty armed aeroplanes, or 
avio.ns de combat, will be added to the 
■alT*«Jl^t.^n«xt'year. ;,' ■.'v")"';':;': \' ''■ V v ;■ 

Bi\ILWAY LQ$|^ , , 

«f,;^]ttlf^ JPederal dcnuaisslon in 
"""■ Viifrt Case Is Uphold 

1 OTTAITA. N<wni:i-AB o»4^r4lt- 
counoil heji iteeA iMUMied dtsraisstng the 
am>eal of the Q. T. P. against the order 
of the la^e Jud^ Mabee, of the rail- 
way board, in regard to the Cilmeron 
Cove, Prince Rupert 

Th e r ail w a y t ion atrum e a g wan le i CM 
the coye, whioh la a navigable aheet 
of water affording proteoUon to ve^'Mls, 
and Judge Mal^ee ordered thint an ooen- 
Ing at least thirty feet wi«e b« iQe^ 

-tire obBtructtOlli T*,e"a. T. p« >«h 
pealed to the Supreme Court, where It 
was defeated, and then appealed to the' 
government In council.- 

On June 13 Nonnan Outhrle and Cllve 
Prlngle, appea^^' on behalf of the 
Prince Rupert Board of Trade and prop- 
erty owner's, argued before the Privy 
Council that the order should be 'main- 
tained. This has been done. 

It Is understood that Hon. Frank 
Cochrane, minister of railways, who re- 
cently visited Prince Rupert, agreed 
absolutely with the findings of the 
chairman of ^the railway commission. 

Bobbery at Edmonton. 
EDMON'TOX. Alta., Nov. 28.— At tl.< 
point of revolvers held by two mask..! 
men, William AVallace and Fred Camp- 
bell, nl.ijht clerks In the office of the 
Canadian Northern Railway freight de- 
partment, were tied hand and foot this 
mornin.c; at about 2 o'clock In the 
freight sheds and placed in a room ad- 
joining the main offices, while the 
cracksmen blew open the office safe 
and obtained 5650, leaving |50 owned 
by Wallace and a large quantity of 
cheques. Wallace and Campbell were 
ordered to go Into a small room ad- 
Joining the cage which contain.^ the 
safe, and were, there bound with ropes. 
One man placed a book under Wallace's 
knees, so that he would not- soil Tii.'< 
trousers. Theh there was a mild jar 
and the haul was made, Before leav- 
ing the cage, the men pulled out the 
cash drawer, containing some small 
change and pocketed the money. After 
tlie Job had been completed the two 
marked men paused at the front door 
of the office, turned, and with a bow, 
said: "We bid you a dignified and hasty 
goodbye" and disappeared. 

An Anstrallan View 
SYDNBY. N. S. W., Nov. 2S.— Speak- 
ing before the British Immigmtion 
League here last night. Profes.sor An- 
derson Stuart emphasized the fact that 
Australia Is the only tract of country 
possessing the possibility Of becoming 
a purely British community. "Aus- 
tralia," he said, "is really a little piece 
of the old country. Canadn Is not so. 
Tn Canada, the general appearance of 
the people Is like that of people of* the 
United StatP.s, th<-ir ' Is like that 
of {.he American: ..1,1 unless the peo- 
ple of Canada wake up and alter their 
mode of life they must actually become 
a part of the United States. Canada 
must look to her gunpowder and keep 
It dry If she Is to be Independent and 
remain a portion of the nritisli em- 


Canon Wewbolt Senonnces Hnbrlc 

Change as Propoued by Sean of 

New Wastminater 

r,ONDON, Kovpmber 28. — In the convoca- 
tion or (Canterbury there was soino cUh- 
cusslon on the Dean of Wpstnalnoter'a pro- 
)>nsal to amend the qufstlon In the Rubric: 
■'I)o yoti unfolptnedly believe all the can- 
nnical .Sorlpturrs, the OKI and iMew Tegta- 
niiMitg?" by eliminating the word "all" and 
adding, "Contali^ all thInKB necesHary to 
eternal «alvntion throujfh faith In Jpsum 

The doan .inid the ampiidmpnl u'nuld rr- 
move the conBClfiiitloua scruplrs uf ninny 
candidates for holy ordei-.<i. 

DenoiinchiK It as a blow nl the lUblo. 
fanon Newbolt said It Would bi: danKPious 
to make the altpriitlon at a llinc whi'n 
Rngllshni'-n were loslttg belief In holy writ, 
ivhpn soldlora were no longer listening to 
npiinons at .'<t. Paul's rathedrnl, and wlirn 
,Iohn Ibf riaptlm and (Thrist figured In thp 

The ohange was adopted, 40 to SO. 


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sidel)oard, etc., in Fairfield Estate. 

Price $5000 

Terms $500 cash, bal. $400 a year, including 
interest. Apply 

D. Lewis Company 

Phone 1299 

117 Pemberton Building 


loo yards Championship of B.C. * 

flao yards Relay Chjimpionship of B.C. 
Water Polo: Vancouver v. Victoria 

Other Features 


Saturday, November 30, 8 p.m. 



S^i.OJ J J^J'*'*^?^^^ IJ'J jra L f JL J H i fl ?J^ >. ' ! ; ffa^^JiJJJ%!! H B ' .U! f ' . V l y ^ 


s*f'sn',^^*"?<r',r - • •■■■■'■■■ 



Friday, November 29, 191i. 

rA'y'.l'^wilr'^A^^ ^ ^ ^■■Mw^y l ^u^ ^ r^w^vAwsr^yA^i^,7^!^w■v ^ l ' ^'■^^ 



100 acres, about 16 miles from Victoria, 30 acres of alder 
bottom, balance timbered. Price, per acre, on tfJiirj 
eaay terms «|pOv/ 

Goldstream District 

187 acres can be bought on easy terms at, per 
acre < 

Goldstream District 

640 acres, large amount nf good land. Some splendid redar 
and fir. On the 11-mlle circle. Price, on easy C2,S 
terms, i)er acre • 'V ^ *-^ 

Gordon Head ^ ^IgiiM- Sliawnigan District 

7 and 7-10 acres, close to sea, high and elegant vlf^'i'?^^ 160 acres with frontage on KoksHah river. All <Cqr¥^^'^ 

^i ffil^and and Investment 

#24 ©e^^RNMENT STREET - - 


ifii i 'H ii r i i'n 




PHONE 125 

Splenidid Close-In Values 

View Street, 60x120, just east of Blanchard Avenue, small 
revenue. Very easy terms. Pirk-e per front foot $500 

Fort Street, the northeast eorner of Vancouver street, GO x 112 
and good house, well rented; good terms. l^vUi^i^,p(^i^ front 

. . '^^^" »pobb 

Qve, i r'1 fciwrjui 

P R 

Phone 1076 ' , , P. O. Box 428 

Fire Insurance Written Money to Loa*. 1112 Broad Street., 

Member Victoria Keal Esmte £xch|nge Ay 









H i llfa i l 

V"v; '■??■;; y 

Are Y ou U>oKm8r tor ijow^i^m^t 

Acreage? Tliea Read Tbi»* r .| 



:? ft ■ * 


lo Wanti « pi^f Xcre "Mi^ a biew^^tt^^ 


We have nearly half an acre on a corner in Gak Bay,- W Works ff^rf^c^s and thre^ miiiutes from Oakl^^^^guti- 
ful beach, very nicely fenced and covered with beautiful trees. The house has jus^ been coippleteil. It €ms\stS>'(it'0^^^^Gp- 
arate toilets and bath, separate toilet and also laundry tubs in the cement floored basement, which is fitted for garage, furnace, 
etc. The rooms are panelled, have beam ceilings, bookcases, buffet, fireplaces, cosy corners^: hardwood floors, etc. rmeljalcoriy 
at both front and rear. ' .l." \ 



P<ic@ $1^500 


With $3,000 cash, balance i, 2 and 3 years. Call ihd kftis sliow you this beautiful house this morning. 


This beautiful residential sub- 
division in Cadboro Bay District, 
next door to the famous "UP- 
LANDS," has no equals at any- 
thing: like the prices asked. 
Commands wonderful view of 
E?ay, Gulf and Mountains, as well 
as of surrounding property, in- 
cluding "UPLANDS." 

Til* Haw Straet Car Xilna -WIU 
B« Buxmlnr Early ITazt Montli 

Values will surely go higher right 
away. The chance you have now 
will be gon<! then. See "HIGH- 
LANDS" and pick out a lot right 
now, today. 


One-tenth caeh, one-tenth quar- 
terly. One-fifth cash. 6, 12, 18, 
24 and 30 months. One-quarter 
cash, 1, 2, 3 years. 

Buy One XOW. 

Benson* Winslow 

Fhon* ai54 laoa Souglaa Straat 

UP round 1^-=^ ,,.e-cUy »- ^''^^, .;o« 
nine '"'^'V';°pJfWraU^'^y/^;,»>,« 

price ana ^^'^^^^on* ^^MnK V>''^>* ^° 
district »*^ *'^ , K^ery^*"'"^ thousi^'l 

^ commoHUy .^^, •^•' /tor the"**' 

th« "«*5!- ^^^ — 

(From Sunday Colonist of 24th Inst.) 

Cons«rvattve buyers looklngr for low-priced acreage should arrange with us 
to see the property adjacent to Luxton Station on the C. N. Railway, within 
the elsht-mlle circle of the city. 

Leonard, Reid & Go. 

4X0-1-2 Teniberton Bldg. 

Fhones 345 and 231. 

Owing to increase of business we have been 
obliged to move to more commodious offices, and 
can now be found at address given below. We 
extend our hearty thanks to our patrons^ and 
friends who have created this increase of business, 
and are now in better shape than ever to attend to 
.^i^thing/af all in our line. Note the address. 

Wni. Duntord & Son, Ltd. 

Investment Specialists 311 Union Bank J3uilding 

Real Estate. Loans. 

Insurance — Livestock (a specialty), fire, life, acci- 
dent and health. 

A Natural Point 
for Business 

ON n(>l.'(;i..\S 8TREKT 

At the Junction of Curnslde and 
Dunedln. adjoining the Fire Hall; 
SOxHO feet; ?27,000, or will sell 30 


For »9,R00 

This will bo on.v of the Ijest busi- 
ness locations In Victoria. 


no Pemberton »Iork. 

Phone 2801. 

Oak Bay— Below Market Value 

Victoria and McNeil, 50 x 102 $1,575 

Victoria Avenue, between Saratoga and McNeil Spl,475 

These Are Positively Snaps 

■ay-wara Block. Orouna Floor, 

nioii* 2S64. 


24 Vi ACRES 

Subdivided Into s|x pieces of about 
four acres each. For sale on bloc or 
In subdivided portions. Rl^ht-ot-way 
to water. 

E\a & Stewart 

Phone S314. 

Hamler Ilullcllnff. 

SB-Acre, IIlKhly Improved 


About ten acres In bearing fruit — 
apple, ))enr, cherT. strawberry, 
raspberry, currnnt. etc. 21 acres 
cultlvr.led. Modern six-roomed house, 
chicken houses and all outbuildlnas. 
To be colli as n Rolng concern with 
stock and all Implements. 

Thl.i property Is situated on a Rood 
road, close to Victoria, 6 minutes 
from store. Htullon and public tele- 
phone. There Is good water on th« 


Price ?18,500 

Quarter cash and balancs spread 
over three years. 


1007 Oov«rnment St Phone 86 

The One 

Best Buy 
0. HAL T & CO. 

George M. Watt 

Real K,»tnte. 
Room n. Prcinils Ulk., 10O8 (lort. .St. 
P. O. Box 310. Phone 3210. 

Consider These Two Bny» 

St. l-ttwrence and .MirhiirRn Corner, 

with new house. ^i cash, 1, :, 3 
yearn. Trice SO. 000 

.Money In This, niiyinff Now 
Ontnrli, and St. Ijj-.vrenoe, onf block 
from d.iiks, 6lxl:;0. \i cajih, 1 and 

L' .veiirs. I'rlce 90,!IOO 

This l,>t is away below other offer- 
InKs near the dockn. 


Men/.lew, one block from O. P. R. 
dixks. with now house, opposite 
ParllBmenl bulldinKs. 60x120. H 
cash. 1, ;;. 3 years. Tiloo . .$20,000 

This liil It or*- block from C, P. H. 
»200,000 block. 


Unequalled offerings In these districts 

Two Miles 


1.11 acres. 6 goixl .slieltered bays, 
deep water, magnificent sub- 
division. Four miles' from Nan- station. 

Price ^145 per Acre 

Third cash, balance 1 and 2 years 

kobcrt I" VMKty 



^ ' 'iiii i ilyitt: ' 

48x109 each, next to Douglas street, two minutes from car, 

. $6500 

on terms. 

A. von Girsew^ald 

Real Estate, Cor. Fort and Quadra Streets 

Phone 2926 P. O. Box 900 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 

Waterfront Homesite 

A large, beautiful lot, fronting on the water at Shoal Bay. 
Price $4200 


118-119 Pemberton Block 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 


Teaming Business of 6 
liDrscs, etc., and 7-roomed 
lunise, hatidy for town. 

A. Toller & Co. 

604 Yates Street 

III iiiiii i ii i I >/■, . „i 




We Want Your Listings 

Victoria Home Purchase 
> Society ■■ 

Room 33, Brown Block 

Broad Street 



Ready-to-Earn Farm 

160 acre« at Albernl: all good bottom land; 30 to 40 acres clenred 
and cultivated; good house and outbulldlnRs; two streams on property; 
16 to 20 head of stock; one of the best farms In this district, wher« 
values are rapidly lncrefi.-»ln6c. 

PXXOE f 18,000, OH TZKXS. 

C. F. de Sails, Roberts & Co.. Ltd. 

Haynea Blk., Fort street. 

Phone ihH 

A Cosy Six-Roomed 

Overlooking tlie Gorge waters and near tlie recreation parks. 
Commands an excellent view of the surrounding district. Is 
nicely designed, modern in every detail and two blocks from 
the carline. 

Price on Terms, $5250 


Further Fartionlara Gladly Given on Bequest 


Phone 3308 

Merchants' Bank Building 


And only a quarter of a mile from the Victoria & Sidnev Rail- 
way Station and the B.C. Electric Car Line. 
Practically cleared, beautiful, level land, fine soil. Will sub- 
subdivide nicely into any sized blocks. 

For Price and Terms Apply to 


101-2 Pemberton Block, Victoria, B.C. 
P.O. Box 575 Phone i38t 


Semi- Business Snap 

/ox 1 20, with 8-roomed house, close to corner Government 
and Bay Street. In line for immediate development. 
Excellent terms. Price .,^8500 


Phpat 3<H xtia.DiouglM St. 





A Double Corner on Burn- 
side road, high and well 


Listen — This property is 
107x147 feet, is semi-busi- 
ness and the price is greatly 
below value. 


232 Pemberton Bldg. 

A Lovely Lot 

Close to 

Portage Inlet 

Nicely treed, beautiful view 
across the water. 220K 
170x79x64. The size of 
two lots. $300 cash. 
Price 91200 

Hampton Road and Orillia 
— 4 Lots. This is a good 
builder's buy. Price, each 

Grubb & Letts 

ao5-3o6 Central Building 
BroftdStrc«t ^ 




' :l 

Fricjay, Novcr-!h^ 2?. 191: 



Bradley-Dyne, Union 


' The Bradley-Dyne subdivision at Union Bay contains some of the choicest acre residential 
sites on the whole vSaanich Peninsula. It commmands an unrivalled view of the sea, stretching 
right up to Cowichan Bay and Sansum Narrows. 

Good roads are being put in, so that each lot can be reached without any inconvenience by 

Compared with surrounding values, the prices are low. 

Call at our office for plan and price list. 

R. S. 

Phone 30 

?? -i, 

r/F' ^: 



I40i«l|^?i^^^ gstltc ExchMige 



\: t> -tf iW mutt ft ffood-Blsad, oomfortaM* bcnna, I«^ m alMW yo« onr 
Jioaaa on Moiit«r«y ftvenae, Oak Bay, wUoh w» ar» now flaishlnr* 

W« guarantee the materials to be the best of their kind, atid the 
■llflfftiaiprtlP \9 H P" F>o^ " "^t better, than a»y«? Victoria. ^Jhere 

jrWlaaiBrtlP \9 P^ P" RO^ki, » not De»er. inan any .n y"'^"'- J'"- 
, Ift k ftnlrilMa baaement with ample head room, concrete rioor. aervanis 
' V yttOfn., toilet, washtubii. and furnace. 

' iit<(mi^t TJavr-r^lOLrge hall, den, dining room and drawing room. 

TSflW Tboiaa are beauUf ully panelled and have hardwood floora. • Kltehen 

jM|ff*'-y r^^^H ana vftrnnda. geveral plecca of boUt'ln furniture. 

'4 S" if^»^ riooBr*-Four bedrooma. ijathroom, and large balcony, 

I •|^',/l»rice $8000 on Term^/br $7500 All Casft^ :^ 

Morris & towards, Building & Investment Co. 

Phone 3074 313 Sayward Block 

City Agents for Los Angeles Fire Insurance. 

Good Ways 


V U 

A Good Business Buv 
While It Is Open 

But It Won't Be Open for Long 

View street, close to 
Quadra, 60x120. Rev- 
enue producing. Price 
for quick sale, $20,000. 
Why not call or phone 

..Agreements for Sale Discounted. 



M«mb«r8 VlctoHa Stodc Bxchangre '^ 
Members Victoria Real&sUte Exchange 

Doiiglas and View Streets. ; Pbone 7W 



The finest waterfront lots on the Peninsula. Splendid 
anchorage for launches and boats. Unrivaled salmon trolling 
in season. The nearest point to Salt Spring Island, Cowi- 
chan, Maple Bay and Croflon. 

Prices arc below market value in this subdivision as an 
inducement to settlers to buy. 


See Plan and Price Lists at our office. 

1 "J '/•aJ^ito.'i* 


. ■fiSitates'^pet. 
Written ■ 

'■¥■ } '• 


' »»it« ' 

\ .:.■ ■■jiiiiiii ic^ 

Shawnigan District 

100 acres, one-third of a mile from Shawnigan Station. 

Will make ten good ten-acre fruit farms, with southern sloge 
and easily cleared. 



Price $6000.00 

$1500 Cash, Balance Over 3 Years 


Phone 2613 

li^;K649 FORT SXREE1* ^ 



Saanich Acreage 

43 acres, half cleared, 9 miles 
from city on main West Saan- 
ich road, 10-mlnute walk from 
B. C. Electric cars. Good spring 
water, first class fruit and 
truck garden land. 

FRXC£ $425 

per acre", 1-4 cash, balance ov«r 
four years. 

12 acres, 8 acres under cultiva- 
tion, 9 miles from city, main 
Kast Saanich road, 5-roomed 
house, barni cV.lcken houses, 200 
fruit trees, bearing. Bounded 
by two main road", overlook- 
ing Straits. 

paxes $12,000 

1-4 cash, terms over three years. 



Phone 1094 


302 Pemberton Building 

CHOICE CORNER on Dallas Rd. ami Welllngrton Ave., aizo 60x122.6. »1.000 
cash, balance over two years. This Is a choice location and a splendid buy 
at the price. Act quickly If Interested.- Price ,. .J5,000 

WilLMER ST.. RICH.MONI> PARK — Lot 50x150 to a 20 tl. lane. $600 cash, 
b.ilance G, U'. l.S months. Price fl^nOO 

GORGE WATERFRON'T — tx)t 70x183: beautiful situation. J600 cash, balance 
arranged. Price $2,000 

ARTISTIC BUNGALOW — All convenlpnces, large lot. fruit trees, near JublUi.! 
Hospital, three mlnutf-s from OBr. Prlcp. on easy terms $13,000 


709 Fort Street Phone 3415 

Semi-Business Corner 

Hdwp and May Stri ets, 100x110. This corner, with 110 feet on the car tine, 
win soon be wnntt'd fur i.tjr;s and aiiarlmi>nt8, as the district la building up 
rapldjy. For the Invpstor It Iihs a large speculative value, as this class of prop- 
erty Is sure to be wanted In tlie near future. Here Is your chnnce!! 

Price $5,000 on Good Terms 


1201 Broad Street. Corner of View. 

Topp Ave. 

Near Cadboro Bay Rnad and 
racetrack. Clear of rock and 
an excellent site for a home. 


$B00 CMh, Bal. Inside 4 Years 

Cameron Investment 
& Securities Co., Ltd. 

Phdn* S760 eiS Troi^nce Ave. 

I I lil ■ III I I 

Omhnni Street, near Quadra — 7- 
roonied house, 1 1-1! Htorey.-!, 
beanifd celling, panelled walls, 
modern. $750 cash, hat. ar- 
ranged. This l.s a snap for 

Queen's Avenue, opposite city 
park — 7-roomed house, mod- 
ern. Terms arranged. ..$7850 

Pendergast Street — 6 rooms, 
1 l-'Z storeys, modern. $2000 
cash, balance In 1 and 2 vears. 
Price 15500 

Edgeware Road — 5-room«d 
house, new, modern. $650 cash, 
hg»*ance $100 every 3 months. 
Price 13000 

Linden Avenue — 50x106 ...|2025 


■■■J^MMMMMSMMiMiaawll'-llll-l'l I 

A bca^utiful large lot.ipsx 
92x172. Lies high, ovcrt^dk- 

Jflg-. wa! gy- O^^W M ?^ * . 
some trees." ' f-/- ' -■,^i"<'^- 

$1900, i-^CASii 
A fine'JM^Oomed house in 
Fairfield. All modern con- 
veniences and good garage. 

$6850, ON TERMS 
Money to toan 

— , ™« — 'raaifc: — ■ — > — — ■ — .ivw,,. -jMrnA^ •-— — -r— — ' ", mp ^ — ' -j wt B ' " ■w ntf' ii "— ■■■ " ■ ■■■-■■-'■■ ■ ■ — 

Road^C!|[o$e ;f9 ' Jiv f^ 




& Co. 

1 2 10 Broad Street 



LinkIfflK)Mffi&enue, close to 
CcnTral— I lot. $1425 

Beach Drive-»-2 lots, extra 
large. Each $2500 

Wellington Avenue, close to 


643 View Street 
Phone 2307 



35x120, between Cook and 
Vancouver Streets — 7- 
roomed house. Cash 1-3, 
bal. 6, 12, 18, 24. Price 

Abbott St Sutherland 

WM. LOCKE, Msrr. 

« and fi Orwn Blork, 1218 Broad St. 
riione S24a. Opposite Colonlut Office. 


Rents Collected 
Estates Managed 
,1205 Broad Street '' 


Real Estate, Financial and Insurance A^ent 
Manager Branch Of/ice Great West Lifa 

Mortgages and 

Loans Arranged 

Phone 65 

lii t l l ^t l I | l I lll|l|WI 


fcfiVf .^i. 

PPpi)| l'i ff 'i W-"i 

>-.*?.* *JmBJ»J«-«I 


33^ Acres at Gordon Head, beautifully situated between the 
road and the sea. 



Memhcr.s of the \''ictorii Real Estate Exchange 

100a Brokd Str««t. TletorU, 3L O. 

New 6-Roomcd Dwelling, modern. Easy terms. $500 cash, 

balance monthly pay mentsi- Price $4750 

^'*: Large Lot, 60x1 Jfe|||^rookc Street. Price- $1900 

Duchess Street, :^i^^xi20. Price .$2O00 

Stannard Avenuei I lot, $0X120. Price $1600 

George Street, I lot, 50x120. 'Price .... $1800 

Roseberry, close to Haultain, lot ....... ... . . . . . ..... $1400 

Roscbcrry, close to Haultain, lot -■^.|iMi^^^^^|>>*« ♦ •^-'^'^^^ 
Glasgow Avenue, Quadra Heights, Tot !r;'., .'. $1600 

McPherson & Fullerion Bros. 

614 View Street Central Building Phone 1888 

Just Finished 

Brnutlfully Dullt S-Roonied BaDKR- 

low— Mixlprn In pvpry detail; cx- 
mirnt lianPinent, piped for fiirnncn, 
cokl alnraRe, ji'enty of cupbi-inrds, 
open flrpplacn and bearadd cplUnit 
In MvInK room; quite close to two 
car linos; act (julokly. TermH JTfiO 
cash, balance a* rent. Price |I4,000 

C. M. Blandy 

rhone 2(t55. 

820 Sarvrard Black 

House Snap 

Hollywood Craaoant 

New. six roomn, full cement 
ba-spment, with furnace and all 
modprn i-onvenlpnces. HeaUy to 
step Into, two minutes from car. 

FKXCB 93600 

Cash 1600, balance to Hult pur- 

Godwin & McKay 

The House Men 

T«l t71S 

6X0 Tatet Stnct 

Cheapest Buy 
in Oak Bay 

Comer I.ot on TTat«l Street, 4 7x1 10. 

Tf^rms 1-3 ca«h. balance 6, 12. 18 
month*. Price »1.460 

Gordon Burdick 

020 Pemberton Bid*- 

Phone tSM. 


NMne lots, with magnificent vIpav 
of Straits, for $700 

Two "ots, wlthlti 3-4 mile of 
wharf, with good view. . . .$900 

We have this for this week 
only at Huch a low price. 


RCom tl, 1006 Oovernment St. 

Foul Bay 

We can deliver five lots, each 
50 by 140, on Crescent road, 
overlooking Foul Bay, close to 
Foul Bay road 

At «1,7B0 aaoh 
On easy terms. 


Aoom 10, WAbjon Blf^k 
r. O. »ox 780. Fhen* llir 


Price Still $ioo Per Foot 

If not sold immediately, 

price will be raised. 

Paul Edmonds 

Vbotk* MB 
W« w* utm to «ar a*w otOmt, 
Mi-iM 9omtm mdtat. Tort WaraM 


Near Pleasant Av>enue, lot 44ft. 
xl20ft. to lane. 

F»IOX 91 750 

Terms, 1-2 cash. 
f7000 to loan at current rates on 
Improved proi>«rt.v. 

Herman Erb 

416 Central B!dg. Phone 2002 

Furnished 7-roomed house to 

let, close in, $60 per month. 

To reliable party onJy. 

Dalby & Lawson 

y 615 Fort Street. 


Houses and Bungalows 

Ko. X201 — Elsht rooms, new and modern, in Fairfield district $5,8«0 

No. 1088 — Elyht rooms, hot water hsat, hardwood floors, In Oak Bay ....97,000 
No. 1458 — A. five-roomed butiBalow, l)elwo9n Fort and Oak Ba- car lines . .94,180 

No. 1228 — A five-room bungalow tind attic. In Burn^de district 9*,1IM> 

No. 1196 — A Blx-roomed bungalow In James Bay district 98t8M 

No. 1252 — A,.. seven- roomed bungalow In Fairfield district 91.000 


Real Estate and Investments — -Insufance 
Rooms 5-7-9-1 1 Mahon Building, Victoria, B.C. Phone 1462 

New 7-Roomed House 



Phone lets. 

fV. T. Wllllanis 

Alblo n Johns 

ISO Pemberton BnUdlns. 
Sydney C. Thon»«B 

Best Hotel Buy 

We have a fine hotel proponUlon. located Inside city limit*, rlfht la th« 
heart of the ureatent Industrial developments now being proceeded With. The 
hotel stands on half an nore of lard, with 384 feet of street front&ceii ahd on 
car line. The price Includes licence, furniture and fittings complat*. *Uo th« 

PRICE 9ZS.000 

Splendid terms on this. 


Phone 1400. 

•Of Breorhtea St 

Monterey Avenue, 55x110. Terms. Price. . .$1,500 


Two-acre lots, close in, $60 cash, balance $io month. 
No interest, 'no taxes. Each ■; .^00 


The Nechaco Valley Land Co., LtA 

732 Fort Street, Milne Block. 




BumciUow, n«w, '4 room^ bMh and 
pantry, > on lot lOxlM ft., eloa* to 
car. (too oaali, Mlaiw« to •rraMr*. 
Prlo* fS^M 

Twm FrtB tt rntt 
oireio, QioM to ^ _ 

Ptioo OOAh , 

raoNK nn 

Fred PattonA Co. » 


■.iir-\irlk'l>.» . ''A&:'Si,.-Jit:ir£. 

i;/r»-<>^,'^r^;j. «ai4«iHafficS8JM5f''-'. •'^■•-i-i 




Friday, November 29, 191k 




Tlctorltt Hunt Club — The iiiaet of ihu Vic- 
toria Hunt I'lut) will lake pUce at the 
Wlllowa hulel t<)riu>rrow uftaruouu, iii :;.30 

Women's Aixilllary — The Colunihla IJlo- 
<<»8ari Womfii'B Auxiliary to MIbbIuiis will 
liolU their board ineetliiK In St. .IoIiu'h 
m-hoolroom, ilerald street, at 21.30 u'tluuk 
tills aftiriioon. 

Xlilrteen Club— The n'.fmbers of the Thir- 
teen Cluli. win hold a BOf.lal and damn in 
the A. O. F. hall. Hroad strei-t. thin nvBnlng 
at 8.30 o'l-iock. A ■pl>?inJlil prograniuiB of 
dances liaa been arranK^'d. 

8t. Loke'K Churcli Hazaur — A «al«i of work 
will be held u.>duy at a In the jiarlHh 
hall oX St. Luke's church, Cadar Hill. In 
the eve.'lng- at 8.15 a concert will be lieUI, 
the proceeds of' both concert and sale being 
devoted townrds church expenava. 

Debating Soolrty — The usual weekly 
nicotlnsr of the Victoria DcbaLints Society 
will bo held In the K. of P, hull this 
evening at eight ' o'clock. Mr. McArthur, 
who has spent many years In China, will 
Introduce a discussion on "Thq Comliitj 
World Power." All arc Invited to attend. 

Guest Day at Victoria Club — Today will 
ho observed ns the nxonthly guest day iit 
the Victoria Women's Club, and this even- 
ing, from 8 to 10.30, a social and dance 
^vlll bo held wht&h promise to be moat en- 
joyable. The annual meeting and general 
election of officers and executive will be 
held next S'rlday, December 5.. 1||;iii^*!afe 
' Juvenile Good Templars' 1jt|ff Qiiii i ii 
Mary Temple, No. 17, for Juvenile members 
111 connection with Victoria Lodge Xo. Ht 
-will be reopened aaraln. raovtisc }|» St. 9*t- 
nabas schoolroom, corner of'^CMll 4lMi*t aMjW 
Caledonia avenue, thlf •V«Uli(^ tfWa T to ^ 
p m. Old membeni<^IM('<IMft| ^ftsim 4e*lrous 
of Joining th» 9rMr fM fXtV^^MJIJP. tfiyttlKI V> 
Attend. 1 

rxtlltt .tlwtowr** P«y Barv teM T omorrow. 

ii*i| « >m»> w *, f tm> ff I I iii i ii^^n<B»wnwi< 

m f m Jyir^ytMt or at. Andrew, which 1» 
ifdl day Appointed by th« Anglican obnrch 
tbroughont tlie world •• a day of loter- 
( ission on, })tj»m^9l vtMona, tl»» (oUnrtpg 

ciMices im^imitk^%ta^ Cbrlat Jtmfok 
cuhrdr ui:' ^Mwy mmimuiiiuii. " 7 a; n i: -'» B a' » 
a 1.1 , matlna and Intercession, 10 a.m., and Intercession, B.IC' p.m. 

Sale of Work — The annual sale of work of 
the Catheiirai Junior W. A. will b? opened 
by the Very Rev: the Dean of Columbia at 
3 p.m. next Tuesday, in the schoolroom. 
There will be l'' > usual fancy Avorlt and 
candy stalls, besides an Orange tree for the 
children. Tea will be served during the 
afternoon. In the evening an' entertainment 
will be given by some of the pupils of St. 
(jporge's schooj. 

Chureii of Our I.<iril — Tlic Ihiiiy .msIuIi 
anniversary services oi the Ohunrh of Our 
I-ord are to be held on Sunday and the 
churchwardens have Issued u circular and 
appeal In' connection therewith. The choir 
has prepared music suitable for the 
occasion. The Rev. T. W. Gladstone will 
preach special sermons, and will read a 
letter to the congregation from the Ht. 
Kov. Bishop Cridge. 

Rt. 'Ann'H Academy Enfertulnnicnt^ — The 
entertainment to be given tliLs evening by 
the pupils of St. Ann's academy promises 
to bo as usual a. most en.ioyable affair. 
Few amateur performances given In the city 
excel those given by the students of the 
convent, who, moreover, are very materially 
helped by having at their dlnposal a splen- 
did auditorium. Among the feattfres of this 
evening's programme will he scenes from 
the life of Christopher Columbus, the great 
CTatholIc explorer, which will be glveiv in 
the costume of the period. At the close of 
the entertainnient a sale of work, including 
articles of needlework and hand-painted 
rhlna will be hold. 


Xxceoded Speed Iiliplt — For exceed- 
iii]? the speed limit, J. -E.— Hi n ton was 
lined $20 in the rolicc court yesterday. 

Special Services Tomorrow — Tomor- 
row being the Feaat .of St. Andrew, 
tlicre will bo an early celebration at 
S a. m., at St. Barnabas' church, and 
ovensoiig and an uddrosa by the rec» 
tor. Rev. 32. G. MiUer, at 7.30. At the 
close of this service the parochial 
branch of the Brotherhood of St. An- 
drew wfil bold thilr nnniKiI meeting'. 

St. Barnabaa' Sale Ended — ^Tho Work- 
ing Women's socletipB of St. Barnabas' 
church concluded their annual sale last 
ovenlns, when an Informal concert was 
held. Some clever conjuring was also 
done during the ev<?nlng by Mr. Davis, 
which was grontly enjoyed, especially 
by the many young people pre.sent. It 
la expected that the societies will re- 
nli7.e about $HO(l t\.Fi a result of the fwils. 

On Visit to CTblna — Mr. Ijlm Bang, 
manegi-r of tlio Government street 
branch of the Bank of Vancouver, left 
yesterday on the. Bmpres.s of India on 
an extended trip to China, accompa- 
nied by his wife and family. Whlls 
tho trip la ■ primarily one of pleasure, 
Mr. Lira Bang will, while In China, 

ing and Publlshlnr Company, hw.. Uni- 
versal Wine Company, f«(rt., ^uncouver 
Cut GlasH Company, Ltd.;. 1lf#i(tfem Can- 
n'T.s Ltd., Whiteomn A.''jnM^hMIV 1<I4* 
i:.^'i8tration aa '" AU -■m^tlimi^^ 
company \\wa)'00^iKlpmKt»& -e#-'^'''lW» ' 

lard ,Dx-op.J^(iirs« Contpftny. 

it Of OlOM «x 

&EV. J. A. 'V7t}OD 

Tiev. J. A. Wood is pastor of tho 
Victoria Wesrt: Methodist church. The 
congregation moves Into a n«w place 
of worship which will be dedicated on 
Sunday, tho .services to be conducted 
by Rev. Dr. Oiown, general superin- 
tendent of tho Methodist church. The 
upper picture shows the new church 
building, which Is at tho corner of Mac- 
phersoii and Russell streets. 

visit the bank's agencies and ^tudy the 
altered conditions In his native land 
since his visit there eight years 
ago. He will be there during the el«c- 
tlon of president and'sentatives 
under the recently established repub- 
lic. A number of his friends were at 
tho steamer to wish him farewell. 

SXayor's Supporters Org-anlze — To- 
morrow evening supporters of Mayor 
Bcckwlth will meet In the Fort build- 
ing, 1119 Fort street, to further com- 
plete organization and prepare for the 
forthcoming mayoralty election. A 
meeting was held on Wednesday even- 
ing when the preliminary arrangements 
were discussed. Committees will be 
struck and an early start on active 
work on behalf of His Worship's can- 
didature will be made. 

Compatties Incorporated — Certificates 
of incorporation have been issued to 
Barrl e Land Company, Ltd.. Builders' 
Supply Company, Ltd., Cariboo Power 
Company, Ltd., Fa.rmers' International 
Loan Company, Ltd., Forest Mills of 
British Columbia, Ltd., Franco-English 
DellcatesBon Company, Ltd., Gold Se- 
curities, Ltd., Great West Lithograph 
Company., Ltd., Hosmer Liquor Com- 
pany Ltd.. Tndepondexit Secnirltles, Ltd., 
Lamb Lumber Company. Ltd., Martins, 
Ltd., Mount Ida Mining and Development 
Company, Ltd., Oyerseas SecurUlos 
Ltd.. Pacific Coast Packing Company, 
l..ld.. Pill Box I>rug Stores Ltd., Ruther- 
ford Drug Company, Ltd., Sidney Prlnt- 

thei[»Ri session 'Of the Dominion Parlia- 
ment a movement was starteii In 0^.t»'«:j^ 

to secure land grants f^^Ji^^'jnto^,^^^ 
served In the North west 'i |||i| ^tia^TOtl!6*' 
; during tho rebcllioa itf , j^lB. It was 
pointed out that www w* militiamen 
who took part In the'rebelllon were re- 
warded with grants of land, the men 
j who did similar duty In the mounted 
I police got no such recotrnitlon. This was 
I felt to be an injustice, and a national 
movement has now been started to 
rectify It. A meeting of the residents 
of Victoria, who are oualifled, will be 
h^ld within a few days to discuss how 
they can join in this movement to se- 
ture tardy recognition of their aervlccs. 
Motor Car Renders Service — The 
keen anxiety of a motorman on an Es- 
ciulmalt car to get off on the exact 
minute as prescribed by the schedule 
as the starting time for the outward 
bound car resulted Iri the car leaving 
Government street at 11 o'clock last 
night minus the conductor. The latter 
was returning from tho company's 
ticket office across the road when the 
car started. The conductor made a 
valiant attempt to get aboard but he 
was was too late by a second. His 
shrill whistles and the fast sprint he 
made failed to retard the progress of 
the car which steadily forged ahead 
but the driver of a passing motor car 
eame to his aid and picking him up 
speeded after the street car Jiiat dis- 
appearing around tho bend at qprmor- 
ant street. Last se«n the street car 
was gather ing s pef d but the motor ce.£ 
with the conductor was gaining.,.' 

Hospital W. A. aieeting — The regular 
monthly meeting qf the Woman's At^x- 
Illary of tho Provincial Royal .Juliilee 
Hospital was held In the Board of 
Trade rooms, Bastion Square, on Tues- 
day last at 2. SO p. m. Mrs. Rhodes, 
the president, was In the chair, and 
eleven other members were present. A 
report of tho recent linen shower was 
read ,and hearty thanks expressed to 
all who donated linen or money. 
Thanks were also tendered to those 
who so promptly responded when It be- 
came known that there was a scarcity 
of dressing gowns and slippers for the 
mall? patients. Mueh satisfaction was 
felt at the result of .Madame Labadle's 
recital, the very gratifying sum of 
$378 having been received by _ the 
Woman's Auxiliary as their share of 
the proceeds of this entertainment. The 
usual grant of $50 was made for the 
Cbrl.stmas .shopping, and a purchasing 
committee, consisting of Mrs. Plggott 
nnd Mrs. Andrew Wright was ap- 
I)olnted to supply Christmas cheer to 
the wards. The public Is reminded 
that- holly, Ivy, and other ever.grcens 
for decoration will be gladly received 
at the hospital during the week pre- 
ceding Clirlstmas. 

Furniture Bargains 


We are showing a splendid array of Bargains in Furniture for the house — not a large stock 
of high-priced articles, but goods well made and moderately priced. We aim to please those 
to whom every dollar counts, and our guarantee "Goods as represented or money refunded," 
protects our customers absolutely. We invite you to inspect our stock and compare values 
and prices. You are welcome, whether you intend to purchase now or later. Ten per cent dis- 
count allowed off regular prices for spot cash. Free city delivery. 


A neat Secretary in Imper- 
ial .surface gfoldcii oak, quar- 
ter cut grain. Encl(3,^ed 
pigeon holes and drawer 
with lock beneath. 


Many other designs in stock 

Carpets and 

See our .splendid stock of 
Carpet Squares and Hearth 
Rug.s, We have them in a 
great variety of sizes and 
patterns at tne most reason- 
able prices in town. Fine 
line of carpet .samples at 
remnant prices. 


We show a fine slock of 
Tables, Buffets and Chairs. 

A neat 6-ft. Extension Table 
ill goUlen finish, only S^7.65 

Surface Golden Oak Dining 
Chairs, per set of 6, ^12. 15 



1420 Douglas Street "The Better Value Store" Near City Hail 


"Where Life's Worth Wh 

A Delightful Homesite 

Splendid Bathing Beach 

A^toh pass ^Qgstrtfent 

Tftk« a rtjap of Victoria and go WT lt^f«i and friiii'lop to bottom and see if you can place 

you f flngW 6tt a alnfele su Bdm siott a»jaW1^ tft€ Ci|^ hall as "Ocean Bfe|^^| i fcg p^ 
Ifycl. firelWrained homesites with rfchi fockless'sotl,rli'rSplendi#^^^^^^ and city, with a 

leri s^rt';lii#i.iljfe'f^^ and safe, with Uoatiug and canoeing ^ttBJJi^led, at even double 

^jivestment "Ocean Beach" is as safe and assuring as ^ny property in or near A^ictoria. Tt will 
alw^iys'W' preferred residential property of the best type and, as the settlement of the city increases, it will 
continue to be in greater and greater demand, with correspondingly high rises in values. 

Whether you want a lot to build a home on or just for an investment with assurance of a good ''turn- 
over," you cannot go wrong in buying in "OCEAN BEACH," 

"Ocean Beach" is on 
Royal Arm. The .trans- 
portation facilities even 
now are good, but in a 
short time when the gov- 
ernment road is com- 
' pleted and a ferry service 
is installed they will be' 
much better. The Wjiter- 
front lots fa.(;e ^; wide 
boulevard', with the fa- 
mous sand spit, which 
skirts the Esquimalt La- 
goon, and along which 
the Belmont road will 
be constructed, running 
right into the property. 
The beach is reserved for 
all property owners in 

the subdivision. It is a 
superb washed sand 
beach slanting gradually 
into calm salt water, and 
])rotected from all pre- 
vaiHng winds. As a 
bathing beach it has no 
equal in British Colum- 

Plenty of pure, cold 
water for all residents 
from the famous Col- 
wood Springs, nine of 
wliich are on the prop- 
cM'ty. Shade trees are 
plentiful, and the soil is 
fleep, rich loam, ideal for 
q;-ardens and lawns or for 



•. jV^ '^f/VlKtfA^ f^i^ 



614 View Street, Victoria, B.C. 

Please let mc have full details of your 
"Ocean Reach" property, without obligating 
me in any manner. 


Address • • • 

Lots in Half Acres td 4 Acres 
on Any Terms to Suit You 

$1,500 to $4,000 

Phone or call for an appointment- 
Motors at your service at any time. 
Do yourself the justice of seeing 
the lots. 


Sole Agents 

614 View St., Central Bid^. 

Phone 1888 



imMiimiittii^ili 'Ti I ■• • '•;' ■■ ■^t.-.v^-v';; w;^. .■tvni..nilai^iM^a! 

FTrlday, Novemb«r 2«, 191? 




Great Fleet of Warships Were 
Gathering at Yol<oharTia 
When Osaka Shosen Kaisha 
Vessel Sailed, 



More Cargo Landed Here Than 
for Sound Ports, Consign- 
ment of Wheat , 
mm the Fat^yt*' 

i» l I I I I l i l t * r ; 

le steam«r Seattte Mafn, of' 

passengers. Bmpcror yo»hIWto *n*; 
tl.a Outer w>iirt3r^ter<lay, left Yoko- 
}iania on NTo^vnilb*^ 14 a flMt' of Japa*' 
nese warships tbtalUllff 113 ve^fela <tff ; 
4 3 3.8 5 s tons, which ■;1>»d beeii en«ase<l; 
in maiiippf^ off the island coast for 
^'ii^^&..:!i!^ll^ltiikr.m.tri a9»9inbllng at VoHo- 
'i'-^ivm:!mF^.$tpSi- MvJI«W to' be helrl 
iowtes day, and jttaousanda 
BVf rpm all parts of. J#pan. 
ad gueetB were Invited 
t" 1ft BW |it»a r| il, ■o m e o f th e w af e htp a 
und a number of Uners — some 200 
.steamers having 1>eei> accorded permls- 
Hion to bo outside the breakwater with 
passengers., Emperor Yoshihlto and 
many officials 'Were ~tO" attend: m-~ 
eluded in the fleet assembling for thp 
r, view were 13 bi^ttlOBl)i]>s, 26 crulnera, 
and magy gunboats, B 8 destroyers, H 
torpedo boats, 3 submarines aiBd H 

The Seattle Maru, Captain "Sal to, had 
n .stormy passage across the Pacific, 
and on Monday and Tuesday last a 
hurricane prevailed, the vessel making 
slow progress. She labored heavily, 
making many seas, the decks heins 
awash continually. Strong Winds and 
heavy seas prevailed until the day be- 
fore the .steamer reached port. Captain 
Salto reported that the outbound steam- 
ers suffered eeverely, the Chicago Maru 
helng flooded and had considerable 
(laniase to her house and upper works, 
all the doors being torn off on the 
starboard side and the cabins flooded, 
most Cargo for Here. 

.More farjju "'us landed at Victoria 
by the Seattle Maru than she carried 
'if'or TacOma. where the Japanese llns 
connects with the Chicago. Milwaukee 
& Puget Sound railroad, with which it 
)ia.s a traffic agreement. Here 1215 
tons was landed, and for Tacoma and 
overland points the steamer brought 
10! I tons and had 263 tons for Seattle. 
t'.insidera.l)le of the freight landed ijcro 
i for distribution from Victoria over. 
Ill C. P..'n. system, and will be car- 
rS'd to Vancouver by the C. P. R. 
fvieamers. Included among the , shlp- 
ment.^ landed here were 13,461 boxes Of 
Japancbo oranges, 'JIIOT mats of rice, 
IfiSV rolls of matting, 50 casks of bean 
oil, and the usual consignments of 
-sake, soy, mlso, and Chinese and Japa- 
nese provlaiorys. the Importations of 
which are very heavy owing to the ap- 
proach of the great Chinese holiday— 
the New Year. " The largest shipment 
for Tacoma, was on© of 16,297 boxes of 
orangos. The silk shipment totalled 
79 bales. 

An Odd Shipment. 

A unique .sliipment in the Tacoma 
cargo was one of 400 sacks. of wheat. 
Little could be learned regarding this, 
but It was understood that It was sam- 
ple grain from Manchuria shipped by 
a Japanese firm. There was also a 
shipment of 400 boxes of Manila cigars. 

There were 9S paaseng(!rs on board, 
all steerage. Of these 19 Japanese and 
37 Chinese disembarked i.ere and 33 
Japanese and spven Russians were en 
route to the United States. The steam- 
er Is expected to complete discharging 
tomorrow and will proceed to Tacoma. 



irorwagiau Bank Sues for Recovery of 
930,000 Draft Cashed for Owners 

SEATTLE, Wash.. Nov. 28.— On tlie 
oumplalnt of Den Norske Credit Bank, 
of Christlania, Norway, the whaling 
Hteamslilp Admlralen. now at the plant 
of the Commercial Boiler Works. In tln' 
East waterway, yesterday was attaclied 
On a claim for $30,000. Eight thousand 
barrels of wliale oil are stutod to be In- 
cluded in the steani.siilp's cargo. The 
action was taken In tlie suprrlor court 
yesterday and was directed against Lar 
Christienscn and thi> Alaxka Whaling 

It Is chargt'il in tlie complaint that 
Chrlstiensen save a draft on the whal- 
ing company for $30,000, whlcli was ac- 
cepted hy tlu- latter on ninety days' 
sight, on August 20. pfiyaldo In New 
York. On November 18, it Is charged, 
the draft was presented for payment, 
and paVment was refused. Tlie court Is 
asked for a Judffment for $30,000 and 

The Admlralen arrived In Seattle 
November 3 from the Alaska whaling 
Krounds, where slie spent the summer. 
'^~« vessel was operated from Akutan 
liarbor and sailed from that port for 
Seattl'.' on October 2,T with lier wliale oil 
cargo. The Admlralen is equipped with 
the latest appliances for taking care of 
the products of the industry. 

ri-^-^'^*^/'-^^i>:^-< 'r^^'^ati^ 


■ »v i,t,: m«p ii ^M 

Nlobe, In coxa§0llf^6t Commander Macdonald, will le^qflf HMIfax shortly for the United Kl;^«|«j;jj 
dom. Th« CanatiHMUl -#ruIsor"t^ 1)^n for some months undergoing repairs which are nearly complete at Iw^'sa 
Nova Scotia port^lUHl 4be cruiser will voyage across the Atlantic. The trip Is 'being madb for the purpose of 
rteruttbur men Mi,^ vttafil and tar a ,|«. C. 8. Rainbow, ttw othir v««sel of tbo Cftnadian navy, stationed 

;'? ■* - - . - . ; <gt laqulraalt , . ■ 

. «■ . ' ■( ' "■, " ' 

i.iiHl I 


■I pill 


II I i | i,i i i i «i i^ j' ii| W i . i |j »» j i^ iu ii 



•^UtlOB* SoltaaM <tf BtpnliUoM iVov* 

•ntment to Spread Biuiinoss off 

Sblpplngr Vnder China's riaff 

The Chinese goT«rnm«nt ha« aeveral 
ambitious plans under «(ay for the ex- 

Coals at Seattle, 

The steamer Auch'Cndole left Van- 
'■iouver early last night for Seattle to 
coal. After coaling she proceeds to 
Portland to take a cargo of lumber to 
Sydney, Auftralla. K. W. Jjeach, rep- 
resenting the American Trading Com- 
pany, 'id'ho liave chartered the steamer. 
Joined the boat In Vancouver on Wed- 

John Stewart, of Stark's Crossing:, 
Is the newly chosen president of the 
Nanainlo Farmers' Institute. 

wna i SH o r CBincga B Hipping ii n w. a 

transpacific being Included among the 
proposals. FojF the purpose of strength- 
ening the China Merchants' Steam Navl- 
gatlon Com pany agai nst the «»ippetl- 
tlon oit other lines. It ft undefsfooaTSSr 
the phltMse government proposes to 
eom« to :|]U asststanice -bfy the grant of 
a subsi'dy. isifficlent to feTrlhg' the an- 
nual dividend up to ten per cent should 
the. profits not be large enough. Ami 
alternative suggestion, now under obn- 
Blderatlon, Is that' the authorities at 
Pckin should help the company by plac- 
ing a higher tonnage tax on all ships 
flying foreign flags that are engaged 
in the coastal trade of China. More- 
over, special rights may also be given 
to it, such, for instance, as the exclu- 
sive right to transport coal from Chi-* 
nese mines and "tribute rice." In this 
way the company's business would be 
improved and extended. 

Another proposal which, according to 
all accounts. Is . meeting with a good 
deal of support Is that the government 
should advance a sum of money with- 
out Interest to the company under cer- 
tain conditions. The opening of the 
Panama canal. It Is pc^nted out, mufet 
have an Important effect on ocean 
freights, and should Justify at least one 
Chinese shipping company In carrying 
on trade through the waterway. To 
assist the China Merchantj-s' Company 
to do so, It Is suggested that four or 
six modern liners should be ordered 
from a British firm, one-fourth of the 
total coat to be paid when the contract 
Is dlgfled, one-tourth at the time of de- 
livery, and the balance by five yearly 
Installments. In this connection, th« 
first payment should be made by the 
government, and returned by the com- 
pany at the end of ten years, while 
the vessels would be at the di.sposal of 
the army and navy authorities when 
required for transportation pftrposes. 


(By Government Wlrelew) 
8 a.m. 

Point Groy — Cloudy; calm; 30.0-'; <0. 
I'rlncess Beatrice left Vancouver 11 

Capo Lazo— Cloudy; calm; 30.23; 81; «e* 

TatooBh— Clear; N. 3 miles; 30.27; 45; sea 
smooth, out;. 7.30 u.m.. U. 8. S. Nebraska. 

Pachena— Clear; calm; 30.0S; 3«; «ca 

Estevan — Clear; calm; 30.07; 40; sea 

Triangle— >i'a8»ing shonors; H. W. ; 2!i.B1; 
40. SpoUe U. .S. P. trnnaport Dlx 1.30 a.m.. 
l.usllloii 41.12 N.. 151.14 \V. 

Ikeda — Drizzling; S. W.; 23.60; 41; sea 

I'rlnce Rupert — PaaBlng showBrs; hall; 
S. B. ; 29.90; 40; sea moderate. 

Duad Tree Point— Overcast; S. \V.; sc.i 


Point Grey — Foggy; calm; 30.03; 43. Out. 
.s. S. Empress of India. 10 a.m. 

Cape Lnzo — Clear; calm;- 30.20; 60. Spoke 
!^. S. * I'rlncess Beatrice, Campbell UIvlt. 
northbound; 8. S. Henrietta abeam, norlb- 
iMiund; S. S. Uolaura with tow abeam U 
a.m.. northbound; S. S. Princess Maiy. 
Union 13ay. 

Tatoosh — Cloudy; N. E. » miles; 30.27; 
15. Out, ship VerclnKetonlx, i a.m. in, 
a. S. Tricolor. 11.30 a.m. 

Paolicija — Clear; calm; 

Kstcvan— Cloudy; calm; 

Triauglu— Cloudy; .S, E. 

rkcda — Overcast; calm; 
smooth. Spoke S.* fl. guaUra, 16 'miles from 
Ikeda, 10 a.m., southbound. 
a p.m. 

I'olnl Grey — H.izy; calm; 30.06; 42. 

i:apo I^io— Overcast; calm; 30.07; SB; .lea 
smooth. Krclarht Hti'H,ncr abp.-Mn noilhbound 
2.45 p.m. 

Tatoosh— Cloudy; wmd S. 2 miles; 30.17; 
43; sea modiTato. In. steamer Bessie 
Dollar, 2 30 p.m. In. stpamer Guernsey, 
2.45 p.m. Bark I..ord Templeton, 3.30 p.m. 
Out, HiHlsh •loop-of-war, 4.4B p.m. in, 
I'lly of I'uobla. due Victoria »..10 p.m. 

Pachena — (."oudy; S. E. ; 30.01; 89; light 
sivell. Spoke Tees 4.30 p.m.. due Victoria 
3 a.m. 

rCstevan — Halny: .=1. E. ; 29.92; 47; sea 

Triangle — Rain; S. R. ; 29 22; 40; sea mod- 
erate. 2.55 p.m., spoke Prlncp.i.! Deatrlce. 
northbound, off Pine island. 

Ilteda — llaln; H. E.; 29.49; 41; sen mod- 
erate. Quadra anchored for night at Ikeda. 

Prince Rupert — Raining; H. B. ; 29.68; 19; 
sea moderate. Cnmosun out 12.3S p.m.; 
freight ste.imer out through Seymour Nar- 
roms 2.50 p.m. 

Dead Tree Point — Cloudy; 8. R. strong; 
sea moderate. 



30; sea 
45; sou 
4S; sua 

29.8ft 46; sea 

Za Business at ■ydnsy. 

Mr. John Baxter, formerly a purser 
on the Union 9. S. Company's bosts, 
who left Vancouver for Australia Isst 
spring. Is now engaged in the shipping 
business In Sydney. His father was 
for many years collector of customs 
for the port ot Sydney. 

H. M. S. Algerlne steamed f totn JBs- 
aulmalt yesterday morning on an .::«** 
tended cruise to the South Seas, which 
will Involve an absence from port ot 
185 days. For two years the Islands 
of the southern Pacific have not (been 
visited by a warship. Last yeai?! the 
Shearwater, which was to have made 
the calls; broke down oft the Meaclcan 
coast and, with her tallshaft gone, WM 
towed to San Francisco by H. M. S. 

Commander Brooker, In comrnand of 
the Algerlne, for many days before the 
departure of the sloop-of-war had been 
receiving on board parcels of clothing, 
books, furniture and various things for 
the residents of Pltcalrn Island to 
whom the visit of the Algerlne will 
be a red-letter day in their otherwise 
lonely existence. 

The Algerlne will proceed to Cali- 
fornia ports, calling at San Diego and 
Santa Barbara, where the residents 
usually entertain the visiting sailor- 
men, and will then proceed to Mexico. 
Guatamala and other Central American 
ports, calls being made at the Gala- 
pagos Islands and Cocos Island — scene 
of the search by many expeditions for 
the burled millions supposed to have 
been hidden there by the crew of the 
Nova Scotia hark Mary Dea which 
sailed away with statues of gold and 
sliver and other treasures from the 
cathedrals and mansions of Lima when 
Peru was warring with Chill. 
Scene of Tragedy. 

Galapagos Island was the scene of 
a tragedy a few years ago which cost 
the life of a Victorian. Mr. Jeffs, ot 
this city, was a member of the crew 
of the Norwegian bark Alexander, 
abandoned near there and wandered 
away from the other survivors. Search 
was made in vain for him by several 
warships. Hrltish and American, one 
of the cruisers being detached from 
Admiral Jt:v!in.s' fleet to search when 
the late admiral's suuadron cruised 
around the continent a few years ago. 

From Central America the Algerlne 
will voyaye to Chilian ports and after 
a call at Valraral.''o will start out into 
the Pacific to Chrl.stmas, Fanning. 
Washington, Penrhyn, Malvern, and 
other Isles. ' 

Will Visit Easter. 

One of the most interesting of the 
visits win be to lonely Kaster Isle, 
which lies 2300 miles from any shore, 
and here the landing party will prob- 
ably meet an expedlllon which went 
recently from Plymouth to seek to solve 
the greatest riddle of the Pacific — the 
orlcrln of thi» lost races who set up the 
.^lKantIc statues and built the stone 
temples which are .<ieen on varimi.f 
parts of the Island. 

The sloop-of-war Is expected back at 
Escjuimalt ^bout the middle of May. 
H. M. 9,. Shearwater, which has been 
recommlssloned at Ksciuimalt, a now 
complement of 78 officers and men 
.lolnlnjr the vessel, will shortly follow 
the Algerlne south. The Shearwater 
will make, the coast cruise, extending 
her trip to Aoapulco, and will return 
to ICsfiuImalt In 'January. 



B. 1C. a. r. Co.. Canard, 7. 8b O., BrltUdi 
India, aafl Farnsss Wltby ZOum 
, to Atnalgamaf In Oomlilaa 

LOJtTDON, Nov. 88.->It to asserted 
with great circumstantiality In London 
fluau i ulsl tlf el * b that — p r elliMi t ia ^ y it fr 
BotlatloDS ha<e b-vu complete! t.- form 
th« greatest shipplntr combine the 
world has «ver seen, one which In po^nt 
of tonnagb, capitalisation and resottr- 


Canadian-Australian Line Will 
Order Anotlier Modern Liner. 
Union Company Studying 
Diesel Engine. 

Sloop-of-War Will Make Visits 
to Many Interesting Isles of 

thn PflPlflr Rrhw thn I infl: 1°' tonn^ gb. capitalisation and resour- I should greatly liyreftg <| t^» prtjM . « 

To Return Next May, 

Buys Fnre Bred Stock 

EDMONTON, Altja,, Nov. 28. — One 
hundred nn<l Ave head of pure bred and 
grade Shorthorn and Tlolslein ciittle, 
raised In Ontario have been purchased 
by Hon. Duncan Marshall, minister of 
agriculture for Alberta. In an effort to 
improve the dairy Industry of the prov- 
ince. There are 28 head of milking 
Shorthorn cows and a bull in the first 
shipment. Most of the cows are wide- 
ly known In the enst on account of 
their milking records and they will be 
sent to the provincial demonstration 
farms. Mr, Marshall also bought n 
car of sheep and swine, wlvtch will bo 
distributed among broedors in Alberta. 

Oood Burhy Playst. 

Not many local shipping men are 
aware that Mr. J. C. Irons, manager In 
British Columbia for the Canadian- 
Australian line, was one of the best 
Rugby footballers In New Zealand. 

ZiOBsdals St BaaalxBo. 

The steamer Lonsdale left Vancouver 
early this morning for Nanalmo to 
take on coal. Af»"r coaling she will 
proceed to Portland to load flour for 
th« Orl«a^ 

International Uricaiatlle Uarina. 

The cotDpanles pooling th«lr jUDltierfBfftii 
itre the Cunard. * Peninsular <knd Orl* 
ehtal. Royal Mull Steam. Packet Com- 
pany, British India Steam Navlgatlpn 
C»Hii>a.ny and Furness "Withy & Co. 

The Cunard' has a car-ltal of JIO,- 
000,000 and a fleet of thirty-one steam- 
ships Including ^ the Lusltana and the 

The Peninsular and Oriental, the 
most famous of the lines In the East- 
ern and Australian trade, has a capl' 
tal of $17,500,000. and sixty-tour ships. 
The British India Steam Navigation 
Company has a capital, of ?.S, 500,000 
and 12» steamships. 

The Royal Mall Steam Packet Com- 
pany, which recently absorbed, the 
Union Castle Company, the premier 
South African line, and the Pacific 
Steamship Company of South America, 
has a capital of $60,000,000 and 129 

Furness, Withy & Co. have a capital 
of $17,500,000 and sixty- three steam- 

These figures of capital represent 
only the par value of the stock the 
market value at this moment being 
enormously greater. 

The i^^^^^ this great combination 
Is Sir ^iilw'siphllllps, who In the last 
few years has burst Into prominence 
and rtiade himself the greatest ship- 
ping magnate In the world, He Js the 
son of a Welsh parson. Thirty years 
ago he bcKan life ns a clerk In a ship- 
ping office in Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

.\ second liner of the type of the 
.XUigara. which Is btdng conii.^h''ted on 
the Clyde for the Union Steamship 
C'onipany of New Zealand. Is to be built 
for the Canadian-Australian line to 
take the place of the Marama. small- 
est of the three Uners In this trade. 
The Marama will be placed In the Inter- 
colonial trade between Australia and 
New^ Zealand. , The decision ' to con- 

npu'nced*y sir James Mills, managing 
director , of the Union company. The 
yk|K« aa old oil burner and wlU 
T^ni* tiu*io»v»t Yainpouyer and Hono- 

- Aj^ .rjiiWtlatiiiir Item oi Jnfornwfctlbii, * 
ireoelvea from sun atithor^tative soureo 
by The Colonist, is to th« effect that 
ths Union Steamship Company ot New 
Zealand, Is closely afhdylng the devel- 
opment ot internal-combustion engines 
ot th« Polar-Diesel tyi>e: nid the an- 
Rouncement is Wade that the oonstroo- 
tlon of an experljnental^lifp. e<ittlpped 
with oil bamers,is n<>w being seriously 

Christmas in Britain 




wuBldtirwl. ' ' ' 

The question ot oil tu«I is a highly 
Important one. It has been .contended 
that it tbe number ot motor Ships 
shou ld greatly incref iasj, , tjfp . pr iw . «t 



O. p. B. Xiiner left the Outer Wharf 

Testerday One Day Behind IHer 

Schedule "With Big Cargo 

A day late, the R. yi. s. Empress of 
India. Captain Halley, of the C. P. R., 
left the Outer wharf yesterday after- 
noon for Hongkong and way ports In 
the Far Enst. with a small complement 
of saloon and 350 Chinese steerage 
passengers and a cargo of 3.S00 tons 
of freight. Including flour, condensed 
mllfc. maohlner.v, lumber, fish, nine 
carloads of cigarettes, etc. The delay 
of the white liner was due to the ves- 
sel being held at Vancouver to await 
the coming ot the overseas malls, 
which were delayed In crossing the 

Tho saloon list was as follows: n. 
Krome, Mr. Greenburg, II. D. Hasgarva, 
D. E. Haste. Mr. and Mrs. Leggott. 
MlB.g A. H. Lagan. A. MIchlp. A. 
Stephens. ML-^s C. y{. Stcplipu.':. Mr. and 
Mds. R. G. Monro. Mr. and Mrs. Cliarles 
Sykes, B. H. Sykes, Mls.i C. Margaret 
Sykes, E. E. Thoma.s, Mr. Wai-erhouse 
and Captain C. Watson. 


Revenue Cutter "Was I.Mt Ve»«el to 

Xi«ave the Arctic Point — Ice Was 


The United States revenue cutter 
Hear, has arrived In Seattle from th^ 
Far North. The Hear was the Inst 
vessel to leave Nome this year, steam- 
lUK from tJie Bering .sea port November 
5. She brought five prisoners from 
Nome, to be turned over to the federal 
authorities, and nine ntlurs who luid 
henn dl.scliarged. 

Tho night before the Bear steamed 
from tho roadstead at Nome thin Ice 
wa.s forming around the vessel and 
there was considerable snow on the 
ground ashore. In August, the Boar 
made one voyage to Point Barrow, 
where she remained three days. 

After remninlng at Seattle ahout three 
diiys the Bear will go to San Diego, 
her winter station. 

rormsr ShlpuiAtas. 

Captain Durden, the popular master 
nf the slenmer Strathdene. was at one 
timo a shipmate of f^nptnln H. L.. 
Allen, of the Blue Eunnel liner Tal- 
thyblus. In those days Captain Dur- 
den was third officer on the NIng 
Chow. In the China sc.-is, .and Captain- 
Allen was the second mate. Captain 
Allen's hobby is dogs, on which sub- 
ject he 1« an authority. 

Ximnhe* for Tljl. 

The Amerlcin schooner Phllllplne, 
Captain Svenson. (eft for Suv,* t^'^ 

Vancouver yesterday. 
000 feet of lumber 

She takes 8&0,- 

sive, 'This, accbriSiiltg tb *ttw Lbridon 
Syren and Shipping, is an erroneous 
hypothesis.' Probably the quantity of 
undiscovered oil Is much greater than 
that of unmlned coal. But this is not 
necessary, as the consumption of oil 
engines, of the Diesel type, power for 
power, Is but one-fourth that of coal. 
In Iflll, Messrs. Fried. Krupp built 
a fourteen thousand ton DIesel-englned 
tank' ship. She is a twin-screw boat 
and her main propelling machinery 
consists of two slx-cyllnder Krupp- 
Qermanla engines of the Diesel type. A 
concern that has done much to assure 
the future of the Diesel ships Is the 
Aktiebolaget Biesels Motorer. of Stock- 

The Union corhpany was one of the 
first great corporations to adopt the 
Parsons turbine; so It would not be at 
all surprising If the construction of a 
ship efiulpped with Internal-combustion 
engines were to be undertaken by that 
company at a very early date. 


steam Schooner From Tacoma Seachea 
. Ban Francisco With HemrUns 

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Nov. 28.-^- 
The steam schooner Thomas I.i. Waud ar- 
rived here yesterday from Tacoma with 
the body of Julius Fisher, a seaman, 
who was fatally Injured by falling from 
the top of the mainmast to the deck. 

Captain J. Peterson crowded on full 
steam In an effort to reach San Fran- 
cisco and medical attention before his 
death, but he succumbed an hour after 
his fall. 



BY Til 10 


(17.000 TD.N'.S) 

Leaving San Francisco Feb. 6 

visit fnmiiiis CltlM und Countries nn n 

p.Tlnllnl sIo.Tmslii[> wliU-ti •tervi-s Ds .vnur 
liiilpl. Utitj- luxury niid ronifnrt IjihuilhI. 

no DAYS— $650 and up 

fnrltHlInp nil ni'rpussrj oxpontton nflnnt nnd 
flslKtti'. rnllwriy. rurrln;:i'R. liolclw. (thIiIi-h, 
fo)'s ; «No raltronil fiirpM to hikI ttoux your 

Oihrr rr^$inrtt In t\r Orirnt. thn West 

frtilirf, Pftnnma Caniil. Italy and Egypt, etc, 

Writr for iUunt'-atrd booklet. 


«I-'ir» U'way, y. y„ or local nurentn 




via Port Angeles and Port 

Daylight Service 
Fast Steel Steamship 



Leaves Victoria at 11.00 a. m.. 
Dally, Except Sunday, from Can- 
adian I'aclflc Dock. Returning, 
leaves Steltle. Dally. Except 
Sunday, at 12.30 a. m. 

B. S. BX.ACX'WOOD, Agent. 
Tel. 456. 1234 Oovemment Bt. 


For San 


From V ictorSa. >■ ii.m. every VVcUuomliiy, 
B.S. UMAT1I.I..A ur MX i UF PUEllLA. and 
10 a.m. every Friday (rom Sesltle, 8.8. 

For Southeaiitern Al««lta, Nov. 17. IS.. 
Dec. 11. 31. a 8. SPOKA.VB or CITV OK 
SEATTLE le«v«» Semttle St 9 a. m. 

Ocean and rail ticket* to New York an4 
all other cUUi via San FrancUoo. 

Frelsht and Ticket Offices. 1117 Wharf 
• treet. 

R. P. RtTHKT * CO.. Oenerai Agents. 
CtAVnr. A. 80I.I.V. l>Ma«<nv«v AipM*, 
.. UMf3 UoTcrnment street. 




The Most Convenient Port for Canadian Passengers 

S.S. "Laureiitic," to Liverpool December 7 

3.S. ".Ausonia," to London December 7 

S.S. "Scandinavian," to Glasgow December 12 

S.S. "Tentonic," to Liverpool December 14 

Through I urist Cars via Montreal to DocR 

Embark on arrival. No hotel or transfer expenses. 


S.S. "Celtic," to Ouccn.stuvvn and, Liver pool .. December 5 
S,S, "C-edric," to Queenstowii ^^l^i^irerpool . • December 12 
3,S. "Oceanic," to Southamptoii' ';f. . . . . . . .^. ^ December 14 

S,^.'"Caronia," tpLiveo^pQ.! ..,>..*...•.••..• December 14 
1$£^*'U&nretania^flM&mppt>^' 'v^^:i\ December 17 

:ylSp0^^Mt^ and S^re::Cltt#!i||w*|^^ 

. C^fl<lcV.W($«ff m^t, faciagr. Cottjrtney St. Telephone 1242 

ii i ii « | -| i Mhririir: i - rj i - m i tl^ nun I I 1 I I I i iliM "^Nllii. ' -^ll 

1 1 i i iii muj iii iw i "f ii in i Ni»iii ) i. ii »iw i iL i I ll 1 4 I ll ' I I' ll I I ' ll II i w i ii iiii jjj'; 

!aitadiin Factfl 


:.1d Me 


'<*,?> \; . ,'■ 

Travel In tbmfort and ease in one of our Specfal Through 
TouiLst Sleeping- Cars, which leave Vancouver on ihe Imper- 
ial Limited, 7.45 p.m., December 7, connecting at West St. 
John with Empress of Britain and Grampian, sailing Decem- 
ber 13, after arrival of above special sleepers. I have still a 
few vacancies left. Secure yours before all are taken. 

No hotel expenses or baggage transfer. 

Write or call on 

_ L. D. CHETHAM. City Passenger Agent 
1102 Government Street 

■.;*iSMiSii/....:^ipgjjgj.a^l Agency .Ml .\tlantic Lines 

WALTHAM Riverside 



Every civilized country sings the 
praises of the Waltham Riverside. 
For a full generation this famous movement 
has been trusted and respected in every 
part of the world. Its reliability is never 

A Riverside is a splendid investment for lady or 
gentleman. It gives a better return, dollar for dollar, 
than any other watch and depreciates less in value 
with the years. It is a timepiece to be handed 
down from generation to generation. It is made in 
17 and 19 jewel grades — carefully timed and 
adjusted at the factory. Priced at $40 and up, 
according to the grade of movement.and quality 
of case. Sold by all Jewelers. 

"It's Time You OnneJa Waltham " 

%., ^ArALTHAM WATCH COMPANY, Montreal, Canada 




ost Delicious 






■lOHBST AfVAKD-ST. lOCIS, !»•«. 

8«I<1 oaily In Lead PaekeU. By aU «rMS«M. 


One Man's, Youth's 
or Boy's Suit / .*. 
A Trunk or Valise 

Arthur Holmes 

1314 Broad Street, Duck Block 


avT or 

Port Angeles 

Only Kood, dfwlrable properties 
handled. I have »ome good bar- 
ealns. See me before buying. 


1014 BroaA ■«.. Vambartoa Slook 

Est&blish«d 1890 


Quality and Quantity la Ottr 

Hall & Walker 

tfffta aoY«nuMa« n. 


w( Mn «' < — M ' j iWi iw B WXBi Of-* 

»MtMV4l<Mha<*> W mj *** " ^ lW MWW myn ^ WWai*lll i K M Iw l o ■ .- .i^ 

.■.■wWflK.tJatfiyjfNIbl'^ITWK^p**,: pi^ 



Friday, Nov«mb«r 2S, 1912 



Dr. Washington Gladden Lec- 
tures on Ideal State for 
Mankind. Discusses Plen- 
ary Politics, 

Or. WashlriKton Gladden, pastor of 
the IHrst Congregational Church of 
Columbus, O.. the author of nearly 100 
books atid brochures on relijjloua and 
•SDclal topics and one of tlic foremost 
J'rotestaiit clergymen of the coun*^ry, 
delivered an address before th* stu-' 
dents of Stanford university the other 
day. He took for his subject "Plane- 
tary Politics," suggested by an anony- 
mous volume lecetitly published In 
Groat Brlttiin under the tl,tle of "The 
Great Analysis." 

In his address, Dr. Gladden -Httjiirfl'' 
H wide pcrspectlvQ and ono thatj ft0t^ 
I > raced the idea of one commonwealth 
Ji>r the cnith. lie pointed QUt that we 
are by no m«ana ready ti ^ , | (i Wm» » Wttb 
Hhe organization of this nntvei^aal eOBV* 
monweelth, but that It Is proper to aet 
our best wlts to' discover by analysis 
tlie elein«nt« ot Which the world ards# 

for the inigtity nyntbesls that muat 

follow. , ,r • - — 

"It Is bticamliit mora and more evi- 
dent th4i^';^;,#^d.{8. deatiAaa to' be 

"The ends ot the earth are dr»«l^. to- 

Ki^x\^^:.;-Mat0i. acroiw the l^Qttlp. It Is 
only iitHf«»f*;%ay t« .tha ,ltoher shore, 

<xrid the antipodal: ;. ^:;;»tojf, l>elithbors. 

Neighborhood i%.1ia%.ti^ 4i»^^ for wMch 
there are no boundaries but the gre«t 
olrcles. Who Is my nelehborT 1 heat- 
)iim hailing mc from Nova Zembla and 
New Zeiiland. from Manchuria and 
Zululand. Tlio physical barriers are 
down; geogTaphlcallyi, the univer-sa) 
commonwealth Is a conceivable fact. 
"What is jmore important. It begins 

to look as though the time were near 
when a world-wide oo-operatlon would 
be not only poasible, but necessary for 
the supply of human needs. Svery civ- 
lUaed nation liuu a direct and vital In- 
tsrest In the productive Industries of 
the whole world." 

Dr. Gladden said that In investlgat- 
Inir and measuring the resources of the 
earth In preparing for the universal 
oonimanwealth. wo would be brought 
Into the preienpe of some stubborn 
facts. He said: 

"First — The fact of race will con- 
front ua. We are studying to bring 
all the peoples of the world Into friend- 
ly co-oporatlon. In that vast synthesis 
what shall we do with the races? Shall 
wa preserve and develop their racial 
peculiarities, or shall we blend them 
In composite humanity? There Is some- 
tlilng to be said on both sides. Wo 
haven't got to settle It offhand; we 
can wait. This world study may make 
tlie matter clearer. 

"We would not think It desirable to 
merse the apple and the pear and tlie 
Siberian poar Into one kind of fruit, or 
to blend the mastiff and the collie and 
the setter Into one kind of 
there seems to me quite as 
IS for emphasizing and pre- 
le varieties of the human 

one's country has been supposed to im- 
ply a certain amount of hostility to 
other countries. 

"Look at the tremendous fact that 
out of $1,200,000,000, more or less, ap- 
propriated by each American cnngreas, 
more than $800,000,000 goes to pay for 
past ' or future wars. Seventy cents 
out of every dollar levied by our gov- 
ernment for direct or indirect taxes 
goes tor war expenses. It costs our 
government, every year, for past or 
future wars, more Llian the entire cost 
of the Panama canal. And all the 
great nations are carrying Just such a 
crushing load. 

"Th* world has begun to feel that 
war must come to an end; that tliere 
are no possible differences between 
peoples which cannot be settled far 
more Justly and far less expensively 
by arbitration than by war. We need 
a world order. We are all bound to- 
gether. Every nation, every tribe, has 
a stake In the whole planet." 



Ellis 'AsKmead-Bartlett, In a 

Dispatch to London Daily 

Telegraph Describes Rav- 
ages of Plague. 

aity of pMWtiAciMh t^« muiwMil Dttttr 

monweAl|b t« aUp«at unthlnlMli]a^tll« 

out a BftWa#i|l||. iMutttase, 4^1 4 WMfJ 

:h made •'P'_«»^ *^«^^w> maK be ready. |..a w»wa »Ml t «A|^«« Hll mm»&l)mmi»^ 

" ■"*" ^" "" " ba adopted tor world ««a mud ^ tli« 

dtkeni dlaearded. Bttt that fi'Ottt Vt 
the qoeatlon. 
"It ewMtot >• doa» *XA \t it could 

be done tt would be * crime to do tit 

JSaoh of the great lansuayea te ;« ffat 
clous herltag-e. 'To reduce «)^.i^|| hI 
orohestta to » fUitlt twitTHwiiC 

■»»■ ifmrn'^W^ift^iSi*'- 'that ■■'«*» ttrttffcliit' 
l*ttgU»«a, Jlkt.Bsperanto. might be con- 
structed which would become a medium 
of communication for all the peoples 
of the earth. 

"Third— Nationality is a more for- 
midable impediment. The sentiment of 
patrloti.'^m thus far In history has been 
a kiild of polarizing force. The love of 

ZTumber of Toung Entrants to the Pro- 
fession Has Steadily Declined 
in Xiondon 

L;ONDON, Nov. 28. — Complaints ooQ- 
'j^l^t^^ to be made here about the dearth 
gf'lHtrhers for elementary schools. The 
WUMaMl' 4ff }f|»ung entranta Vbi tl^» pro- 

m» yiMurrwMte it the bojm. 
tUclMi, tha ttumber hu daell 
Mt to SO^'ln alt Xiondon onljir ^Mrtr 
hoya oould ba cot thla year to aatar 
teaching aa a x»refa«aiOQ, The suh- 
oommlttoe of the Xtoadtan County. Coun- 
oU^ nrhleh raported on tkii ntftttnv M^ 
thirf o iii o a fc ut e g t» a d MMu e w aa j Im 

to th« uA^^oyed ki^ani* agltatltm 

^ a im if««ra-TMMfli, tat th*y tmmiO^ 

icid, tf «i»«i%9l#;:.iiloi|'.ot':it i^lm 

^ ^ " 'i^m^^M^- twpouK'i' ■ ^ch 

mmm ^UW -^lWiaHicrtJly been passing. 
The real reason li£||g*|^»j^'^4>ayv 
A married male ''WuSmt'^'ai'^, IKmiiAtm, 
with a family, has • a pretty tight 
.struggle unless he ekes out his salary 
by teaching in the evening schools, or 
doing other extra work. 

Don't miss the big dance at Soanlch- 
ton, Friday, November 29. ' • 

LONDON, Nov. 28.— Ellis Ashmcad- 
Bartlett. in a dispatch to The Daily Tel- 
egraph from Constantinople describing 
the terrible ravages of Asiatic cholera 
among the Turks says: 

"Every village throuph which I 
passed has its victims, every road over 
which the troops move to tlie front t.s 
marked by a trail of corpses or of men 
dyins: by the roadside. As there are 
no medical arrangements of any sort. It 
JH impossible to succOr and save any of 
those wretched victims of the war. 
• "Those wiio fell aie left to die where 
^^ '..?Wh ^ No pleading or pray, r < 
WHI ilMM^ibe living tonMae a heJplng 

tto aot ,' i*> , . 
^ "la t|}a. village «n which i- ihad ba«B 
ato^lBd a «(«» ttttmUfCtr of troopa hiUk 
^w ^finwifil, AM ^lera at mOf^ 
WBrt* «|it 4| aooii »» •>. vwo, W4|# 
•«i«^ «r nii^ ^MM thro^ ov«r tl^ 
back ot m, borpft oitrled outside the ouV 
aklru ot th« jtwwMui^ aim laid on the 
«rat |»«toh of j^iFti0)ia<t. there tudtc 

tr ma mpi^ j>ipi^g4y i>j>, b^tUy cover. 

^ "'"» "^ *Wi4li»o#>>o|'.e«th. TbefO 

ghaatly moniidii'lflt&ir^w^ 

^. "But. tbwjyil^i^lew ^ 

luges in _me:Jliii^mmim a#4«i ,pttla,4^ 

lie pleasant task of 

About a year ago we 

announced that we had deHber- 
ately entered into the task of building a 

ity at Coquitlam and proposed to carry that task through to suc- 
cess if we did not make a cent. 
So;..jiow that we have lately been calling your attention to the 
splendid manner in which COQUITLAM is making good, vou 
will doubtless pardon us if we briefly emphasize the fact that "the 
COQUITLAM TERMINAL COMPANY is making good, too, 
in a straightforward, faithful, solid and substantial manner. 



We paid ahoiit one-quarter of all the taxes in the whole municinalitv of Tn 

'"^'st'oTe: at'&q^^rt'r.''"'' '' ''' '''^' ^° '^''' ^ ^°^^' ^^ ^^^ty houses and 
Wc huve built between four and five miles of streets and sidewalks. 
We have built a large number of ditches and bridges.. 

^'^''san'd ToUars"''^'"'^ '" '"'"''"'.' '^''"'^^ ^^^^ ^^" ^°^^ ^^out thirty thou- 
We have put ten thousand dollars into a hydrographic survev of th. PJtt =.nH 

We have been the means of organizing or locating at Coquitlam several n„n 
nfactnring concerns, the farthest advanced of the larger ^ t?lTvi, ft' 
Coqnnlam Shipbuilding and Marine Railway ComplnjF';h°h'sPe id n^ 
:oX\"u',^cn!,g't';"hipr="^ °" '"= '''"' "-• ^' Coq^;,it,S:i^?e?a?at? 

We have now embarked upon a very costly campaign for the industrial nro 
mot.on of Conu.tlan,. and have not asked a sin'glc'lorporML; or ^dwS ^ 
that has interests there to contribute a cent 

Without bei-ng accused of unduly "blowing our horn/* may we not submit 
that the foregoing proves that the Coquitlam Terminal Company, as well 
as Coquitlam, is making good? ' ^ 

We can not give you all the details of the great forward movement at Coquit- 
lam during the last year in the limited space at our command here but if 
you get our beautiful new booklet, now in preparation, "Coquitlam, the In- 
dustrial City, as well as our other literature regarding the achievements 
of the past year, you will probably agree with us that it is easy to under- 
stand the high respect in which Coquitlam is now Tield by the more con- 
servative investing public. • 


Coquitlam Terminal Company Limited 

Owners of the Towiwite THEOPORE M. KNAPPEN, Manager 

549-553 OranviUe St., Vancouver, B.C. Loeal Office at Coquitlim 


together tnl^ ^^itfetpMiiim when, com- 
|>*r«4 ,tif4th the horror* ot Hadomkeul, 
the headQuarters of the army. It l8 
the men who went through the awful 
hardships and sufferings of the re- 
treat, who lived for ten days on green 
corn or scraps of offal plclted up as 
they marched, tliat yield the greatest 
number of victims to the altar of Asiat- 
ic cholera. 

"I never actually entered that vil- 
lage, because the sights I saw from 
the outside caused me to turn my 
head in the opposite ilirecliou and llUed 
me with a vague tenor I had never 
known before. 

"Three days ago I rode over the hlllB. 
. intending to visit Hademlt^ul. I mount- 
ed the last slope which hid the valley 
In which it lle.«, and then I was brouslu 
to a standstill by the awful babel of 
sounds which arose beneath me. 

"I looked more closely, and found i 
was gazing into a valley of the aiiadow 
of Death. There was the station of 
Hademkeul, and a train was at the sta- 
tion. It was delayed with wretched 
specimens of sick humanity sftektag to 
escape from the dread spectre. 

"The train was leaving for ConStan- 
tlnople.^and all who could crawl wen.^ 
endt avorlng to secure a place on It, hop- 
'■ - thus to reach a haven of rftfug«. 
wvre wounded, some down with 
dj o nlory, others with f.'ntepU;, others 
witli feellnjj the first -sput^ms of th«- 
scourge itself, otlicrs were merely sick 
at heart. Unable to stand longer th • 
constant strain of waiting for their 
natural deaths, all were trying to es- 

"In the centre of Haili'mk'n; lay a 
large square formed on one side by 
some barracks, on two others by lines 
of ho.spital tr-nts, on the fourth by the 1 
high road. This square resembled r • 
successful flypaper in midsummer — It j 
was covered with corpses of dead and ! 
writhing bodies of living in all atti- ! 
tudes, some prone, some sitting, som< 
Icnceling, some constantly shifting, 
some with hands clasped as if in s\ip- 

"In some parts of the area dead were 
piled In heaps, in others those still liv- 
ing were almost as closely packed, 

"This shocking lake of misery was 
being constantly fed by rivulets of 
stretcher bearers bringing in fresh 
victims from (he campa and forts, and 
by others who crawled in of their own 
accord, seeming to prefer to end their 
days in company with their fellow men, 
or else expocting to find succor or re- 
lease from tlveir immediate torment.-*. 

"All the track."? leading to this im- 
promptu morgue were dotted with the 
bodies of those who had died on the 
road. From time to time empty bul- 
lock wagons would pass through and 
the bodies of those in whom life was 
extinct would bo dumped Into them, 
carted out of th« village, and thrown 
into great pits, where sleep thousands 
of poor Asiatic peasants. 

"Hademkeul is the Immediate prize 
for which the armies of two nations 
are now engaged in deadly struggle." 


Boma ZMtalls of tba labretto hj ex- 

Orown Princeaa of »»xonj Have 

Zieaked Oat 

VIENNA, Nov. 28.— Some details of 
the libretto of the comic opera which 
the ex-Crown Princess of Saxony is 
writing In conjunction with her present 
husband have leaked out. She will 
play the leading part, Princess Flora, 
wife of a Crown Prl.nce, herself, It Is 
said. Her former husband, now Fred- 
erick of Saxony, GIron. and other men 
and women who hava figured in her 
life, are In the opera, too, very thinly 
disguised and easily recognizable. The 
first act represents the popular Ger- 
man festival called "Vogelshlessen," 
or the Wooden Bird; the second act 
takes place in a studio, while the third 
represents the gloomy reception room 
of A royal palace. This act Is entirely 
devoted to a satire of court jxersonasres 
and of court customs and morals. The 
opera will be produced In Paris and 
Rome. ■ - 

l.iutnaiMi Wool Meoa 

SYDNEY, N. a W., Nov. 28.— Not 
since the Bo»r war haire such prices 
been rea]lxi><t for greaay wool as those 
received In a aalo yeatei^aajr. when a 
large quantity of Ooetwlck oUpped 
super combing wool was purohaa«4 by 
a firm of French mills for elghteen- 
pence ana farthing per pound. 




rf.*,.*-. ;,.,,/ jj .,«»», <» ^.*i,.«l^,^,«.itJ „ 

.'^1W , MiiAm _ 

Bm 'SAL6 ' 

have horsMRS of all clasitfii for sale and are ready at all times to 

'^ fHf^ 10 l ltt < n # B^ -Jp>i|gChasers. It will pay you to see us 

ft pufcnasmg'. ' -*"'*' 



new and second-hatlll *l'Ul i'-iiUUble and single, for sale at 
reasonable rates — Farmers should see these, as they are suitable 
for light driving. 


Do you know that our Glass Front Carriages are at your disposal 
at $2.00 per hour 



If you wish, we can furnish a Victoria fit, per hour, $2.00 ; single 
hour, $2.50. These vehicles accommodate three persons and arc 
most suitable for ladies doing afternoon calling. 


Better Single or Double Traps cannot be found on the Pacific 
Coast. Single Horse and Trap — Morning, $2.50; Afternoon. 


We board your horse, look after your tra|) and harness — ^per 
month, $25.00. Our object is to please our patrons. We are re- 
sponsible to them as to safety, and damage done to furniture or 
goods. Our drivers, we believe, are civil and careful, and seldom 
knowingly overcharge. If by any chance a mistake occurs, come 
to the office or notify us aft once. In other words, give us an oppor- 
tunity to put right anything that displeases you. 


We are prepared to supply teams for Half a Day at $5.00, except- 
ing Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, when the charge will be, 
half a day, $7.50. For long distance, the office will 
furnish particulars. 


Furniture moving is an important undertaking. We have men who 
do nothing else. Our charges are— By the hour, $1.50. With an 
extra man to help the charges will be increased to $2.00 per hour. 


In this department prompt delivery is the important factor. If 
you are catching a steamer or train, you like to know that your 
luggage or packages will be at the wharf or station in good time to 
depart with you. What is more annoying than searching for your 
belongings a minute before your steamer sails or your train pulls 
out? This is offset by our claim checks. Our drivers check your 
baggage at your residence. You present the claim check to the 
baggage master— show your ticket — he then gives you the railway 
or steamer check, and that is all. You then go on your way rejoic- 
ing. If we cannot attend to your <jrder we tell you and thus avoid 


We have twenty-seven Express and Delivery Wagons. For the 
use of one of these we make a charge of — per hour, $1.00. 

Open Day and Night 

Telephone 129 



Friday, Nov«mi>«r 2vf, 1918 



TO COL m, M.\,0. 

Montreal Garrison Paid Tribute 
to Officer Coming to Victoria. 
All Corps Represented. Asks 
Support for His Successor. 


Colonel Alexandre Uoy, M. V. O., wli 
on Sunday next leaves Jlontreal to tiik 
up hib new iiost nt Victoria, IJ. C 
commanding offlcei- of the mllltla regi- 
ments In the British I'olumbla area, 
which Includes the forlltlcationH at Es- 
(juimalt, was last night tendered a din- 
ner at tfte Canada Club by the officers 
of th-e Montreal garrison upon the occa- 
sion of his leaving tlie post he )ius 80 
ably filled during the past few years 
a.s officer cou.ninndlng the Fourth Di- 
vision, S.MS Tlic :N(iM|M|Mk^i^G|Mi<ltttt - Of 
>"ovcnibiM il. ^^.i//^-' • ' ' 

One hundred -and «lf1^'1ti{» prenent 
at the dtaynnb, wMeii i««s <p>v%r at \\a.\» 
pa»t ten liHMil^"'tlM#*'l»*tet only three 
toasts on" tlie »«t Followtiig "The 
King," the toast of the suest of t»ie, 
evening, was proposed by Lleut.-Col.' 
A. B. Labelle. who tioted (w chairman, 
and WmIPm by ' Ueut-€ot. Carson, 
I'omiviKillr ot '^the £'tr»t Qrenaater 
GnatdH. 'B^fferencea wa* made by both 
officers to the lafse number of friends 
that the ^retiring commander had made 
tlurlng l)t» atay In the city, and the wJl- 
"Tlfignes a i y HB W HICn ' M Mtt Often hi' 
ronvenleiiced himself Jn order to ad visa 
the officers under him. showing com- 
m.ndablo ImpartU^tJ* 40 boti SAgltoil 
and Frenj ph/tttltee^, ;■,■■■., J . y,... 

Coloneftiltoy. In rJSpIy, touched on the 
pleasant afelatlons he had enjoyed dur- 
ing his 4>y in Montreal, the regret, he 
folt In leaving Ills friends, and made a 
utrong'appeal that the same measure of 
support woukl be accorded by the 
French of fleers of the division to his 
Hucccasqn Colonel Dennlson, of Halifax, 
an had been given to him during his 
term of office here. 

•riie toast. -The Staff,'- was proposal 
by Col. I.aRochelle, of the 85th Uegl- 
nrent,. an^,. seconded, by i^^^^ 
Col. Hoy's staff. The reglmi^nts re- 
presented' at the dinner Included the 1st 
Oren.Tilier Guards, 85th Regiment. GStli 
.Regimont, Victoria Rifles, 5th Uoyal 
ITIghhuiders of Canada, Army MeiUcul 
Corps, Arm.v Ordinance CorpK, 3rd and 
•Jlst Field naltory. nth DuUe of York's 
Muz7.ar3, 6tli r>uke of Connuughts, nnd 
Garrison Artillery. 

Those seated at the head table 
wbre: Col. Roy, I.,let.-Cpl. A. K La- 
holle, brisatlter of the Montreal regi- 
ments; Meut.-Col. Carson, l.-^t Gren- 
adier Guard.s; Col. Kngtlsli, Col. Fages 
nnd Major Mack, of Col. Roy's staff; 
7vieut.-Col. F. Mlnden Cole, R. O.; 
l.leut.-Col. James G. Ross, 5th Royal 
Highlanders of Canada; Lleut.-Col. 
Stewart; jof 4th Division staff: Lieut.- 
V'ol. Robert Starko, BrIgadier-MaJor 
ISih Urlgadp; Ueut.-Col. Lacey John- 
r;on. Heavy Brigade Garrison Artillery: 
I.leut.-Col. Rehouf, R. C; Lleut.-Co]. 
Mackay,' B. O.: Lieut.-Col. Riley, 17th 
7>iiko of York's Huzzars: l.,ieut.-Col. 
Hurland, R. 0.: Licut.-Col. Schneider, 
6th Duke of Connaught's.; Lieut.-Col. 
Dr. Blrkett, Amy Medical Corps: the 
Very Rev. Dean ICvnns, Chaplain of the Grenadier Guords, and the Rev. 
Chaplain of the 65th Regiment. • 

The dinner arrangements were ynder 
the direction of Major Desroaicrs, of 
the Army *?ervico Corps. Major Mack, 
of the Dlviplona; staff, and C'apt. 
T.,autorman, of the Duke of York's 
Huzzars, contributed solos. 

Colonel Roy Is l>elng succeeded as 
Officer commanding the 4th Division 
by Colonel Dennl.«!on, of Halifax, who 
is at present .Tv.ay on sick leave, and 
It Is not expected that he will occupy 
his new post before January 1 next. 


U. B. Bnpreme Court Decides Publica- 
tions of Melodratnatio Adventures 
Must Fay Book Fostsge 

WASHINGTON. D. C, .\..\. 28.— 
■ "Penny dreadful" periodicals liave 
received ii Jolt In the supreme court, 
It was none the less .levere by being 
administered through the read ywtt of 
.lustlce Holmes. The ci>urt decided 
that novels or books published In mag- 
azine form, issued at 'regular intervals 
but being part of the same narrative or 
.series of narratives, the aggregate 
formln?: o -single book, are not entitled 
Ivi the second class ivall rate, but must 
pay higher book rates. 
' Street & Smith and Frank Tousey, 
publishers, were appellants in two 
oases. The Tip Top Weekly and Work 
nni\ Win were publications around 
whicli the controversy was waged. The 
piihlishcrs asked for an Injunction 
iigoinst the postma.'fter-general to re- 
.Mtrain him from denying second class 
mail rates to 'tlicir publications. The 
lower court denied the Injunction, and 
the publishers appealed to the supreme 

"The element of senuence may be 
Indicated by some of the titles of the 
stories," .«ald Justice Holmes. "For 
Instance, 'l''rank Merriwell in .\rl7.ona: 
iir. tlie Mystery of the Mine;' 'l-'rank 
Merrl well's Friend: or, Muriel the 
Moonshiner:' 'Frank MerrlweH'.s Double; 
or. Flighting for Dife;' 'Frank Merrl- 
"fvell Meshed: or, the Last of the 
Dnnlt»>s;' Frank Merriwtll's Magic: or. 
the Pearl of Tangier,' and 'Frank 
Merriwell in I^onOon: or. the Grip of 

"There Is nothing else In the num- 
ber except a roll of honor or list of 
some of those who have endeavored to 
increase th^ olrrulation of the series, 
laudatory letters with signlflonnt com- 
ments and a page or two of inquiries 
as to physical culture purporting to 
(!ftme from readers, with short replies, 
all more or less Incident to the muscu- 
l«r tenor of the talcs." 

The dignified justices smiled broad- 
ly as Justice Holmes proceeded. Ap- 
parently they remembered the days 
w.hen they .used to hhle behind the 
barn lUid read about Dtamond Dick. 


Crystal Theatre -Tint Welch, the 
I'lexltile i^'omedlan, l.t a wonder in his 
line of work. He does things in a 
comedy way that seem impossible. 
His is a good act and it Is going well. 
Avery and Taylor, tlie Minstrel Men, 
are two men In straight and black- 
face, and are certainly great from a 
I'omedy standpoi it. T'.ielr 8on«s «ind 
comedy dlalOijue If good and the act 
is going big. .'Jot'i of these acts are 
helping to keep up the standard set 
by this house fi-r good, clean vaude- 
ville. The pictures change today with 
at letist two big subjects. "Parson 
James" la a Lubin drama that will 
hold you spellbound to the end; 
"Bunny's Suicide," one of the Viia- 
grapb'.>< big comedys, with one of the 
best characters that ever actj'l before" 
the camera in the leading role. ■ '1 he\ 
Old Reporter" Is an KdLson drama """^1 
is also a big feature: "The Liar" Is a' 
Pathe drama; "The Magnet," also a 
Pathe drama: "^i^-Sl^Xilea a Boarder," 
another Vitagrij||pa|^edy.' For Fri- 
day and Saturdiy' rt'^ould be hard to 
find a better programme in fi'Very WAy. , 
C^ffltilimtflW , porfnrmanca from 1.80 tO 

fl.d*.' VmMNr^nie from 8.00 to 4.00 and 
T.OO to 11.00. • 

Sfajeitic Tbeatrla--.''aotd and Glitter": 
a character sketch by the Biosraph Com* 
pany. The story shows how a Ught-o'- 
love travellns salesman is cured of hi* 
too ready llklns for oth*r pretty women 
and sent home to his wife. In tta o)>~ 
Ject It is aortooB. But thare ia some 
comMy in it that comes up in a fight 
the man had with a little mountain slrl's 
lumbermen frtends: He Vaa causbt try- 
ins to elope with the sirl and made to 
confess to her that he la married. 

" e mi t ain.Barnauie, nefufiu g r;" Th e ca p- 
tain Barnacle stories have all been viery 
popular. In this film he shows a hard- 
hearted father the enfor of his wky In 
deno\in!Qing.hlB bOy. 1$.9 brlnss about a 
~ wly UvMy liittty and refoVHi: ""Saver 
by Fire": Th\B atartllngr story of a 
oieui-cut youuff man i^ho struggle" to 
operate a heaviiy encumbered piece of 
oil land, which catches fire. The fire 
scenes and thrilling rescues, which 
really transpired, form one of the sea- 
."on's best pictures. "Their Idols": The 
Gern'an and the Frenchman are good 
friends, but they get into an argument 
about their idols. Bismarck and Napo- 
leon, which nearly started a rough 
house. The facial expression of "vho 
Biogr«-ph players Is very amusing, and 
this alone would malce the picture go. 
"Hoist on 4I1S^ "Own Petard": As a far- 
cical offerinitr this Is cr-rtiiin to please. • 

Walker Wiilteside Coming — Walkrr 
Wliiteside brings his marvelously artis- 
tic production of 'The Typhoon" to the 
Victoria theatre on Tuesday, December 
3, direct from th« Hudson theatre In 
Now York, with all the fresliness of Us 
phenomenn-1 triumph In that most ex- 
clusive of New York theatres. The 
play, which was written by a Hungarian, 
Menyhert Lengyel, ha.s to do with «•. 
thrilling story of Japanese diplomacy, 
and for this reason possesses the wide- 
spread interest a great play should have. 
It breathes the siiirlt of devotion to 
Nlpon^ Mr. Whiteside, in th6 role of 
Tokeramo, is the embodiment of the 
spirit of the new east, and ylves life to 
a character which contains elements of 
true greatness. There is probably ;io 
actor better suited to play Tokeramo 
than Mr. Whiteside, with his Hue Btago 
gifts, and his experience in the por- 
trayal of Important character studies 
covering a period of many years. 

Slgnor auisepp* Agostlnl aad "Zia 
Boheme" — CtiM-'^lLleriiblc difference of 
opinion exists as to where the llr.-it 
production of Puccini's "La Boheme" 
look place, and at wltat time. Mr. 
Charles R. Baker, advance manager of 
the Lambardl (Pacific Coast) Grand 
-Opera Company, who is now In this city 
perfecting arrangements for the coming 
of the big organization, gives what ho 
s;iys arc the real facts of the :natter. 
The American premiere of "La Bohemu' 
occurred in Los Angeles on Thursday, 
October 14, 1897, when the work was 
sung by the Del Conte Opcra Company. 
Slgnor Giuseppe Agostini, the famous 
tenor, .sung the role of Rodolfo, scoring 
an immense ovation. The work was 
next heard on the Pacific coast in 1893, 
when Melba sang the role of Mlmi, and 
Miss .Schefr was the Musetta. Agostini, 
the tenor, has, since that time, been 
singing In the great operatic centers of 
Furope, appearing in tlie La Scale tliea- 
tre, Milan, on honor highly sougiit for 
by all operatic stars. He is now leading 
tenor with the Lambardl forces, anil will 
be heard in the role he created — Rodolfo 
— when the organization comes to this 
city. He Is a decided favorite -with the 
composers, Mnsoagnl and Puccini, and 
was .secured by .Slgnor Lambardl for his 
present tour at the earnest request of 
the latter composer. He is one of the 
most sought for tenors In liurope. The 
Lambardl Opera Company will appear at 
the Victoria theatre for iin eiisagement 
of three nights and a matinee, com- 
menilng Thursda.x, DccemVtrr B. 

Arthnr Hartmans, 'Whistler and 'Ve- 
lasquez — The story Is old of bow a lady 
•Mithuslast raved over AVhlstler's art, 
ending with — "You are the .greatest 
artist that ever lived — you and Velas- 
quez." Whereupon Whistler retorted 
dryly. "Pray. Madame, why drag In 
in Velastpiez'.'" A few years ago Arthur 
Hnrtmann. internationally acclaimed bs 
a master violinist, was touring Germany 
with the well known pianist Bauer. 
Kvery evening they appeared in a dif- 
ferent city, every night they shared a 
sleeping compartment on the trains, so 
that they m\itually agreed that the fa- 
tigues of an artlsla' life we're sufficient 
wlthovit adding thereunto that of con- 
versation. Karh concert opened and 
ended with a sonata for violin and 
piano, and in between eacli artist played 
a big solo. As the concerts succeeded 
each other, conversation had evolved 
Into signs only. It was In Dresden, 
after they had just played a Brahms 
Sonata and been recalled enthusiastical- 
ly, that Bauer gave Hartmann a tre- 
mendous blow on the shoulder and burst 
out: "Old man, that was wonderful. 
By Jove! I never heard yo\i play more 
magnificently. " Hartmann stsred, 

amused. "Never," continued Bauer, 
"have I heard a more magnificent per- 
formance. You did play marvelously — 
and — er — so did I." "Pray, why drag In 
Velasquez." was llartmann's laconic re- 
T>ly, returning Bauer's hearty slap on 
the shoulder. Hartmann appears nt the 
"Victoria theatre on December 2. 

Tha XmyraMi Tk«a«r»— <'onslderah1e 
applause is b^lng meted out to MlssT 

Lottie Williams and the three talented 
perfoimcrs who ushU her in the pro- 
duction of the iiluyU't. "on Stony 
Ground," at Uie Frnpicss theatre this 
week. The playlet deals with Fast 
side life In New York, the sjtoiii bcin*; 
laid in a Pell street restaura,;it. and It 
Is given a good setting. Mr. "iVtll Oak- 
land, a contra tenor whose v<)i< i is so 
well known on tills continent where so 
many phon(jgritph rei-onls by blni are 
sold, is singing with mucli success n 
repertoire of ballads. Mi'. Oakland has 
a rich bell-llke voice, and ho 5lngs, to- 
gether with some of the newer music. 
some oldtlme melodies. Queen Mab ami 
Casper Wels. two Lilliputian perform- 
ers, offer a singing and dancing act. 
The couple are the tiniest of pi;rform- 
ers, the little lady measurlni; hut ^0 
Inches In height. Carlton Max and Cit- 
mllle Cameron contribute a /eniriln- 
qulstlc and singing and dancing c-ct. 
The couple are from .Vustralii, where 
they hud a successful tour The tnre.' 
Gerts present a B>''^'^|IMl|!te<j:in4'J^!yttM 
Ing turn which vies.' lpPP|;M 
the. kind seen here. * \": '-^ ' 

Rabbits , are becom lug 4 i)ipf% M flif - 

pr'incess theatre 

Formally A. Q. V.,.W. Hatt. coraar Blanch- 

•rd and "Vaies 


Rresent the Boclety Comedy I>rams 

"Paid itt Full" 

Prices: iQc, 20c and Mo. Matinee Wed- 
nesday and Saturday. lOo and SOe. 
Curtain 8.1( evenings; matinees, 3.4t. 
Reserved seats on sale. 


Taotfe^Ula mat Fleture Programme 

Tint We}<rt^!-The Flexible Comedian. 

Ai^anr , and TaiHoiv— The Minstrel Men. 
Parson James — t>ubln ' dram^ Bunny'*"- 
BuIoide-^Vltagraph comedy; "The ' . Jilarr— 
Pathe drama. The Old Repoirtcr — EJdtson 
drama. She Wanted a Boarder — Vltagreph 
comedy. The Magnet — Pathe drama. 

Christmas Novelty Sale 

By the 1. allies' .\id of the Re- 
formed Episcopal Church 
Held in the Schoolroom adjoining 

Wednesday December 4lh 

- 3 to 6 p.m. _ , 

Afternoon Tea 


I.OTTIK WII.M.*."»IS & VO>tl'AS\ ■ 

IMvstnl "On .'^li.ny Griuind" 

Welcome Hi^turn of America'* Leading 

' "ontra-Tenor 


With Some New and Old Favorites 

The Clflve/' l^lttle IvllUputUn Entertainers 


The Smallest Sitres.s nrul Tlnl-'Ri. Comedian 

on Earth 

A- tlstic Athlofes 


Merrv Moments With 





WTt1i''''f1'elr Inimitable Automation "Jerry" 




TMmx:z: niohts three niohts 

oari: matiitez: oir£ mati2tz:£ 


Thursday, Dec. 5 



135 People; Superb Orchestra, 35; 

Oreat American Slngring- Cliorns of 

40 and 

20 World-famous Operatic Stars 

Gorgeous .Scenic, Costuming, LlKhtins 
anil Property ■lOffoi-t.'". Rntlrely New 



(First time in VlqtorU) 

BAT. (Matinee) X.A BOHEME 

BAT. (ETSningr) SAZ.0ME 

(l'"lrst time In Victoria) 
Prices: .Nijfhts, r.Oc to $2.00; Box 
Seats, $2. BO. Matinee. 50c to tl.oU; 
Box Seats »:!.oo. 

Scat Sale opens Tuesday, Dec. 3. 
Mall orders now received 

To Investors 




Tn order to clo.?e an I'Jstnte thf 
Trtisteos thereof ask for Tenders 
for the p\irchnse of first cla.'<s 
property In the centre of the 
bustnes."! .section of NHnalmo, now 
rapidly Increasing In value and 
offering a good return to In- 

The property hAH fi^Vj feet on 
rommercttil street. on whl'?h 
there is erected a twn-storey 
brick bulUlInK with bn.sement, bo- 
insr a: '4 In width by 70 feet In 
d«pth. now occupied as a Druir 
and Stationery Store, and also 
two-storey brick building having 
a frontajfo of .10 foet by a depth 
of 50 foet, nnd occupied by a 
Tallorinjc Establishment. Tlie 

property Is desirable In every 
way, and will repay Investigation, 
nnd Is offered subject to existing 

The highest or any tender not 
necessarily accepted. 

For furth'sr particulars apply to 

Trust Company, Ltd. 

victoria. B. C. 

Strong Values for Friday 
and Saturday Selling 

IF you are a believer in economy, come in today and take advantage 
of the biggest clothes values of the season. The last days of the 
month will be noteworthy for the large number of sales and the 
small profits on each individual sale. We have the best equipped store 
on the Pacific Coast ; our aim is to do the largest business, consequently 
we don't mind sacrificing individual profits for increased business. 

We invite you to inspect our Week-End Clothes Values today or 

_ . Saturday, andifypuare open to buy, we guarantee to save you money, 

"'' '^'''feicics. givisig *ili:''|i3tclusive fabrics and.tii^ smartest styles. '--^iw^^' 

' ' ■'-'!''i'. ''^; t' S.J,. ;'.:■,■ ''■■■( ■ t. k'^ '''"■ .'^♦■\v '."■ ■ ■'■■ ' '■ ' ■"*' '■' 

' Style aiid-.|ii#ii.oTO3r 


In our line of Stein-Bloch and "Proper Clothes" you'll find all that^yonr exacting 
taste can demand — dependable fabrics, finished tailoring, good style. Thcy rppreseii*-; 

atfdttg values that you'll not find elsewhere. — Auyhuw, tume in and see these v aluea <tt^ 
$20, $22.50, $25, $30 and $^55, and compare them with garments offered anywhere els* a^; 
the same figure. , ,. ,,■•.-..- ' ■ . ' s :■';/■ 



/■■%\-t '■ /!%!■'''! 


Three-quarter length Cliesterfield styles in fine Llama Cloths, mefmnfan^^^^^^^ shades, also black — 

strong values at $15, $20 and $25. Full length tweed Overcoats, ulster style, or with regular lapels. Special 
values at $15, $18, $20 and $25. Arrived this week, 25 Gaberdine Raincoats in tan shades with regular and Rag- 
lan shoulders. Guaranteed rainproof. Handsomely tailored — $'20«t|^^25. 

Hats — Good Ones 

Come in and take a look at this hat^, J?|Me tlie money, it's the finest 
hat made. We have other hcadwearj-^lfrfllpilarge assortment of new 
shapes for fall and winter wear, at $3 and $3.50. ■' 


In beantiful rick silks, made by 
Welsh-Margetson Co.j> London. 
Silver greys with large and .^niall 
lilue dots; greens with black 
(lot.s ; light tan with seal jarown 
dots; also navies and blacks with 
white and red dots. They're a 
strong value at $1 .50. 



In plain or pleated bosom.';. Xew 
patterns in bright and cheerful 
colorings. This make of shirt is 
;|||||p|»DtabIe 'ior' its-' perfect fit, 
which means niuch in the way of 
comfort to the wearer. $1.75 and 
higher. Come in and get the one 
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to the Public on 

November 24th 

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University Sctiool for Boys 

MmoM 1t9tma» Tlstwta. B. O. 

tr«H«ti. M. V. Karv«r. U.JL. Ht»«iMuit«r. J. C Barsacl*. Saq. Xnuu 
tmrm kccfns ■■»t>mfci» It ror rr««»Mtiu mpviir *» ▼>>• Buraar. 

Tuesday, Dec 3 

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CurUIn l.lo. 




m nPHOON. 

And the AI-l--STAn M«lropolIlan o»«t. A 
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rrncnunme rrMar mi4 Untvrday 

•'Captain narnarlf. Reformer" — Vlt««t«ph. 
a headline'. "^avsd By Pire" — Thrlltlngr 
drama. "Tbetr Idols" (Napoleon *nd Sl«- 
marki. "Gold and Olltt*r" — Biotfra^il 
feature. -Hoiat oa Hla 0«m V«Uira"wr- 
Mkrre. ttirhly amualns. XmmUm Aiklauil^ 
I /bttmaL 

■ m 


./ -I' 




Friday, Novemb*P 2C, 1912 




Europe Now Witnessing tlie 
Birtli of a New Empire. 
Allies to Retain Winal^Iliey 
Have Won. 

R. J. Mat'Hiigh. the special eorrespondoiU 
of The Uundoii Telegraph, telegraphed Iriwu 
l.'skul) undpr recent dale: 

In view of the tremeiiUous vIctorleAof th« 
alllea slates, the result of the war^ now 
regariieil as ii foiesTOne concUisl()j»''^vhlch 
will be arrived at during the present iruonlli. 
Interest here Is now centering In whnt will 
happen when peace comes to be discussed. 

The confederation Is firmly resolved to 
hold what It has won and to banish the 
Turks llnitl'.y from Europe. Reports orlglu- 
ii!inn; In Vienna *;« to the probable eslaU ■ 
ilslinit'iu of principalities in Albania and 
.Mil i.a.inia must be regarded- as fisclera In 
iiidir ti). sound the Slavonic opinion. 

The Balkan Stoles, I haVe • reftkoti to be- 

.lii'^ye' pn'^iood authorltje; Will proppBe th> 

Kc^'^iMiliiNllle-AI Turkey amonc themselves, wlth- 

'^ i^P t!l# weatipu of new states. This dlvls' 

I^'i*^' follow etbnpIOKlca), not geosrapb- 

iiiia. Itaw. Wberq tta* majority of tha 

people apeak servlaA an4 belong 1.0 tbti 

race the territOrjr Wilt to to B*rv^- Mi4 

tba same wm^, «Ub Greece ^tlft^'iNAMAVt*. 

The rea«dN(iiir41liat Greece MrS^ lik » ' ~ 
strip of coaat *ip to and beyond Balonl 
with part at SoUtbarn Maiiedonlic >aitd X^ 
banla aa far north »a Valona. '"' ' *"■ 

Montenasro wilt cat naailr, •tba «1u>t».,%f 

Ih tn'ttii Bltnr 

100 giiltuus. or more than $600, for a 
liHi trimmed with ospreys. 

Kurs also have liuTf»HeU In price 10 I 
an tnormoua extent Uurliig the last 
five or six years — bhIiIi', chinchilla und 
silver fox In purtU'ulur. This neaBon 
ermine has foine s to the front Hgaln, 
many beautiful opern cloaks being made 
entirely of this fur. 

This Week a wonmn ordered n chin- 
chilla coat ill London, for which jjhe Is 
paying £3,0U0. 

^fmnftM t a a a Ibn nn a at amil 

The ramatnaer of tbe A«rt4l«'ciMtt*; Vllhf:*' Ffitt>fl#^fl^r^ FrOFTI 
Duraazo, wUt:fo. to Bar»Uv' ' ■ '-i '\ ■'ifUi' 

The \ . btt^Vi^ j>mn^ ^'&!PMM^ 


■ J' 

).r.'scnt frontftr, via EgrI raianka and latip, 
l.j the Vardar, and thence down that stream 
It) the Greek frontier. Igtip will i?robably 
K" to Bulgaria, and Egrl Palnnka to Servla, 
^vUh all that part of Macedonia and Albania 
not 1,'lvon to Greece and Montenegro. 

Macedonia east of V'ardar and the whole 
Adrlanople vilayet »vlll go to Bulgaria. 
KtpuNlon (if tile Turks 

At first the possibility was contemplated 
of allowing the Turks to retain Constan- 
tinople, Ijut now the Balkan feeling Is In 
l';>vor of the entire expulsion of the Turk 
from Kurope. I have good reason for atat- 
lUK that the other Balkan States would re- 
yard Uulgarlau possession of Constantinople 
with friendly eyes. ; 

Whatever the power* suggest or ihinl;. 
the vlclorlun-s Ilalkan confederation will In- 
Blst on their right to do as th..y wish with 
Turkey, and la ready' to fight to lelihi 
what It has \yon. •" 

This division of furkey, if it comes about, 
will but be the preliminary to a murh wider 
Slavonic expansion In Boutheasl Kurope. 
The llftlUan Slavs speok of making a great 
Slavonic state. Or confederation of states, 
iiiraposej of peoples speaking the Slavonic 
lunguuges, and belonging to that race, 
which will one day extend from Istrln, in 
AustrlarHungary. to the Aegean sea, and 
from the Adrlotic to the ^lack sea. It Is 
pointed out that all ^iliTvast. tract of 
Kurope Is Inhabited by ^alvonlc people. 
«i.(.-al5in« the same k rfgutfge and h^yJng 
!hu same ideals and | iradltfons. Their 

droam\lS- ■tij.ace a Sulvonlc empire of forty 
or fiftyi million InhabltanlH, free from the 
tuielnstj\.^C Russia, Austria, or any other 
power, ,, ' ]. ~ 

rffiiv .Amblllons 

Kvory .Siiiv ^lo'' speaks with avows this 
umbltlon, and regards the present successes 
i!i' t!ie first step towards its realissation. 
They rpcosnize that It cannot be completed 
for a long period, but llfcy are firmly 
vlnced tluit It will oiicf^day come 
They point to tlv« popiiTflton of -^B.OOO.OOO 
ppoplo of the same rmri norlh 
Uaiiube. and soy that ■jif-^^-f mii 
day be joined in a |r.' ,i|l,«mw\l' "'n 
I ;.;ri. 



, 1 1 •-■ U" 


«aroa Vatti^ da Kottaactalld Oomplala|i 

Ttiat Coutaata of Bla 0«ll«r 

~Xa •«X£arlnf 

J'AHIS, .N'ov. 23. Barer, ilcnrl tic 
UothschlKI coniitlulns that wine in his 
cellar Is sufferius; deterlorution as the 
result of the shaking caii»e by motor- 
omnlbuBes in the l"'&ubourg-Salnt- 
Honorc. Itepresentatlves have also 
been made by the Brlllsh to 
the board of works In WhltchuU with 
the object of siiggcstlng a remedy for 
the- moior-omnlbu.s niilHanoe In tin? 
.same street. Today, the P«ris muni- 
cipal oouncil tleciUed tft iJOKBkt l# f . Mc 
qillry Into the .quest'"*'"' 

qillry Into the .,ques1p||^nKt||»jM|Hpp^! 

urn mm 

ill) \m A sii 

Celebrates Golden Jubilee as~a* 
Pianist, Making Her Debut at 
Eight. Some Experiences 
Witli Great IVIusicians. 

fatty-One Appllc«^dns Await 
^ the, Senfttc^a Invoatigationt 

of the 
must one 


vhl ' i love that 
^^ llny^tijX^ rti^M.irlh of a 
ch .■AA.T^ eicnfiially to a 

'x^ t\>^t-hi^^ press 

BaJk '" Y"' '* '■'"" 

vvlili'T ,rf||il.-.t«etlon. 

inl on S«.< a»ays been 

; ' I? MWW 

. imilr*', wli 
mlKliiy iflstCB iuu' 
world. '^ 
riio ri-!'c:i4ly 

t.>-.v.u-'!!< tli« 
warded here 
I'eople sty Iti^ii. , 
the friend of frx-.f*'- "•"'^ nuxt,,. 
perlence here la. iViont to be h: 
gnrds an KngUjthrfiromoters. Vj 
and one has i:cxnl|,i ,e writtei" 
Ing Is sincere^'" , \ for n full y 

.Servians BiffTie"laJ.svler.S. ThJ"' p5*' 


presfMS' w-»T j'-jiprrespondingly 
ort wblcH f 




direct ocean \. 

Tim 1)1 re. The 

r«»st8 on this 

but til.: 


est committee at the capital this year 
will bp the senate divorce committe«, 
which has before it alreaOy no less than 
forty-one application^, which is easily 
the largest number on record. To hear 
and consider these forty, thu 
committee will have to hold almost 
perpetual sessions. During the last 
ffw years there has been an enormous 
growth in the number of divorce 
cases, and the burden Is becoming so 
heavy on the senate that the question 
of tsiabllshing a divorce court Is belnij 
'eeriouslj? discussed at Ottawa. 

During the first seven years after 
Confederation there were only four 
ilivorces in all, Kranted. In the year 
1S85 and during the first twenty years 
of Conrmleration, only eighteen di- 
vorces in all were allowed: During the 
nineties the applications for divorces 
ran only from one to six a year. Even 
ten years ago. 1902, there wore only 
two divorces granted. The year 189t( 
was the that the number of di- 
vorct's pa.ssed doublu figures, when 
fourteen were Rrnntod. Since then the 
number of couples seeking a way out 
of — thttr-jnartimonial dlfflcuUies by 
way of the dl-vorce committee; • H>av«, 
itteadily increased, until tlil.s' year there 
is a record appH^.atlon of"' forty-oneJ.rjV 
, -wiiiJe-haJ-f -a-dozen ca*es VKje^e.jlielyl over 
from last year and Are. yet'4,».j|>.l?r\hea^rd. 

The west is., furnishing its share' nf, 
divorce cases, 'for of the , -forty-one ap- 
plications this year fourteen come from 
the prairie provinces. British Columbia 
ha.s its own divorce court and settlee 
its own troubles. 

Toronto is the citief centre of ma- 
trimonial Bl'orm.?, and no less than 
(Ifteen cases are frojn tlie Queen Cltv 
NVinntpeg la aecond with seven, and 
Montreal third, with five. Calgary 
furnlslies two. 

nKP-MN, Nov. 28. — Teresa Carreno will 
ii'lebriiio today the fiftieth anniversary 
of hftr appearance Oernrc the public as 

She made her debut on November 22, 
lSt>2, In New York, one month before her 
nliiih birthday, and she has been before the 
public constantly from that day to this. 

"As a very small child," Madame re- 
lated. "1 received piano lessons from my 
lather, who was a fine musician. He was 
my first teacher at our home in Car«i;a». 
Venezuela. In New York 1 studied with 
(ioltschalk. My greatest teacher, however, 
^'ili§';|lubtli»teln, whom 1 met first In Lon- 
'Iwlilknd afterward In Purls. He was truly 
miarvelutu. He used to walk up and down 
the room during the. lessons, smoking one 
ciijrar«tte after another — they were of the 
MUU Busalan Jtlnfi, and he could smoke 
P AiMm Uk >•• »H» »t ( MI < W » whenever a 

ptmmlmf w%«»i« V «•• pMvlMr'Aia not just 
nilt bint h« bad • tfrttwif VMT 4' 'n'^'^'" 
rupttng me and pti^^f H IMUMM!. The 
finv«rtn« be t»tt|riV|C Wi I 1»f iimm.Jor- 
kotten, aor •» llHIMir V»,.Ht^ lt.'vHe 

'i»«iM|ut«m In ifmMumk , * 'j »/;,, 

Htm rarU, «rb«m,.':itii«i|»«»».49i:-4*9» *t|M«. 
«4 ■. happened*' *«-*k .:|^ln» ' -'lil S^^mi- :(,tr-»' 
piarendon bot4^:^^#■'■tH^lo^l-• Squ»i|4;. ifSad 

■tfvn 'anffrUTusemu 

n America. At 

?ilflpled ronverJlncr 

'land on- nty right hand. 1 Pald mi 

is to my.leri-hand neighbors. Pres- 

t found myself looking at a man's 

resting on the table. 


' " "How very like Rubinstein's!' I said to 
myself, and glancing at my neighbor, I 
caught him In the net of looking to see 
who I was. He sprang up like a flash, 
threw his arms around me. and gave me a 
hearty smack then and there, to the great 
astonishment, T dare say, of Mrs. Grundy 
and the other guests. 

"Hans von Bulow I knew well. He was 
not only a splendid pianist, but a remark- 
able conductor Once I asked him to give 
me lessons In Tschallfowski's C minor con- 
certo (dedicated to n>ilow) which I had 
selected for my second concert In Berlin, 

"'I never give lessons,' he snappfd out. 

" 'Oh, yes, you do,' I coolly contradicted. 
"One learns something of value from yov: 
every time, you play or conduct, whether 
you intend It for a lesson or not.' 

"He glared at me for a minute, then his 
face relaxed. 

" 'Na,' said he. "it Is no use. With you 
one can never have the last word!" and hH 
gave me the deihred lessons as amiably a.s 
anyone could wish. He strongly advised 
me not to play that concerto In Berlin be- 
cause It was not well received by the Berlin 
critics when first given. 

" 'All the more reason why I should play 
It.' I thought, and play It I did. with 
success, too." 

,..-,»,<(, '■ — — 

"-A greatly improved mall service In 

to be given the Arrow Lake towns. . 

She — To fonij husband. Why don't you 
;.«»• ■tfUfeV^liTh^s and enJoy'VoiiVsel^' ilke" 
you used to? 

He — Ain't drinking, and no place to 
go, tlie Bunch — 

She — For Heaven's sake go join the 
Elks and mix with gentlemen, • 


'Swat the Tlj," Slogan of Aiuerlcaa 

ClTio Aaaoclatlon Kuat OlTe Way 

to "Starve the Tly" 

ey \ 

r.-».o "VXLjRNS -n „•> 

l"rmIb"'friendHblp- U H~m\ QpSF^ '^ "'/ 
situation develops as/s /"--^^'i. if'may^yfi 
be proauitoc 0\ ••■j ,J'"^A^_/"jv_ ' /" 

AN FmP'RESS shocked 

Bngaiile Baported to Ha,ve Been Hor- 
rified at rreaent-Day Prlcea 
of App»r«l 

I.OXDOX. Nov. 28.— 1/outl complainta 
arc heard becatisc of the huge advance 
In the prices charged for women's ap- 
parel in London. There is no doubt that 
In tfto last twenty years there, lias been 
un enormous increase in tlie chargea, 
not only for very elaborate toilets, but 
for simple tailor-made coatunie.«<, and, 
as for hats and nillllnery genernlly, llicy 
hove now reached a pric- that verges on 
tho ridiculous. 

Twenty to £25— 1100 to JUS— 1.^ gen 
orally asked for a tailor-made co.stume, 
although It is a well-known fact that 
a few years ngo an ordinary tailor- 
made yachting costume could be ob- 
tained for half that ^um at the very 
bent shops. 

Not long ago, it Is said, the ex-Km- 
press Kugenie expre.o.ied herself as hor- 
rifled at these present-day prices and 
.Irclarod that she herself hod nevt-r 
paid more tlian £25 for her most mag- 
iiHloent toilets, tt is quite certain that 
this sum would not buy an elaborate 
toilet that could be worn nowadays at 
court or state balls, or even at tho 
Ascot meeting. One hundred, £150, and 
even more Is not infrequetly paid for 
court dresses, ad many of the beauti- 
fully draped toilets that created a aen- 
Nation at Ascot this year are known to 
have 'cost £50 to £60. 

A few years ago wonrjen scarcely 
thought of payln* more than five or six 
KUlneas for a hat, but now that sunr> 
would not go very far toward purchas- 
ing the elaborate creations which moat 
women think necessary. This, to a cer- 
tain •xtcnt. Is due to the inorcaaed price 
of feathers — ospreya In particular. Os- 
trich feather* are also very costly. 

jtcccntly a well-known woman pai^ 


BAI/riMdtlK, Md., Nov. 28. — In pre- 
senting the report of the lly fighting 
committee of the Amfrlcan Civic Asso- 
ciation, Chairman Kdward Hatch, jr., 
expressed the hope that there may be no 
more hy killing contests. 

This sentiment look the as.semblcd 

fly fiBlitcrs by surprise, which was dls- 

j sipated, however, when Mr. Hatch said: 

"We cannot too much or too 
often upon cleanliness as the begin- 
ning, middle and end of the fly-flghting 
campaign. 'Swat the fly' as a slogan give way to 'Starve the ny.' Tho 
latter Is more eup^ionious and infinitely 
more practical." 

JUr. Hatch said that tlie commlttco 
was able to report the most successful 
year's work since the Inauguration of 
the popular movement looking to tlic 
extermination of the house fly in I'JOS. 
He summarized a series of reports com- 
ing from cities and towns in all parts 
of the country and said that the cam- 
paign now Is becoming world-wide in Its 
extent, and that letters for advice have 
been received hy the committee from 
correspondents in England. France, 
Italy, Ireland, India, Egypt, the Philip- 
pines, Korea, Australia, Hawaii, Singa- 
pore, Cuba and Venezuela. 

In its concluding phases, the com- 
mittee's report made a feature of tho 
fact that In cities in which substantial 
cash prizes were awarded in no ca»«" did 
the number of flies killed In the whole 
of a campaign exc(!ed the quantity 
which could easily havi- been reared 
from an averaged alzed pile of stable 
refuse in the course of a few weeks. 

While the education of value of such 
fly-klllinlg campaigns cannot he over- 
estimated, the report said It would seem 
that greater results might be obtained 
by conducting campaigns against dirty 
stables and back yards, garbage heaps 
and dumps and all places that produca 
files and supply them with infection. 

IfmoUlc Brttlak VlM« 

8YDNF-T. N. B. W., Nov. 3«.— Ad- 
miral Kinghall, In an 'kddress at. Auck- 
land tonlcht. expressed the opinion 
that New Zealand muat take into con- 
sideration the bulldinf of a dread- 
nought dock capable of aceomodatlnv 
the largest warahip nflfMit. H« an- 
nounced that he believed that there 
will eventually be « Pacific fleet, rom- 
rrtsing divisions from Australia. New 
Zealand, Canada and South Africa, and 
there la no reason why a beflnning 
should not be made by New Zealand 
co-operating with Auattrmlta. 

We'd like to Overcoat yon 
thii> P^all. 

We can't tell you all 
about our many new Over- 
coat .styles and fabrics — 
there are too many of 'e/11. 

We can show you, how- 
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Dignified, genteel Over- 
coats — Overcoats of smart- 
ness and swellness — Over- 
coats of comfort for cold 
days, etc., etc. 

Overcoats at $15, $20, $25, 
lip to $40. 

We'll side-step for a mo- 
ment and say that our $18.00 
and $20.00 Overcoats are 
world beaters. 

More value i.s crowded 
into these medium-priced 
Coats than the money ever 
bought before. 

Come, see them all. 


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", ■^T 





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Cellarets, Cheval Mirrors, Chiffoniers and Dressers, Dinner Wagons, Leather Easy Chairs, Magazine 
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Telephone Tables, Umbrella Racks, Work Tables, Cedar Chests, Davenports, "Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets," etc. 

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Are Here 


The colder nights are blanket nights. Xo excuse 
fur being uncomfortably cool in bed with blankets 
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ket prices may look ihc same on paper, but there's a 
difference. Qualities cannot be shown in black and 
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' ■^'■i'" 








'Ava. ' 

I li ilKH l f l «l |ll li» M il I I 

Beaottfiil Prescttli 

txduin and h awiMm* (ft* 

ct0M In cifMrwari Aiftt 
w«r% uii latHHt yvMMli. 


tntf fcnrfiif »f#M* iMNM* 

WWm IHV WmWI Mini ■!■«• 

"Silmtr rkt$ HMmmm** 



te* ' m 










OJ.' /.lA.^l 


Rev. J, W. Aikens Says Popula- 
tion Is Opposed to Direct 
Taxation. A 'New Political 

Public opinion In Ncwfoundlanrt la 
8i.;il strongly opposed to confederation 
Willi the Dominion of Canada for a va- 
riety of reasons, according to Kev. J. \V. 
Aikens, field secretary of the depari- 
ineut of teniperance and moral reform 
of the Methodist church. In the first 
place, be said in an interview at To- 
ronto, there was no direct taxation In 
.\ewfoundland and as confederation 
would necessarily mean the Introduc- 
tion of a form of assessraj^j^ iflmllar 
to that of the Dominion, ifip^^i'lWtip^le 
favor retalnlns their lndepen4|pS>#I j^fThe 
denomlnatioji school syatcm .'ilVM i'lUft* 
otaer very lmportant„ihifltfl|t In the' dp- 
pusltion of the p&opii tO Decomlns k 
part of Canafia. Tills form of educa- 
tion is firmly established in the colony 
and 1b very popular with tlie people. 
TlMgN«wf(Hmdlandetii objeet further on 
till ^ppMUii that they. would Jiose their 
tiiiilviauwty, and would much rather 
remain ail ° Independent colony. It wae 
Dolnt«B^.:tlMit the country was very 
proatiStOfia' ind had entirely recovered 
from the financial straits It was in 

visit Australia some time in the near 


There wer/ six or seven hundred peo- 
ple at the game Wednesday, It Is estl- 
niatfd — a rcinaiknbly Kooil ciaWil I'or ii 
week day — and the local union did not 
iDse any money on the venture. 


Application for an AdmlmlBtrator of 

Koyal Estate Btfore xmrllsli 


■ wli CT i c o ufedt ' iailuu w as piuiiuawl momti 
y-ears ago. Begarding the past year, 
Mr. Alkena said that the fisheries had 
be^n unusn&Uy good and that the proe- 
pe'irtty <)X «b« oolony at large had 

There was little Indication . of how 
the next election would go. tiMt the 
Conservative government, which |^--.|it 
present in power, was adminlBlgeiirttli;.' 
the affairs of the oolony satii^factorlly. 
A new element had come into being in 
the politics of Xev.-foundland In the 
form of an organization known as the 
Cishermen's Protective Union. To quote 
Mr. Alkena: "It would seem that it 
would become an Influential body tow- 
ards the good of the country if wisely 
led; or, placed under Improper guidance, 
might exert an Influence to the other ex- 
treme." The organisation had a large 
membership and already had forty-one 
candidates in the field. It .was not af- 
tiUated witl. any 'political party, he 
aid, but was rather a form of labor 

;Mr. Aikens visited a number of towns 
In the colony and saw a_ large herd of 
cailbou from the train.' There w'-erc 
many sportsman from Canada and other 
places hunting there. On his way homo 
1.C visited rfalifax, and found that the 
clergymen 'of the city, both Protestant 
and Catholic, had united in a determin- 
ed endeavor to wipe out immoral dls- 
lri?ts. It had already been cleaned up 
to a certain extent, he said. Mr. Aikens 
left Newfoundland on Monday, and ar- 
rived In Toronto yesterday morning. 


Eddie Gleason, the lopal grounds- 
keeper, has been sent to Seattle by the 
Victoria ball club to put through a trade 
with Seattle for one of the, Beo infleld- 
ers. L.. ^. Wattelet has an infielder — 
his narrw) was not given, but it la not 
nard to guess what it Is — ^whom Dug- 
dale likes, and it is. probable that a 
deal advantageous to . both may be 
flxi.:d up. 


Klght fans may count on something 
above the ordinary at the next boxing 
iind wrestling tournament to be held on 
uecembcr 19. The promoters, Messrs. 
Davics and Skuce, have written the 
.-.ipokane club, asking for a full team 
of five boxers and wrestlers. The ex- 
pense bill will ba high, but the enter- 
tainment will rise correspondingly In 



Oanadlena Willins' to Pay Him $2000, 

But Tommy Will Bo With 

Victoria Again 

WINNIPEG, Man., .Nov. 28.— Tommy 
Dunderdale, one of ^^'lnnlpog's fastest 
hockey players, left tonight for tlie 
' ', where lie will play for Victoria 
In the I'atrlck brothers' league this 
tifi.asiin. Tommy made a big hit with 
ihe Coast fans last season, and his ap- 
,.f>arance there will cause much plea- 
sure to the people in that section of 
the country. Tommy expressed regret 
at having to abide by his contract at 
the Const, as he wan recently offered 
a .salary of no less than 52000 to play 
ihis season with the Canadlens. He 
says the Monlroal team is also trying 
to make deals with other Coast 



Ho Slagrac* to Be Baaten by Victoria, 

Bald AuBtrallans — Olven Vocif- 

•tona Sand Off. 

After the Rugby game Wednesday Dr. 
Borhamann, manager of the Australian 
tour, asked for the ball as a souvenir. 
Messru. A. D. 15. Scott and .Spaulding 
Inscribed their names on it and It 
wivs carried away to the land of the 
southern cross, to be kept there as a 
reminder of the memorable occasion 
when Australia was beaten by Victoria. 

Captain Prentice and his teammates 
h«artily conjrratulated the Victorians 
on their victory. They tried their best 
to win themselves, and declared It wa« 
no disgrace to be beaten by a team of 
Victoria's strength. 

The Auttrallan'S were escorted to the 
steamahtp Makura, which la taking 
them home, Wednesday rvtening and 
given a hearty aend-off. Promise* were 
dem«i)dwi and given that If it were pot- 
•1U% ,A 9rttl«h ColumbU team %>«ld 

.\p. uppUcution was !ii?ard In liondon a 
sliurt lime a^o concerning the properly 
of the lute King of Slam. Mr. Bayford 
eald his apiillcatlon was for a grant uf 
letters of administration in the estate 
of the late kln«, who died on October 
23, 1910, at Bangkok. Under the law and 
custom of .Slam the estate of the reign- 
ing sovereign passed to the next reign- 
ing sovereign, whose altunu-y was the 
present applicant. 

The win was an order-ln-councll, sign- 
ed by the king, his successor to the 
throne, his ministers and keeper of the 
privy purse, directing that certain annu- 
ities and gratuities should be paid to 
certain members of. .the bousehold. As 
far as it obuld be, -b% saidi 'tbat was a^ 
■ymr l^titmiie it deftlt wltl^ ;^ «i»^ of 
p-ltMi '<ifi^'''and thft rest of^fPf'" alitete 
passed to the prcfl|<m1t so«lir«|;ili ;T^ 
estate In Bhgland liraa iiwGi mbottt 
Cll.OOO. - 

. in ths ciroumstaiuies, oounsel o^ed 
the court to dispense with the applicant 
obtaining a bond, or. If there yrim a bond, 
to dispense with sureties, the bonds* 
man really would be the present King of 
Blam, from whom a bond would be use- 
less, as he could not be sited ufron It. 

His ^lordship: S.upposlng the bonds- 
man make away with the money, what 

w Buia tna wng gay to us ' f T Mtugiuer. r 
Mr. Bayford: He Is the Icing's 
minister In London. 

His lordship In granting the applica- 
tion, saM be could not see why aJ>ond 
s&ouMnot/^e given' IrT the usuieUi viay,' 
alfhpugh. ainDatles, wpuM Iw ' dtjspensed 

VANCoUVEFi, B. C.. Nov. 27.— A 
lengthy interview took place yester- 
day between the attorney-geneial and 
a deputation of clergymtTn and lay- 
men repreaentintr the Ministerial As- 
sociation and the Moral Reform 
League, when questions respecting t?iO 
social evil and the lack of Jail accom- 
modation for women were dl8<;u8sed. 

Hon. Mr. Bowser plainly intimated 
that the three provincial Jails where 
there was uccumniodatlon for women 
could not be used for tiie housing oi 
tlieso women, tho.<»e at New Westmin- 
ster and Kamloups because thoy were 
full, and the oiio at Nelson on account 
of Its distance Iroui the coast, and the 
natural opposition of the resideni.i 
there to having "carloads of dLsorderly 
women from V^ancouver dumped upon 

Jrle said that efforts could be made 
to- so alter the statutes as to make it 
possible to place them on farms, where 
tl|»y Opilght enjoy pleasant and Inspir- 
.I3W ip^rroundlngs. He pblnled out that 
Instead otP«ttIii^.ibi||il in cages in 
H^aoai, It would bA.mohfe like the teach- 
ing of the Bible to attempt to f^forai 
ihem. into good -dtizens. 

It tba delegation sought ai>o}lor of 
repression, it could, he said, ask to 
have the inmates of (tie houses lined 
$50 per day so long as they would pay 
the money. Instead of sending them to 
Jail as an alternative, the local author- 
ities could turn their attention from 
the girls to the landladies and fine the 
latter, afterwards, tf necessary, getting 
out distress warrants on their gooda 




^ it ' . 

Public Sentiment In the Saxplre Appears 

to Bo Against G-overument 


NEW TORK. Nov. 28.— From the time 
that the German government began the 
formulation of plans to exclude the 
Standard Oil Companies from the Ger- 
man markets none of the officers of any 
of these companies has expressed the 
slightest concern, lucrative though the 
German market has proved to them. 
They seemed to have taken it for grant- 
ed that either the rest of the world of- 
fered them a wide enough market or 
that the German syndicate must either 
buy from tliem directly or Indirectly, 
or bid up the price to the indirect ad- 
vantage of the American companies. 
Their confidence does not now seem to 
have been misplaced, for the popular 
protest against the plans of the minis- 
try is now loud In " Germany, and ■. the 
plan of the ministry, If not previously 
abandoned,, is sure;.: to .be contested 
sharply in the Reichstag. The German 
consumer does net see where he conies 
In to benefit from an advance in the 
price of oil to the profit of a German 
bankers' syndicate. Moreover, the mem- 
bers of the; syndicate not certain of 
their ability to secure oil from Independ- 
ent companies without boosting the. 
price. Standard Oil officers. It Is 
known, view the situation with entire 
complacency. >' 


Ziowest Order of People in India Show 
Signs of Advancement 

BO\rBAY, Nov, 28.— The Rev. Dr. F. 
E. Jeffrey, of the American board, who 
Is here, says that the most remarkable 
success is attending the work of Chris- 
tian missionaries among the Nardars of 
Southern India, and that the propaganda 
is spreading rapidly among all the 
poorer people of that vast region. The 
Nardars eHpeclally are coming by hun- 
dreds to the Christian churches and 
asking to be enrolled as converts. 

The traditional occupation of this 
caste, according to the missionary, is to 
climb the palm tree, cut the flower bud, 
hang a pot on the bud stem, catch tho 
Juice and make it into a sugar or Icell, 
the n*itive beer. Because of the low 
scale of their work tho Nardars have 
been long impo.sed on by the Brahmins, 
not even beinng allowed to worship Jn 
the temples: but since the advent of the 
mission houses, where they are wel- 
comed, they have not only forsaken 
their old beliefs, but are engaging in 
mercantile pursuits and agriculture. 

These material advances, says Mr. 
Jeffrey, have been potent in spread- 
ing the fame of Christianity to other 
tribes and castes. 


Workmen in Old Bnckingliamghlra 

Parmstead Uncover Ancient 

Art Work 

In stripping the wulln of one of the bed- 
rooma In a rnmbdng Elizabethan farmitoad 
at I.,ttUshton, Buckinghamshire, rcoontly, 
Bome workmen camo upon a beautiful plec« 
of fresco work, which oovcred tho left wall 
from floor to cellhiK. I'nrt of the design, 
which Is bold and firm in character and in 
outlino, hiis bocn rtcstrayeil by layer upon 
layer of plaster and ■.v.ill paper. The chief 
feature of the design Is groups of arrow- 
armed cuplds mounted on steeds In full cry 
with banners flying and phimes waving. At 
each onrl and In the centre are huge 
medallions In which one might traco the 
figures nf men's heads, though th« fcaturan 
arc obliterated. 

On one of theso heads tho manner In 
which the hair is dressed Is undoubtedly 
of tho Jaoobenn period and according to a 
prominent antiquarian the whole painting 
Is the work of a Jacobite artist. 

The same authority snys tho design is 
similar to those used by the Flemish sohool 
of decorators of that period, and aecordinK 
to the antiquarian's theory this bedroom 
WM the guest-chamber and the walls were 
decorted when tapestries want out of vogue. 

The steamer Bessie Dollar arrived 
here last evening from San Francisco, 
making the trip in good time. Nine 
hundred tons of sulphur from the 
A taru mines in Uapan are consigned to 
the Victoria Chemical Works. After 
discharging h«r cargo she will pro- 
ceed to Vancouver, for which port tho 
vessel has a sulphur consignment also. 
The Dollar boat may be chartered to 
load at Tacoma and Sound ports to 
talce cotton to the Orient ^ 


Attomay-Osneral Za Zntarrlawsil by 
Minlatarlal AssoolaUou and Mor- 
al Xefoi-m Xisagua 

in order to obviate the necessity of 
sending them to jai) If they refused to 
pay fines. Further steps could bo taken 
to send the hangexti-on to the Burnaby 
prlaon fa rm to put In » Uttte honeat 

hard work.; 

The .aid (!d(. ai»:.l««,em44#iiQi:iwi tti- 
voiced, h© added, ' agfltiwiit toe ' owtieni 
of property used for disorderly houses. 
Tp get rid of the Inmates altogetnei, 
the Moral Reform Association might 
ask the Dominion immigration author- 
ities to deport them, as wa.s ciuite pos- 
sible if they were foreigners, and had 
not resided in the country for inreo 

Hon. Mr. Bowser thought that by 
adopting any - one or all or iiiese 
courses, they would secure better re- 
sults than by committing a lot of the 
women to prison when there was ac- 
tually no room in the jails for them. 

He drew attention to the fact that 
there was less sex crime in British 
Columbia than In any other province 
in the Dominion. Three-foutths of 
the crimes in Ontario were sex crimes, 
whereas in Vancouver at tho last as- 
sizes, there was only one case of that 
description. \n Fornie, Revelstoke, 
Nanalmo, Greenwood and Vernon, the 
assizes had to be called off as there 
was hotbing to come up. 


Over a Hundred Million Dollars Advance 
Showa in Canada's Busiueaa 

An increase oiC 1165,060,000 in' thd 'trade of 
Canada is shown in the advance figures f&r 
the year ondeij March 31, 1912. In tho im- 
Jiorts, coin and bullion, that year accounted 
for ?83.634,980 and last year J10,206,210. 
Exclusive of coin and bullion, $343,370,082 
of the imports were dutiable and »189.91(!,- 
581 free. Exports of Canadian. produce were 
»390,223.857, arid In addition tl7,<92,29< of 
(orelgh produce waa exported. 

, . • 1911. 1913. 

Imports .•,...,.... $472,247,540 »566.921,643 
Exports .....;.... 297,190.365 307,718,151 

Total trade . . fT69,448,906 $874,637,794 
The total trade with Franco amounted to 
almost exactly fonrtecn millions, as against 
$14,537,000 In 1910-11, and $12,811,0»0 In 
1909-10. The import"! from France were 
$11,885,706, a slight Increase for the year, 
and the exports were $2,123,705, as against 
$2,782,092 In the previous year. Dutiable 
Imports for consumption wore $9,626,067, 
and on these the duty was $3,436,948, or 
36.7 per cent. 

The trade with Germany was .lust under 
fifteen millions, as compared with $12,760,- 
000 In 1910-11. and $10,600,000 In the year 
before. Imports amounted to $11,146,739, 
aji Increase of about 10 per cent, and ex- 
ports were $3,811,914, as against $2,663,017 
last year. Dutiable Imports tor consump- 
tion were $7,984,629, on which the duty wag 
$2,21^6,746, or 28.16 per cent. 

Canada's ' trade with Great Britain 
amounted to $268,000,000, of this Imports 
accounted for $117,11)1,621 and exports for 
$151,833,379. The figures for the last tour 
years nave been: 
Year. Imports. Exports. 

1909 $70,555,895 $133,745,123 

1910 96.660,004 149,030,488 

1911 110,685,004 136,962,970 

19i2 117,191,621 181.833,370 

Of the Imports from Great Uritain for 
consumption $811,614,201 '.vcre dutiable, and 
5L'7..V.12,01 1 worn free. the duty being 
$22,367,040, or 24.9 per cant on dutiable 

Good Matched Witlj Winner 

.Sammy Good, the Viincouvpr lightweight 
boxer, has soverol bouts in view for the 
n<'ar future. He refrained from making any 
matches whllo there was a pcissibllll.v of 
his match with .Too Bttyley going througli. 
but now that the championship bottle is 
out of the fjuestlon for the time being at 
least, he will t.ike on all comers, yesterda'/ 
he accepted an offer to meet Tom M'lore, 
a miner, who has shown conKld<»r.ible nblllty 
with the glovi's, In a fifteen-round bout at 
Nanalmo on Knturday, December 21. They 
agreed to weigh In at 1.15 pounds at 3 
o'clock on the day of tho bout. 

Pnekpy Opts Fight 

BT. LOUIS, Mo., Nov. 28. — M.inager Bnb 
Douglns of tile Uuainen.'i Men's Alhlrtlc 
Club, announced last night that he hnd 
signed Packey M'-Karlfliul to box eight 
rounds before his club with Karry Drewer. 
of Kansas City. December 10. The weight 
will be 14 2 pounds nt 3 o'clock. 

Amarioan Football 

Carlisle heat Brown at Providence 
yesterday 32 to 0, and Pennsylvania 
beat Cornell, ^ to S. 

WaphlnK-ton College football team 
beat Pullman yesterday 19 to 0. 

Baseball la Xavaaa 

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov. 28.— The Phila- 
delphia American baseball team todai' 
beat Havana, 6 to 2. 

Wanted for the Baquimalt sehool a 
Principal at II 2S and an assistant at 
190 per month Apply A. Mulcahy. Secb 
r«tary SoUool Board. Address: Tboburn 
P. O^ Bsquinialt. • 


■i ^ •;•♦ 

¥ ■•- 


Delivered by Carrier, at 

Cents per Month 

Subscriptions Payable in Advance 


l\/f AIL Subscribers 

are requested to 

tti^Ke all remittaiflces 

■ ^■i^' 

direct to — 
The Daily, 





A Matter of Postage 

It has been brought 
to our attention that 
many persons who 
mail The Colonist to 
friends abroad put 
only a one-cent stamp 
on the wrapper, the 
general impression be- 
ing that one cent will 
pay the postage on a 
newspaper irrespec- 
tive of its weight. This 
is a mistake. The or- 
dinary daily issue of 
The Colonist requires 
two cents postage, 
and the Sunday edi- 
tion three cents. 
Newspapers mailed 
with the postage in- 
sufficiently paid are 
not sent out by the 

ordering change 
of address should be 
particular to give both 
new^ and old addresses 

The Sunday Magazine Section Alone Is Well 

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!l '\ it^ ki , ih]i\i 





Friday, Novembtr 29, 1912 

clajhsifieu advebtibinq rates 

One cent a word each ln*«>rUoa, l» Vt 
Iet\l dULi>unl for ■li or mora concecutlva 
Imerlloin — ca»h wllh order. No ailvcrtUe- 
iiiriit acteplcU £of lens Ihaa 26 coma. 

Ku»iiiea» mid l-Tofeialoiiiil Cai-d» — ot tour 
llnc« or uudt!i- -$1.0U per week. 

No advBiliaumcnl cUarijeJ uri account for 
Icis i>iaii KuU. i-'houe Nu, 11. 


AUT tilaaa — A. *'. Roy, over thlrly yeara' 
experience In an glaaa leaded Uchta 
Ur cliurtiiBe, acliuulu and ;>rlvuiB avveUuiai*. 
Wuitia and aluro. ali< fanuora airtjui. nujtt 
\o WirUiodim i-hurCii. I'tmno B'J4. 

ATTKNTIUN — Have your houae cleaned 
by the Saiuiary Vucuuni Cleaning l.'o., 
l;uu I'vil slrtet, pliono U18oa. 

ATTENTION — To ensure Ihoroughueas 
and promplUudo. phono L,l3i)::. Tho ll- 
iand Window Cloaiilnu Co.. 7 41 trluceaa 
twuuf, lur window cleauluK and Juuiior 

i CTO Vacuum cleauer. 

X'bone L-STo" 


Delivery • 
Ltd. Tel. 1«9. 

Victoria Tranafer 

BL.VB Prlnlln* — : 
Map Co.. :14 

-Kleotrlo Blue I'rln*. and 
lap Co.. ri4 Cenlial buUdlnic. View 
Mitel. Uluu prlnttnv, map*. diauttlUlUK; 
dealers In Burvcyura in«iruu'.-jnl« anil diAw- 
luii ortlta aupplloa. I'hone l&34^ 

t>001<.QlNUIi:US — The CotonUt U tbo tiMt 
' boolcbindory In tha vrovluce; tb* r««ttlt 

li equal in proportion. 

■J'>OTT1.4ES — Ai: kind* of hotllos wanted. 
JO Good prlcoa paliU Victoria Junk Aiseacy, 
1620 citore street. Ptiooe laHb. 

Biacl%|^AVINa — Contiactora «et 
on youi I'Ukwork W 
Lieorge, lo 

tt »p«cittU> ,,,, .,___ 

■ ^-^"'""''-iiii t ti ii i i 




turn •fe^ 




ana aeal 

itnKraver and stt-ncll cutter 

li.-.Bravlnu — General 
Uoo. Crow- 
bthlnd P. O. 

Iher. tlO Whaif atruel. 

UNDEHTAKINO — lianna & Thompson on 
iaWi:r». l-arlora »27 I'andura av. Grad- 
uate V. a. College of KtnLpaUulug. Contrac- 
tor* to il. M. Navy. Utile* phoae iKK; 
lei. phone 611. 

I T.NniCliTAKlNtJ — B. 

yj me Co. 

C. Funeral FurnHh- 
(Uayward'a). It* Broughton 
(ireei. Prompt attention; uuargea leaaon- 
a'uie. Phonea -iiii. jliSi., ■i-:»l. 2iii. Chaa. 
Uaywuid, preiideiit; it. Uayward, secretary : 
t". Cattleton, manager, ______ 

WATfU.M.^KlOK.s una Jewellers — Ives & 
Ti'.lfr, suiaesBors to A: retch, 707 I'an- 
doi-tt 81., EnKllsh watiii i-wpulrlng a specialty; 
i"\velry nittiiulariund und repaind; llrst- 
I'luns work guurunti'ed ; prices reasonable. 


THOUESAL,Ii! Wines and 

Liquors — Tur- 
ner, Ueeton Co.. Ltd.. Wharf street. 

the loading 

Victoria — whiilesa.le only. All 
braudii of liquors. Direct Importers, 
lot liais and prices. 


\\ 'llOLKSALli Dry Goods — Turner, Ueeton 
VV & Co.. Ltd.. wholes.Ue dry goodd Im- 
portera and nianufacluruis. men's furnish- 
ings, trnts, "Big Horn" brand sUlrls. over- 
alls. Mall orders attended to. 


A RCHITJSCT — S. fl. Birds. A. R. I. B. 
X\. 302 Contra! Building. Victoria, B. 
phone 3iiS2. 

tlcn In B. 

-Thomas Hooper. In prac- 

.__ _. c. for 26 years. Plans and 

specifications furnished on application. 0{- 
ttca Now Royal Bank Bldg. Phona 921. 

RCHITECT-— H. S. Griffiths, 
crn^eni street. Phone 148». 


gltHMW t^t«»t. __^ ' ' 

StVJli Enflneer— Geor«e A. BmUh. Brlttah 
, OfttumbU Und surveyor. Offio* « Ai- 


Il l I I I ll tt^im»»i^m>m'i'm>mmmmm 

«»k tu fatiAlMm •».. YtB ty<% I*. C- 



blacksmith's and 
pared. Phf::* Si. 



nut cpaJ specially pre- 
IISS Governcient. 

Cm; r ftnd. Gravel — Producers' 
; i, . , ..-avel rompany. Bunkers 
Storti,. i.:of. I't Chatham street. Phona 
t»5. CrusUed roiilf,..^ wasiied sand and Kravei 
delivered by teams at bunkers or on scows 
at quarry and icravel pit at Royal Bay. 

CANADIAN Commercial Detective Service. 
the modern good and bad debt collector. 
Rents colieetsd. Our new methods mean 
quick service. "We furnish rating and pub- 
lish a dellnquont list which every credit 
house ahou'.d Investigate. A card' will 
bring one of our nteii. ::726 Douglas st. 

near— fi. li. T. 

It. of Civtl Bi 

Bodgson, Aas. 

OVrtV !»!«»■•«»— Qreen Bros,. ««'««> * 

Brftmli ttffteM to N«»«PB. Fort Ownw 

HEU> WANTED— M ALB — (C«»tl«ue«) 


1>UUUiI carpenter 
»< Hotel. Handy 
uiulnrstand horses and cows. 


■Large Glasgow distillers, 
.Ulan business with wtll- 

:!COTCH Whisky- 
doing l)li? CanaO 
known branus, ri?i|uire representative lor 
the West; prepari-d to pay 1600, and sub- 
iiiiiniial ^i.niiiii«i»<iiJii lo ^>atl, connecilon 
essential; would not object to one new 
1 onipelilive lino being carried. Agent, c|o 
T. 11. urowno s AuveiasiivK Oltlces. .:- iteu- 
field St., Glasgow, Scotland. 


AFIRST-Cr.ASH accounlaht seeka rc- 
i-ngagonient, lingllsh. 24 years of age. 
abstainer and nonsrnoker; well acquainted 
with real estate business; can furnish Al 
references fro'n present employer and 
auditors; disengaged December 11, lui::. 
i>ox ^stu, ('otonis.. 

raorERTY for s.^i-b 

ASK me about ihci 
block from t)uk 


nie In 

e\|iii-l parliie 
iiif]e.^!t. Box 

y.iung man with »4U0 to Join 

, good paying bualMcss;. will 

10 take a working half 

1253, Colonist. ^^^ 


fA.NTliD, men and women to learn the 
barber trade; wages i.ald while learn- 
llif 118 to IS( per wueU Ahen qualltled. 
\Se U»uo the oni> dlploiuas In 
ihe world; leain a Hide and be independ- 
ent; tna most coinpleiu college In the *"»'• 
LUU or write lor Hee catalogue. Moler 
aarber Coiienv. »*e Main .'... vaucouva.-. 

U. ^ 

experienced driver for 
Northern Cartage and 

\ GOOD rough carpenter wants long or 
■iV- short Job. Box 3911. Colonist. 

A GENCY required, or position as aalei- 
■i-'\- man. good kntwledge of woodworking 
muchlneiy; also liavu travelled as furnlmre 
salesman; have good knowledge of building 
irjides, either as manager or tradesman. 
Uox 3784, (.'olonist. 

VSrANTKiD — Sober. 
V V heavy team. 


Transfer Company, 718 Fort at . 

JANTKD — Two smart boys about 18 

years old to sell candy al tho Empress 

tnoatre. Apvly between 11 and 12 Sa turday. 

l^\.\rKD— A night clerk, one v\ltu cx- 
PSrMse W9|«|*«- Apply between lu 

A SMART young man seeks post as Jani- 
tor, warehouseman, or Indoor work of 
any description; willing and obliging; 
highly recommended; what offers? llox 
37111, Colonist. 

elARl'ENTlilUNCf work wanted! will take 
V <'oniract; sinall houses or collages pre- 
1 erred; can 

start at once; good woi(){ 
J'. Hartley, Uoyal Arms Hotel, 

E.N'GLISHMAN, (30,) 12 years 
States, wishes to become 

lil»Mfe^liil^,*Mll:w^■ttt^l•i■■ itdoma & antl. 

t»*:c*BUifrfelM«*rwrttvri, ivou»«» » •••»* 

»^*«*°* -^ ■ ' ' — ■ . ■: .... . . ;-:'...;' ■ 

WANTBP— Boy »op wHgoD. APPJy t»: 
Menaies «b Co.. 8»« Cormonat at. 


ANTIilD— Two painter*. 
hJbertw at.; itnatte Lixai. 

Apply Mf 

WANTED, aaleaittita J* h»i>d»« »b* cH«lt|H^ 
eat and eaaiMtt aeUtas •u^!di*^ '^ 

WANTED — Clotbtns and fumlahlng i»l«** 
man; must 1^* experienced. Apply Xbe 
Commonwealth. ' . , „ 

'Ai4Tl):&-^i oiuig man to coiia«* *«»*tt 
ati ' Luuiiti, luuaii h a»« • M eiie l e nti i l llv a 


H4VAN ••« iOtcheU, Civil 
"Hicea. «ST-!M' Pembertoa ' 

, !P. o. Box 39. Exaa^al 
l^rrlgatlon and Drlimit«fc""i 

I, Sawanun 

CIVIL Englnoers- 
Ish Columbia 

Dlvlsh &. Boring, 

G58 Montreal 
St. Estimates lurnlshed on all kinds 


/^UT stone, 

ot cut stono work. Copings. slUi 

etc., turned out <iulck. Agents lor Denman 

Island Stofle Co. . 

ii:si.NGER, contractor and builder; Call- 
iiiia buntraUiw a specialty. J, Lang- 

.,1(1, 2:;7C Hulion St. , city. 

office at 6S 

XJ fun 


Wharf street. Phono 171. 


UATMEN— victoria Truck &. Draj Co.. 
Ltd. Phone U. ' 

DUESS.MAKING— Mrs. <J. Roberta, dress- 
maker, 464 Gorgfs rd.. ladles* day and 
nlng gowns; satisfaction gtiaranteed. 

, V 

YE "Works — Paul's Stoaff- Dye 'Works. 
Fort street. We clean, press and 
repair ladles' and geutlomen'a gamenU 
equal to new. Phone 6t4. 


nractScal electricians and i 

Ml nractScal electricians and contraotora 
Khone 710; Res. Phones L2270. R26ii7. Tele- 
phone and motor work a specialty. 

liioad street. 




EMPLOrMBNT Bureau — Vising On, 
Government stre et. Phone 23. 

EAIPLOYMENT bureau. Wah Ylnir '1 
Co., 806 Flsguard st P.O. Box 1220. 

IrMRE WoodI Furnace Wood! Klnddllng 
.Wood! 11.76 per load. Prompt de- 
livery. Single or double loads delivered. 
13.00 double load Inside limits. $1.50 single 
load. 4-It. slabs f2.50 per load. Phone 
Mj'l. Cameron Millwood Co., Ltd. 


^LASS ond Glasing — Every description of 
glass, plate, 

tal. leaded, etc. 
Fort street. 

sheet, prismatic, ornamen- 
Tbe Melrose Co., Ltd.. SIS 

~t REGG shorthand taught by a graauate 


kieplng; day and evening classes. Vic- 
UMia Business Institute, 647 Michigan at.; 
jilii-ino 2206. 

HOME BeautlOers — a. pnone call to 4141 
connects you with "Home Beautl- 

tlers"; any woodwork In the house, garden 
or on lots arilstlcaUy executed with origi- 
nality ; ask us about it. 

ft CO., nard- 
Johnson and Government streets. 

aKDWARB — Tho Hickman Tye Hard- 
' Co.. Ltd., Ifun. steel, hardware. 
10 and 34 Yates street. Victoria, 

trio 'Development Wat«rwort6«, 

and Sewage PUpoaat ■ ■ ■ ■;r;^ , -^ fi{- ( 

-Gore & McGregor— Brtt'- 
land surveyora. ian« 
agents, timber cruisers: P. A. Landry, J. H. 
McGregor. J. F. Templeton, T. A- Kelly, 
timber department. Chancery Chambera. 
Langley street. Victoria, B. C: P. O- ,1^°5 
IB2; phone 684; McGregor building. Third 
»tioet. South Fort George, B.- G. 

C" IVIL Engineer — Ctar<*nce Hoard, member 
Can. Soc. C. B., member Am. Ry. Engr. 
Association. Steam, Electric, Logging. Rail- 
ways, Engineering and Construction, Office. 
401 Pemberton Bldg.. Phone i»84: Rea 
Empress Hotel: Phone 1680. _______ 

HARDWARR— B. vi. Prior 
ware and agricultural Implements, cor' 
ner J( 

B. C. 

JAMES Bay Window Cleaners and Re- 
liable Janitors. U. Kelway, 844 Coburg 


St.; phone 1. 

JUNK— Wanted 
lead, cr-st I 

led, scrap brass, copper, xlnc. 
Iron, sacks, bottles, rubber. 
Highest prices paid. Victoria Junk Agency, 
1020 ytore street. Phone 1336. 

LANDSCAl'E Gardener — James Simpson. 
611 Superior, pituno L;i9ii4, expert oif 
gorden, forest and llorlst work of every 
kind, catalogue ni;w ready, free, of roses, 
shrubs, bulbs and herbaceous plants; qual- 
ity best; prices low; orders solicited. 

LA.NDSCAPE and Jobbing gardener, tree 
pruning and spraying a specialty. C. 
Pederson, liOG Francis ave. ; phono L1S82. 

LITHOGRAl>HI.-^a -— LithographlBg. en- 
graving and embossing. Nothing too 
large and nothing loo small; your station- 
ery Is your advancQ agent; our work is un- 
equalled west of Toronto. Tho Colonist 
Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd. 


—Victoria Transfer Co., Ltd. 
Beat service In ilie eltr. 


LO.\DON Lending Library — Subs. 
per month. lialcony, Room 1, 

ben bik. 



DD Jobs done, shingling, old buildings 
torn down, lots cleared and Improved, 

etc. Robert Bi-uoe.' Bo.\ 

'J'hiiburii 1', o 

OLD mulTp, stoles, cleaned, altered up-to- 
date within a weok. Phone R914. 

PLASTER.1.NG contractors- -Hunter & Rlgg. 
Estimates free. 1'. IJ, Box 1009. 817 
Fort St. VU-torlu, B. C. 

POTTERY Ware — Sewer pipe, field tile, 
ground fire clay, flower pots, etc. B. C. 
Pottery Co., Lt d., corner Broad and Pandora. 

-n. smith, 1942 

(LUMBINQ and Hardware- 
lay ave. , 




rock blasting 

blasting — J. 


B. C. 

Paul, contractor for 
I Quadra si,. Victoria, 


SCALP treatment — Madamo Saretta cures 
baldness. Bone-Hlbben bIk., fourth 
Moor, room 216. 

HORTH.\ND and typewriting under tha 
direction of expcnenfed coiirt sten- 
ographer, at the V. 1. School, room C19-20, 
HIbben-Bono blk.. Government st. .VIso 
Monday, Wednes day and Friday e venln.?s. 

SHORTHAND — Thren months' course. Pit- 
man's (Royal) Simplified Syslciii; new- 
term commences November; Intending pupils 
should apply for full particulars to the 
Hayal stenographic School. 426 Sayward 
bldg.; night and day classes. Phone 2uOI. 

SHORTHAND — Daniel's Bunlneia College — 
Shorthand and Touch Typewriting a 
apcclalty; ona week free; easy terms; com- 
pleta course. Shorthand. Touoh Typewrit- 
ing, Correspondence. Puncttiatlon and Offirn 
Practice ($80), BoohltnopInK, Rapid Calcu- 
lation. PenmanJihlp and Telegraiihy taught 
fM $10 per month; positions await our 
graduates; home study or ion pspond<»iii« 
ronrae In all branches. For full particulars 
inqulra at Room J2, Brown blk., 1112 Broad 
at., Victoria, B. C. 

HOR-SANT> -- 81»«»rtll»a« ?«»">«»• „»»•* 
BroaA atraat. Vlotorla. Shorthand. Troa- 

at home with parenta: nona.otbar need re 
ply. Addyeaa Sffg a8i67. C<>t»n»«' 

■ftTANTaiJ— Cluppewtw; , to: *g? "f*^ ff 

'WV. •e.veral ■-f«»o«l»<,- ||iJ|«iifejWWi .'JPs* :•-',:«• 

' iiii ' i» > i 

-.^ ( I SPS I I imi i Wrnw i Hri — r . T . T^ M i" 

WANTED at on«»--i1*» exparleneaa in- 
duBtrial «took '>«ilMKt«n; good con- 
tract to right menj t«W«»nce». Apply; be- 
tween 8 and 10 a. m.. Manager. 604 
Brougbton at. -; , ..■■ " ■' ., . . ;. ■■. 

on corn- 
must be acqunl.'ited 
In real estate; 
on application. 

In the 

with established business in Victoria or 
vicinity; expert office manager, accountant, 
finances; bank and commercial leftrences; 
Is willing to Invest part of salary and later 
Uiake investment; lumber or manufacturing 
preferred. Box 3i!83, Colonist. 

ENGINEER — Steam and oil engine In 
povver-house; good references. Box 
3646, Colonist. 

NGINEBR, 3rd class, well experienced In 

large «j;i4| anau tMM*- Box Wit 

Colonist. ' . V . -- 
I .1 . I I . I n 

EXPERIENCED accoUDiant, married, 
desires position, Engllsik an«t 0*rman 
oocrensondent, 11 yeaca in London, Kng., 
c4tMkbi« in every way and o. willing worker. 
IKir «ppointtnent apply Box U^9. Coioniat. 

I ll J ill ..J i T J mi,. 1, 1 I II. ^ — ■■ — ■ ' "" I * 

boy wlahea altuation aa COM. 
iSHu jobu#t/n kt., collier J<'iaKu«itt. 

A corner lot, one 
Bay ttvc. and only 
luur bUu'ks from ilie juntllon of Fort St.. 
liir J14nO; J4r.o lash. inside lots for $1,100; 
14(jO cash All leM'l. no rock, sew.r and 
wnli'i 111, come oak treep; ihi-ie Is no Mufl 
ubiujl lliis; tliey are my nwn lots-. Jtts. 
i'ripiis. 1FS8 Oak Hay ave.; phone 3200. 
Open till 9 o'clock In the evenings. 

A BAROAl.V fr'ini owner--Si) 'acres of 
j\. t-ood land, 10 eleorcii. on good road, 2i.<, 
miles ttoir. Duncan, creek runs through farm; 
lirhe J5,7riO; $1,750 cash", bolancu 1 and 2 
> .^ars. Vliix ar.BO, l"nlonl.'<i. 

rROPKRTY FOR SAI.E — (Continued) 

FOR sale by owner, c 
Holl> wood Llieecini; 





Box J464. 

I7MFTH St. —Two large lots. 60x185 each, 
beiween King's and Hillside; builder's 
snap; price $',:,1U0 each. Old I'osl Ofllcu 
Realty, 1218 Government st. \^^ 

KMNli! lot 
J.^ tilUO. 

17»OU sale — Fifty acres, close to Mount 
. Douglas park; Hits is a snap; call and 

PKOPERTY FOB SALr — (Continued! 

I>H10R st 
fine level lot. $2,100. Moore *L John- 

AV. I). 

a:., CCxlCO to a \ane. 
Vork. piione iSfc*. 

see us. J. 

A SNAP — 30 feet oi. View nt., between 
J\. tjuadra and Vancouver. $160 per foot. 
Langley & Co., 212 Central bldg. 

Can deliver a snap in acreage 
$6,000 cash; 100 per cent 
before spring. Box 3457, Colonist. 

B. Wttlsiin Realty 
and Kustlon. 


•'■J^ In Saanlch, 


-TV Ironllng 
perty. K"Od soil. 
acre, easy lerinu 
I'eiider st. West, 

Saanlch district, 26 acres 

lake, nice view pro- 

or a lew days $4ii0 per 

Albert B. Mullelt, 719 

Vancouver, B. C. 


^AMlillBO tean M«ka poaitlon as «iMitfiir 
. driver %Brlvat« (aniiy; «3> ULn$ti>t4 

«t.. .-Vtct»Wa,i||Siilt. ' - .;. 

iBSPE;CTA]^Z.1B married man wanta work 



of any kind. i709 Pernwood r*. 

T WO Ufa * e l aaa « n s > »n»aaa » > sb tea aa m 
traeta Htlf or amall. Soa »W, C«t' 

-. oi|i|»lt. .", ' ' 

WANTED— Position a* general clerk in 
:0glM' 4W .afarehoUae; 8 yeara" expert- 

rmimmmtmilli.^ Box 8478. Coloniat. 

IXT ANTED— Real eatate aaleamen, 
W miaslon baals 

CONSULTING Engineer— W. G. Winter- 
burn. M. I. N. A., receives puolls for 
examination for certificates, Stationary and 
Marine. CIO Bastion Square. Phone 1631. 

CO.NSULTING Engineers — Canavan A 
Mitchell. 227-228 Pemberton blk., P. O. 
Box 39; Examinations and Reports, Irriga- 
tion and Drainage, Hydro-Eloctrlo Develop- 
ment, Water Works, Sewerage and Sewage 
Dispo-sal; Supervision of Construction. . 

DENTIST- W. F. Fraser. D. M. D. Office 
732 Yates stret>:. Ga.escha Block. Office 
hours: 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ■ 

MANDOLIN, banjo. piano, taught by 
Miss Wlnterburn. 438 Dallas road. 
I'hone 1531. ' ■ , ' ^' ,- " 

M. T. D., graduate American college 
mechano-lherapy, phyaical deformities and 
chronio diseaaea treatisd: Office, Suite 6, 

921 Fort St. ^ j_ 

EDICAL, surgical, fever and maternity 
nurse; vacant room. 103S View at. 


PIANO and voice, by experienced teacher, 
Phnrip 8!ll. . 

(ijrR\-! 'i 

lO luiliul 

Broad st. 


W. Meycraieln, Brltlah Co- 
i.ii.U surveyor, '20-27 Brown bldg., 
P. O. Box 1579; phono 4319. 

WANNEL & Noak<»a, Dominion and B. C. 

to P 
P. O. Box 

Block. 1006 Govcrnmen 
$42. Telephone 877. 


VETERINARIAN^ — Charles Richards, O. 
V. S., (McGIU). Office 1503 Douglas 
St., opposite city hall. Office phono 3404. 
Residence Mt. Douglaa. Residence, phono 
R4488. ' . • :' ■' 


with city and ex p. 
bring credentials li 
232 Pemberton bldg. 

WTANTED — A man for inside 
>V Victoria Private Hospital; 
man preferred. 

work at 
Apply 919 Vancouver at. 



WiOMA^M to wash curtains nt home. Ap- 
ply Hotel RltJ!. ■ 


uomestlc help i 
at The Ladies' 

.sses, stenographers, 

iioeptrs, nurses and 
iun.i.,i positions should call 
iiusincas Agency, 425 Say- 
ward blk.; phone 2486; olllce hours 10 to 4, 
•Saturdays 10 to 1. Mrs. A. Clarke, »a'.;re- 

tary. ^_ '^ .^______ 

~ T The Ladi illonal. Domestic and 

Buslncs.'i jMslsiants In any ca- 

pacity may be i.i.iuiiuOt, Bovernesses, »ien- 
uKiaphers. waltressta. nurses, housekeepers 
and domestic help always disengaged; pait- 
iierthlps arranged and businesses trans- 
ferred; school and homea recommended. 
, - • -ard blk.; phone 2"6: o"*'-® .I""" 
aiurdays 10 to 1. "" * '^>»"'« 


Mra. A. Clarke. 





Appfy Alexa ndra Club. 


lO-MPANlOiV lady help, tnrec growti-ui> 

people, very good post, $30; no washing. 

ChlnLna^n 'once ..a _week,^ h-^^L^^^'Siofh- 

once a week. Lady 

voiinK coiiple and baby, $25, at once, 
.voung eoup. ^ «* ' ^^^^ Children, bus 

band /25. Apply at^ The Ladles' 

Agem. ivward b.dg.; phone 24»». 

-Chimneys or u. .^ .....ork; fcom- 
man. Box 985, Post Olllce. 

WANTED— Scotsman, with IQ 
pertenco In mixed farming ti 
management, desires •situation.. - 
C oloniat. ,■■.."•' ' ' 

ivrANTF.n, by young man, situation aa 
> > K Apply 241^^1: Stv 

T » pctent 

\"\ WANTED by bookkeeper, books for even- 
tV Ing. Box 2948. Coloni st. 

\\7A.NTED — A position as male nurse. 
>V valet, or work round a gentleman's 
place; wiUinir and obllgiug; highly recom- 
menued. Box 3(60. i..oio nist. , 

\T7ANTED, by Englishman, just out, poal- 
VV tlort to manage dairy or poultry ranch, 
or dairy business in town; 20 years exper- 
ience with stock and dairy trade, good 
bookkeeper; known In Victoria. Box asaii. 

WANTED, by young married Englishman, 
position with commercial house, good 
ealcstnan, arithmetician and writer; 6 years 
Canadian experience; will do anything. Ap- 
ply P. Q. Box 499. 

"vroUTH, steady, wants situation, any ca- 
X pacity. store preferred. Apply Box 

:!700, Colonist. 

A CHEAP buy — 30 feat on Fort at. 
^\. Quadra, $26,000. Langley & Ct 
Central bldg. 

A GENi:jNE~snap — We have a number of 
-iJ- lota on the Burnsido rd. car line. .lUSt 
the very thing you have been looklnii for; 
the soil ii» rich and productive, the lots are 
i.-lear and level, and the view unsurpassed; 
cull in and see us about these; prices from 
$2!i0 upwards, and terms to suit. The Home 
Builders Investment Co., Ltd., 734 JTort »t.; 

jihotie 1769. 

BN Al' — Beach ttrlve and Cranmora, 1 

acre of ground, wilt mofce alx good 

1 ^ ' Owner. Phone 963. '' , ■ . . ,: 

ACREAGB^^jK'v^'liiiiileh' .- rd., ' 7 . nUlea 
victoiTi^-';.iMiip;:?W4 a Railway^ ,-ai*tt. 
new car lljie, frbito *600 up. U. Uooip, 7 
Biidgman Bldg., 1007 Government. 

A CIWMMCMB: •»♦»—« •crea of arable lw»d 
A. IB IMEHUnntt lUWrlct; wilt make ideal 
-^memeaitea: <8«0 par g,cr«j e"h 

xkeitTC the cheapest buy In ^« 
^hail* of the Fernwood e»tata;~ 

-Flfty-elght acres on 3-inlle 

t $2,100 per acre; 'i fash, bal- 
ance airanged. J. U. Watson Really Co.. 
corner C<<u<rnment and Dasilon. 

1.^'^OR sa lo- 
ci rrle, I 

Tj'Olt sale — Apartment or residence site, 
-T close to junction I'andora and Fort sts., 
over one-half acre, overlooking Oak Bay. 
For pailhulars telophone, murnlngs, 833. 

1710R a few days only — Rest buy In James 
- Buy; 60x120 on Kingston st., for $5,400; 
$1,900 cash, balance 1 and 2 years. Westorn 
l.ands, Llnjlted, 1201 Broad S t., corner View. 

J^'^OR sule — One lot on Dunlevy su .\pply 
owner. Box 3769. Colonist. ____. 

ITVOR choice and cheap farm lands In the 
■ Albcrnl district call and »ee us. We 
sell no land until the prospicllve purchnsir 
has ben over It himself and Is satisfied 
that he can find nothing that will give him 
a fairer chaiioe of making a living on the 
land than tho properties we offer. Let us 
show you. Veoman & Pllklngton. McCal- 
lum Block, DoiiglaH st. Phono 4292. 

-60x120. near the .Hillside car, 
lot. $2,100. Moore 
sion, Vates and Broad; phono 627. 


ivsntcd for good ugree- 
nienis of sale. .\l8o purchaser for 
.fplendld residential lot In good distrli-l; this 
i-i an exceptional offer at 12000. Jeiiklii- 
! in. Hartley & Colby. 603 Sayw_arjl_Block. 

PLK.\8ANT sv. — 60x120, nice level lot, 
$1,675. iloore & Johnston, Yates ahtt 
Broad; phone 627. ^__, IS go.i.g to iiaie a boon., 
don't be too slow, but buy now. 
OS the prices are bound lo go up as soon 
ntf the railroad coiiipany begins Us worw 
liiid that Is nu more a plp>- dream but the 
eiiKlniera are on the ground now. See us 
li,r some of the best buy^ In that town that* 
just waking up. .Metiler-Reehllng Co., ii 
Green blk.. 1216 Broad «. ' 

1>-.jjtJ' j.i 

QV.\BTER acre, 
terms. I'ullen, 

Bowker ave. 
Oak Bay. 

priea $2660; 


EAL estate man wanted to handle new 
official G. T. P. town on railway Una 
In central British Columbia, under direct 
supervision of Grand Trunk Pacific Rall- 
woy Company. Either ivhola or spare time. 
UnX 3509. ColonisU ■ . 

' Oak Buy 


jr. R. Bowea & Co... Xitd.. MS WDtt, MLi 

phonea 272i ana 4087. 



sale — Cormorant at., GUxl2U, close 
Douglaa al'., $3B00; quarter cash. 

balance 1 and 2 year's. Queen City Realty, 

X41S Dou glas gt.: phone 2774. 

OR salo^^Corner Government *nd Slrti- 
coe, 66x111. »1J.50|0, fermft'' tt* 
purehaaer; tbja prt>periy will „.lii|,_ , 
iiOMo Jnaide 18 ninaMia »nd J< rtte**. 
above i^ia* until a<tt:^p*l«o'cvofek n<m. 

JC ttiWi |Ti»j,i-« i>Mi»i *«»»n«e in X am* # 
'iftgrtt. Ad<tr<HH Bn* f8«8. CoWnJit..,.,.,, ■ .„;,/..: 


tl^R P»attin»--Pivo ntrcf. oa. 
J? ftvenua car line, l»aa«. two blocks 
from aor- line: «$500- oaah. M.. Francia 
tfinai Hit «i TtfminT mnittAt , »,— 

17K>R •alia--f««a«ra ramh, iHMk fnmt. 'gem 
JP aoH aha «at^, .Combx.dtatrlet^ ban«AK 
IJ.OOO; 1-a xiaah. Apply Ownor, Box 8880. 
Coloniat,;- ■■,■-•,''■■ ■„■■.' ^ . ■■■'•:•- ' 

i^ m i i i ', iiii |j^^^ > i ii j [i jM i ^^ ^ l ! V i || i| ; ji . . _ I ' . ' I f j^ ' g?^ ! - ! " 

uubdlvlslon, close to 
car line and within city 
limits, I have the exclusive sale of a num- 
ber of tho choicest lots at $1500 each, terni« 
\eiy easy. W. Meed, 316 Central bldg.; 
phono 1874. 


half acre — Transit rd.; near sea^ 
•(■d: look at it. It la lot 12. 
54300. Llpscombe & Taylor, 

. ,.1..- .....U -JitiB* 

CHEAP lot on Seavtew St., one block 

Ihi'ide one mile circle, level, no rock, good 

location, $1400: $3.i0 cash, .balance In two 

years. Denny & Chooseman, 1306 Blanchard 

street. " 

1500 profit for someone, lot 80x 
to Foul Bay Beach, excel- 
lent view of bench, sea and mountains, next 
to large new home, $2500. Denny & Cheese- 
man, 1305 Blanc hard at. 

U.KJINING tho new Dunsmuir residence. 


■ Tpoltf '•■t.ffpri;tiaft^:,iifitween cool 
JO Vancottvei-i Twreon* 'producing, fw 
foot. Owner, 310 Vancouver at. 

X tr« 

ORGB Waterfront — Splendid lot, nicely 
reed. 55x180; beautiful homesltc, only • 
$!,';".» on easy terms. Wise & Co., 109 
I'l m Bl ocTt. 

"VM i.iAKNOR rd., off Hillside ave., lot fiOx 
VI 120 ft.. 
Agency, j; 08 I^emborton block. 

KICHMOND rd.. near Kings rd., full-sized 
lot for $1,200; 1-3 cash, 6, 12, IS 
months. t;orner of Townly and Richmond 
rd. for $1,350; 1-3 cash, 6. 12. IS months. 
1,'aHwM A- M. r.ivlsh, 620 Central bldg. 

I St. (Government House 
ii:....-., lut 51x146 ft,, $2000. Over- 
seas Investment Agency, 208 ' I-emberton 
btO cK, . 

StCHMONI) av., S. — 60x120, a few lots 
■from car, $1,600. Moore & Johnston, 
Yatea and Broad; phone 627. 

IA,LT Spring Ii^land— For sale or exchange. 

;v t5 acres. 2 miles from wharf, clbso to 

«tt .fenced, 14 acres cleared and 3o 

-teUlKHI land, light clearing; on good 

/tkitii SWwSSne close to. splendid shooting; 
W l> tf^l^; »4 cash. Box 8481, OolonlBt. 

BAVliBW av., running through to Mon- 
4; 3- lots, fine view, 
JI.600 scpaTtttHT- 
and Broad; phone 

Lot cost $400, will sell store and 

lot for $500, on Crow'9 Nest Railroad. 

ily Box 37S7, Colonist. 

EVEN or fifteen acres ot level, cultivated 

beautifully situated, with fine view ot sea 
and mountains; only $350 per acre; terms. 
Howoll, Payne a Co., Ltd., 1016 Douglas 
+ist.; phono 1780. 



AN easy $500 
130, close 


sell outright or build lo suit purchaser, 
ii TIssemun, 730 Fort. 


l.OT at Nanalmo. the city with 
largest payroll In B. C, for $100 

terms lo suit any pocketbook. 
man, 730 Fort. 



May & Tlsse- 

GONZALES — Half acre, beauti 
atcd, magnificent view, very cheap at 

IJIX acres beautlfut waterfront at Pedder 
^ Bay, fen miles from Victoria; grand 
view; only $400 per acre. Howell, I'ayna 
& Co., Ltd., 1016 Douglaa St.; phone 1780. 

$4,000. on 

easy terms, 

Wise & Co., 103 

Bay, 15 miles from, 320 acres, 
meadow land, $25 per acre; 
good terms. Overseas Inveatnient Agency, 
208 Pemberton block. 


YOUNG American (temperate) 
situation as kitchen helper, 
or housework. 320 Henry at., N., 




Y01;NG .\inerlcan (temperate) wlfhes 
situation as kitchen helper, laundry 
or housework. Box 3668. Colonist. ^ 

AT'OUNG MAN, 23. would like situation In 
X store or warehouse. Please apply J. 

Mellows, 2516 

Turner st. 

RESSMAKINO — Wanted al once, assist- 
ants and apprentices. 566 Michigan st. 


E.MPLOyMENT Bureau ^ , , . 

land), 1328 Douglas at. Help wanted 
and supplied. Phone 2919. 

(Vancouver Is- 

GIRL. for light houseworlt, good 
730 Princess av. ___ 


IRLS! Girls:— Splendid situations wait- 


NCIENT Order of Foresters. Court 
North.^rn Light. No. 5936. meets at 
Foresters' Hall, Broad street. 2nd and 4ih 
Wednesdays W. F. Fullerton. Sec. 


B at Red Cross Female Employment 

office. Phono 


Government St., near post 
4 257. Mrs. Francis, lato of 

1 • 


mcnt St. 

■)ted — Over' 16 years, exptrlence 
lary. 5-10-15C Store, Goveru- 


AN experienced lady bookkeeper desires 
position; accustomed to taking charge 


Box 3907, t;olonlBl. 

AT oncB- 

•SUUtttlone wanted for houae- 
chambennalds, waitresffcs. 14 
cook generals; good wages; paiior. table 
and kitchen maids, mothers helps, nurse- 
maids, generals, also other help. Apply Red 
Cro».s Female Employment Bureau, lull 
tiovuinment St., near post odlce; phone 42&i. 
.Mri?. Francis, la te ot Vai.cou ver. 

C-100K, experienced, $35-$40; 'also house- 
J maid or general,. $30-$35, wish situa- 
tions. Box 8691, Colonist. 


BEAtlTIFUL lot in Cralgdarroch, $3200; 
-an you beat this? Gillespie. Han '- 

Todil. Ltd.. I.angley St.; phone 2040. 

A SPLENDID fruit ranch at Saanlch, 28 
I\- acres, of which 21 acres are cleared, 
with 12 acres In fruit, seven acres In pas- 
ture, modern 8-roomcd house, outhouses, 
etc.; price $26,600. Beckett. Major and Co., 
Ltd., 848 Ftirt st. ; telephones 2967 and 

3 515. 

REAL ranch — Close to Keatlngs station. 


LOYAL Orange Association. Premier Loyal 
Orange Lodge, No. 1610. meets 2nd 
and 4th Mondays, at the Foresters;^ Hall, 
Broad St. J. C. Scott. 942 Pandora street. 
Worshipful Master: W. C. Warren. 39 Cam- 
hrlt'^e Street. Secretary. 

SONS ot England. B. S. Aiexanara i^odge 
116, meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 
K. of P. Hall. H. G. King, Sheibourne st., 
president; -Jas. P. Temple, 1053 Burdette at., 

•ONS of England. B. S. Pride of tha lal- 
id Lodge No. 131, meets 2nd and 
4th Tuesdays in A. O. F. hall. Broad street; 
president, F. West, corner Hampton and 
Har.'leth road; secretary. W. H. Trowes- 
dalc. 620 Williams St., city. 




ADAMB ChoUet from Switzerland. Paris, 

French, German to Chrlsllnn workers who 
may visit Switzerland for the world's Sun- 
day school convention. Madame Cliollet, 
1082 Richmond ave., corner of Onk Hay. 

TUITION — French lady from London nnrj 
Paris dejdros position. Fl-ench. German, 
EnKllsh, piano and drawing. Pupils have 
passed t'oHego of Preceptors examinations; 
t'hrlKtlnn homo appreciated. Box 665, Vic- 


nOTK^ Blackburn. A. E. Blarkburn. 
proprietor. This well known and pop- 
ular hOLel. entirely rebuilt and refurnished. 
Is nc w iipen lo Its patrons. Steam heal, flno 
commodious rooms, first-class dining rooin, 
best attention to comfort of guest». Amer- 
ican plan, J1.60 to $2.00 per day. Euro- 
pean plan. 71 cents upwards. 1118 Main 


A LIFE Insurance opportunity — If you 
desire to or perhaps double your 
Incoirie, dining your spare lime. The 
PrudenllRl Life Insurance Co.. branch ofrice 
— 532 Granville St.. Vancouver, will under- 
take to teach and assist you In the work 
of life Insurance, under an arrangement 
that should make you independent In ten 
years time, If successful. Apply, giving 

your particulars. Including present Income, 
to Branch Manager, above address. 



RESS.MAKINO — Cut and fit guaranteed 

eceptlon, even- 
tailored suits. 

Ing and rest gowns, fancy 
etc. Watts, 707 H Yatos. 

LADV Is requli-ed to take active share In 
first-class bus-iness, principally secre- 
tarial work; investment $500 to $1000; bus - 
n.s^ taught ; i.:^lblo lady; good sal- 

,ii. and int.- "Hhg to Investment. 

lor further i us apply to Mrs. A. 

Clarke; secretary of The Ladlea' Agency, 

425 Wayward bldg.; phone 2486 . 

— — — ^^ 


country, family two. 
Mother's help for town, 
$■'5 Maid comp.inlon. willing to travel. 
Lidv matron for girls' college. $35. Lady 
help who can cook, $2,1. Two ladles, all 
duties, family two. $2.S ^ach. Appiy i« x... 
Ladles' Agen(2'.J»£r^_Say;^£J^^-_.___ 
■ two smart canvassers, quick sell- 

ing proposition. -Apply, between D and 
10 a m.. or 7 and 8 p. m., 2655 Cedar Hill 

rd.; phone R4 3SS^ - 

7^\Pf1iaTORS for .-lecinc sewing machines. 
U 8-hour day. Apply Turner Beaton Co.. 

I.VDY help 
J washing, $20. 


•'Big Horn' 
tory, corner 

of B 





Ir^lRKT-CLASS porter wanted. 
- Barber Shop. 

L^.ALir.S WOMAN wanted at once. 
r5 David Spencer, Ltd. 

Apply to 

WANTED — Servant for general house- 
vvork. Canadian preferred. Apply P 

O. Box 1161. 

ANTED — Comimnlonship service In ex- 
ige for 
and board. 


RESS.V1AK1NG— Ftcncy evening gowns; 



NGLISH lady requires post as 

keeper; good cpok and cxceilonl man- 
ager. Address Box 3674, Colonist. 

TT^XPEP.IENCED uressmaker Is open 
3513, Colonist 


riPERIENCBD stenographer seeks position. 


Apply Box 3656, Colonist, 

■:( E.NTLEWOMAN. widow, with daughter 
ot 7 seeks position ot trust as sec-re- 
tary. companion, hounekeeper, wllh refined 
people; salary net so much object as 
or will give any part of the day 
log, correspondence, etc. Apply 

tor read- 
Box 3740, 

cultivation, 600 apple, pear and plum trees. 
IH acres of strawberries. ',i an acre of 
respberrles, also other small fruits; large 
barns, chicken houses, -ivired poultry runs, 
good water from two wells; new six-roomed 
house, with bathroom, also a two-roomed 
cottage for hired help; price Includes cow, 
buggy and rig; prlco $17,000, on very good 
terms. Beckett. Major and Co., Ltd., 643 
Fort St.; telephones 2967 and 85 1 6. 

EAUTIFUL Shawnlgan lake — Splendid 
2 H -acre corner lot. large frontage on 
new- government rd.. near water; Ideal spot 
for home; price $1,600; will double In value 
soon; terms one-third cash, balance easy. 
Owner, S. A. Savage, 1018 McClure St., Vic- 


HUDSON Bay property (near) 60x120, 
revenue producing, $16,000. H. Booth, 
7 Bridgman bldg., 1007 Governmetit^ 

OMESITE oi} the best part of Linden 

av., between Faithful and Dallas, 50x 

116 ft.. $3,000; one of the few left. Heath 

&. Chaney, Sayward block. 

AM the owner of the finest single store 



CX)TT st'. — Level, grassy lot. 50x120; price 
$1,OBO; this is a bargain. Old Post 
Office Realty, 1218 Government st. 


^ view of 

on easy 

Fine large lot, 70x120; flno 

the water; big snap at " 600. 

terms. Wise & Co., 109 Pemberton 


SHO.VL Ba.v — Splendidly situated lot, over- 
looking the water; magnificent view; 
snap at $2,700, on easy terms over two 
years. Wise & Co.. 109 Pemb erton block. 

SOMERSET 'St., close to Flnlayson. nlca 
high lot. 20 and 22, $060. Heath &^ 
Chaney, Sayward Block. 

to raise money for a business ven- 
ture and will sell for $2900 on terms. This 
is a genuinely reduced price and the prop- 
. rty is cheap at it. P. O. Box 1445 or 

I'ho ne 2829. 

once, $17,000 buys 60 feet and 
1 on Flsguard; terms. This Is 
Room 315, Strathcona hotel. 

IF taken at 
two hoi'.se 
a bargain. 


your purpose has far-seeing strength, 
and you go Into the waterfront question 
without prejudice, and a determination to 
make your dollars serve you to the best 
possible adva..vage, you will speedily In- 
vestigate Cowlchan Lake, B. C. 

INSIDE the %-mlle circle on a pavud 
street. 60x120. $3,200. Moore & John- 
ston, Yates and Broad; pho ne 627. 

KELOWNA District — 160 acres unim- 
proved ot $35 per acre; 160 acres un- 
improved at $50 per acre; or wU trade for 
Victoria property. What have you to of- 
fer? Thompson Realty Co.. Green Block. 


Bay — 116 feet 

BE.\CH drive, 
frontage, overlooking the Straits, 
beautiful location, with uninterrupted view, 
$3,200. J. R. Bowes & Co., Ltd., 643 Fort 

St.; phones 2724 and 4087. - 

lANK St. — 2 lots, near Quamlchan, $2,4 00 
the two. McLaren &. Mair, 606 Say- 

B~~LACKWOOD and ^Stevenson— Six very 
good lots; remarkably cheap at $4,000 
for the six. Wise & Co., 109 Pemberton 
building. . 



lUILDERS — Lot 100X139. 
from car; to bo sold 
If 'taken quickly. Box 3776 

five minutes 
on good terms 

1' INDBN ave.— 50x146, $2600; 
-^ balance 1 and 2 years. Beautiful biilkl 

lug lot. J. R. Bowes & Co., Ltd.. 
St.; phonea 2724 and 4087. 

third cajh, 

«43 Fort 

SUNNYV.\LE Heights— Just a fi 
lots left in this beautiful sut 

few good 

Ten percent balance over three ytar» 
No interest. Prices $300 up. Jacobs & 
Hymers, 1305 Government st. 

SPECIAL — Rocklaijd ave., 60x110. for 
$4200. terms. Held & Greenwood. 723 

\'iew St. 

mHE king of snaps — Business blk., Forf 
JL St.; rent pays 13 H per cent; excellent 
stand; only $40,000. W. C. Bond, 304 Pem- 
berton blk. 

TW?:lve acres, all cleared, on the East 
Saanlch rd.; five-roomed house and 
barn, 200 fruit trees, small fruits, chk-ken 
house; tho property fronts on two roads; 
beautiful view of Straits; "price $12,000. 
Beckett, Major and Co., Ltd., 643 Fort at.; 
telephones 2967 and 3516. 


T ILLIAN rd.— 60x106, 
Broad; phone 627. 

near tha car 


LOT on Moss st., near May, 50x110, $2,500: 
1-3 ca»h, balance 6, 12, 18, 24. Ownor, 
P. O. Box 936. 


ETTLER-REEHLdNG sells Port Angeles 


flreen blk.. 1216 Broad. 




H. W. Mills. 1 Law Cham- 

^ALL and see 
ers, B 
Gorge, Victoria Wert 


OOD cook, dally, 
dinners, suppers. 
Floor, Hlbben block. 


for "at 
Room 1, 




VV clianiJ 

fuinlsiied room or room 
Apply Box 3666, Colonist^ 

W'A NTED— Competent stenographer for 
VV real estate office; good salai'y. Reply. 
with full narUci.nnTs,_ to Box 3864. Colonist. 

VATANTED — A young lady to join me In a 
VV Bood established bnslnes.i and take a 
working IntercBt; a Utile capital required. 

Box 3924. Colonist. 

^A.NTKD Immediately — A hnnse-parlor- 
mald; must be experienced. Phone 


ANTED — Strong, capable, young woman 

for hoarding house, wages $36 monthly; 

live In.' Box 3766, Colonist. ^, 

vifANTED — Housekeeper, 
VV ley St.; good wages. 

VV plain 
dress P. O. 


at 1215 Lang- 

-Ceneral servant, must bo good 
cook, family of three. .Vd- 

Box 1479, city, staling experl- 

ADV help or lady nurse, dally, experi- 
enced and fond ot children, $5 week. 
I.ady help, middle-aged, good home essential. 
iflO month. Lady help, dally 9 to 4. $5 week. 
Lady help, age 30. very capable, take all 
ilutlis except washing, $25. Apply at The 
L.-uUes' Agency. 4-^. Sayward bldg. 

IADY wants mo 
J house wo.k or 
3.'i2 8. Colonist. 

morning engagement, 
care of children. 



RACTICAL maternity nurse; terms mod- 

1" >I.\NOFORTJ-: lessons given by experl- 
. enced, certified teacher. Phone M- 
339 L 

TRAINED nurse would like to take pa- 
tient east In return for ral'road ex- 
penses. Box 3572^ Colonist. 

ANTED — General housework; good cook. 

-Several choice lots. II. 

J Booth, 7 Bridgman bldg., 1007 Go-.ein- 


CORNER t^ook and Chapman St., size 66x 
lis $5,000 Corner Cook and I'ender- 
gasl size 54x112. $4,S00. Corner Cook and 
Bay St.. size 63x116. $7,000. Corner Burn- 
side and l!.mma .slT-.e 9:ivl25, $4,100. Khalsa 
Re alty Co.. 1221 ^-■""gl'^iy_^ 

1ARLIN St. — Nice level lot, with shack; 
city water; cheap; $1,100. J. Street, 
1316 I'arlin st. 


CHEAPEST lot on Monterey ave.. Oak 

J Btiy 

taken at once. J. R. 
64 3 Fort St.; phonea 2 

■24 and 

& Co., 


/^"tOOK.MAN St., Oak Bay— 42x120, $1,300; 
*J compare prices. Moore & Johnston. 
Yates and Broad; phone 627. 

U $3000. H. Booth 


lot, faces south, 
Bridgman bldg.. 


ox 3508, Colonist. 


.\NTE1)— -By young English woman, gen- 
eral housework, dally from 9 a.m. llil 
p.m. .Vpply Box 3784, Colonist, 

kinds; repairs 
3117 Delta St., 

7ANTED-T-Sewlng, all 




TANTKD— Dressmaking by the day or at 
home. 84 Courlney St.; phone 1978. 


must be good 

iE.VERAL ranch hand; 

mllkir. App.y T. K. Harrdp, Brae- 
root Fnrm, Moiini Tolmle. 

X WANT several steady young men imme- 

drlvlng and repairing thoroughly taught; 
classes morning and evening. Victoria .Vuto- 
mobllo School, Dunsmuir garage, corne'' 
Superior and Menzlcs. 

/■ \FFi:CB 
V-' leben. 

boy wanled. A l\ , 
Ltd., 629 Fort si 


/ \NE or two 

10 a. m., or 7 and 
rd.; phone R43SS. 

smart canvassers, quick sell- 
ing proposition. Apply, between 9 and 
- 8 p. m., 2656 Cedar Hill 


lEPRBSENTATIVE wanted—Wanted, by 
a prominent Montreal Wine and Spirit 
house, controlling Important staple brands 
and doing business only with wholeaale 
trade, representative for RrllUli Columbia 
and Alberta; only men of proved ability 
as salesmen and who can Influence high 
class business need apply; for right man 
this Is an excellent opportunity. Address, 
with full particulars as to experience and 
qitallflcatlnns, ealarv expected, etc. Cham- 
pagne. P. O. Box 368, Montreal. P. 8. — No 
attention paid to appUcatlona which do not 
give full partloulara. 

IALB8MAN wanted — Bxperlenced Inanr- 
J anee. Investment or real eatate man; 
to the right one we can offer a good iposl- 
tlon, but he mtiat be able to deliver the 
gooda. Apply XtviB l»«. 'onea M«c.. rvti 

-Maid to assist with housework 
I famllv. Mrs. Sturgess 1023 
, Oak Bay, or P. O. Box 876. 

'ANTED — First-class chocolate dipper. 
.\pply \ Ictoria Candy Kitchen, 7iiS 
Yntes St. 

V In s 


NTED — Competent woman 
Ith housework and 

Apply, between 11 
DuugiaR St., Beacon 



to assist 
care of children. 
1 o'clock, at 36 


7ANTED, waitresses, cooks, ccaahlers. 

ate Co-operative Cafe-Orlll, located In cen- 
tre of city. Box 3716. Colonist. 

ANTED — Salesladies for Japanese store. 


A. Wanlbe, 1422 

Government st 


Government at. 

to take charge of 



\"TKD — Voung ladles and gentlemen 

Investigate our office positions, 

where good salaries are paid. 22 Brown 

lilK.. 1112 Broad st. , 

WANTED — Stenographer with previoua 
office experience, Appljt Box 1177, 



ANTED — Situation aa housekeeper in 
private family, give services for hus- 
band's board; central. Apply Box R!137, 



ANTED — Private housework by the day. 
Phonn 1.4160. 

''OMAN wishes dally work where her 
little boy, 4 years, would not be ob- 
.lecled to; must have work. Box 3821. Col- 

YOUNG lady with several yeirs' exper,'- 
cnce ns bookkeeper and stenographer, 
desires position; best references. Apply 

Box S&74, Colonist. 

1007 Government. 
'■-10RNER Olympla and Dunlevy pls.; three 

ORTII Saanlch — 10 acres, all cleared, 
lose to Deep Covo and five minutes 
from the B. O. Electric survey, 4 '/i acres 
In orchard, 5,000 strawberry plants, also 
gooseberries, raspberries, vegetables; mod- 
ern bungalow, with bath, hot and cold 
water: splendid water supply; barn, stable, 
with loft, grnnery, poultry house, incubator 
house and brooder house, choice garden; 
price $16,000. Apply ttiA agents. Beckett, 
Major and Co.. Ltd., 643 Fort St.; tele- 
phones 2967 and 3516^ 

EAR new Drill Hnll. and just outside 
If mile circle. Large lot. 50x160; 7- 
roomed house. Price $6,500; third cash, bal- 
ance arranged. A. S. Barton, 215 Central. 
Building; phone 2901. 

IIRD St. — 60x106, near Richmond rd. 
2-roonied house. $1,800. Moore & 
Johnston, Yates and Broad; phone 627. 

TOPAZ av,. Just east of Douglas st. ; ex- 
cellent lot, 60x120. What offers? J. 
R. Bowes & Co., Ltd., 643 Fort at.; phones 
2724 and 4087^ 

■^EX acres on tho old West Saanlch road. 



OAK Ba.v. 50x162, 
from McNeil av.. a splendid 

and Transit rd., 3 lots 

site; good fence round the lot, with wire 
fence In front; only 2 blocks from car; 
price $2.1ii0; l.'OO cash and thi- hnlanco 
arranged. B. C. Land & Investment Co., 
G o v I r n tu e n t st. 

;E and one-twelfth acres on tho 1% 

mile circle, for $3000, on easy terms. 

See us. Thompiron Realty Co.. Green Block. 

West Saanlch; price $5250. Terms and 
further particulars from Beckett, Major & 
Co., Ltd., 643 Fort st. Telephones 3615 and 


TWO double corners, $2,400 and $2,600. 
close to HilTslde car; easy terms. Box 
3822, Colonist. 

1— ■■ 

lot In Oak Bay E!»plan- 
hlock adjoining Uplands, 
size 50x210; Improved, with a small bunga- 
low; this property commands a magnificent 
view of .Mount Batter, the Olympic Range 
and the Islands of the straits; price $5600. 
on very ea3.v terms. W. Meed, 316 Central 
bldg.; phone 1874. _^__ 

E still have quite a number of good 
lots, waterfront, business and resil- 
dentlal property dirt cheap; you better 
get In. the prices are going up every day. 
Mettler-Reehllng Co., 22 Green blk., 1210 

VV ade. In the 




ATERFRONT lot — Corner Crescent av.. 

bv 100; price $4500. 
Meed. 318 Central 

terms quarter cash. 
Mdg. : phono 187!. 

v>r . r 


NE acre, near the Burnslde car line, Si^ 

nicely treed. Sooke water 
$1,500; easy terms. Box 

view, some rock, 
passes property; 
3536, Colonist. ' 

^K Bay— 50x125 to lane, .Motchosln at., 

$1,400; 1-3 cash, balance 6, 12, 18 

months. Colin Powell, 230 Pemberton block. 


(Uplands car IVnel. lots 50x 
115 ft.. $1750 each. (Jversens Invefl- 
menl Agency, 208 Pemberton block. 

DBERFOOT Park — A small eatate, 80 
acres In extent, exquisitely picturesque 
and charmingly situated, and Ideal for a 
gentleman's suburban home, having a 
lovely stream of water with a succession 
of wttlertalls; stately and valuable tliriber; 
some buildings and Improved good land; a 
(iroportlon of roik. which gives enchant 

\A7ANTED by refined, capable woman, po- _,j„,,n ^nd beauty; good shoollng; this pvo- 
VV sitlon as housekeeper to gentlemen, pcrtv adjoins the main rond and auto run, 
good cook, with references. Box 3850, Col- and new' C. .\. Railway; Just over the 8- 
o'llst. ^ _ nill» circle from Victoria; price C26,000; 

mile circle from Victoria; price C26,000; 
terms. Apply Owner, A. Cosh. Deerfoot 
Park. \'lctoila, B. C. 

I-vON'T be. a 
' propeily Is 

goose and wait until the 
so high Ihiit you can't 
turn 11 over with a profit; buy now In Port 
Angeles; we have got lot.* lo sell from 
$100 up to $7000. 
22 Green blk. 

1216 Broad. 



,AK Bay — 50x124. double frontage Cow- 
lchan St., $1,400; 1-3 cash, balance 6, 
12. 18 months. Colin Powell, 230 Pember- 


Bay — 60x120 to lane. Floren'.'o 

50; 1-3 cash, balance 6, 12, 

Colin Powell, 230 Pemberton. 




AK Bay snap — $1100 under market. 80x 
i6. close to sea. with double froiitage 
on Llnkleap ave. and Oakland rd.. fo25ii; 
$1500 cosh, balance over two years; act 
quick. Coast Investment Co., 113 Pember- 
iiin bldg. 



YOUNG woman wania waahlng and clean- 
ing by the day. Mlsa Dollman, apply 
2547 Blanchard rt., or Strawberryvala P. O. 

YODNO woman wlahea dally work. 
8669, ColonlaU 



ANTED — To borrow 88000 on improved 

$32,000 value. P. O. Box 1480. 

TANTKD — l^oney to loan on Improved 

city pvoperdea, Monk. MonteUlL * 

Co.. Ltd.. aoTaramafft eaniar BrftttJMkna. 


YOtiNO Bcotch gfrl wlahea aitnatlon aa 
mother'* help or nuraa girl. Phone 
L2t»8. ^ 

YOONO woman wanta hooaevrork, tbrea 
day a, or half daya. ireekly. Apply 
1880 McNalr at. 

OUNO latfy wanta poaltlen, any buatneaa 

capacity; knewledve at typaerrttiaB. 

Bex 8ifo, C«l«nlat. -^ ^ 

""■"•• ^" -" ■-'•^- ■ ~""'^-- "*-■-" 

AtfVWDil in tl 

II ]viiiiiiii[!iiifiiiiiteiiaiil 

on Asqulth 
& John- 
ston. Tales and' Broad; phone 027. 

In Hollywood — 100x110, 

splendid vl<-w of tbo sea. $4,000. Monro 

A Johnston, Yates and Broad; phone 427. 

AST Saanlch rd.— Five acres all cleared, 
Blx-roomed house and barn, fruit trees, 
price $5,000. Beckett, Major and Co. 
<43 Fort aV 

DOUBLE corner In 
gt..__100xl20, for $2,600. Moore 

TVOUBLB corner 



telephonea 2967 and 8518. 

Ir^lNLATSON St.- $0x100, corner lot, high 
' and dry. $1,800. Moore 
Vales and Broad; phona 827. 

FARM houaa. 7 rooms, and 10 acrea. cloaa 
to rail, atore and post ofllce; nice atream 
running through land; Shawnlgan lake In- 
side a mile; flrat-cleBa- for chicken ranch; 
all neeaaaary outhouaes, aiabloa. ete. ; 81000 
caah very low price. Hdwin Frampton, room 
1 an« J. McOragor bldg. oppoelte Spanoer'*: 
phona »t8. 

PBRNWOOO roaa— J Iota eteae t» Bay 
at., It.jM aaeh. naual tarma. Theoip- 
M KMltr e»,. 14 * 11 OTM* WUL MMM 

,N Saanlch Inlet, 63 acri»s, 660 feet of 
waterfront. no rock, miiRiilllcent 

spring water wiipply, good bench land; price 
$••00 an acre with quarter cash, balance I 
and 2 vears. Beckett, Major & fo.. Ltd.. 
643 Foil St. Telephones 3ril5 and ■.;967. 

NpT-ti'OURTH Interest In i^ valuable Fort 
St. corner (revenue prnduclngl; equity 
value at present quotation $6,000. Is offered 
at considerable discount In exchange for 
a home In Victoria. Write Box 8D7. Post 
lifflce. ^ 

JAVER sT! Oak Bay, just south of 
.McNeil; tho cheapest buy on this 
active and most favored residential thor- 
oughfare; $l,iir.O; $750 cash. J B. Kowes 
& CO., Ltd., 64 3 Fori St.; phonea 2724 and 
4 087. 



have a large Hat of Port Angelea 
property, Improved and unimproved, 
at from prices ot $50 per lot up. See us 
before you buy. for we have peMOnalty 
Inspected this property and know what we 
are selling. Open evenings from 7.30. 
Thompson Realty Co., Real E^jtata and In- 
surnnce, offices 14 and 16 Green Block. 
Phono 3762. ^ 

71LKINSON rd. — Corner Olyn rd., we am 
offering a few lots at prices from $250 
iipwnrdp, $26 down and $10 monthly: only 
few minutes froin Burnslde rd. car line; drop 
In and .see us about these. The Home Build- 
ers Invesfment Co., Ltd.. 734 Fort St.; phone 

1 7 69^_ ^ 

TATES St., 30x120 ft., just above Cook 




Cheapest buy on the street. Over- 
Hens Investment Agency, 808 Pemberton 


i7"()C will never have another chance like 

recldentlal property quarter of a mile from 
I'lirsons Bridge, at only $160 per acre; ex- 
reilenl view of Esquimau haj-bor; Mirms over 
2 years; write me today. ~ 

P. O. Box 167. 


ACRES, close to 21^ mile circle;' $8000 
oer acre; B.C. Electric about 80v ie«t 
nway; will make 80 large 
cheapest acreage close In. 
Co. 421 Pemberton bldg. 


lota; by al'. mfJl* 
Leonard, Reld A 
phone 346. 

rt ACRES highly caltlvated, with ten 
roomed house, largo bams, > orcbarda 
nnd gardeni': sItMatert at Pedder Bay, on 
main road, 10 miles from city by water, 15 
miles by road, delightful locality, with, 
grand mountain and marine views. Th'.f 
deslrsble property can be bought tor $86n 
per acre until December 1st. Personally In- 
speited and highly recommended by Howell 
Pnyne * Company, Limited, 1018 ttotttflaa 
St.; phone 1780 

ACRES near Chemalnua -with half- 
mile frontage on Oyster Bay. 8100 per 
acre below sdjolning properttea; apeclal 
price $135 per acre on easy terms. Brlt- 
•sh (,'olumhla Investment*, Ltd.. 688 View' at. 


$1200: tcrmr. 

sell, 40x120 on 
w y 
Phone L-982. 

1 1-4 mile 

OWNER must 
circle; a f"W yards frorn Douglas st. 

•N'o agents. 

PRAIRIB Iwjmeseekera — This will Interest 
you; splendid, large 188-fool lot. Oak 
Boy vicinity, large enough for poultry 
ranch; good soil, no rock; Improvemenia In; 
8401> firat payment haadlaa. P. O. Box 

1124; phone 8 180. 

ORT ATbernI bualnesa property la the 
foateat rising and moat profltable real 
eatate on the lalandl^e apeclallie in It 
and we know; let ua a»»w you. Yeoman * 
Pllklngton, McCallum blk., Douglaa at.; 
phone 48fl2. ^ 

PORT Alberul— The choiceat vacant lot 
on Third ave. for aale by owner for 
only 82808. It la Impoaalble to find a 
' bMter buataeaa buy la the "•"''•»»"><*•": 
tbaa tUa. F. ft Ba* 1441. ar 


TO $100 a month for rpare time, ex- 

man each locality: sick, injury, death bahe- 
m society. Write quick for caah-bonua 

offer l-t.-r 598. Covington. K.y. - 

eloae to 




■^ AA •'ACRBS In Metchoaln. 
J.Ull rd. and C. N. R., lesa than half th* 
price of adjoining propertlea. W. ». Xmri- 
nsrd. 209 Pemberton block; phohe 1841. 

_____^ -^ , ■! ■»y..^M 

A-lfiTk a lot and up! Tea, and all gaa« Iota, ^ 
^JLlWr In the greateat InduatrMlrl eenft-e 

In B. r— a real rity with 4. la'rg* pDpVli- 
tlon— Nanalma Anyone can han41a a hw 
and you can't help making mpnty M Tt, 
Mar * Tlaacnia n. "80 Fort. 

1— Tea. we can aell you a t«lt «t that 
price end give yen the tofar *f 
terma: 825 down and the balance In moittkty 
Instalments of $10; we have a few |8" 
thiB figure within 100 ynitd* Of i^ll* 
aldf rd. ear llnaj batj«" iotf ^ — ~"- 




Friday, November 29, 1912 



PROrKKTV FOB HALE — <Cuntloii«d) 



»K — fht«pc8t lot on Hriitt »t., cloao 
-•*-' In. Oxendtile & Ware, Suyward 

Sfcl Q7^ — Snap, lot Olailato'ne av. Oxen- 
«IPX,Olc» ilale & Wa 


>'are, &1S tjayn-ard 


■ward block. 

-Orsttt anap, Pleaaant »v., BUx 

11:6. iJituUula <)it. Wjli-e, bay- 


W-i-\J\f\J 40x110; third canh. balance -. 
12, II montha. R. H. Duce, llli UouKlaa 
■t. ; phon* 104. 


A CHEAI' buy — New, modern, well-bulU 
■^*- 8-roomeU house, irnienl basement, 
jiiped for furnuce, hall block from fort at. 
car, }B,500. Laiigley Aj Co., 21^ Central 

AN Oak Bay bunK»!ow, 6 roonm, Ju«t 
complete, one block from car, apeclal 
l.rlci- for tew dtiya. Apply I'rltcharil, 

builder, corner Todd and Cadboro Uay rd. 

A 0-HOOM12D house In Fairfield estate, 
-^^ one block from car, every convenience, 
opun fireplace, toilet, bathroom, etc., cement 
baaemcut. with <jcmeiil floor, piped for 
lurnace, every home comfort, ^760 cashi 
jnui ^..>./u; ..o .duki. Apply J30X Kaik, 

ApoUBLEi corner on oak Bay av.j with 
lully itioiloni houH« i price il&.7uo: size 
106x140 to a lane; Oak Bay av. Is the 
buslncis section of Victoria's most beautl- 
lul suburb; terms arranged. I'atriclc Kealty 
Company, 64 6 Fort at.; phone 2S 6g. 

A SNAP — 6-roomea house on Cambridge 
St., Fairfield ISatate, new and modern, 
bulli-in fireplaces, piped (or furnace, bath 
aiid tolleij veu.tni. i.-..«'i"Cu., UuiU-in w**"!- 
tubs; this cjin't be b«at; one block from 
car; price Xbr quick Sftie, If SCO: l<S« eM)l« 
balance tlou ey^ry quttruu-; - thara la up 
mortgage on th^4 -^Oucit. Au»w<tra to Oox 
2687. Co lonlBt. 

ABBAUTlFtTl, liome>-On » eonie*. lot. 
63j:ii6, in the Pairrteid distrtot. near 
the MosH at school, a (uit 2-at«ir«y, ' •- 
j'K<rned dwelittig, all larve rooms, cement 
ijusement. fnrnflco, tubs, vpllet: living room 
iiaiiciied and beamed, large fireplace la 
InKicnook, dining room, large pMs pantr> 
iiiul conveniently arranged kltOlMn; ,qpr 
inali9'$' extr* large bedrooml, with sitachiu* 
4.-loaei!fet , nAjt^ta tbllet and bath; grouoda 
Ititd t M' t » Utmm mn i al i ri M wt g«ud g a>a g » 

HOISKS FOR HALK — (Contluued) 

I.VVESTKJATE this If you want a snap; 
Foul Hay, well bul.t 7-roomed house, 
every convenience, 11250; one-third cash, 
balance las). Honestly worth |1500. 1'. O. 
Uo.x 141). 

IH.WK sini|>!y K"l to have anme capli, con- 
sequunlly I am sacrlllclng my up-t3-(lnii' 
house., with all nmdern cojuniodliles. for 
Jti.SOO; i.Mly Sl.OOO cash, the balance can b.- 
arranged to suit; ii is sliuated on a larKe 
aUrO lot In Oak Bay, conienlent to car line; 
make an aiipulntment to see me by applying 
to Box 353!), t'nlonlst. 

J.VMlirf Bay snap — heven-roomea house, 
furnace, two fireplaces, every modern 
convenience, coitservalury, large lot, 'olock 
from lar and sea. t7,50O, on good terms. 
F. J. Mart & Company, Ltd.. 1012 Broad St., 
l'en\berton block. 

JL'ST look, only |400 cash. |2S per monlli 
will secure 4-room. modern bungalow. 
.\piil.\ owner. 26Eo Scott ave. 

KINGS rd., near Douglas — Two houses, 
6 and 8 rooms, on lot 100x66, |7,000. 
Uangley & Co., 212 Central bldg. 

MONTEREY av.— Splendidly built and 
well finished B-rooraed house, contain- 
ing all modern Improvemenis; If you are In 
search of a really nice house at a reason- 
able price, come and see us about this one. 
Wise & Co.. 109 I'emberton block. 

"]l/rODB^lN, now 6 room bungalow. Just oft 
i.»X Oak Bay car line; hot and cold >vttti r 
In bedrooms, large pedestal ouMini; liouse 
heated by hot water system, wllli raaiato:b 
In every room; electric bells inrouifhoui. 
larx.- op.Mi Ml 111. aces, built-in buffet, beam- 
ed ceilings, panelled walls, two toilets, largo 
ativaiifs rouui in babviiient; washtubs; 
house finished with beautiful granite front; 
lot 68 feet frontage, with oak trees; If you 
want a uow home, not Just a houite bcli: 
to sell, aee this at once. Price oal/ $7,300; 
MiMCi vash, uularttie Brrange,, ff: titur 
iWwrlk Co.. nn Peml|«rton '■•--'■^■^ 

IITOajS ;St.-w.i.Qt ».Sx}l4.. T 
*X*. airily modern oou' 
M.MV. R. H. into*. lUt 
phone 804. 

;ad bouae. 

MR Workingman, 4fc*r4 I* your ehanoe— 
jH o-room bungalow on lot iTxlST, (or 
tlSOOi 1600 cash win handle. Heath A 
t'haney, bayward blk. ^^^ 

VnCB little rive-roomed houae, close to 
Xl Fort' St. car. strictly modern, practi- 
cally new; Ifvei lot; garage; good dlatrlot; 
)i3.200; easy paymenta. M. A. Little, 108 
i'em.berton block; phone 803. 

T^kTOR'I'H Pandora at]— bne of the Sgheat 
■^ points In city, on two Iota, alx rooms. 
tsEo-'Mreplaces, two toilets, very good con- 
/aitlon. ^8,000: one-tiilrd caah. Box 8818. 
Colonlat.^ . 

St.AR at.-rA-nlce- Trt-oomed-.taUBgaloit.. it 


VfTANTIED — Lot direct from owner, will 
'V pay 1700 first pajmeni; must bo 
cheap; on llown M., Wellington, or there- 
abouts, south of car line. 1'. O. Box 1023. 

\\'A.S'TKI> — An acre or two of land for 
»' poultry and vegetables. Box 3634, 


\X^A.STED — From owner only, one lot, 
» north end preferred; must be snap. 
Itoi: 38K7, ColonlaL 

Y«TA.N'TEU, vacant lots In Or.k liny and 
W Fairfield illstTlcts. For ciulck sale, 
ll»t with Leonard, Held &. Co. tcustomers 
walllngi, 420-1-2. Femberton Building, 
phones 221 and 34C. 

1X''ANTED — To purchase agreements for 
Vf sale. Island Investment Co., Limited, 
Say ward block. 

TTfANTEU — Wo have -illent with 160,000 
T V to Invest In close-in revenue-piiylnK 
property In \'lctorla; will consider good 
houses or business block where values will 
Ini.rense; what have you to offer? J. U. 
Watson Healty Co., corner Government and 

W'A.N"TED — A good double corner In Oak 
Bay or Fairfield; must be a good buy. 
J. B. Watson Realty Co., corner Govern- 
ment and Bastion. 

\7t7ANTED. direct from owners, lots In 
' » Cadboro Heights, on easy terms. Bo.\. 
341)1, Colonist. 

TTJANTBD— A 60-day option, a good cornel 
'V on Tales or Fort sts.; would prefer 
double corner, but will consider lot 60x120. 
J. B. Watson Realty Co., corner Govern- 
ment and Bastion. • ■ '..^ _ ^,^; 

''ANTED— Smalt aubdtvlston, «loi« Ini 

that )4.00O Vlll handle; Stnat 1i» i:.* 
m*p. Box 3787. Colonist. " ' 

WANTED— From ow|)er only. '80 feat : <w 
Flaguard at.. betWaen Oovernment *ii4 
Blanchard. Box 3770,r poloniat- 

m mm —^ww— I ■■ I •!•• ■ ■■! ■■ ■! I i— ^aaw 

WANTBD — ^80 acrea, or mora, Dnncana «r 
north thereof, aome cleared i ownera 
onl^, Box 8773, Colonist^ 

riTANTED — 60 or' 60 feet with good bouae 
*V Oak Bay ave.. 870 to 880 per foot. 
App^y Box B.p.C. Colonlet. 

WANTED— Newport tota Newport lAnd 
Jt Inveatment Co., Newport Beach P. 
0.. B. C. 

laqBlre (or a client about 86 a^rea 
o( land on Che peninsula If poaalMe; 





A NICJELY- — Ournlahed bed;;oom for two 
-^j^ genllemrn, furnace heated, oath and 
jiMone. lllli Ciilllnsun St. 

LARGE, bright, furnished room, mod- 
ern, neai' car. 410 Oswego. 

AFi;U.NlSHED room, 342 Michigan »t., 
phone R^U. 

AT 421 Barry St.. close to I'arllument 
buildings, large healed room, suiluble 
lor one or two, to rpnt at moderate rate. 

AT 1423 Vlnlng st. — A well furnished bed- 
room; will bult gentleman; with use 
of bftthrooni; breakfast If desired. 

A FURNISHED bedroom, between Cook 
St. and Linden ave. 1131) Burdette 
ave.; phone LSITS. 

"OEDROOM to let, ^t. 849 Cormorant. 

C-^OSY bed-stttlng room, also double bed- 
J room, nicely furnished, board If desired. 
1256 Johnson st. ' 

CUJMFORTAliLE furnished rooms to let, 
'' for gentlemen. 1)26 Huniboldt st., op- 
posite paik. 

XOilFOHT.iBLB bedrooms in private 
J family; single or double; 82.60 week. 
34 4 Niagara. sL 

DL'NSMUIU HooDis, 730 H Fort St., com- 
fortable, well healed rooms for winter; 
running water; clothes closets; well ven- 
tilated; weekly and transient rates. 

FIRST-CLAS.S iurnlshcd i 
of sitting room for y,- 
fast If desired. 1486 Fort, 

with use 
; break- 

FOR two or three gentlemen — Furiilahfflk 
rooms In private family. breakfaatHJt 
AflilFed. every 4SoaveBlauo<^ ptaonK . IM 
raivernment at, ' .■,.■..■.'• ..■, ■ ../,■ , . •.'.;^-' 

FR6>]^roon. »W9 ft«d*i atogto r«An. liVI 
Quadra- at , .... , 

FITSNIBHSO room ■ for, rent, suitable (or 
biudneaii lady or gentleman, heated. 
bath. Phon e R40 ao. 

TKUANlSHSlU'^ front , bedroom, tumaca 
X7 hMted 1 or 8 ladtea. Apply 8i7> 
Qrahtai st. 

FtXRNISHESD room* (or matleman. 
View at. 


FORNIBHBO bedroom, eloae to oity hall. 
1148 North Park at. 


UKNISHBD room with grate, for gentle- 
OHRi: — Apply li « 8 Oscai t n. 

M18CEL2^NF.Oll8 — Cont'd. 

^HINULINO done. Phone L30»«. 

QWEDISH system of physical 
•^ taught In your own home by 

by an ex- 

perloiu'td teacher, and to private schools by 
appolnirneni. For parikjulars address Bex 
37117, Colonist. 

ri^Y BEWlilTl.N'a m%nuvcrlptB, Invoices, etc.. 
-L ro|)|i-(i on jihorlist notice. 60c per 1000 
wordii. Box 3714. Colonist. 

WANTED — Present address of GeraU' 
."^weot, age about 28, has been to »<'■>■ 
at various times, and was at one time an 
officer on the H. S. Transfer, on B. C. 
coast; he left England In the bark Selkirk- 
shire some years ago; his shipmate K. 
Clark, asks fur news. For further Informa- 
tion write K. Gibbons. 620 Fifteenth av., 
weal, Calgary Alia. 

WANTED — Young couple to share fur- 
nished house, all conveniences; central. 
607 Cornwall st., off Richardson. 


AUTOMOBILE lOverlandl for sale or ex- 
change Oak Bay vacant property; 
owner expects to go away; car In excellent 
shape, Willi ever> avcta«uiy ; \aiM 
Owner 283 Pemberton bldg., city. 

NEW typewriter, cheap; easy terms; 
latest model. Box 3882, Colonist. 




SNAl* — Giiruge lor sale. 14x18. 
$76. Phone R 1621 


M , i jtrfd u <» I fin I II ii t ,ii i 1 

OR 8ate-<->^|nMNr,«todel T car In good con- 
dition, ttnt-'mox S'ai. colonist. 


I ifi f fikw I mi Mn 11 

T»OR sale--Norrt» b»Il MCt. •T»0»i' MUtp m 
X?, some one. MAlaavacTi ' »1|0I1« 8108, 

B1020. - 


OR aala— ^eoond-band n(e. aaarly n«>«, 
oheap. PboAe SOSO, 

FOR sale — Hand-made dreaalns aae«uea 
coraet covera, aprons, etc.. iuit*U« (or 
Xma« preaanta. it Henalea U, ,.. , 

FOR aale— Cruiser, SO ft. by XI ft by 4 (t 
6 in.. 48 h.-p. Djlnn ooal>oil engine, 
sleeps 8, complete inventory; may be seen 
In Victoria. Apply MorrU. Balkeley and 
HalUday. Promia bloc k. 

FOR sale — A Buck motor, nearly new aad 
perfectly equipped: the owner going 
abroad. Address Mlaa O^lletley, Itlt Bock- 

i and a » . : "" ■;" 

AS.NAP that will show 11 per cent net — 
^-roomed hodein house and furnilure, 
lot 1,2x127 to lane, prK'e t^.uiiU; tl,JUU .ash, 
balance monlhl^'; rents for I^SU pel uionth. 
■\. H. Barton, Member ol Victoria Reiil 
I'.slate Exchange, 21l> Central bldg.; phone 

I'ARTME.NT house for sale — One of the 
finest and most completely eiiuu'ped 
apartment buildings In the city; new, and 
every suite occupied by most exceilent 
tenant!; located In Oak Bay, V» block from 
sea and car, one blu..k from Oak Bay hotel; 
tills is now producing good revenue and 
can be made a real moneymaker. Apply, 
between b and 9 p. m., lo Mr. Briiigle, 
ngent for the owner, buitu il, Bellevuo 
court, Bellevue av.. near Newport av.. Oak 

AWELI..-K.NOWN Vancouver firm, at 
present doing the 'argcst business of 
Its kind In B. C, Is desirous of opening a 
branch store In Victoria and would Ulsc to 
meet a gentleman of good iinuiniul and 
Social standing and with some business 
.iblllty to act at> branch manager an.l take 
an interest in same to the extent of (110,000; 
a salary commensurate with the work 
would of course bo given and a good divi- 
dend on amount Invested Is assured; 
liankers references will bo furnished and 
must be given; principals only. Apply 
lio.x; 32a6, Colonist. 

AS.N'AP that will show 11 per cent net- 
s-roomed modern house and furniture, 
lot 62x127 to lane, price »8,000; Jl,600 cash, 
balance monthly; rents for $80 iper month. 
A. K. Barton, Member of Victoria Real 
Estate Exchange, 216 Central bldg.; phono 


>i»<'4MHi|rml< {ocsUon. Tor 

BJBHT saying rooming house, close In. 
long n»aae. rent* only 87 per room, %'i 
Ol-Mn blk.. 1216 Broad rt. .~- 

> 1W ' | ■ ' ■ ' - I ..1 • -' - "' 

XJURST-CUASS hotu and (tirniture tfif' 
J>_ aale aa a golnid ovaearn. Apply |4« 
Jobnaoo at. 

> ' _ ' __ ' ■ ' • • I " i'lii 

17IOR sale-i-Tallor shop, doing good bual- 

M: neaa. Apply 876 Yatea "»t.. or , 881 
Johnson at. 

FOR sale, modern rooming hotise; a iboney 
maker; good reason for selling; 18000 
ca ah wil l handle same. Box 8688, Colonist. 

POR aale — Qood-ifoing general grocery 
atore, outalde city limita. Addresa Box 
8888, Colonist. 

flB ■■IgMt taholaaala and setall yioduaw 



AT 12K6 Johnson St., newly furnished 
bedi oom for gentiemiui, moderu vuu- 
vunlences, board, home cuaiforis. 

AT Si. Helens. Courtney St.. single and 
double bedrooms, with board; very 
liberal table; English cooking; steam heat- 
ed, electric llglit, ballis. i eivphone .i'sL'J,. 

V LAliiJL front roujit, separata beds for 

BEST table 
sunny rooms, steam heal, modern con 

geiillenien, modern cunveulences, 
home comforts, l-ourd ; phono L3i)76. 


venlences, use oi parlor 
2630 Quadra. 

n city, with choice 
ruusonabie rates. 

par week. 

BOARD and room. $6 and 16.60 pa 
1011 McClnre -St., off N'ancouver 

BOARD and room In private family for 
two or throe gentlemen. 2166 Oak 
Bay av. 

Bo.VKD and room for two gentlemen In 
private home; only ten minutes' walk 
from towu. 2&20 Work St., block abovu 
Liaiichara si, 

i I.MtBERRY House is a strictly llral-claas 
v--' l;oirj;i:5 house for particular people, 
comfortable roomt', good meals; terms rea- 
Minable; satUfactiun guaranteed; try It. 
I'liiriio LSOilK, 1U03 Carberry Gardens, oil' 
Fort. • ^ 

CAHALAN -T- Firsi-ciaaa Doard-resldenco; 
_ fuclny Beacon Hill park. Rhone 3183. 

CtO.MFORT.VBLE rooms with board. First 
J house I'hoenix at., off Cralgilower. 

CtOMFtJUTABLB room and board tor one 
J or two Kcntlcnien. 1342 Johnson. 

/'HOitPOBT-^ >m and board, with 

V/ nlcp Engl.„.. ..i.i;ny, on car line, terms 
moderate, 1341 Gladstone av.; phone K427ti. 

'|~|OUBLK room wltb boAisJL;, 
'•M . from car lint, Cook'gnAif^ 

RitdUn at. :, ' ' '■■ ■ ."y '..^,. . . 

fmitaT-CUASS room and board at 201S 
JEr Quadra at; room left tor two fentis- , 
men; must abare room to8t»tii«lrv ' . - i.'^"^t:MiA 

~ ' ' — -^ I .!■ I I I I . 1 m L iS SlXWffl , ■« 

FURNACE boated rooauf aod 1w«W 
Empress avenue. 

LARGE room, aingle b«4a, / «9on grats;;.;£ 
board optional, 884 OomM^TVinA ; minute v:^ 

from aovernment atreet c^r/ MM" Fountain. 

I.. -■■I I III ,ii H NM»*>»i«.y% n i| I 

MOUNT, Pi«awint— 1X81 'ICiM* at., near 
Cook. (iMBlnii tlocl()*att «*.', every 
modern eonvevlenoa MlA ftttaBtlm; well fur- 

a very fine -ctose-in home, on paved atreet, 
with all . modern conveniences, lncIuUl|r>g 
telephojoej prico Includes blindb and lin- 
oleum, (or only 86,800 net. For terma and 

)urthur-pftftteii)B-rs apuiy owner, nxi 4»ay- 
ward bldg. . ■■;■ 

A BEAUTIFUL, Aniahed, well-^ullt »f' 
-^^- roomed house, all modern conveniences. 
Including furnace; ploie lo car and sea. Foul 
Bay. $4S00; $1000 Cosh. Owner, Box 8708, 

Colonist. ' 

A RE yoti looking for an Ideally arranged 
-^^ seven-roomed house on nicely treed 
view lot. one and a quarter miles from 
city hall for $5000, on good terms. Apply 
Owner. S20 For t St. 

A SN.\P — Bunjralow close lo cars, 4 rooms, 
-<-*- oprn fireplace, beamed cplllngs, pan- 
elled walls, mantel, electric fixtures, very 
good style; $700; price $3600. Olllesplc, 
Hart & Todd, Ltd., phone 2040; 1115 Langley 

A LMOST every one cornea to us for 
-<^ houses, both agents and owners; we 
liavo 300 houses for sale from $2500 to 
$45,000; consult us lor house property. 
Beckett, Major & Co., Ltd., 643 Fort St.: 
phones 351.i and 2987. 

ADELIGHTFLTL~Engllsh home In the 
Fairfield estate, close to car. The 
houfo has 10 rooms, with a full basement, 
nnd an e.\tra S"od furnace, a bathroom and 
3 lavatories. The house has 4 fireplaces, 
and- the whole of the electric fittings, 
mantels, etc., -have been ' Imported from 
England. The ground Is 120x120 In extent, 
I here being a most charming garden and 
the property being one of the most attrac- 
tive in the city. The price Is very moder- 
ate at $17,000, on terms of i4 cash, and the 
balance oyer 3 years. Agents Beckett, 
Major & Company, Ltd., 643 Fort st. 

A BEAUTIFUL G-roomcd bungalow. Just 
completed, close to Rockland av, and 
Oak Bay car line; panelled and tinted walls. 
b'liined ceilings and built-in buffet, flre- 
piace, furnace and laundry trays; an Ideal 
home In a good location. Apply on prem- 
ises 1035 Richmond av.; pbone L3808, 

I>.\1:C.\IN, nice 3-roomed house on King's 
* n.,iii; price $1650;. easy terms. Tele- 
phone today or tonight, 862. 

BUNGALOW nn Fernwood rd.. delightful 
situation; lot 60x150; 6 rooms, furnace, 
beamed ceilings, panelled dining room, 
built-in buffet, ,\rt glass*, enamelled wash- 
tubs, 2 toilets, (itc, etc., water ajid new 
electric fixtures, complete. See this for 
up-to-date Ideas, F. Clark, 2632 Fernwood 

BCNG.\LOW snr.p — Cornel- Yale and Buyrn, 
^^'oak Bay, 5 roomff, modern, cobble- 
stone fireplace, cabinet kitchen and so forth, 
-cement walks; magnificent view; $500 cash 
will handle; no agents. Owner at house. 

BEL.Mo.NT Ave. One of the most mod- 
ern 10-roomcd houses In the city. 
nicely situated, near car, on lot 69x146, fur- 
nace heat. $12,500, $3,500 cash, balance ar- 
ranged. Thompson Realty Co., 14 & 16 
Green blk., Thono 3762. 

C~ALOVERDALE— Modern 4-roomed bunga- 
^ low, fireplace, built-in kitchenette, 
biitli and toilet, basement; this bungalow 
!.•! built on a very large lot and is an ab- 
Boliito gift at $2,975; $360 will handle It, 
balance very easy. Wise & Co., 109 Pem- 
berton blocK. 

J^"^.\1RF1EI.D bungalow, $600 down, close to 
Moss St. and Dallas id.; sec owner at 
12IJK (.'lover av ; five rooms and bath, full 
budenunt and u?uul built-in features; view 
or Sound and .Mountains; street paved and 
buulevarded; price $4,600; furniture If de- 

"I.(^ AIRFIELD snap dlrec. from owner — j>ew 
-A d-rooni house, complete In few days, 
clone to sea, one block fro.m car, Buahby 
B,., opposite Jnspph; panelled rooms, beam 
celling, open fire, built-in buffet, separate 
b.tth and toilet, piped for turnnce, cement 
hiiscnieiit and iront, walk, large rooms and 
Ifit.i of closets, largo kitchen, well-fitted 
)rant'ry; price $5300, on terms. I'hone L1331, 
1'. O. Box nil. 

"|.^'>.\1K1'1ELD — .Vew tt-room house .lUst 
-1 completed, with every modern con- 
venience, overlooking the sea, all piped for 
lurna-;e, full sired basement, JofiOO, with 
> ury ccfcy terms. Call us up. J. C. Linden 
& Cis., 4 .Mdcliregor blk.: phone 2S70. 

]:,TER.S'WOOD rd., near Yates, large 9- 
roomcd house (room for 4 more rooms 
In attic); lot fronting on two streets, giving 
room to build another house; splendid 
private boarding house proposition; close 
to Fort St. car, $2600 cash handles this, bal- 
ance easy. Howell. Payne & Co.. Ltd., 1016 
Douglas St.; phone 17S0. 

J^"1I.\.N'URT\ rd.— -2v» acres and 3-roomed 
house level and cultivated; price $6000; 
one-third cash, balance to be arranged. 
Jterkett, .•Mnjt>r & Co.; Ltd.. G4 3 Port St.; 
jihiines .l-'ili'i nnd 2967. .. 

I^OU sale — 8j-oomed modern houae, nearly 
■ completed, sliuated In Burlelth and 
.', iM*it.u..,,i(; .,ie. /Mill. Fur pi-ice and 

terms apply at. owner's residence, corner 
Arm and Selkirk av. 

Jj>Oll sale on easy terms, new and modern 
bungalow Just completed, close to Hlll- and .N'crth Ward park Owner, Box 
20!it), Colonist. 

"L^OIl sale — New 6-room bungalow, fully 
-T furnished. In the best of condition, on 
good terms .-\ppiy to Box 3228, Colonist. 

IT^orn roomed houiif, biith and lollel. lot 
50x130. one block frnin cnr; good home 
for,- whom It miiy suit; price S2500; 
J'lOO cash, balance J2.'i per month, Includ- 
ing Interest. A. E. Mitchell, 1241 Broad 
»i r'hone 3714. 

1"'|TOURTH St. — 100x160. 2 lots^ with 8^ 
roomed house, for $2,640. Moore A 
Johnston, Yates ;nid i;e..idi; ohone i!27. 


waterfront property will reoelve preference; 
no (ancy prices considered; plaaaa aend (nil 
partfeulara, including aketch ataowtng esaot 
location and arrangement*, (or Inasectlng. 
Beckett. Major ft Co.. Ittd.. 84t tnzt at.: 
phones 8516 and 2987. 

la extra' well fln^shed Inatde and la muu- 
ern In every ' respect; a gop,4i b«]r at 85800: 
$1000 cash, balance very tMlt. Cavwell 4k 
McTavlsh, 620 Central bldg.^- ' 

SIX-ROOMED, new, modern house. Jiiat 
outside mile circle, bath, water, sewer, 
electric light; an absolute bargain at $2,800; 
cash $800, balance $20 per month Ii^cludlng 
Interest. Western Lands, Ltd., 1201 Broad. 
St., corner View,' 

S.VVK money by buying direct from the 
owner, only $350 cash will buy a mod: 
cm o-roomed bungalow, price $3,14)0; hal- 
unee ksa than the usual rent. For further 
particulars apply Box 353 7, Colonist. 

(JE> KN-ROO.\lED house, absolutely mod- 
1^ ern. with every convenience, and about 
half acre of ground, to a lane; near Oak 
Bay Junction; $9000; terms arranged. Phone 

CliIX-ROOM, mode n bungalow In Rockland 
io Park for sale at $3850; only $600 cash. 
.•\pply owner, 2743 Mount Step hen St. 

SEE thiB 6-room Craftsman bungalow on 
corner lot In Hollywood, with sea vitw 
and close to cur line; It has a full base- 
ment, fireplace, beamed ceilings, panelled 
dinlug-room, built-in bui'i'et uud hookcaBe.^, 
window seats, etc. Coast Investment Co.. 
"Builders of Craftsman Bungalows," IIS 
Pemberton bldg. 

rflWO new 6-roomed bungalows, on Whlt- 
X. tier av., c1ob« to new car line: large 
bathroom and pantry, modern, piped for 
furnace, full size basement, hot and cold 
water; lot's 60x120 and 65x120. fenced, rich- 
est soli, fini' fruit trees: $3,800 each; y, 
i cash, balance arranged. T. P. Tapscott. on 
premises. ^_ 

VERY comfortable shack lor sale; easily 
moved. Box 1487. Colonist^ 

"VTIEW of Ross Bay — New 6-roomed house, 
V beautifully furnished; lot 66x116; ce- 
ment basement, 36x36; expensively fenced, 
concrete sldewolks; everything absolutely 
ready to occupy, paved and boulevarded st., 
cheap; terms. Apply Owner. 1707 Ross st., 

WITHIN %-mlle circle, modem house, 8 
rooms and bath, etc.; fitted with fur- 
nace and range; price $3,300; cash pay- 
ment 81,000. or less; balance arranged. Ap- 
ply owner, 2579 Graham st. 

V\TE are Just completing fwo beautiful Cal- 
1 V Ifornia bungalows of 5 and 6 largo 
rooms, complete In every respect, window 
shades, furnace and fireplace and light fix- 
tures, beamed celling and all buUt-ln con- 
veniences; price, terms and location cannot 
be duplicated. Call Mr. Cole todaiy, phone 

862. . - 

\'\THY pay rent? — You can buy a woll- 
' V built 5-roomed bungalow on a fifty- 
foot lot', within two blocks from car line, 
with only $400 cash; price $3,500; balance 
$30 per month; don't miss this unusual op- 
portunity. .-Vpply Owner. Box 3538, Colonist. 

$KAA CASH, balance In small payments, 
Ov'U buys a new five r:> rn bungalow 
at Foul Bay; near car and water. P. O. 
Bo x 146 4. . ■ 

flPQAA CASH, balance 836 monthly — New, 
firoUU modern Fairfield bungalow and_ 
garage, quarter block from car; electric' 
fixturet. window s.'Kidci-. I"iii' kin:ii->n. 
panelled walls, beamed, artistically papered, 
full basement, stationery tubs; $4,300. 
Apply 146 Moss St. 

lew and very attractive b- 
lomed house In good district, 
close in and close to street car, $600 cash, 
balance easy terma. I..eonftrd, Reld & Co., 
420 Pemberton bldg.; phones 221 and 345. 

ffijO AAn FOR my new, 4-roomed bunga- 
«lpO,l/\/U low, modern, extra well built, 
wood panelled; cash and t^rms arranged; 
what offers"'. Phone 3666. 

WE retiuire, for a eJlent, «bont S «er«»,o( 
land near transportation:, must have 
ainall cottage, some fruit trees, water, and 
bo handled with about $1,000; partlculara 
quickly please. Beckett, Major & Company, 
Ltd., 648 B'ort st; telephones 3616 and 

2967. » , 

• ■• 

TK. want three lot* on the mile circle 
at $1050 each. Apply 644 Yates. 

Lt OLLIES. 820 Michigan; comfortable 
A-L room. breakfast, ■ furnace. Phone 

fAlitS^S Bay — Coinfoetable room, hot ftnd 
~«old nmnt a g Trat r r , iT»amTnd — Ho u —i - 

B9T Blmcoe at. 



GREAT homfi bnrgnlns from owner leav- 
ing city: largo 6 room' modern cottage 
$4,300. nnd good furnilure J260; also 4 room 
house, lot 42x16.1. $2.51.0; within one mile 
circle; no airent; 2415 Fcinwood road. 

HAMPTON rd. — Here Is your opportunity 
to get a nice. new. 4-roonied iiouse very; full-»lr,ed banenient; lot 48x175; one 
block from Bnrnslde car line; third houso 
from corner ^f Pridenu; terms; see this at 
once. Owner on premises. 

HOMESEEKER! — Comfortable home, easy 
distance Hillside terminus, good lot 
and location, suit couple, $1,200: terms 
$600 caah. hnlnnce $20 monthly, or $60 
quarterly at t per cent. Box 8888. Colonist. 

HOLLYWOOD District — Very well built 9- 
roomed house, with nil modern con- 
veniences; remarkably cheap at $6,800. on 
easy terms. Wise 4k Co.. 108 Pemberton 


«lpc»— »JU house, lot 5! 

'BiQWOri — Owner needs the money, fi-room 
ttP' »C A/v' bungalow, rm easy terms; $B00 
ctish. Hi^alh & Chancy. Sayward blk. 

260 cash — 6-roomed 
58x116, close to Pan- 
dora Pt.. 12 minutes' walk from Govern- 
ment St.; thl.i is a snap. Leonard, Reld &. 
Co., 420 Pemberton bldg.; phonos 221 nnd 


A CORNER lot on Dunlevey St., or any 
street adjacent; must be reasonable; 
Siute full particulars to Box 2S34, Colo- 
nist. '' 

I HAVE some cash and am looking for a 
snap In vacant lots, direct trom owner 
If possible. What have you to sell? Box 
3246, Colonist. 

I WILL buy lot direct from owner. In the 
proximity .jf JSl. Patrick, Oliver and 
Island rd., with $200 ca-ili. balance monthly 
or quarterly. Apply Box 26S6, Colonist, 

I HAVE the cash of a first payment on a 
Bay St. lui ; wiiit have you. Price lo 
Include 6 per cent commlBslon. Phono 3666. 

IF you have any vacant properly lo offer 
at a r< asi->nable price and on easy terms 
consult the .National Really Co. and save 
lime; we have buyers on hand. National 
Realty (.'o., 1232 Government st. 

OAK Bay — Wantetl cheap lots from owners, 
near Saratoga, Oliver and .Monterey; 
give full particulars and easiest terms. Box 
3097, ('olonlst. 

OWNERS of good lots, when you have a 
snap to offer, n't over 12000 each, 
telephone H147; cash waiting. 

I>RGPRRTV wanted — 5 lo 10 acres In 
South Snanlch or Esquimau, no In- 
fialed values. ' Send full parllcuiui. and 
lowest prlc. to P. O. Box 1412. 

HOOKE or Sidney — Cheap waterfront lot 
wanted. Johnson, 2026 Fir St., Van- 

''ANTED from owner — We have $600 to 
Invest for fllenl to apply as first pay- 
ment on one full-aixed lot (free from rock) 
In Oak Hay. east of ."t. Patrick prefem-d, 
but not esrentlal If bargain. Apply nt once, 
.Natlonnl Realty Co.. 123L' Government st. 

TANTED — Lot on Moss, Howe, Wotling- 


' T to: 

D.iUas; from owners only; must b« reason- 
able; money walling. Box .1469, Colonist. 

t\rANTBD— Thiny to sixty aer»s, part 
' ' cleared, with house preferred, IB to 80 
miles from Victoria and near railroad; will 
buy If prleo Is right; agents will !>• ignore^. 
Box 8623. colonist. 

CAN sell your house or vacant i«*t if 
price Is right: funds In hand from 
eastern clients for this purpose. Box 3876. 

'YTTTANTBD, to buy from owner. 8 or 8- 
Vt roomed house, within mile circle, new. 
state lowest terms. Box 3814, Colon ist. 

\\''.\.NrKD — One or two small houses, any 
> » part of tlie city, in the neighborhood 
of $2500 or $3000, vi-lth easy terms on same; 
we have clients waiting. Full particulars 
to National Realty Co., 1232 Gover nment at. 

VXJANTED — We have several buyers for 
Vf small rooming-houses, who can pay 
all cash; list yours with us for quick sale. 
British Columbia Investments, Ltd., .686 
View St. ^ ■ ' ■ 

TTTANTi^D houses to rent — We have num- 
>V bers of appllcatlona dally for houaes; 
list your house with ue; will find you a 
tenant Immediately. Apply E. A. Harris 
& Co., 1018 Douglas. '• ■ 

WANTED — Small furnished or unfur- 
nished house or suite; must be modern 
and not far out; James Bay district pre- 
ferred. Address G. W., room 41, James 
Oay hotel. 


A FURNISHED flat, new. healed, modern. 
Field Apartments, Douglas, near 
wueens; phone li86. \._ 

A NICELY furnished suite of housekeep- 
ing rooms, lu minutes' walk from 
cuurihouse, Douglas car. 802 HUlslUe av. 

1* AROB comfortable room tor gentleman, 
•|U with board. In refined EngUah faonte; 
algo .(#0 rooma communicating, suit two 
CctUfdlR terms moderate; every coiiveni- 
enee. '1175 Fortj uom e r Linden ave. 

LARGE furjtlahed front room, with fire- 
place, suit one or two gentlemen; terms 
moderate. , 2616 Qovernment. Phone R386C. 

'^^BWLY furnished rooms, heated. ■ Phono 
i-V ; R4386,, ■•• ■ > 

"VfEWLY furnished front room, also' two 
'lA unfurnished rooms. 606 Niagara at. 

■fiijICELT furnished ' front room; suit 2 
-LX gentlemen, separate beds, cheap. 418 
Parry st., between Meniles and Qovernment. 

"VflCELY furnished bedroom, suitable for 
-i-X two .gentlemen. 722 Herald st. 

ICELY furnished furnace-neaied room 
In .American family. . 1250 Pandora. 


■VTICKLY furnished rooms, cloae In. 911 
i-l BlanOhard St. 

YJOOMS to let— .Single rooWa, 88 month ; 
Xv bath. 640 Governme nt et. ^^ 

a"\RY Sylvester rooms; .cleanliness and 
comfort combined; $3 per week up; 
central. 716 Yat es st. ^ . 

O let — Furnished rooms. 506 St. John 
St., corner Klngaton. 

FOR sale — Belgian hares, one buck and 
two does. $26. one buck and one doe. 
87.60; pony buggy and barneaa. F. Lua- 
com be. Beaumont F. O. , 

.l4l)auajUllft=.JjCwB«r.9-S- .-ImfflbsL. Co. . mm 
XT wood »nd alab. 88 (or^doubla load and 
81.(0 (or aingle load. dird«rs pcwnpUr 
tilled; Phone 8 84. ., ; , '. -^ ■' ; ;; /^ ^ ,;■: - ' 

F" OR sale — Swell dreaa •tiit*»n4; ItHtMt 
stovef. 1038 Fort. ; ^J"' ,>^ 

■ , ii ii i i II , «'». •' ' 

FOR sale— Largo hot-blaze heater; almost 
new. Ent^ulre 820 Yates s t. 

FOR sale — A number of used motor-cycles 
In good condition at reasonable prices. 
Victoria Motor-Cycle & Supply Store 2007 
a over nment St. 

FOR sale — A tentshack. with fly. almost 
new. with or without furniture. Apply 
214 Wlldwood a v, ; also baby buggy. 

I7\OR sale — Columbia hornless gramophone 
■ and forty double-disc records, in ' good 
condition, will sell for $30. Address J. 
Cardwell. Langford Post Office. V. L 

FOR sale — Gladstone buggy, rubber tired, 
In perfect order. Apply 0. H. May. 
c|o Wm. Mable. Johnson sL , 

FOR sale — Agreement of sale on Im- 
proved local property, $1,000; good dis- 
count. Box 2941, Colonist. • 

buatnoaa m » going ooncem, beat coa- 
iiefetlon In Olty. Apirfy Albert V. (MtmUiS, 
Law obambera. 

JAMES Bay Hotel— For aale, tbla mag- 
niftoent hotel, aituated near tba oantra ot 
-tba-. clty^ -lirst-class Investment fct m,<>«>j 



.CLE.-i.N, nicely turnUhud room lor rent 
for light housoKeeping. 1146 Fort St. 

A NICELY furnished suite ot housekeep- 
ing rooms, 15 minutes' walk from 
courthouse, Douglas car. Box 3803, Colonist. 

AT 434 Slmcoe St., near Menzles, fur- 
nished, sea view, bam, pianu. Phone 

rpo let— Furnished, room. 961 Jfohnson st. 

TO rent-rt«rge Xront .room^>" furnished, 
would suit two laidy frlenda. 160O Fort 
St.; phone LSeTS. . , 

TO let' — Large front room, suit two friends, 
open grate, oiectrir light, etc.. break- 
fast If desired. 3C Menzle s st. 

rpO let"— Furnished rooms. Phone R2442. 

mwo sunny, front rOonis, bath, phone. 
-L breakfast. In private home. 148 South 
Turner at.. Beacon Hlil. 

TWO nicely furnlphcd front rooms to let, 
suitable for gonllcmcn. Apply 1316 Qua- 
dra St., between Yates and Johnson. 

\X7AVERLY Rooms— ^1409 Douglas at., mod- 
r ' ern and well furnished; all outside 
rooms; bath adjoining every room; steam 
heat. Phone 3290. 

]7^0R sale— A few safes, slightly damaged 
- and scratched In transit from factory, 
at greatly reduced orloes. Canadian Fair- 
han'na-Morae Co., 610 Johnson St.; phono 

2020. ■ 

FOR sale—About 35 chickens. mostly 
white leghorns, $26 the lot F.O.B. Sid- 
ney. S. F. Constable, Downey Farm, North 
Saanl ch. 

POR sale, on ftoount ot party leaving town, 
biiby buggy, as good as new, used only 
three months. Phone L3976. 

OLLY for sale. Apply T. H. Hayward. 
do Hayward & Dodds. Port at. 


C COMFORTABLE, furnished housekeeping 
J room 802 Bay St.. close In; corner Ba-, 
and Itose; phone R3172. 

Inok rent— Furnished hon«»lfgM|il# .rooms. 
• "^^ ^'"^"--'- lig^' ■ 

InURNlSHiiiD housekeeping " Wotti. 1133 
- North Park st. 

l.'CURNlSiliii.D housekeeping roomii, gas 
JU range. lo29 Burdette avenue. 

URNISHED housekeeping suite With 
bathroom In modern, steain-heatod 
building. Apply 1409 Douglas St. 

FURNISHED housekeeping rooms; all con- 
veniences. 64 9 Oovernment St. 

OU3EKBEPING rooms, furnished, close 
In. Apply 813 Fort st. 

HOl'.SiiKEEi'lNCr room, every conveni- 
ence, 634 Gorge road, minute from 
Government street car, near Fountain. 


Cents per night. 12.00 a week and up. 
1211 Langley st. 


HOUSBBUILDER'S Cheap, unused, com- 
plete plans and specifications for sale; 
sacrifice; original design; most convenient 
6 or 10-roomed bungalow. Apply Owners. 
c|o Pemberton & Son. 

I HAVE 160 fully paid up British Cana- 
dian Homo Builders shares for sale at 
95 cenu per share. These shares are now 
on the market at $1.25 per share. Who 
win take them. Box 3777, Colonist. 

I HAVE new and secondhand cars of all 
descriptions for sale on terms to suit 
purchasers. Apply Box 2484 Colonist. 

PACICING cases, very large, for sale. 1897 
Foul Bay road. 

HOUSEKEEI'INO room, two large bed- 
rooms, front and side, with' open fire- 
grates, or would rent separately. 1246 
I'andora av. 

Ol'Sh-KEEPlNO rooms; sea vltw, min- 
ute to park and car. Phone L-38S2. 



OUdEKEEPlNQ rooms, hot and cold 
water, $16 a month. 471 Gorge rd. 

OI'SKKlOEPlNli and furnished rooms. 
849 Fort si. 

HOU'SEKEEE'INO rooms. and heated bed- 
rooms; no objection to one or two 
children. 7 34 Humboldt at. 

" OUSBKEEPINO rooms — 1.0U2 Flpg'uard ».t. 


A SALE of work will . be held in St. 
John's hall. Herald at., by t'he ladles 
ot the Senior Guild, on Thur.iday, December 
6: an assortment of plain and fancy work, 
together with dolls, flowers, etc., will be 
found In abundance; tea will be served dur. 
Ing the afternoon; the sale will commence 
at 3 o'clock and continue In the evening. 

BAGGAGE iirompiiy n:indle4 at eurren; 
rates «y the Victoria Transfer Co.. 
phone 129. Offic* open night and day. 

I:>RKAKWATKR Bargain— I am leaving 
y town and must sell house and lot halt 
block from Breakwater nt snap figure. 1 
will take a good agreement for sale for my 
equity. Answer Immediaioly lu Owner. P. o. 
Lox 434. 

BOOKKEEPING thoroughly taught by ac- 
countant; terms very reasonable. P. O, 
Box 1370. 

CANOES, boats and launches stored. Ap- 
ply to V, Jacobaou, Head st.. West Bay. 

CANADIAN Puget Sound, mill wood and 
slabs, $3.00 double load. 81-60 single 
load. Sikh Dood Co., phono 26^ 

DRESSMAKING — Cut and fit on latest 
lines guaranteed. Walking, reception, 
evening and rest gowns, fancy tailored 
suits, etc. Watts, 7o7'^ Yotes. 

^^ ICNTLEiLVN roiiuirea strictly private 
'JX dancing Instruction; write full portlc- 
ulurs. Box 3847, Colonist. 

MODEL A Oldsmoblle. cheap. 86 horse- 
power, 7-pasaenBer car, In first-class 
condition. Apply Owner. P. O. Box 986. 

M.\LL bureau or chest ot drawers; price 


Apply 2017 Transit road. 

ayVfO heaters; burn coal or; wood; cheap. 
- Pho ne R4840. 

XTED — ^Af once, some agreements of 
sale. Room 9, Green blk. 


|— A KF.ET of nice garden fence, 3 feet 
»)'' lilKh. with K^ite to match; also hand- 
some parlor heater; both nearly new; for 
sale. Phone 2008. 

<lfc'1 1 [\(\- * P^"" ''^"' guaranteed high grade 
»lpX-Ll'U bonds; will sell way under 
market to realize Immediate cash. See 
Dougherty, Empre ss Hotel. 



OUSEKEEPING rooms to let. Apply 663 
Blmcoe sL 


lOHT bouseke'iplng rooms. 312 Dallas rd. 
i phone L2114. 



ICELY furnished housekeeping 
cloae In, 621 Hillside ave. 

NE unfurnished housekeeping room, with 
gas. 817 Pandora av. 

NE large housekeeping room. 1104 
Yates, corner Cook at. 

ntO' let — Housekeeping room»; adults only. 
X 840 Courtney. 

lO rent — Housekeeping rooms. 822 Fort st. 


rpo let — Three roonip. sullable for light 
X. housekf-eplng. 1157 Pembroke ipt. 

O rent — Housekeeping rooms. 1038 Fori, 



rpo let — Furnished housekeeping 
-I bath, hot and cold; adults only. 
Douglas St., near (Ilourtney. 

rpHREE furnlsh''d housekeoplng roomj 
X wllh both and pantry. 451 Parry St. 

REE unfurnished rooms for rent. 38 

Lewis St. 


iOOD home for small Infants; terms rea- 
sonable. 836 Caledonia av. 

3ET us keep your books, collect your ac- 
-^ counts and do your corre.ipondence; 
moMlhl.)- rate. Apply for particulars, P, O. 
Box 1129. 

IOOKI — We are now serving hot meals 
-^ regularly at the London B-ikery and 
Lunch Rooms, 907 Government .St., almost 
opposite P. O. 

MADAME SariStta cures dandruff and ./all? 
ing hair; baldness a speciality. 2i6 
HIbben-Bone block. 

"^OTICE' to real estate agents — Frank 
Xl Shaiilnnd has withdrawn all his pro- 
perty from the market. 

NOTiCE to real estate dealers — Lot fi. 
block 14, corner Acton and Mount 
Stephen vis.. Is off the market. Owner. 

NOTICE — The annual general meeting of 
Ihe shareholders of the Chcmnlnus 
Valley Mining Company, rjimlted, N. P. I,., 
will bo held at the registered offiot of the 
company. 1113 Langley at., ^lclorla, B. C, 
on Wednesday, the 11th December, 1912, at 
7.30 o'clock p. ni. Edwin A, Garrett. Jun., 
secretarv; H. M. Orahanie, president. 
Victoria, B. C, 26th November, 1912. 

WO unfurnished rooms. 

901 Burdette 


LD clothes, Jiink, etc. 
We call on you. 

Ring up L3866. 

TTVO largo furnished housekeeping rooms, 
gas range, use nf bathroom, close In, 
up stairs. 787 Cormorant St. 

ri'tWO furnished housekeeping rooms. 740 
i. Burdette av. ; phone R1231. 

TWiJ nnfurnlshed housekeeping rooms, 
electric light and coal, rent free to respec- 
able married couple for wife's services part 
of day, no children. Engllah preferred. Box 
2298 Colonist. 

UNFURNISHED room. with breakfast. 
2421 Blanchard. 

WANTED — 1 unfurnlahed rooms, or small 
cottage, near car: state rent and par- 
ticulars. Box ,8470, Colonial. 

TylTANTRD — t or S furnished housekeeping 
»» rooms, fully modern, with »«• pre- 
ferred, moA residential district; alate price. 

Apply Bog 2748, Coaonlab 

IJITMAN'S simplified (the roysl system of 
shorthiind), easy to wrile. easy to read; 
no unintelligible ayllsblcs; expert English 
tench'-rs; three months' i oursc. The Koyal 
Shorthand School. 4 2f. Sayward block. 

REAL estate agenta take note — l..nt8 1 and 
2, N.-E. corner of Harriet rd. and Obed 
av., are off the market. 

OriENTTFir Mnsseus* — .''perlal treatment 
K^ for rheumatism and spinal complaint.^. 
Homes visited, 2118 Saywsrd av.. Spring 
Ridge; phone SIJO. 

THE Western Star Dramatic Society of 
Victoria West, will present. In Scmple's 
hall. Thursday and Friday, November 28 
and 29, ot 8.16 p. m., "Wlllowdale." a play 
of country life In S acts; speelp.ltlcs be- 
tween acts. Admlminn 26 cents. Dance 
on Fridsy after performance. Prof. 

Heaten's orchestra In attendance; don't fall 
to see this; come early and avoid the ruah. 

A MOTOR cycle wanted, must be In good 
running order; owner statu cash terms, 
etc. Apply Box 3825, Colonist. 

CJCRAP brass, copper, zinc, lead, oast Iron, 
io sacks and all kinds of bottles and rub- 
ber: highest cosh prices paid. Victoria Ji^nk 
Agency. 1620 Store St.; phone 1$S- 

VA/.^NTED — X second-hand L. H. Horlzon- 
>V tal Steam Engine, size 12x14, belt 
wheel face lo be not less than 12 Inches In 
width; must be In good working order and 
moderate price. Reply, giving particulars 
and f. o. b. point, to Box 808, Mission 
City, B . C. 

■\"\''.\NTED — To purchase, fully-paid shares 
VV In Island Investment Co. What 
offers? Apply Wendell, Shaw & Co., Pem- 
berton block. 

Y\7ANTED — To buy berried and unberrled 
tV holly. Slate price and quantity. Van- 
couver Floral Co., 108 Uastlnga at., W.. 
Vancouver, B.C. 

W.VNTED — Cheap motor launch, 3 to 6 
h,p. Apply by letter to F. E. Moore, 
I are of C. C. Moore '& Co., Keatlnga. B,C, 

JANTED to buy, a typewriter; give fun 
pai-tlculnr*. r: O. Box 267. 

■fTTANTED — Donkey engine for land olear- 
VV Ing operations. Jones ft Rant, Ltd.. 
1417 Broad St. 

' \\',\!\"TK,|i TO KF.NT 

BASEMENT — Wanted to rent, srnall light 
and dry basement near centre of city. 
Full particulars to J. B. Quick, 120 Hendall 

Y\^A.NTED. by January 1, a well furnished 
'V house, wllh 3 bedroniTis; must be mod- 
ern and have furnace; very reliable tenants. 
Trnckaell, Douglas * Co., 722 Yates st. 

WANTED — Room, with a reasonable de- 
gree of comfort. In "^'hlch It would be 

po.s>' to remain for !i tew l,,-,ui5 u. jioiii 
overtaxing one's willpower; straight-back 
chairs and chintzes barred. Box 3884, 



2 roomed 
Box 3766. 

TTI/ANTED — Unfurnished 1 or 
VV shack, near sea preferred. 

VITANTED— Furnished room, single bed- 
Vt rorm, electric light and use of hath; 
permanency if sulinble; state terms, weekly 
or monthly, to Box 3923. Colonist, 

VVT-iNTED to rent, by young couple, no 

VV children, house froin 8 lo 10 rooms, 

furnished or unfurnished. Oak Bay pre- 
ferred. Box 3738, Colonist. 

ANTED — Two furnished housekeeping 
rooms, with gas. Box 3««1, Colonist, 

ANTED — Large basement for storage of 
produce, cloae In. Bog 8676, Coloqlat. 

WANTED to rem— Small place suitable 
for poultry; must have aome buildings. 
Addwssa Room 1*. Queen's HotaL 


on easy terma Wise & Co., 108 PamtMUrtdn 

bl oete, / . : . . . -. V T^....:" ■ 

JIlUBS »ay JJotil-^For aale. thU 'n>i*«(- 
nlflcent hotel, situated near the centre 
of the city; first-class Investment at 
866,000, on easy terms. Wise &. Co.. 109 
Pemberton block. 

WANT to start something? A mill, fac- 
tory, foundry, wholBsale house? Como 
and see us; we can put you on trackage; 
give you power three-quarters to one-quar- 
ter cents pftr kllowat hour In the best 
location In British Columbia. W. C. Bond, 
304 Pemberion blk, Victoria, B.C. 

VV'-Anted, lady with $5000 to Join me In 
» V sound business proposition, 25 per. 
cent profit, absolute security; references 
given. Box 3770, r;olonlst. 

(jg-| flHA WILL handle a modern 2r.-room 
W-l-UUV/ house on a buslneers Btroet, good 
[laying proposition. 22 Green blk.i 1216 
Broad St. , 

L08T «Nn I OINU 

Mrs.- A. B. Gre fcn, proprietress; phone R68 6. 

PLEASANT iront bedroom cheap, with use 
«( parlor, and part or (wU Board it der", 
glred; two aduiu In (acdlly. Box 3098, Coff^l 



ANT one finding pearl and turquoise ear- 
rlni; pleaae return 123 Pemberton block. 

FOUND — Some time ago, a handbag con- 
laiuing money and concert tickets. 
Owner can have same uy proving property. 
Apply Colonist office. 

LOST, on Wednesday aftelrnoon. a gold 
pencil pin. Finder please return to 
1142 Yates st. Reward. 

LCkST— Small mink neck piece on Govern- 
ment, between Bioughton and Hum- 
boldt; reward. Phone ISiio, apartment 18. 

LOST — On November 27. a while fox ter- 
ler with brown spotc- over the eyea, 
J. D. .McLell an. 9 14 View st. Reward. 

LOST — On Sunday, November 24, a white 
fox tarrler, black spot on left shoulder, 
black and 'tan [>tco, undweiu to iiai'no ul 
Dick. Finder please return to H. F. Bishop. 

DH2 John St. ; reward. 

LOST — $5 reward to finder two art glass 
uatalugues; the one of value Is 'photo- 
graphs of exclusive patterns; lost Thursday 
last week. Box 3746, Colonist, 

LOST — Gun and case; $10 reward, no 
questions asked. W; Burton. 337 St. 
Charles St. 

LOST, from 1314 Fort St., white poodle. 
Please return to address. 

LOST — Near Oak Bay Junction, wire 
haired terrier bitch, nine months old, 
tan head, dark patch on left shoulder. 
Miss Denny, exhibition grounds, phone L3639. 

LOST on Thursday, November 21, a w^hlto 
French poodle, answering to the name 
ot Rex. Suitable reward will be given on 
return of same to 821 Princess ave. Tel. 

1 219. 

LOST— A lady'a gold signet ring at the 
Capital Athletic ball. Alexandra Club, 
Monday night. Finder please phono R. 
Bray, phone L3101. 

IOST or mistaken — A. lady's gold mounted 
J handle umbvella, lost at the Capital 
-Mhletlc ball. Alexandra Club. Monday 
night. ■ Finder of mistake please phone R. 
B ray , phone L3101. 

LOST—Flat key, white string attached. 
Pleaae rctiirn to 20S Pemberton blk. 

yTR.VYED to .Rray'a Btabios, one black 
f? horse with a c ollar on . 

STR.VYED lo my premise"? at Beaver Point, 
white Yorkshire boar. Owner can have 
same on payment of exponaea. J. H. Monk. 

STRAYED — On Monday, a grey Jersey 
cow, medium size, horns fairly large 
and well rounded, dark face, body lighter, 
Purch:i.«ed from McLean, Esq., of Saanlch. 
She may have gone In the direction of 
Colwood. Information leading to her re- 
covery win oblige the owner, who will pay 
.tny expense Incurred. XX, Colonist office. 

WILL party who lost a sum of money on 
Douglas St., on Thursday, communi- 
cate with W. Phillips, Milne's Laundry, 
P. O., Sooke; describing loss. 


DUE.SSMAKER.S— Lady would give piano 
le.ssnns to aiiult or child In exchange 
lor dressmaking. Box 2818, Colonist. 

I^tiiX. exchange — Choice level lot In Red 
Deer, one rnlle from C.l'.R. depot, valqe 
$300, wanted household furniture In ex- 
fhange. Box 3840, Colonist'. 

H.W'E equity of $3000, good property, bal- 
ance lonti time, vvili. t.aUo car or nureo- 
incut of sale. Apply Box .1781, Colonist. 

LARGE cabin, nicely furnished, suitable 
for two, near car nnd Cralgflower rd. 
Apply "Oe Cnnnaught rd., oft Alderman rd., 
\ Ictorla West. 

IAUNCH — Now 30-rt cruiser, will trade 
■i for building lot, preferably Oak Bay, 
or r.ioA liinn land. .\pply P- '^- Box 456. 

'IT^'.-^NT good seaworthy launch, neavy 
' ' dut)' engine; have unincumbered 
hvisiness Jots. Sidney.- to trade. Phone Y- 
389S. Bi^nd. 

'I T''.\.\ ■!'!•: D -(iond ngrecTnenls for «a|e In 
' ' r-v.-hang" for beautiful, new 6-roorned 
bungalow on car line, well built and very 
r'.tr.-icllvc. Apply BnlldinK & Financ. Ltd., 
7.13 Fort St.; phono 2803. 


i.^^UHNISHED houso wanted to rent In 
■ good ;orallon, not less than five rooms, 
lequlrcU lit once. Apply N. S. Clarke. Do- 
minion hotel, stating terms. 

HoUt'E, furnlshrri or unnirnlshed, wanted 
by Dec. 16; not less than six rooms; 
dose to post olflce p-efiTrert Box 3472' 

THREE or f.iur-rooined house, with bath- 
room, careful tenants, low rent. "M," 
1616 Hulton St.; phono L3612. 

TT^ANTED Lo rdit — Furnlsrhed flat oi uun- 
Vt galow, 4 rooms, cacy ni^ccss; rent mus' 
b<» moderate. Box 3H53, CoIonlsL 

T.i^NTED, to rent house In Eaqulmslt; 
rnnd«-rale rent. Box 3112, Colonist. 


WANTED to rent, or buy, 4 or 8- 
roomed house; ownera only. Box 8711, 

• at 717 Pembroke at. 

8 young men 

ROOM and board, good class, large pleas- 
ant room for two gentlemen. Phone 
t. l7B7. Call 616 Michigan. 

RO'OM and board; good English cooking 
and honie comforts. 44 San Juan, off 
Dallas. _^ 

"OOOM and board. 33 Y'ale St.. Oak Bay. 

202 Russell St. 

DOOM and board. $6. 
XV Every convenience. 

ROOM and board for 4 young men. .^pply 
1788 First St.. near Fort car Itno. 

BOOM and board for two; most central 
position In city. 1621 Quadra st. ; 
ph one L920. 

i>OOM and board. 1914 Maple St.. near 
v hospital. 

T>O0MS, with or without 
Park St. 


ROOMER wanted— Bath, electric light, 2 
minutes to car, breakfast It desired.. 
Box 3831, I olonist. 


OliE room and board. 

104 Menzles. 

TO rent — Furnished double bed-sitting 
room, with boJird, private house. 1210 
Fort St. 


A FINE barred-rock cockerel for sale, 
cheap, 6 months old, price $2.50. Box 
3871, Colonist. 

BHAEFOOT herd of pedigree Yr-rkshlre 
swine — Championship animals head 
this herd., A choice selettlon of rcung 
boara and gilts ot the Otai brtedinh nin 
quality; sows In farrow; also a fine (Imp.) 
herd boar, from the Oak Lodge Herd, On- 
tario. Particulars from T. IC. Harrap, 
Mount Toiinie, X>. C. 

FOR sale— Andaluslans, Rods, S. L. 

Dottes and O. E. game bantams; birds 

of all ages. P. S. Lampman, Oak Lay, tele- 
phone Y3664. 

FOR sale — 400 choice pullets. Single-comb 
White Orpingtons and White Wyan- 
doltes, all from well-known egg;^aylng 
strains; also o number of fine exHTbltlon 
birds. I have In my yard the White Wyan- 
dotte bird that as cockerel won first prize 
lost year .at the Victoria show, and other 
splendid specimens at reasonable prices. 1 am 
closing out all my fine flock of birds on 
account ot other business engagements. H. 
Millar, 1462 Hillside ave. 

IpOR sale — St. Bernard pup, purebred and 
splendid specimen. For price and par- 
ticulars appl y Box 3922. Colo nist. 

FOR sale — ^Buff orplngton cockerels and 
pullets. Apply "Sylvan View," ColvUle 
rd.. south ot Cralgflowes. 

OR aale — Japanese spaniel, cheap. Apply 
1109 Johnson. 


TjlOR sale — Young Clydesdale horses and 
X. fillies, and two- drivers. Apply B'.rch- 
Jones, Glengarry Farm. Metchosln. 

FOR sale — 'One mnre, together with cart 
and harness; price $200; to be seen at 
Bray's stables. 

IjlOR sale — Buff Orpington hens and 2 
cockerels. Imported from Australia, 
special laying strain. W. Leghorn pullets, 
raised from selected breeders, obtained from 
Mr. Sully, whose strain Is well known. Also 
cross barred I'. Rocks, with B. O. cock, 
splendid table birds; Incubators, brooders, 
etc. 1 very handsome, large, English, 
carved oak sideboard, with bevel glass 
mirror; furniture, crockery, glass, kitchen 
range, etc.; list on application. A wellbred 
bay gelolng, li yeiirs. l.'i-'J (hunter cluesi. 
vetted sound 3 months ago, good In saddle 
and harness, smart and good mover, $300. 
Very sinitri buggy and harness, and DIetz 
lamps, new 3 months ago, $150. 1 double- 
barrel, hamnierlesH. 12-bore gun. by W. 
Greener, London, $100. Apply lo Box 3660, 

17\0\X sale, cheap, white wyandotte laying 
hens. 54 4 Toront o St. 

T/^OR sale, at Oakdale .«im, Saanlch, flrat- 
-C class family cowf. Apply to J. L. 
Brooks, Kenllngs; phone F7. 

IT^OR salc-^Troroughbred saddle mare, 8 
. years old. Will nuike fino driver; also 
;i California niumnioth bronze toms furkeys, 
prize birds. Apply W. W. Carlow, Li^ngford 
Lake. ^ 

1T\on iiale— Two good family cows. Apply 
. Cralgmyle, Tllllcu m Orocery. Gorge. 

IjTUR sale— Wire-haired fox terrier pup- 
. pies; also nilnaturo chocolate pomoran- 
liins: all of the best blood and breeding; 
full pedigree given. Dr. Medd. Mount 


FOR sale — Splendid team of boy marea. 
sl^ and seven years old respectively, 
luirc-bi-ed Clydes, guaranteed sound In 
evi'ry way, with or without harneas a*d 
wagon; will exchange for caah or raal 
epiiite. .vpply Charles Stlglngs, aienarm. 

Cralgflower rd. 

OllSB for sale oheap. 3. D. WMUABig 
12S Kingst on St. 

HOUSES for aale--Hav« on haAd 18 1MM 
of heavy horses, also eiM aaddl* harMa. 
c an be se«n at our aala barn. earMr 
I ook and Pembroke streeta BtenbaMM * 
Derry. props. P. O. Ba« liW. 
).;.",.« ami 1120 9. 

SPLENDID talking parrot (or aala, 
company. Apply 423 Hanry at. 


WANTED— ^ood' young driving ii«r$Mi. 
light traiiafer wagoa. Fulleat pMTtlWl* 
Inrs to Ed. Blanchard. Mayir«od t. 0.» 

\ Ictorla. . U 

VITANTED. young blue Paralan lest, 
VV or neuter; state piioa. BoK %\ 

Colonlit. _____,._ M\ 

\\rANTBD— tJseCul upatani!lB«' h^m^ 'ifitmhf j^ 
VV 16.2. 10*7 Cook at. . "^ '■p 

u'li'n ' " - " •«* ■■ ' ■ ■>-■** !■ k ■■<iX w MiiiiM»M I 

■ - ' ,'-m i _X__ ^ , | , , I , 1 ^- 

ONK rattabi* wnvk l» •*••» MTft i 
•rdar* (cr b«<it awatrngjipw* 8*< 

L • • 




FrMay, Npvamb«r 29, t«1i 


AtiACKltllCIi: — Mu«t be void oefore t>e- 
ceinber lit., eluHani furniture o( elglit 
I xtirun, Munarch raiiKti, leuLhcr bod Daven- 
port, bi-at uf riiKi, dliiliiK laule, Uuflet and 
8lx ehttlm. altoBel'her or by the piece; 0- 
ruom houie, cloac In, rur rent to purcha«er 
ut furniture; nu dealers. 312 Kort at.; 
phone R'tJ«&. 

IjAUAT tor rent, turnltura for «ale. Apply 
Mount I:Jdwardif, Vancouver rt, 

I.'^OK rout, 7-rootiieU all modern convenl- 
enc«-ii; nearly new; two minutca from 
\Vlllo»» car. '.itlS I'lunmoro road. Apply 
i.u preinlsej, or ! 'a I rick Realty Co., Fort it. 

|7>()U rent, new llvc-rooraed bunKalow, with 
X? linoleum, b.lnds and range; fSS pur 
month. Ueorge Urooke, 1608 Douglai. 


on rent — New 6-rooined houie. fully 
muaern. 2b23 Aaqulth at. 

1j\iMi rent — Ljiri{« 7 -roomed houae, modern, 
with chicken ' house, J30 per month. 
.Apply British American Trust Co., Ltd., 
735 Kort St. 

FOR rent — Two brand new «-roomed 
houses, all modern, on Delta at., rent 
;.I0. Ihoni- i,wnei .s.:;:i45, .J. .i;iicn»en. 

IT^OR rent — Unfurnished i-roomed apart- 
ment In Bellfvue court, BcUovue av., 
off Newport, Oak Bay; new and all mod- 
ern bulldintf, electric r«nKes, etc.; beautiful 
• ea view, v» block from car and aea; $15 
]ier month. Mr. l^rlnisle. Agent, Suite K, 
licllevue court, or 233 Pemberlon; phone 

rpo rent, "IG Humboldt street, close to 
J- Douglas. Apply tVanada West Trust 
I o.. I.,td., corner Yateg and Dou glas sts. 

rpo rent — Now 6-room bungalow in Oak 
I. Bav, »3U per month. Apply Quoen 
City Hc-alty, 1413 Dou glas at,: ptione 2774, 

.rpo ho let — An unfurnished 3-roomed flat 


107 Pcmberion Block 

Phona 1711 

/\AK Bay, Oakland road— tOxllO. |i,iOO. 

cash. «, 12. IS. 

CLARK and 
(1,600, l-I 

Denman — Cr>rner, 
oaah, 6. la. It. 


C1ADILLAC and Harriet road — Corner, »0 
■> xll3. 11160, 1-3 caab. 6, 12. If. 

IJlCHMOND Park — Cowlchan and Runny 

12. U. 

eade, ySxl80xl36. tl.tliO. 1-1 caah, C. 
lota. 140x120. 

|ARONT at.. Foul bay— 2 

13,200, 1-8 caah. 6, 12. it. 

McQUlNA and Oonialea avt, — Corner, «t 
xl66. )2,300, l-I caah, t, 12, It. 

OCEAN View and Maplewood — Corner, 60 
xl20. JSOO, 1-3 caah, 6, 12, 18. Oood 
lot for working man to buUd shack. 

at Mt. Edwards. Phone 2026. 

rno Rent— On ampnjpr *r^ «' riWiMa 

-L modern biJMKaMpj,'4%«^?H«'«»«. •**•' <*|2ff 
to sea and car. $4'i:'fMM^^.9ftK^^. . ■ <|L. wM 
t'liracwald, corner Fort IWfWi W<WMi)f' *» 

K-ROOMTO~U(>u«s "o» CoWlSww it tm 
O rent t» Mrt» kwrta* tmaltiu*; 7 
minutei Mwn ' jpoM OfflMt tl^mf, BOX 

1879, CoI«i|rt»t ■ •• 

I'li /l 'i'l H » " " i M l I II . J ' 

l>ry on the premise*. 

■ WiMit W leaae. ofBce aulte »t two 
U l l am fluwt lnwliH a M ta»i»«l 

tiMOfltii «»<1 *MW«.« c»a »• bought or in- 
etuaeg in rent Apply Bos 8778. Oolonft. 

17^ OK rent, ( azrvt. all cultivated, indde 
^ two and oae'hftlf mile circle, two 
!^^^\ blocks from c»(f^1J»«fc'i8ooa' S-roomea-lHWlW^ 

-i TlKar i.i M threo gre(>nho«WiMr^ 

-lunniuj; -laatae^ 



I Apply MorKMil^ If otw». Co.. lit 

Mt. ; jihone 2284. '■,■•*;■'• 

^OR renf- 

-Two offlces on F«ir|- Mw 

JL j2o and tl5 per month; wlUi«|*» _,„„.. 
Ucrman House ^'o.. 742 Fort St.; plMwe »|W. 

TTtOR rent, garage, at moderate rental, nearX 
Richmond ave 

HALL for rent ev 
to 12 and 2 t 

to S. 

Phone 431S, 10 


FFIfti to Itnt, 
writer for sale. 

$15; desk and type- 
Box B.R, P., Colonist. 

/'vFl'"li B or store to rent, on Dousias st. , 
'./ ri.jye to '•"'ort, vacant November 30, Ap- 
ply Uowcll Paynw Ji Company, Limited. 

mO rtnt, large ground floor olllce with 
i Vault, centrally located. For further 
juMtkulars apply Hallantlne, Jenklnson & 
:< M Fort ?:. Phone 3415. 

O rent — tfpstalrs office, In centre of city. 
J. Rlngshaw, corner Tatea and Broad. 


rpo rent — Desk room 
X ground-floor office. 

■tn well •■-•a led 
Apply Box 8688, 


O rent — B. * N.' trackage, three-quar- 
ter acre auttttble for factory or ware- 
u!!C, close to city, railway spur on grounM. 
f ttox H«0. 

< ■ ! : ' hi i front rooms, on car 

:• St.. Oak Bayi 

room fgr rent. 



MAN and wife wants room and 
In a private family; Hco'on or 
.1 . Appo Lux J.K.L. 

, good mechanic, will do 
ixntse tor board and room. 


'jt'.NU lames refiiulre comfortable bedroom, 
JL with board; or largo housekeeping 
'.Mill (open fireplace,) Box 3807, Colonist. 

.\.N I'liD— By y.oung man, room ajid 
'■. ' 1 ijruu.v .....^uBli lamliy; 
Bo x 3783. Colonist. 

\ \ ■.v:-.Ti..L, - -It' rooms with board in 
»V private • T two ladles; must 

I): (julef, or K-.'pIng rooms. TeU- 

:.;ii)ae Miss Cheney, /ti,<)om 16, King Edward 

T/'Ol'NG carpenter wants single room and 
1- board; state terrrt?. Box 3792, Colonist. 

— I ^ — ' 

"^T^OUNG man, carpenter, desires room and 
X board, with private family preferred. 

Bov 31S4, Colonist. 


A FEW doUara inve8l,ed with ua In a pro- 
.jC>., .„4.ept,..,t<iAt,-,wJll- . mAk«,., profits-, «f,.-ovor, 
$50 a day will soon make you Independent 
If you act quickly and got In on the ground 
lloor. Box .T?! ?, Colonist. 

WANTED — The address Of Mr. Gilbert 
Fleming, of the Chinese Imperial 
Customs, under the late Sir H. Hart, last 
heard of living near Victoria. Communi- 
cate with E. 617 Fifteenth, av,. West, Cal- 
gary, Alta. 

YOUNG man, 27, abstainer, good charac- 
ter, wishes to meet respectable working 
girl; no triflers; call or write. Hubert, 820 
i'andora st. 


IiAOR rent — Fully furnished six-roomed, 
modern hunKulow, close to car, Ad- 
mirals rd., Esijulmalt; rent S65 per month. 
For partlculum apply P. O, Box 1480, 

CHARLTON It. — 40x126, |1100; third cash. 
6, 12, 18. 


Oak Uay Orfico, :5n6 Oak Hay Aveaua 

(Corner Foul Buy Road.) 

mono 4;:&u. 


LOT with unsurpassed view, 41x215x206; 
acbutus trees In foreground. Price 
»2,600; third cash, balance «, 12, *•♦, i^.^Su 

BEACHWAT Aymff^mJVJS^ ]^^'^M 
■ car, 70x160. ''ISrPlW*!*!. ««»f *«*•» 

' '"ii ' iii - l ' i t ii ' lii l !! ' , f iiii iMl - "- 

HfiOO: third oaah. Sl.vxUMUtXliM t* 
•1000; quarter esfb. 

eim ctv* jrou • targe chotse of h(>m#* 
■ItM Is tida deatrablo loeatlty. 

OLTKPIA »v«. •«"*» f*,^^.^ 
ra., iOxlta to Umo; pHo« |f|M} •wmU 


D L T UPIA ^^^*.~•^^ ^ w vu m :w mw prop * 
•^. foxlttxu*!*!: pWeiriatoO; uauilf 

rr i II r ' ' -^^^ — '■ ' 

— Jr+fc 

I' ''''i .Sl''tj"> 


— si ot itood land, With orosk 

.»»,» - ~ wwinii)* through it; 9 aoree 
cleared, balance light clearing; small houao 
and barn; this pvouerty Is a mile and a 
halt from Cowlchan alftUon; price HM". 
on easy term*. •> ;'• . 


Kuccesaora to thu Brain Realty Co. 
l!Ua Uovernmeut St. Phone 19*. 

rniMUEU limits O0.76) seventy-five cents 
X per thousand. 

HOUSES for sale at right prices and 
terms, all parts ot the city, 

^ SUNNYVALE Helghu — Lots from JSOO up. 
5 no Interest. 


Branch Office: 

iorth Douglas St.. corner Saanlch Koad 

Phona R234S 


W. Miller Hlgga. 

5 ACRES, with »-rooroed houae, on Books 
harbor; about 160 feet waterfront; 1 
acre slashed and partly cleared, aoll ex- 
cellent, timber good; backa on to new road; 
good timber runway for boating; ap endid 

3f)-t ACRES, close to waterfront, with 
• jiX frontage on new road; uncleared; 
aplendid timber and aoll; »400 caah, or 1460 
In two paymunta. 


OMB fine 10-acre lota, suitable for 
poultry ranches, |60 per acre. 


Heal Eatate and Inauranca 
Chancery Charabera 13U Langley SL 

TWO fine, level, grauay lots, both corners, 
on Laurel at,. Oak Bay, only two lots 
from Central av., 48.9x110 each, price 
tl,60a each. 

GOOD buy — Corner of Victoria av. and 
Hudson at.. Oak Bay. 60x110, price 

rpRENT St., one lot from Fort at,, 60x140 
X with lane at ruar; this ts good va;ue at 

NICE cleared lot, corner Seaview and 
Graham ats., 46x102, 'surrounded by nice 
dwetllufis, price fl,860. 

■■-'i^iSfS '^BiS**' terms on all *''0_15*cg^^v«?"- - 

(ffnm^dfflce. to rent In Chano*!' 
^l^L bers, Langley st. --; I 

fvo «nente for above propertlea. 

'ii-^'Mk<,i'''y lor tliB ••.■uw; r'i Flro 
^_ ^i'^Smsnnf, N. X ButabUthed 




IM3 Oavoramant at. ■ talairftoa* M(«. 

flAKSONS Bridga watefirMit. a Mrea. 
<|L AUio IS aero* , Mttrty aOJuluinc; for 
arm wt4 p»vtt9ltiariv wpiy Tow« 4k 

^m^:ii*mb~ ^n^m -, • " ■ ■■■ ■ --■■. ■ 


Financial Ageni and Real Esteta Broker 
7 Brldgmrn Bldg., Oovernment 8t. 

> Telephone 1479, 

^PROAT Lake — 20 acres with over ton 
O chains ol waterfronlage, |J000. 

SAAN1CHTON--90 acres 
•Ite, subdivided into 
tracts, il2l an acre. 

adjoining town- 
lots and 6-acre 

ROWLAND ave. — 4 
houae, overlookln 

lota with S-roomed 
g Hwan Lake, >4500. 


ONZALES Heighta, Shoal Bay— 2-3 of an 
acre with good view of atralta, $3700. 

(~10W:rUAN Bay-^ldeal summer cottage 
J with 2 1-3 urrea, lOiitalninK 5S0 feet 
of sea frontagi) within mile of wharf. 15000. 


Sooke and Otter Point Real Kstp'e OfQca 
Sooke, B. C. 


ACRE,S harbor front, ♦4200. 

ACRE6 harbor front, »16,000. 

ACRES,, sea front, 
chickens, J230O. 

house, furniture, 


Q ACRES sea front, IJO.OOO. 



ACRES Sooke river, barn*, atables, etc., 
J8000. ■ ■ ' ' • ■ ' 

ACRES seiifront, 1200 pep acre. 


201 Jones Block. 

Phone 2«S. 

COWICH*.N Ljike waterfront subdivision 
proposition — 21 acres, 400 leel water- 
front, E. acres cleari'il uiul |)»rily In orclrir.l. 
rem:!na«r only bniah. no rock, deep loam; 
C. P. R. and C. W. R, ivuhln a few min- 
utes; adjoining properly aubdivlded Into 
lota; price 17,500; $2,600 caah, balance 1 
end 2 years. 


Real Eatate and Financial Agent 
Phone 1741. 7314 Fort St. 


JT^INLAYSO.N' at,— Full-sized lot, 
- di 

Iry; price »926; cash 
12 and 18. 


high and 
balance 6, 


OAK Bay ave.- 
ing, on 

■Two aplendid lots, adjoln- 
corner, overlooking the sea; 
the view cannot bo obstructed; price 
J10.500; terma third cash, bal, 1, 2 and 3 
years, or quarter cash, bal. 1 and 2 years. 

I^LORENCB St.— Nice lot. 60x126; price 
11500; cash, Quarter, bal. 6, 12 and 18. 


Corner St, Patrick St, and Oak Pay -Vve. 
Phone Y3655. 


Ufa tttattMiliM. . f tra 4imrM|0» 
'Stway'to UMk 

FOSf. quiflk aala-^Iieaueed (rom;lt,IOO to 
t4,800; s«!vcn-rqom«d houae on Qt^»t 
$U wUb largo lot 'S«((14»i Uila bitiia%^ffMt^ 
tor t»S and la «k bai>«WA. ". , ' .-, , ^ „:;'. - ', 

. <r ^: 

g , P . THWAITS S 

RUPERT diatriot — tOO aorea. 140 per Mro; >- 
(Luartar owb. AIM > xso ^acrea At |a« 

par *»•.: . -' ' V :% ■ ,^. ^ ..y -'^ ■ 
■■ ■ ' .' i Sn i — - ■ 

A RARE bargain tor a few days only — 
New, th-^roughly modorn, artistic 
bungalow ot four large rooms, bath, pantry 
and veranda; close to Douglas st, car ter- 
minus; price, for quick sale, $2,700; terms 
$1,200 cash, balance mortgage for three 
years and renewable. 


Real Estate, Financial & Insurance Agents. 

A. R. Langley. .Manager. 

Room 21-2, Central BullUlug. PboRe »0»4, 

P. O. Box sio; 

PRIOR and Topaa — Double corner, 102x 
137, $4,600. 

KINOS rd. — One block from Douglas, 2 
houses, 8 and 6 rooms, on lot 61x100, 

OAK Bay — 8 modem, new, 9-roomed 
houses on lots 75x140; $9000-$9500. 

VIEW St., between Quadra and Van- 
couver, 30 feet at $450 per toot. 

FORT at — 30 feet, between Blanchard and 
Quadra, $26,000. 

VIEW St. — 180 feet between Douglas and 



.McGregor BIk., Cor. View and Broad 

Houao Phone XX2123. Phone 92t. 

FOR rent — Ksqulmalt, rd., Mrs. Loggin, 
near the Falrvlew nursery, a furnished 

FURNISHED bungalow to let, two blocks 
from Esquimau car, on Admiral's road; 
possession iKl December. Box 3919, Col- 

FURNISHED houae to rent, 7 rooms, rent 
$36 month. Box 38C6, Colonist, 

URNISHED house for let, on Toronto St. 
Dominion Trust Co., 909 Government at. 


X 1 

rent — To careful tenant for two 

house. Oak Bay, 
phone M3384. 

Apply P. O. Box 271, or 

TO let- -Furnished 2-roomnd house, Vic- 
toria West, $12, 760 Market at. 


MONEY to loan and agreements tor sale 
bought. Apply E. A. Harris & Co., 
1018 Douglas nt. 


Phone 1611. 

(»-« i r-[r EACH — 2 lots right on car line, 
»lpXtt < t) close in; third cash, balance 2 

(»-j OPCn — H»"'«tt rd., 60x180; third cash, 
qpX^OU 6, 12 and 18 months. 

<l£1 HAH EACH, $1960 tne two. Arbutus 
«(pXUv/U St., Juat oft Burnalde; low cash 


»[rrv — Lots close to now Burnalde car- 
^ line; cosh $100 and terma; 60x132. 

(m-j r^rkTV — Fine lot Rosa »t, (sea view); 
«lpX < uU Foul Bay car close to; third c«*h 
and terms. 


and terms, 


— Corner In Fairfield, close oar 

caah : usual lerma. 

aBQQ^i-\ — Wellington av., Fairfield, 60x148; 
f^^OOxj 1-3 cash and terms. 

on ACRES, oloae to both rUlwaya, 
^* Saanlchton; $460 per acre, 

1 (Kt\ ACRES — Hclmcken dUtrlct, fine land 
XDU on Koksilah rl%-er, old Crown grant; 
only $35 per acre: small cash payment 

tia Pemberton BUg. 

RICHMOND av. — Very choice realdentlal 
lot, only $2,000; or, with lot' at back, 
maklns two lots. 18.600. 

FOUL Bay rd. — Two acres; this property 
would make » beautiful building altn. 
or would subdivide, price $16,000; terma 
very easy. 

EDQWARB rd. — I-roomed modern houae 
and lot, only $3,000, and $660 caah, 
balance to arrange. 

AUSTIN av., Just off Gorge rd. — Two 
large Iota, only $900 each. 

QUADRA at — <-acre block of »ood aub- 
dlvlalon land, price $1,100 par acre, 

JOSEPH at, Victoria Weat — Nice new 
buncalow, I rooma, $1,900; terma. 


Haal, Batata Aceato 

(•A ACRES — Few mlnute« from Cobble Hill 
')'-' atallon; $76 per acre; 1-8 cash, balance 

fi, 12 and 18, 

rtA ACRES. SUawnlgan district'; good red 
"w loam, light cleaning fronts on road. 
close to station and poat olllce; $75 an acre; 
1-3 cash and terms. 

-I QA ACRES, Joining railway near Cobble 
X.O\J Hill; $75 per acre; terms. 


Booka Real Estate OIBea. 

OHOPTON town lota — Tl»*a«« will make • 
•pleodid Inveatment; buy befom the 
train* conmeBo* to run; price $100 and opt 

SOOKE harbor — Wall-built fnmtahed b«B- 
galow on lot with It^ (t waterfrontajga, 
Fetarboro canoe Included: |ood ahootini 
and ashing; cioae to mala road and kotel: 

$1000. ________ 

SEArRONTAai: iota from oao aan ■», 
beautiful view «od soed Oeaoh. Iruni 
1760 up. 

BiriLDlNO lota from a ouartor to a half 
aore, overlooWn* the harbor aad with 
aoceaa to the water; oleae to atora a*« i>oat 
offloe. »»$0 to t %M. 

SBAFRONT aoraine- XU wsnm wttk three- 
«Barter mile of aeatrontftta. eoavanl- 
antly situated, 140 »ar einra. 

-I no ACRES— Quarter of a mile of aea- 
XUO front, sood creek, Ave aorea !■ 
•mall fmlta, houaea aad ehiekea ru««i 
boautituilr altvated: |t« »er aerew 

BOOKOA RT rd.— iiii-fo • loV loii**, f W» : 
third cacbi' tbia i» ontjr ode lot oft Coctk 

•tr««li,^ ■-:;,-.■ ■'■ ' ■ . ■ ■■ V -' 

inuaiiatiOCJIt^'SS . acrea, ■ ' )B0 ;itsJiRt^9aif8t«, 
\J ■ Cloii* td'tallwuy, ♦8(rt). par acre. 

C10LWO0D — 30 acres, 10 slashed, no other 
J Improvi-menta, $300 per acr-j; running 
stream on property; some l>«avy timber. 

ESQUIMALT harbor—Two blocka from 
car lint, 160 teol wai. i irunt, including 
a Kood bualneea. (S0,000. 

/"CORNER Pandora, ilaple and Ash at.. 

v.-* four large lots, 240" feet frontage on;- 
block tram ciir; price only 18400; a trood 
site for buildin g utotfs. 

LARGE garage, including lease, machinery, 
etc., right In centre of city. 


Real Estate. Timber. Mines and Coal Lands 

Phone 2999. Box 660. 

126 Pemberion Bldg., Victoria. B. C. 

Vancouver Office. Winch Bldg. 

Members Victoria Real Eatate IdXChang-.-, 

OOWICHAN Lake — 60 acrea. good soil, 
heavy limber all off, large £rontajji«on 
lake. $190 per acre. 

ERRINQTON — ^^40 acres, t acrea cleared 
and seeded, good soil, bouao, borna, 
etc.. $2,660. • ' . 

I — 60 acrea. 8 acrea cleared. 

]\ r KTCHOSIN— 50 
itX $7,600. 

QAANICH— -100 acres, $80 per acre. 

SAANICH—6Ci acres, good land, ho rock, 
close to V. & a. Rallwty and B. C. 
Electric; $626 per acrc^ 

NEWPORT — We have buyer* for lota In 
Newport;' what have you got? 

T (\f\C\ ACRES— Tatia Lake, surveyed, $7 
1 ,\j\.t\j per acre. 

IT^OKT George — 5,000 acres about 6 miles 
. from Fort George, only $S per acre; 
splendid for subdivision. 

NEWPORT — Give u* your listings, we 
have buyoric. 


favkavnio iNanob*- DtatridO 

WRUW eir call ah K &• TMmXMM, r^titf 
VtUoi ma cet tHMrttcttUbw aa« 9»\o^ ot 

acMaico- you reatttn Aad 

Mid n* wtwt fturuoa*. 

ALLEN (Si SON' '■ 

Over Northern Crown B.isili. Phone 1650 

TUXEDO Park— Owner leaving city, will 
x.ii iiiK'i- two buauilful lota at a loss, 
;uh; price bOU lor the two; 1-3 


PARTIES seeking residences or Invest- 
ments In Oak Bay would do well to see 
ua; one or two made places, lo\ely homes 
for disposal. , > . -, v < 

riTHE car atops at the "Bend'* » ftm 
-»- from our office. Consult us when vo» 
think of buying or selling in Oak Bay die- 
trjot^ Wo iiro on the aipot. 

Notice la hereby given that on applloatloa 
will be made to the Lcglalatlve Asaembly of 
the Province of British Columbia, at lu 
next session, for an Act to incorporate a 
company with power to carry on the busl- 
neaa of laaulng or undertaking liability un- 
der pollclea ot fiiauranca upon the hap- 
penlag of or agalnat pcr.ional accldenta 
(whether fatal or not,) dtaeoae, or sickness 
or Issuing policies Insuring employers 
against liability to pay compensation or 
rtim-j-a to workmen In their employment; 
or to make contracts of insurance, or ra- 
iiMurance with any person or persons, or 
bodies corporate or politic, against any acci- 
dent or casualty of whatsoever natuVe 
or from whataoever cause arlvlng 

to ladivlduaia, or to the property 
of indlvlduHla other than the Insured 
and alao to the property ot the Inaured: 
to carry on the bunlneaa of guarantee In- 
aurance In all Its branches; to carry on the 
bualneaa of Insurance agalnat aprlnkler leak- 
age In all Us branchea; to carry on the 
ijU3!ne»a of att-uni bol;er Insurance In all its 
branchea; to carry on the bualneaa of 
burglaiy Insurance in all its branches; to 
effect and obtain all such re-inaurancea, 
counter insurance, and counter guaranleea 
and adopt all auuh measures (or mitigating 
the riaka ot the Company ua may acem ex- 
pedient to the Company; to act aa Truatae 
lor bond, debintun oi otlier linuncial la- 
autss aiui have s-ucli JudlclHry powora ns 
may be conalatent therewith and to under- 
take and carry out any truata; to purchase 
or otherwiBe aOQUlre, sell, dispose of, anil 
deal In real and personal property of all 
kinds; to Invest Us funds in securities of 
any kind; and generally to carry on the 
business of an accident, f?uaranteo, surety, 
IndemnUy, burglary and employers' liability 
Insurance company In all the respective 
branches, and with all auch other powers 
and privllegea aa are usual or incidental to 
all or anv of the aforesaid purposes. 

■ted this 12th day of .Vovember, 1912. 


IflWp: M^m ^n& 14. block J). Oi 
JL ai*,^ tmOii toHUO: price oadk 
tTM «iHM wittvo nlent ter m*. 

Solicitors for the Applicant 


ut Cuati 

Range One 

Take notice that Mabel Larsen, of Lo» 
Angeles. Cal,, occupation married woman, 
Intends to apply for permission to purcnasa 
7*^1 the following described lands: 

. -IComiaaaw«c >.M a PO't planted on the 
,eA\(tbinpt;''::flMC».',9B^ RaipH island, a small 
.i. — *. _ jgpg.\]j|^ .^ije northeast corner o( 
lalano, ' iiear the weat end of Tur- 
■ Island, applying to purchase the who's 
miutfl. containing twenty more or leas acres. 

■ J"""' ' , . ,. MABEL LARSB.N. 

,. , , . '-.'."t , , Agent: 9. H. Ford. 

fitiii tlU§ it|ifr,<iW:j)(ii:T-<i()igjttt 


•Neil av., 
1,550; on 

FOUL Bay special— Crescent rd„ 60x110, 
with two road troittugea, high and 
grassy, $1,-^80; on easy terma. 

HOLLYWOOD Park— We have two beau- 
tiful S-roomed new houses, one on 
Becchwood av., and one on Ross St.; co- 
nunit baaimciu and furnace and everything 
nmdcni, lot slate 70xi/0 each; price tpr quick 
sale $4,760 each; $1,000 cash. 

SARATOGA av., corner St David at, eox 
1-JO, $3,000: 1-3 cash. 

C1AREY rd. — 67x180, two road frontage*, 
'' hljfh and no rock, $900; $160 cash, 
b.uance to suit purchaser. 

SHOAL Bay;i-K , at, two lots 60x 

110 each, hifli .i..a „»y, with g;'anlte 
house suitable for garage; }8,:000 for the 


133 Pemberton Block. 

Phono 3756. 


Notice Is hereby gi.en that tl.u rco^rve 
(overing the parcel of land forinerly hold 
under 'Timber Licence .\o. 400a(>, situated uj: 
I'll- Columbia river In the xblnlty of Arrovv 
! ark, by reason of the noilct; published in 
'I ho British Columbia Gazette, on the 27th 
Uteember, 1907, Is cancelled;, and that the 
vacant lands formerly covi/red by ihu be- 
forementloned licence will be open to pre- 
ompilon only on and after the 2Sth day ot 
uecember, 1912. 

Deputy Minister of Lands. 
Lands Department, Victoria. B. C. 
24th Heptember. 1912. 



.Notice id hereby given thnt the ordei-in- 
councii approved August 17, 1895. reBe,rvlng 
and seltlni; apart for the sole use of Hor 
Majcjity's Go\ernnienl' for military and 
na\'Lii I'urposes that portion of the Sand 
t^pit at the LaKOon, Esquimau, Which is the 
property of the Province, Is rescinded and 
that the lands described in the aforesaid 
order-ln-council are reserved for Govern- 
ment purposes. 


Lands Dcppartment, 
Victoria, B. C, 
29th October, 

Minister of Lands. 


OMOX — 760 acres, wild land, $46 per 

COMOX — 288 acres, 40 acres cultivated, 
ditched, fenced, splendid farming pro- 
position; •$175-per-'acre;'-'-' ,..•,•,•-, 


COMOX — 128 acres, Koo<l soli, 20 acres 
ready for cultivation, balance easily 
cleared, $110 per acre. 

COURTNEY — 211 acres, nearly all good 
land, on main road to Campbell River, 
$45 per acre. 

I>ORT Hsjrdy — The northern terminus of 
the Vancouver Island railways. Get in 
now ahead of the railway. LiOts are selling 
from $115 to $145 each; $25 cash, balance 
on easy terms. No interest. 

"VJEAR Port Hardy — 5 acre blocks, $40 per 
-iN acre, $1 per acre caah, and $i per acre 
per month. 

rpiMBBR Lands— Over 6,000,000,000 feet 

CATTLE Ranch — With or without fl-.OOO 
heart of cattle, QTOWa, grant title, close 

to railway. 

SAANICH Inlet — 63 acres, good soil, no 
rock; 60O feet waterfront, $200 an acre. 

COMOX — 10 acres, 4 acres cleared, close 
to railway, $36 an acre. 

ON Grand Trunk Pacific — 170 acres. 
Crown granted, excellent land; adjoins 
new townsite; $60 iin acre. 


eal Estate and Financial Agent, 

P. O. Box 14 21. 

Pime 1741 

731 W Fort St. Victoria, B. C. 


AMPHTON St.— Lot 02x120, oloae to Oak 
Bay car line, paved sidewalks, swidpagc 
and water; price $1800; third ea«h, B! 13 
and 18, 

ST, Patrick st — Lot 50x183, awe us for this 
exceptional buy; price only $1526; third 
cash, balance « and 18- 

rnHOMPSON St.— 210 feet frontage by 
X 106.64x134.09, closok to new car line; 
price only $2860, or cash reduction; terma 
to suit 


Real Estate and Invuranee. 
Cowtohan Stat ion an d Cobble Hill. 

Oft ACRES, « cleared, ( acrea partly 
OO nieared; good I-roomed house, atable, 
■mall orchard, water by gravity; two milea 
from atatlon; price $1,000. on terma. 

/»A ACRB»— I acrea cleared. « acrea near- 
Oil ly cleared; amall houao, water by 
gravity frfkm running atroam; 2 milea from 
atatlon; price H.80 0, on ter ma. 

tU\ ACRES light buah, very eaally elearml, 
iSU all ' good land, good eprlng; } milea 
from otOkUon; p rice »18t per acre, terma. 

i QVi ACRBB— IT acrea cleared: amall 

XO/^ h««ae and atable, good water; 8 

mllaa trtmi autlon and X mile Irom aoa; 
prieo .|<,N«» torn* ^ ' 

Farm Lands Department 

KOKSILAH River- 14 acres fine land, t 
acres river bottom, cultivated, balance 
slashed; house with three rooms and bath; 
water laid on; close to two stations, long 
river frontage, fine view; price $6260. 

HILLRA.S'K Station — Three blocks, com- 
prising 13, 17 and 18 acres, admirably 
suited for poultry farmlhif. It la very 
easily cleared and is within U mile of the 
station and P. O. ; price only $100 per acre. 

OOWICHAN Station — Five acres, all tine 
aider bottom land, all slashed; price 

QUA MICH AN Lake — 30 acres fronting on 
the lake, all fine land, 14 acres cul- 
tivated, partly fenced, fine juildinK site and 
view; price $550 per acre; third cash, bal- 
ance 1 and 2 years. 

GOWICHAN-7-36 acres loarn; thjs land Ir 
'eaisiry' cleared; it'ha J government roads 
on two sides; less than a mllo from station; 
price $160 per acre, on easy terms. 


129 and 130 Pemberton Bldg. Phone 1863. 

IF you are In search of a residence we 
can sell you a brand new, 8-room house 
fitted with every modern convenience, Juat 
off King's, at cost price for Immediate sale. 
Uo not fall to Investigate this. We will 
meet you on any reasonable terms. 


OUBLB corner on 8. 
third, 6, 12, 18. 

Hampshire, $4000; 

C~^ORNER on Boundary, $1576; third, 6, 12, 
J IS. 

T INKLEAS, $1375; third. 8, 12. IS. 

C1ARATOGA, $4000; third, 6, 12, 18. 


HAMPSHIRE, $1626; third, 6, 12, 18. 

MYTHE st, 50X1S0, $1460; third, 6,12,18. 

HAMPSHIRE (lane at side and rear), 
• $1800; third, 6, 12. 

(60x168), each $2000; 

J-i third 

6, 12, 18. 


Mimicipal Elections 

The attention of persona desiring to 
qualify as "housebuidera" and have their 
names entered upon the Voters' Liat for the 
tortlicoming aloctlona is drawn to the fol- 
lowing extracts from the "Municipal Elec- 
ilona Act." "Uouseholder ahall extend to 
and include any person of the full age ot 
tweuty-uDe wliu occupies a dwelling, tene- 
ment, hotel, or boarding-houae, or any por- 
tion ot a dwelling-house, tencmetu, hotel or 
boarding-house, who haa been » resident In 
tile niunlclpalliy Irum ilie first day of 
tlaituary of the current year, and who ahall, 
unlcas exempted by the provlalona ot the 
proviso at the end of subsection (158) ot 
section 53 ot the 'Municipal Act' have paid 
directly to the Municipality all rates, taxes 
or assessments which are iiot chargeable on 
land, which rates, taxea or assessments so 
paid chall amount to not leas than two 
dollars, due to the Municipality tor the 
current year, other than water ratea or 
taxes, or licence teea tor i<lltl. 

"Provldeu, mac no peraon ahall be en- 
titled to vote under a houaeholder'a qual- 
iricalion, nor ahall hla or her name be in- 
cluded in the ar.iiual votera' Hat ot the 
.Municipality unlesa he or ahe ahall, on or 
before the first day of December In each 
year, enter with the Aseeesor or Clerk of 
the .Municipal! I y hla or her name aa a 
voter and ahall make and cause to be de- 
livered to the aald .Assessor or Clerk at the 
same time a btatutury Declaration made 
and aubacribad before a Supreme or County 
Court Judge, Stipendiary or Police Magia- 
tratu. Justice of the Peace or Notary Pub- 
lic, or Clerk ot the Municipality, and auoh 
Clerk is hereby authorized to take such 
declarations In form and to the effect of 
Form 4 in Schedule of the 'Municipal Eleo- 
tloiis Act' " 

No person who is not a British subject 
shall have hla name placed upon any 
municipal list ot voters. 

The ottioial tax receipt must be produced 
by every person making or filing any such 

Forms of Declaration may be obtained 
and the necessary declaration made at the 
office of the Clerk, Municipal Hall. 

J. S. FLOYD.. C.M.C. 
Oak Bay, B, C, fJovember Ist 1912. 


Notice la hereby given that on the first 
day of December next, application will b* 
mads to the Superintendent, ot Provincial 
Police for renewal of the hotel license to 
aoll liquor by retail in the hotel known as 
the Oak Dell Hotel, situate at Colwood, in 
the Province of British Columbia.. 

Dated this 22nd day of October. Itll. 



I.,LINaTON ave. (Just 
$2550, on easy terms. 

off Dallas), 


OSS St. 

(between Faithful and Dallaa), 
on easy terms. 


INR building lot. Just off Moss, $1800; 
third, 6, 12, 18. 

INE building lot Just off Topai, 60x173. 
$.000; third. 8, 12. 18. 

HOICE corner In Fairfield, «(;xl»1», $ii000; 
Ihird, 6. 12 , 18. 

IT^IVE choice lots, one block off Burnalde 
car line; cheap for Immediate aale. 


E dlacount good agreements of aale. 

ONE acre. Including over 300 ft. of water- 
front, directly opposite Strathcona 
hotel, Shawnlgan, to be sacrificed; high and 
dry, with beautiful V*"*- 


Real Estate and Flnaaeial Agent 

Mahon SIdg., Government at, Victoria. tLC 

Telephone 174*. 

TWO all modern, new houaee to rest oa 
Quadra at 

THREE good lota on Walnnt at.. flOdo 

A OOOD lot on Itogtoa at., at ISO*. 
120 ''"'^ *" Qaadr* ati |ll.H8i tonu 

Notice la hereby given that »ppllcatlOB 
win be made to the Boerd of Licensing 
Commissioners for tiie City of VloUrla, 
B. C, at its next sitting for a transfer of 
the license of the Hudson's Bay Comp*^ 
.to. Ball ]]*.»retall .'fermented, eplriluous "Or 
othti'r ifquors In quantities of not less than 
a reputed pint bottle, from the premises 
known as 1110 Wharf street Victoria, B. C. 
to the premiaes known as 1$]$ Douglaa 
atraet, in the aaid City of Victoria. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C, thla 10th day 
of October. 1911. 

In the Hnpreme Court of Britlak Colambia 
In Prebnte 


In the mattor of the estate of Mary AUeo 
WataoB, Uto of Vlotorl*. Britlah Ooluae-' 
bla, decoaaod. 

Notice ia hereby given that all crodltora 
of the eatate of Mary Alice Wataon, de- 
ceaaed, are required on or before the JOth 
day of December, one thousand nine Hun- 
dred and twelve, to aeod particular* o^ 
their claim, duly verified, to the under- 
algned Solicitors for the Executrix ot the 
aatd eatate, and all peraooa Indebted to the 
aaid eatate are required to pay auch In- 
debtcdneas to the underelgned forth'Wlth. 

Dated at Victoria. B. C, thla 8th day of 
November, Jilt. 

11*.4 Langley 8t„ Victoria. B. C. 

Bolictture for the Sxeotttrlx. 


Hotloo la horehr «tvea thai, m the, nm 
4mr of Pe p e w bof awtt. a»|rtidMion will ho 
made to tlio . Btuwrtatondaat of Prorlaotai 
Polioo for raa«*«! e{ tko hoM Uedaoo to 
eell liquor hf rouil In the M»tol tntova m 
the Colwotid Hotel, altndu at Oolwo«& la 
tbo Provlnee of BritUm Colaikhla. 

Tilr m l,tf*«»« to Take and Use Water. 

Notice Is hereby given th^t Oeoffry 
Thomas ButUr. of Keatin»s P. O.. will 
app;y for a irense to takii and uae live 
hundred gal'.ona of water per day out ot a 
apriniK which rises on the land herein 
defcribed. The water will be diverted m 
the spring and will be uaed for domestic 
purposea on the land described as the east 
halt of the we.«t twenty acres ot Section 
14, Range 2 East. South b'aanlch Dlat^lct, 
This notice waa pogt.-d on the ground on 
the 9th day ot Sepliinber, 1912. The ap- 
plication wl".; be tiled In the ofllce ot the 
water Recorder ist Victoria. 

Objectlona may be nied with the aaid 
Waier R.'coidtr or with the Comptroller of 
Water Rlrfhta, Parliament Buildinga. Vic- 
toria, B. C. 


LIQUOR ACT. 1910. 

Notice la hereby given that, on the flrat 
day of December next, application will be 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for the transfer of the licence tor 
the sale ot liquor by retail !n and Upon the 
premls.>f< known aa the Sidney Hotel, situate 
at Sidney, British Columbia, from Tester & 
Taylor to Peter N. Tester ot British Co- 

Dated this 26th day of October, 1912. 

Holders ot Licence. 

Applicant for Tranfer. 


Notice Is hereby given that application 
will be made to the Superintendent of Pro- 
vincial Police for the grant of a licence for 
the »ale of liquor by wholesale in and upon 
Ihe premises known as 1206 Wharf Stre* t, 
situate at Victoria, B, C, upon the lands 
described as No. 1206 Wharf Street Vic- 
toria, B. C. 

Dated this 8th day of Kovember, 1912. 

Applica nts. 


Re Miss A. M. Galletly, "deceased. All 
persons having any claims against the 
estate ot the above-named are requested to 
send particulars before December 1, 1912, 
to her brother, A. J. C. Galletly, 1716 Rock- 
land avenue, Vlotorl g, B. C. 

victoria Land District — District of Reafrew. 

Take notice that Arthur Robert Sherwood 
of Victoria, B. C, occupation real eatate 
agent. Intends to apply for permission to 
purchase the following described lands: 
Commencing at a post planted at or near 
the northeast corner poat ot T. L. 1746 in 
Ihe DUtrlct of Renfrew, Vancouver laland, 
thence 80 chains east, thence 60 chains 
south, thence 80 chalna west thence JO 
chains north to point of commencement, 
containing 480 acres more or less. 


Louis C. J. Doerr, Agent 

September 11. 1912. 

fjQCOB ACT. 1»10, 

Notice is hereby given that, on the first 
day of December next, application will be 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for renewal of the hotel licence to 
sell liquor by retail In the hotel known as 
the Paraon's Bridge Hotel, situate at Par- 
son's Bridge, Esquimau district In the 
Province of British Columbia. 

Dated this SOth day of October, IflX. 

Notice Is hereby given that an amplication 
will be made to the Leglalatlve Aaaembly ot 
the province of British Columbia, el it* 
next aeaaion, for an Act authurlaing the 
Dominion Trust Company/ a Company in- 
corporated by th^ Parliament of Canada, 
under the provisions of Chapter §9 of the 
litatutaa of 1912. and hereinafter referred 
to as the "Company." to take over the en- 
tire property, business and undertaking, In 
the Province of British Columbia, of the 
Dominion Trust Company, Limited, a body 
Incorporated under the Companies' Act, 
1897, and Amending Acta, of the Provlncn 
ot Britlah Columbia, and whooe powera 
were aubsequently extended by an Act of 
the Leglelatlvo Assembly of the Province of 
Urltiah Columbia, being Chapter 89 of the 
Acu of 190$, and enacting that all trust 
funds, property, estate, securtUea and 
powera of every nature and kind held or 
enjoyed by said Dominion Truat Company, 
Limited, shall be vested in the Company, 
subject to such conditions and truata as 
the same are now held upon by the Do- 
minion Trust Company, Llrolteit, and de- 
claring that the Carapany shall be aub- 
stltuted In the place und stead of Domin- 
ion Trust Company, Limited, In any auch 
office or trust as aforesaid, and that In 
every truat deed, mortgage, indenture, con- 
veyance, reglater, certificate of title, will, 
corllcll, letter of admlnlatratlon, appoint- 
ment or other document of authority. In 
which Dominion Truat Company, Limited, 
la named or appointed to any such office 
or trust. Including any will or codlcal of 
which the testator la atill living, shall be 
read and construed In ail respecta aa If 
the Company were named therein In the 
place ana "leuU nt Dominion Trust Com- 
pany, Limited, ond giving to the Company 
the righta, powera and privllegea heretofore 
fnjoyed by the said Dominion Truat Com- 
pany, Limited, and authorising the Company 
to carry on Its business and exercise its cor- 
porate powers within the Province of 
Uriilsh Columbia and enacting that it may 
bo appointed by the Supreme Court of salil 
I'rovince or any Judge thereof, or any 
other Court, Judge, Officer or person author- 
ized under tlie Law of said I'rovince, to 
make such appointment, to execute the ot- 
.Ices of executor, administrator, trustee, ac- 
countant, arbitrator, adjuster, auditor, re- 
ceiver, aaeignee, liquidator, sequestratoi . 
offlcllil guardian, guardian, curator, or com 
mittee of a lunatic, and perform the duties 
") such offices or trusts as fully and com 
i'lctely as a natural person so appointi-d 
.>'Uiii d.j; and to exercise in relation then-- 
to all Its corporate powers, and enacting 
ihat the Company may be appointed to CK- 
ecute any of the said offices by any person 
• r peraon.i having authority by deed, will 
or other inatninicnts to appoint a perso.i 
""^ piraons tu ,-x.-< uto any such offices,' uiu'l 
that the Company rnay be appointed to bi, 
a aole trustee notwithstanding that but for 
such enactment it would be neccaaary tr. 
appoint more than one trustee, and that 
the Company may also be appointed trus 
■'■e jointly with any peraon, or body cor 
Morate, and enacting that It ahall not be 
ieceasary for the Company to give any su- 
urity for the due performance ot Ua 
lutles In any of the aaid offices, unless 
oiherwiae ordered, and to re<\elve money on 
-• ;>oalt and lo allow Interest on the same, 
and giving to It all such other powers and 
privileges as are usual or incidental to all 
or any of the aforesaid purposes. 

Gated at Victoria, In the Province of 
Britlah Columbia, this Igth day of Novem- 
ber, 1912. ' 

Solicitors for the Applicant 


All purchoaers. from Francia H. 
Stirllns. of lota. Bubdlvialona of Lot 
Eleven (11), Albernl District, under 
Maps number 618, 618A and «18B.. are 
hereby aotiried that application has 
been mode to the Supreme, court for 
an order to amend Map 618 by oloalng 
the road shown thereon running be- 
tween Lots 25. 26, 39 and 30; and that 
aaid application has been adjourned 
unUl ten-thirty (10.30) a. m. on Tues- 
day, the 22nd October. 1812. to enable 
aU parties Intereated to appear and 
state their objections. If any. 

Pated at Victoria, B. C. tUUa Ith 
October. l»ia. • 

Solicitor for Fraatla H. Stlrllnc. 


Kavlgable Waten Protoettoa Ael 

Notice is hereby glvan loM .Normaa 
Uardle lutd Marion Wnuworth |la#41e of 
Victoria. British Ci^lUmblo, are (applying tu 
Uls Excelljtncy the Uovernor-Oeuerai ut 
Canada in ^council, for approval of .the 
area plana, aite and deaoripiion ot 4rorks 
proposed to be oonstruoted la Weat Bay. 
Victoria Harbor, Victoria, B. C, and being 
the lands situate, lying and being ia the 
city of Victoria aforesaid and hnown. num 
bared and.' described aa part of one acre 
block ot awitioa thirty-two itt), Saqui- 
malt district as shown upon a plan an- 
aexed to CertlOcate ot Title No. llleiC. and 
have deposited the area and site plane and 
the proposed works and description there- 
of with the Minister ot Publla Works at 
Ottawa, and the duplicate thereof with the 
Registrair General ot Titles la the tAnd 
Regiatry otflca at the City of VIOtrola. 
British Columbia, and that the matter ot 
the aaid application will be proceeded with 
at the expiration of one month's aotllte 
(rem the time ot the Ant pubticatlea M 
thla notice in the Canada OaaettOw 

Dated this ith day of July. A. D. 1*1&, 


Ceaet Dtstrlet. Range S. 

Sealed tendera marked "Tenders for Liot 
4(1, Coaat District Range t," will be re- 
ceived by the underaigned up to 11 o'clock 
noon of Friday, the lat day of December, 
1912. for the aale of that amall fraction of 
land lying between the Indian Reserve at 
Bella Coola and the Necleetsconnay River, 
which parcel of land has been surveyed and 
is now 'known as Lot 4{1, Coaat District, 
Range I. and comDrisea 11.4S acrea 

The upset price to be at the rate ot 
llt.OO per acre, and the paymenu may be 
made itt four instalments ot 2t per cent 
each. The flrat - instalment of t{ per cant 
lo accompany the tender and the balanoe 
In annual Inatalments. with Interest at • 
per cent per annum. 

Each lender muat be acoompanled by an 
accepted bank cheque or certificate ot de- 
posit on a chartered bank of Canada, made 
payable to the undersigned. 

The highest or any tender not necessarily 

Commissioner ot tAnda 
101 Pender Btreet West Vancouver. B. C. 

UQCOB ACT. 1910 

Notice is hereby given that, on the (th 
dsy, of December next application will be 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for the grant of a licence for the 
aale ot liiiuor by wholesale In and upon the 
premises known as Messrs, Turner, Beeton 
* Co., Ltd., situate at Victoria, B.C., upon 
the lands- described as 12S2 Wharf Bt 
Dated thla eth day of November, llix. 
TURNER. iBEBTbir-'-*CO.. LTD. 


Assistant secretary. 

LlttcoR Arrriiiii 

Kotlee is hereby given that, on the flrat 
day of December next application will be 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for 'i-encwal of the hotel licence to 
ae!l liquor by retail In the hotel known as 
the Mayne Island Hotel, situate at Uayn*. 
In the Province of Britlah Columbia. 
Dated thla let day of November, It IS. 
C. 3. McDONAUa, 

'~" u«voiii~AOT. m: 

Notloe Is hereby given that on the Itth 
day ot December nest, application will be 
naade to the Superintendent, of Provinplat 
Police tor the grant of a licence for the 
sale ot liquor by wholeaale In and upon the 
premiaes hnown as the Hudson's Bay Co., 
Situate at llto Wharf etreet, upon the lands 
described at the 'Westerly Portion mt liot 
1«, Block It. 

bated this l*th 4«y of November, tilt. 

rata bvimok's bat co.. Appiioant. 

Hhrold V. Pratt. Maaagfer. 

UQbOM ACT, Z«t«. 

NoUae M heraby given that. o« the first 
day of Da oh i u bet next a|>piieaUen will he 
"lade t* th* Bot^rhltoiidiMt of FrovttiMliI 
Paiiee'Mr nftnow*! of the hotel lieoiio* to 
MR iMttor *r rotaii I* the tootoi liwtwfi as 
Um mkftr noui, ait««t« "m MdMer, is t»* 
Fr«rviiio« at Brttldh Ctlwahia. 


Public notloo is hereby glvaa that th* 
Canadian Northern Paclflo It»ilw«r 
have deposited In the L«nd Raclatry 
Office, of the City of Victoria. Vam plan, 
profile and book of roferenoa of that 
part of their railway being construct- 
ed on Vancouver Island in Cowtohan 
LAko District, from atatton «l X 00 
to otatlon ail x •O.T. 

I>ated Victorl*. B. C. July 13. Itlt 
Vha Canadian Northern Paelflc Ry. 
By T. H. WHITE. 

Chief BUtglnoML 

. ■■!■ .ii II ■■■■■■■■I I I ■ ■ III !■ 11 ■ . . ■ .-. — — ^■■'■■■^ 


Notice is hereby given that, on the Itth 
day of December next, application will be 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for the grant of a licence for the 
sale of liquor by wholesale in and updnr the 
premiaes known as 1117 Wharf street, situ- 
ate at Victoria, B. C, upon the lands de- 
scrtbed aa Block II, "Qoad'a Map." 

Dated thla 13th day of November. 1111. 
R. P. RITHBT A CO.. LTD.. Applicant 


Coal mining rigbta of the Dominion, la 
Manitoba, Haakatchewan and Alberta, the 
Tukon Territory, the Norlhweat Territories 
and in a portion of the Province ot British 
Columbia, may be lease tor a tfrm ot 
twenty-one years at an annual rental of |l 
an acre. Not more than l.Mft acres Will 
be leased to one applicant 

Applications for a lease must be wada br 
the applicant in person to (he Acent or Bub 
Agent of the district In which the rights 
applied for are situated. 

In surveyed territory the land mum ba 
described by sections, or lOgal sdhdIVMons 
ot sections, and la wnsurveyed terrttdry the 
tract applied for shall be staked »M Iqr the 
applicant himself. , 

Bach application mual be aaaoaiyaalod 
by a tee of U wh|«h will be refuhdad U 
the rights applied* for are not avaliabl% but 
not otlierwlee. A royalty ahall bo iwM on 
the merohantabl% oMpat of th« MAo ht tha 
rate ot five cents >«r ton. 

The person operating the mine shall fhr- 
nlsh the Agent wth sworn retaras acoaaai' 
Ing tor ths full quantity of norohanMiMa 
coal mined and pa/ the royalty theveaa. If 
the coal mining rifhts at* aat heia« a»«r* 
ated. such retarns shoald ba f u s aWi ai at 
laaai ones a year. 

The lehae wttl taota^a tha aaal Ml*|»f 
rights only, but the laaiaa atar^lw yigiUinati 
to purehaso whhtavar availatm , fvi'taea- 
righu may ha aoagidafad aiw BWdy jgg t>a 
warklng of tha m— at tha ««t« ot |1M» 
an aera. 

For full latamatiaa a»pll«atl«« ilMil* ha 

o^f-Se^tSforf^sss:, :j «um» 

■ab^A^att si Xtaauale* %ffM$> ."^.^ , ■.'-," 

■.1 ;«tr..;, . 

Sl|<|lli H l l ,.|r i *!* » - ' -''- 


.■i''M/J.4if^i.*^ M .d, '^M . \ / i i ( iit^ya i i l iiiiMti 





''.■f^:'»finti''^* ■■»■&-,■ 

Krldsy, Se-.-zrr.bzr 2':. '?1» 



!t®c]k Markets aunid 

FimiaindaJl News 

stock Market Shows 
eral Improvement, 
can Exchanges All 

a Gen- 

for Thanksgiving Day. 

LONDON, Nov. 2S. — Mon<!y wa» In atrong 
demand here today In fonnectloii with re- 
guiromenta at tlie fntl of the month. Dl«- 
c'liunt rales wciv firmer oil account of the 
jiuroliaar.'* ot ihr Kci\tX for export. The atock 
rxclianKc- clovelopcd all-round' Cheerfulness 
ami a jferi*nvl Improvomenl occurred ;in 
e^od local aiiri coiit4a«at»l buying. Tlio 
;:Euroijean sltualkm '«r«*;^Ti^n6ll«d >n flnata' 

"I'lal L-lrcleH as much b'emr'IMn it has been. 
A f«\v speculative lMU«a. howerer. cloaud 
below their best point. ■ Amertcan aecurltles 
WAr*,«Hl«t.tjnt ateady. / 

-^ £^mp:it- Thaunkaglvlag Dajr 

^lei^llBff^WWfK.. Nov. 3S.— All Ameriosn «>x- 
chtiiisa« inirv doted today on account o( 
the hoUd i^',,/ ■ : •" ' 


,._ K«v. . 3>.— Tradtirg on tb« 
ful «V«y today in th« •maUest 

> i ^ * »y * Ml l w a nli i l a w i li a n 
^tti^sa.M Bharea.' «zelaaiv« of mining 
atticka, changing handa. In the midst of 
the dullnesg, with the money stringency if 
anythlnff, more acute and doininatlng - tb« 
nholc sUuatloii, the undertone of the mar- 
kft remained firm. ■ C. P. R., Montreal 
Fnwer. and iH l lBil i ; y UTea-wcfe wnonir ttia 
more promlnftii^.tjlft Which there waa ac- 
ihlt; . closing with gains on tba; day. 
I'.Dyal bank was also a strong ^fiMff!*^ ad- 
vancing tMo points. Quebec Itaitiviiya. were 
weaker; lUchelleu fell back a small frac- 
ilon. and Lake of Woods common sold at a. 
new l<?vel for the year. Dominion .Steel was 
lirarjtioally Inar-tlve and was offered at a 
recession from Wednesday's prices. Apart 
from, prices were practically motlon- 
lOFS. C. P. K. opened at UCS, a Rain of \, 
on the higher cables from I^ondon, was 
"rirm In the mornlnff and rose to 286%, and 
closed steady at CSS '4. Montreal Power, 
steady In the morning at, the closing price 
of the day, rose one point to 228 In the 
afterniion and closed at Z'l'i%, as compared 
with 227 on Wednesday. Detroit was up 
Vj un the day to "2'i. 


WINNIPEG. Nov. IS. — Although trading 
was light In options prices were again un- 
settled and fluctuations wide. Opening 
figures were Uc to %v. higher and on 
Liverpool cables the closing was IHd to 
l\d higher. There was a further advance 
of >ic to %c from the opening point, which, 
however, was not maintained, closing with 
a gain for the day of 'ic to Tic. American 
markets were closed for Thanksgiving day 
and consequently business here was less 
acllve. The cash demand at Winnipeg was 
good for contract eratifj, and off grades 
were not Influlred for. Offerings were 
liberal and export trade more active. Cash 
prices were one cent higher for numbers 1 
and 2 northern. Oats were strongr during 
the early pari, but closed He lower to %c 
higher, and flax was steady, closing He to 
•iio higher. Inspections Wednesday were 
1.021 cars, while In sight Thursday were 
son. Delherlcs through the clearing house 
today were 45,000 bushels of oats and ."S.OOO 
bushels of flax. 


stock— . .. - 



Amal. Der. ...;........ 

• « ■.■.■■ 

.00 U 

Amer.-("an. Oil 

• • » • 


i-'an. North-Wcat Oil ... 

.• .03 


Can. Pac. Oil of B. C. •- 

. • " 

.Mberto C. and C. ...:.. 

• tt' •'■ 1 

. .02 , 

I'row's Nf'st Coal ..,..,. 


International C. and C. 

.. ..IT 


.McGIl)lvra\- Coal 

• • • • 


.Nicola Vallev C. and C. , 

• ,•■ - • ■ • 

SO. 00 

Hoya! Collieries 

. -■ . • 


B. C. Packers Com. . . , , 


Halfour I'atents 


<:. .v. P. Fisheries 

.. 1.25 


Can. Pugct sound Lbr. Co 


Capital Furniture Co. ... 


North Shore Ironworks . 


a: S. Island Creamerv .... 

,. 7.00 

\ , 

Victoria-Phoenix nrewery 


, ^ 

B. C. Perm. Loan 


, , 

Dominion Trust Co. ..... 


^ , 

C. \V. Perm, (a) ....... 


, , 

.'Jiewart Land 

. . 5.00 

. . 

Island Investment Co. .. 

• < 


H. C Copper 

.. 4.25 



.. 72.00 


Coronation Gold 



Lucky .Ilm 



.Vuggri Gold 


Ilambler Carllxio 



Standard Lead 

.. 1.30 


Glacier Creek > 


Portland Canal 

.02 U 


Ked Cliff . 


.Stewart M. and D 

. 75 

IClaakIno Gold 



^ T 

•Slooan .Star 


A merlran Marortnl 

Ti ::> 

Canadian Mar'-onl 



in shales Pacific Const 

Fire fti 


1.000 shares North Shore 


at 16c. 



Zncraaaa of Twanty par Oant Za Shown 
Oror Bama Waak a Tear Aro 

TORO.S'TO. Cnt.. Nov. 2S.— The following 
are tho bank clearings for the week ending 
toaa.y, as compared with the corresponding 
neck a year ago; 

1912. 1911. 

Montreal $51,121,071 |4l,Rlt.554 

Toronto «n,,<iX4,0Ml 37.S.-.2.21S 

WInnl|)eg 42,09R.I70 34.7«Ji.7S7 

Vancouver I4.022.t<72 I2,05.t.l«( 

Calgary R.W)4,or,o .i.0B:.54t 

Ottawa :t.fin2,01fi 4.l62,R?o 

Wueher .t. 500. 373 2,76n.nii« 

Victoria 3..S0S,r.7(> 2.4fi5,2SI 

Hamilton .t.nSS.SS.t 2,fi.-S.3S2 

Halifax l.Ki)7.71T l.«7:'..>3i; 

St. .lohn 1.973,315 1,S25.30« 

Rdmonton 4.931,010 3.023.f.38 

Loridon I,<iSl.fi49 1,555,2,11 

neglna 2.!)!i7.,<t02 2.095,ftR2 

SajkBtcpon 2.C5S.445 1.91«.357 

Moose Jaw 1. 799. 531 I.72fi.;i77 

Urandon 811.711 75B,;.50 

l.ethbrtdge 708,647 (>«3.53l 

Itrantfoid Rnfl,754 63fi.I20 

Fort William 9flS.9Sfi 563.002 

Totals $189.li03,787 »159.831,4SC 




*'fatr^ H«r. p^r ton 

•J o» 

Timothy Ha.y. per ton 


Uarley, per 100 lbs 


Crushed Borlay, per 100 lb». . 


Hrau. per lOe :.>a 


Hhoria, per 10« Iba 


Chop Faed. p«r it* iba 

1. 10 

Corn, par 100 iba 

irackad Corn, par 100 Iba... 


Cruahad Oats, par 104 Iba.... 


r<>«d Cornmaal. par 100 Iba. . 


Feed Wheal, par lOO Iba.. .1.(1 


oata, per 100 Iba 


Htraw. par bala 



Haaf. par Ik 

•1 .n 

Brallarc lb 




Multoa. par jb, 


UuttaB. Aoatrallaa. par 'k.. 


\«a^ «r*aaa4. par lb 



^eal of Albarta. per bag .... 

1 »• 

lAka af Uia W«i>da 


Uobin Houd, per bsg 1.(0 

lio^ai Houaehold, bag l.tO 

Koy&l :>tuiiilard, bag l.t* 

M'->f fat's Lleai, per bag l.ll 

I'urlty, par bag 1 tO 

I'ralrle Pride, per bag ^ l.'i 

Siirjwflake. per bag >*• l.TI 

Wild Hose, per aack l.*0 

Drifted Uitoiv, per aack l.Ot 


Cittiiberriei, Cape Cod, per Qt, .10 
California Uraiiea — 

Maiagai, per lb -20 

Tokay, per lb -l* 

Kcd Eniperora, per lb. . . .15 
Spanish Malaga grapes, per 

lb -SS 

l^eiiions, per doj -.... •*• 

Oronsos. per doa .15 .45 .*_' 

Jiipanese Ornngen, per box .. .75 

l.'rab Apples !•*' 

Winter Nellie Pears, Cal.. par 

basket .'S 

Pears, per box 2.75 

.Apples, per box \.a 2.25 

VVi.i\atchle Apples, box ..... 2.1* 1. 75 

Bananas, per doren .....««• 'J! 

Caaaova Melons, each ...... _ . i^Siv 

Pomegranates, 2 for • ^H^ ' 

Italian Chestnuts, perMb,. .. , .' fil 

Eastern Swaot CheatoUta, 1»^ . .« 

per lb. •'..••••••..•.••••"• i»aw 

Orape Fruit . . .• .10 •« .30 

New Smyrna Figa, par, »*»•••• •»• ' 

Dfttea, Oolden. S pU»«, ..... .»• 

DMM,. Tiard. per Jb. '....... •>•• 

mOry rca«i«i» mmH Kn» 

Albairta, . par Id..v*>>>**><*«* .w 

B. C. Bttttar. ..•• >.•••.•«••• »W 

ban Palry, V«r »*.•-........, M 

Cckwlehan Cr**mai-y. par lb.. JIO 

Coniox Creamery, per Ibi, .•• •M 

Naw Zealand Ijutter ........ .40 

$alt Sprins la. Craamery, Iku . ■ A% 

N'ok'tlvweatarn Creamery, lb.. .M 

Chaane. C«n*AlAn. par ib^ .. •SI 

Cowlchan Craanery Kcga. 

per doa. • • . ,.U 

u i m FiMU < »■■,. iw i aua. ' tw 

Eaatarn Utttt, par dos. ..• •«• 

Bntaaeia Sprout*, B Ibf. .*' 

Maala, pmt iti. ....,.«,<....•••• >M 

CftbMwa, flew, par ».. ...... .#♦ 

c « i;w w, PV ' » "♦'.- / ;- . ■:".' .;;. « ~ i:'*! 

C*Mtin«W«r4 >«««^;..'< >*f#>il 

Celery, per ' atatk ..... ^ «... •• .It 

Curly Kale, per, 4b<'.. ...»»•• . ,J| 

Garlic, per lb. ....... .....,(•» aiS. 

Green Onions. 3 bunchea...»» ,Wj 

Hothouse lettuce, 2 bunotiM ' ig- 

Lettuce, per liuad .......•• *> «IIk',; 

Local Hothouee Tomatoea, lb, "Jf-J 

Outdoor Tomatoes, per lb. ;. . •" 

Local Tomatoes, per basket. . " .71 

Potatoes, Ashcroft, per aaclc 1.50 

Potatoes, Fraser River, sack .75 

Potatoes. Local, per sack .. 1.21 l.SO 

Sweet Potatoes, 6 lbs .2% 

Oregon Onlona. 10 Iba. ... , .If 

Guard E. A. Rounds, of the NTiv 
Westininster penitentiary, has been up- 
pointed chief of police of Coqultlam. 

The provincial police have recaptured 
William Kendricks, who escapeil from 
custody by leaping from a flylngr train 
Oil tliii C. N. P. division of the C. P. R. 
He was rc-arrestcd near his old home 

at Port Haney and sent to Kamloops 
to face trial on both the original 
charge of forgery and a secondary In- 
formation dealing with his breaking 
of lawful custody. 

Grand I'^orks* new post offlce Is Hear- 
ing comijletion. 


Notice Is hereby given that, on the first 
day of December next, application will bs 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for renewal ot the hotel licence to 
sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as 
the Coldstream Hotel, alluate at Oo'.d- 
Blream, In the Province of British Columbia. 

Dated this 23rd day of October. 1912. 



Notice Is hereby given that on "the first 
day of December next, application will ba 
made to the superintendent of Provincial 
Police for renewal of the hotel licence to 
sell liquor by retail In the hotel known as 
the Four-Mlln House Hotel, situate at Col- 
wood road, near Victoria, In the province of 
British Columbia. 

Dated this 24th day of October, 1912. 

MARY GCUaE. Applicant. 


Tenders are required U>r the erfciioii 
of three frame school liiilliiliiKs for tho 
Saanlch School Trustcea. 

(a) At Saanlchtoii, Thnmpsoir.s 
Gross Road. 

(b) At Ro.val Oak. . , 

((■) .\t Gnrrton Head. 

Tenders are to be at the office of the 
undersigned not later noon, 1-Yl- 
day, December 6 next. The lowest or 
any tender not neces.saril.v accepted. 
Plana and speclfloatlons may be liad 
from the undersigned. 

H. J. ROUS (MTI.,Lr.N", .\I.H.C.«..\. 

.Architect tu the Board. 
4O7-40S-409 lilhhen Building. 

MQVUR ACT, 1910. 

Notice la hereby given that, on the '28th 
day of December next, application will be 
made to the .Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for the grant of a licence for the 
sale of liquor by retail In and upon the 
premlsea known as Malahat Hotel, situate 
at 18-mlle post, K H .M. Hallway, upon thu 
landa described as on .South aide of Malah:,t 

Dated this 26ili dnv of November, 1912. 
Tlln.MA.- i;.\RVlN, Applicant, 

Cobble mil, \ nnouuver Island, 

Take notice that nn action lias been conv- 
tnenced against you in the Supremo Court 
of Dritlsh Columbia (Victoria Registry) by 
Ernest A. Scott an^ John Peden, carrytiif 
oti bUBlnesB under tMfimiMi^ « 

Peden, dealera in feu, : atMn.' t-M., ato.^ 
.•t«re street. Victoria. Bj C. Tor the atxm 9t 
ilMI.20, being the amount due by ydu to 
tha aald ISrnest A. Scott and John Pad«a> 
and that unleas an appearance la entered by 
you or on yoilr behalf within twenty-five 
Caya from date hereof. Judgment may ba 
Slven in your absence. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C. thla S«tb day ot 
October, A.° D. 1813. 

feollcttorB for Brneat A. Boott 
' and John Peden. 




«|i>rey.. «•■ rottin*,',' ;'«*ifi:8..-Ciat- 

OB^a aaVaa'at* •'• f, a a**"-* •;•■». ^I(WW 

Another, 7 rofomiji.. . . . . . . . .$5,700 

weiUnrton— 9 rooms, neer Tai- 
las $10,000 

Oak Bay 

Bank Strset -Beautiful 5-roomed 
Craftsman btmsalow. . . .f4^50 

Worth Hampahlre Road — Ftill 'Z- 
storey. iiiautiful G-roomed 
dwelling, fine grounds, nicely 
treed, excellent value at $7,500 

Another — I % -storey bungalow at 
/.••••• •• * $5,500 


A New, 9-roomed Storey-and 
Half Bungalow, undoubtedly 
the finest home in thla dis- 
trict and a bargain at #6,300 

AH of the above are the pick 
In their resp'.ctlve class and yrtW 
Worth Investigation if you , are 
Icvlclng for a real home, - not 
merely a house, Rpr terms an<l 
particulars apply 

Lipscombe & Taylor 

Phone 2899 ' 

514 Sayward Bldg. 




TaU.- notice that the Council of the Cor- 
poration of the Dlatrlct of Oak Bay has 
completed the following works; 
Graded, drained and macadamized Granite 

Street from Hampshire Road to Foul Bay 

Graded, drained and constructed Foul liny 

Road from Cadboro Hay Roa.d to northern 

boundary of Section JS; 
Graded, drained and macadumlxed Beach 

Drive from the northern boundary of 

niock K. .Section 61, to the southern 

boundary of .Section 31; 
(Jraded, drained and constructed Rnnny- 

nieade .Avenue from the western boundary 

of tlin Municipality to the termination of 

the road; 
Consiruoled n five foot cement sidewalk on 

the eaai side of Newport Avenun from 

t'ak Hay A\enue to Saratoga. Avenue; 
Constructed a f h e foot cement slilewalk o« 

the east side of Foul Ray ftoad from Oak 

Itiiy Avenue in the western boundary of 

the MunlclpslltV; 
Constructed a five foot cement aidewaik on 

the west aide of Newport Avenue from 

Saratog.T. .^velluc to Iteach Drive; 
Drained, graded, surfai-ed and constructed 

a four foot cement aldowalk on Yale 

l^treei from Oak Bay Avenue to the 

northern houndarv of I^ot 41; 
,\nd Intends to assess ibe final cost thereof 
jfxir: tha real property to be immediately 
benefited thereby fronting and abutting 
upon : 


Bowman Investment 
— Co., Ltd. 

Will occupy their New Ofnce's'* 

110 Union Bank Building 

(I'^ i'loor) 

On December i. 

We thank clients for their past 
favors and hope to ha,ve a con- 
tinuance of .samp. 

Don't forget to give us a call. 





Granlle St 21 50-lOOc 10 |4.a03.59 

Foul nay Rd 27 68-lOOc in^B 

nearh l>rlve ... .ISBS-lOOc lo ;.«34,10 
Hunnymeade A\. .04T2-100C 1 1> 570.49 

.^^Idewalk, Newport 

Av. V. 29 16-lOOc 10 2,710.50 

Sidewalk, Foul Bay 

Hd., K.. K. side .1.1 9-10o 

W. side 12c 10 2,24J.8i 

.Sidewalk, Newport 

Av. W 24 59-IOOc 10 7.S71.72 

Tale Hi X4 l-:r 10 3. 118. 06 

And that a alaiement ahowlng the lands 
liable to and proposed to be apeclally 
Rssesaed for the aald Improvementa and the 
names of the owners thereof, ao far na the 
same can be ascertained from the last re- 
^ Ised Assessment Ftoll and olherwiae, la now 
filed In the office of the Clerk of the Cor- 
poration and la open for Inapectlon during 
office hotira. 

A Court of Revlalon will be held on the 
ninth day of December, 1912. at tha hour 
of R.OO p.m. at the Conncll t:hamb«r. Oak 
Bay Arenue, for the purpose of hearing 
complalnta against the aaaeaament or tho 
accuracy of the frontage ineasuremeTiia, or 
any other complalnta which the peraotiB 
Interested may dealrn to make and which Is 
by law cognisable by the Court. 

Dated at Municipal Hull. Oak Bay, B. C, 
thla 21at day of November. 1012. 

J. 8. FIX)YD, C.M.C. 

UQUOll ACT, Ml*. 

Notlea Is hereby given that, en the flrat 
day of December next, application will t»« 
mada le the Superintendent of Provlnalal 
Police for renewal of the hotel :ieenee to 
aell liquor l>y retail Id tha hotel known aa 
tha Booke Harbor Hotel, altuata at Ullna^a 
Laodljas, Sooke, lo tha Provlnc* of Britlah 

Dated thla llrd day of Ootnber. till. 

Chea. H. Barbai:r. Manager. „ 

Find Healtii 
In The 

Palbe In the natural mineral 
wster.i of Sol Due Hot .Sprlngs--a 
ape.lflo foi tho cure ot rheumatism, 
liver, atotnach. kidney, blood and 
nervous disorders, Re'reate at 
Hiol Due Hot Nprlng<i Hotel 
"The Carlsbad of .\iiierlra" 
A magnificently appointed hostelry 
with n modern sanatorium In con- 

Steamer "Sol Due" leaves Evans. 
Coleman * Evans Dock at 12 noon. 
Tueadays and Saturdays for Port 
Angeles. Round trip tickets. Victoria 
to Bol Due, til. 50. 

For descriptive literature, address 
Dr. Win. Earles, Medical 8upt., Sol 
Duo, n'aah. 

Sol Due Hot Springs Hotel 
Closed for the Winter 

Notice la hereby given that the Ko| Due 
Hot Springs Motel and Sanatorium will be 
closed until May I, 191%. 

Sol Due Hot Springs Co. 

C^anton Linens 

Importere ot Chlneaa and Japanese 
■Ilka of avarr daacrlptloa. Call an'l 
tee ear atock tnifora purchaalng elaa- 


Man Wuan & Co. 

ITlf Ovearaaneat Mr 

•1300 Oaah and t25 monyily will 
buy naw 6- room taonaa, Quaaaa 
Ava., overlooking park. Total 
price f ."^SSO 

Bhalbonma Street, 60xlS0 lot. 

f lOOO 

'Wanted to buy for a oUant, 
■onaa aud Tumltnre. Band paJr- 
tloulara to 

LA. Harris & Co 

loi.'^ !)nunri;is Street 
Phone 2631 

Sheriff's Sale 

tinder an4 By virtu* ot »« orfler of the 

Bttpreme Court o* BrW' " - 

iba itth day of KH' ^ 
ord«r: 'At the aai(t' 
November, 1912, Id 4M 
Frank Flour la Plalntlfir 
Feloralna Pullco, JamM*' 
William Willa are Defeii4»ntv I wni, oii 
Tuesday, the 10th day of DaoeiDber. itlS, 
at my Office, Coufta. Bastion atraat. 
Victoria, at the hour of lO.tO a. m., offer 
for aale the intereat of ttaq above- named 
Defendaota in and to Lot ttXrteen ll|> ot 
Secttotpa aeven <T) and alchtean (IS) of 
Block H., Fairfield Ealate, VIetorta City, 
according to a map or plain thereof de- 
posited in the Land Rea1ati>y Office. Vic- 
toria, and therein numbered B2B. 

Th% following charge appeara on tha 
register agalnat the aaid deaorlbed laoda: 

Mortgage In favor of Bernard 8. Haiater- 
man and Jamea Foreman, dated the ISth 
day ot April, 1912, to aeoure repayment of 
" fl mm ttf tHHIfl anil Inlftrft thnriiln at 


e rate of 6 per cent per annum, aaid 
chargaa having been registered on the 
10th day of S^tember, 1012: The amount 
of Judgment secured by the above-named 
Plaintiff against thp above-named Defan- 
dante. Prank Pultoe and Felomina Pulloa 

*■• 9- RICHARDS, 8h«H(f. 
fflicrtff a Office, Victoria. B. C. 
KovemlMlr 30. 10U. 


Hatzic Prairie Company's Ltd. 
Live and Dead Stock 

Under inBtrucilons from the llquldaf- 
prs of the cotnpany we will sell by pub- 
lic auction at the company's farm sit- 
uated on Hatzic Prairie, just northeast 
of Mission City, B. c, on 

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 1912 

Commenolnp at 10 o'clock sharp on tools 
and Imiplements. Stock ajid machinery 
after l o'clock. 

The entire stock of 

Horses, Cattle, Implements, 

Machinery, Harness, Tools, 

Office Furniture, Elc. 

Described as follows: 

KOBSES— Fifteen Clydesdale mares 
from 4 to 8 years old, and weighing 
from 1460 to 1600 lbs., and from 4 to 
8 years old, and all supposed to be 
with foal to an imported horse sired 
by Karron's Pride. All choice anl- 
nutUs and in excellent condition, and 
Kood In all harness. One 4-year-old 
Beldlnjr, weight 1450; one gelding, T, 
years old, weight 1150; two fllMes 1 
and 2 years old drnft; two geldings 
1% and 2 years old draft: also four 
hackney a,id thoroughbred mares 
from 4 to 8 years old, all in foal tn 
OrO Wilkes; three hackney geUllnRs 
by Xeland Sensation, 2 years old; 
four standard bred yearling fillies; 
one hackney flUy foal. 

CATTLE — Six cows in mliki <lue to 
fr, , ■! .-'arly in 1913, Jersey and 
' > ' grades; beauties, selected, 

a:i I '.iiiiif heifer.t and one calf. 

PIO-S- -l''our plK?! -I months old. 

FAItat PBODTTOB— 1440 sacks of oal.s. 

• SO lbs. per sack. Carrots, potatoes. 
hny. ' • 

MACHIKEBT — Ono Holt Caterpillar 
gai^olinc engine. 60-horse power, and 
Ifi-furrow Brantford plow, practi- 
cally new; one Sawyer & Massey 
Great West threshing machine, the 
f.trmer's friend; one Jack of All 
TradR.s; Canadian Fairbanks gasoline 
enfrine; two Stiideb.iker t^ truck 
wagons, with box stock rack; two 
.Sludobaker m truck wagons with box 
stock rack; one Studobakcr \ truck 
wiigon tvltli grain tank; one light 
wagon and box, three .«;otH of sleighs; 
1-16 rtrantford brush breaker; one Oli- 
ver breaker; ono Scotch clipper; 
Hrantford sulky; Brantford gang; 
nvo .ttiibhle plows; one Massoy po- 
tato plow; five disc harrow?, 10 and 
1 L' discs; two sets scrati'h harrows, 2 
and ;i section; 5 1.'>-drlll MaMsey Har- 
ris disc drills; two steel iHnd rollers; 
one packer; three Masse.v-Harrls hind- 
ers, now with truck cnrrlcr.s: Fannin" 
mill; root piilper; spray pump: gravel 
beds; wheelbarrows;' grindstones; 
circular saw; one Iniincb, S-horsc 
power engltio, Kau CInlrc engine, full 
cabin, nbniit 30 feet, .'••mnll boat and 
l"-fO(il .scow. 
HAKWESS -Five sets of i)lnw harness 
cnniplotc, two sets of wu.^on bnrness 
rtinijilote, two sets wagon liarnfss, 
liciivy: one set of driving, an.l 17 

The furniture and too' list is very 
extensive. Included In it are all sorts 
of fnrm tools, blnck.iinl th outfit and a 
fliiniitily of blacksmith stock. The f\ir- 
niturp consists of the fiirtilsliings of 
the hou»e«. cook stoves, heating ranges, 
spring iiiHltrcses, bcdc, offlic fiirnlt\ire, 
ronslillng of safe, desk, chair and other 
( (|iiipnicnt. Also one surveyor's In- 
.strnmcnt complot*. 

Transportation— Trains lea\e Van- 
couver at S a.m.; nrrlvo at Mission about 
10 H.iii.. where conveyances will be pro- 
vided for parties from a distance to 
cnrrj- them out to the sale, about six 
miles distant. From Kast Agassir, local, 
slop at Dewdney and then go north 4 li 
miles to sale. 

Tarma — All sums of $2ri and under. 

ca«b: over that amount, cash or np- 

prnvpd .lotnt or lien note bearing Infer- 

rvst at the rate of S per cent per annum. 

l.unch will he served. 

nUTTKIl & CHIENE, Llqutdators. 
Tlie stock IncliKled In this ssle Is all 
first-class, the machinery practically 
new, only being In use one season on 
their 2200-acre farm and ha« been well 
cared for. 

Information regarding above sale may 
be obtained at any of the Company's 
nffirps, Vancotiver, .Vcw W*Rtmln«tcr, 
AUIergrovp, Chllllwack or 1012 Broad 
street, Victoria. 

Maynard & Sons 


Instructed by the owner who Is leav- 
ing the city, we will sell at salesroom, 
726 View street 

Today, 2 p. m. 


Furniture and 

Including: 3-plece mahogany parlor 
suite, z Morris chairs, mahogany centre 
tables, oak hall stand, up. settee, round 
extension table, very good buffett, roll 
top office desk, very old German violin. 
No. 12 double barrel hammer and hani- 
merless shotgun, 6 full-size and 9 single 
Iron bedstead.^, springs and mattresses, 
fumed oak dressers, dresser and stands, 
6 walnut dressers, all-brass bedstead, 
chest of drawers, blankets, comforts, 
^ pillows, lace curtains, mantle clocks, 
very good bed lounge, carpet squares 
and lot of linoleum, sanitary couch, 
■oreen^i etc., i opok stoves, gas range, 
e htrnttsfi ktt6b0ft tables, chairs and 
cooking utenatis, 'grcnte' hisfi^^-jix^ ,t!snt 
BxlOxS. white enamel toliM.V^!Mr^ tl»>I< 
tftitnplete. etc. tHovf on viMr. . AlilM at 

Lot ot pulleta and other' ehi«keti«. Aleo 

one 4-3rear-oId horse. 

MM.TMMXD ft SOSS AnetloiiMn 


^ TO 


Joseph fl. List & C(t 

'v' AIK!lnONfiISB8'-:7 

. Jirill conduct a sale of Horses, at 
'^ikiwn and Simmon's Stables, Fisguard 
street; on 

Friday, Dec. 6th 

At 2 o'clock 

f'ntries can be made with the Auc- 
tioneers, 741 T'andora street, or with 
Brown and Simmons, 741 Fisguard. 

psELiaciirABT iroTicz 

An Ideal Site for an Apart- 
ment House or Hotel Site 

F. J. HART & Ca. LTD. 


Messrs. Stewart Williams & Co. 

Duly Instructed by T. Paltnor, Esq., 
will sell by Public Auction, at a place 
to be mentioned later, on 

Thursday, Dec. 5th 

at 1 1 o'clock sharp, 

A most desirable site for either an 
apartment house or hotel, situated at 
the junction of Government street, 
Michigan street, and Young street, half 
a block from the Government buildings, 
corbprl.slng over one-third of an aero 
of ground. 

Frontages are as follows: 

Government street, 128 feet 6 inches. 

Michigan street, 103 feet. 

Young street, 140 feet. 

For further particulars nppTy to 

Tho Auctioneer, Stewart Williams. 

Important Notice 
Messrs Stewart Williams 

Having received instruclions from tiietr 
client in Portland, will sell by puhHc 
auction at their new premises at 75'. 
and 757 View street. opposlje the 
Roman Catholic Cathedral, on 

Tuesday. December lOth 

At 11 o'clock, about 50 desirable build- 
ing lots in the townsite of Sidney, situ- 
ated in 

Subdivision of Lots 14 and 15, 
Block A, Secdon 12 

Between Henry avenu.-; and Klng'.s ave- 
nue, within half a mile of the wharf. 
For further particulars apply to 
The Auetlosaor, •tawart WUllama. 


Take notice tl\at application will be made 
to the Board o: Licencing CoinmlMioner* 
of the City ot Victoria at their next 
iilttlngs, lo be hud after the expiration of 
thliiy days frott in» date hereof, for the 
transfer lo Emll Mlchauj:, of Vlotorla, B. 
C, ot tho licence now hold by me to avll 
aplrltuoua Uquora by retail upon the prem- 
Ites known aa the Empire Hotel, altuate 
at bit and o4S Johnaou itreet. In tha City 
of Victoria. B. C. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C, tha day ot 

neptember, 1911 

Victoria Land Olatriet— niitrlct ot Cuaal 
Range One 

Take notice that Leone Ford, of nil 
Meadowa. H. C, occupation lady. Intenda 
to apply fcr permlaalon to purchaae tba 
following deaorlbed lands; 

Commencing at a poat planted on the 
north ahore of Goat laland, a amall Island 
at the mouth of a large bay at tho aouth- 
eaat corner of Lewla Island. Applying to 
purchase tho whole Island, containing ten 
acrea mora or Icai. 

Agent: 8. H. Ford. 

Dated this ISth day .if August. 191!. 

Coast Range III. — Bella Coola Diatrlot 

Take notice that I, Peter J. Kenyon, of 
Bella Coola, occupation prospector. Intend 
lo apply for permission to purchase tha 
fallowing dearrlbed landa: 

Commencing at a poat pdanted at the 
aoutheaat corner of l.ot i:B, following aouth 
along the Indian rteeerve line to northeast 
corner of I,. 17, proceeding westerly and 
forming a point adjacent to the waterfront; 
containing about 20 acrea more or losa, 

Dated thla Bth day of August, IJIz. 


Cobtrle mil, VatM-ourer laland. 

Take notice that an action has been com- 
menced agalnat you In the Supreme Court 
of Tirltlsli Columbia (Victoria Registry) by 
Ernest A. Scott and John Peden, cari-ying 
on business under the firm name of Boott £ 
Peden, dealera in hay, grain, feed, etc., 
Htore atreet, Victoria, B. C, for the aum of 
11,202.20, being the amount due by you to 
the aald Emcat A. Heott and .John Peden. 
and that unlets an aiipoarance la entered by 
you or on your behalf within twenty-five 
days from date hereof. Judgement may ba 
given In your absence. '' 

l>ated at Victoria. B. C, thla t4th day ot 
October, A. D. 1>13. 

Solicitors for Brneat A. Seetl 
vauil John, PeJno. 

Three Good Buys 

Corner Haultain and Cedar Mill Road — Large double 
corner. Price ^4000 

Roscbery Street— Two lots, 50.X129 each. . , .?1500 


With Which Is Incorporated Bcvan, Gore and Eliot, Ltd. 
Corner Fort and I'iroad Streets rhoiie 2470 

& CO. 



FOR shm 

Island Investment €0^ 0mtdi W«it "trust 
B. C. Permanoit LojUi C«. iui Mid Shares 


Privfte Wires fo <?hicago, H4w VoHt» O^oston and Montriial 






The oldest Insurance Office In the world 


Home Office: London, England 

Caaadtatt Brancbt Sao Balldloi, Toronto* H. M. &I«ckbimi, Maaa^aiw 


C R.I C 




To Buy or Build Houaea 
or Par Oft Mort«agea 

lia-<il Caatral Bide 


Victoria Land Olatrirt— District of Coast 
Range One 

Take notice that George T?. Larsen, of 
Los Angeles, Cal., occupation merchant. In- 
tends to apply for permission to purchase 
the following described lands: 

Commencing at a post planted on the 
north shore of Arbutls Island. a small 
Irland near the southeast corner of I^wls 
Island. Applying to purchase tho whole 
Island, containing twenty acres more or 


^ I Agent: S. Ji. Ford. 

Patea| this Ig th dav of August. 1912. 

*'°"o«^ of AppIIratlon for Xrai>3fer of 
f Liquor Ucrnee. 

„,'^,'''.?./"°"«^e 'f>*t 1. the undersigned John 
^^allSco Smith of the city of Victoria, prov- 
ince of British Columbia^ will apply to the 
Uoard of Licencing Commissioners of the 
City of Victoria, ai Its next sitting for tha 
transfer of the licence now held by me lo 
stU wines and spirituous liquors at the 
premises known as the Bismarck .Saloon, 
situate at 1003 Government street. Victoria' 
B. C. to Frederick Henry iienso of the city 
of Victoria aforesaid. 

Dated thla 3Xst day of Octob.>r, 1912. 

J. V/. SMIT-H. 


Notice la heriby given that, on the Hth 

day of December next, application will be 

made to the Superintendent of Provincial 

I'oMce for the grant of a licence for the 

sale ot 'iquor by wholesule In and upon the 

premises known as Ihn Vlctorla-fhui-niv 

Brr Co., situate at Victoria, li, C, upon 

the lands described as 192 1 Government st. 

Dated this Hth day If November, la 12 

"•A'lCTO«lA-PIIOE.NrX B-RO. (JO., LTD:, 


LIQIOH ACT, 19£S. ~ 

Notice Is hereby given that, on the 16th 
of December next, application will be made 
to the Superintendent of Provincial I'ollce 
for tha grant of a licence for thi; sale of 
llQuor by wholesale In and upon tho 
premises known as 1019 Wharf street, sllu- 
ale at Victoria, U. C, upon the lands de- 
scribed as 1010 Wharf street, Victoria, B. C. 

Dated this IBth day of November, 1U12. 
PITHEIl A LEI.«!EB. Limited, 


.Votlce Is hereby given that the reiervs 
existing on crown lands In 'ho I-c.^ce Hlver 
Land District, notloo ot which Iwarlnit data 
April Jrd. 1911, was published in .ijie Brit- 
ish Columbia Gajeetto of the 6th of AprlL 
1911, Is cancelled In ao far aa the same re- 
latoa to Townships 111, 111 and llS, Peaca 
River L<aod District. 

Deputy Minister of Landa 
Lands Department, Vloiortic B. C« tlnd 
July. 1111. 



Sealed tenders will be received by 
the undersigned up to 4 ,i).iii. MON- 
DAY, DB<;:E.V[BER 2, 1912, tor 

1 Electric Motor. - 

1 Boiler for generating steam. 

1 V\' ashing Ma<"hlne. 

1 Wringer. 

1 Steam Mangle. 

2 Travelling Tubs. 
2 Steeping Tubs. 

1 Table for folding clothes. 

Belting, shafting and fixtures. 

Particulars can bo aee>n at the Pur- 
chasing Agent's t^lfflce, to whom ^.11 
tenders must be addressed and marked 
"Tender.s for Machinery." 

The loweat or any tender not neces- 
sarily accepted. 

\V. GAI.T. 
City Purchasing Agent 

City Hall, Nov. 22, 1912. 


The Municipal Council of the Corpora- 
tion of the City of Victoria having de- 
termined that It Is desirable 

1. To construct a permanent sidewalk 
on the east side of Vancouver street 
from Pembroke street to Queena 

2. To construct conduits with all lat- 
eral connections for the pntpase of 
placing telephone wires underground on 
Camoaun Street from Yatea Street to 
Pandora Avenue; 

?.. To grade, dmln and pare with an 
a*phaltlc pavement Clara Street from 
Oak pay Avenue to Cowan Avenue and 
conatruct permanent sidewalks of con- 
ore la. arUb.ou'ba and gutters on both 
•Idea of aald atreet, also lateral connec- 
tiona to sewers, surface drains and 
water main*, and remove polaa. If na- 

r. To congtruot permanent sidewalks 
of coaoret* on the north side of Pair- 
fltld Il«ad from Linden Avenue to Moaa 
Btreet, and on the south aide of >''alr- 
fiaid Road from Cook Btreat to Moss 

And that an of aald w«rtcs shall bs 
carried out tn accordance wltb tbs pra- 

visions of the Local Improvement G-en* 
eral By-law, and amendments thereto, 
and the City Engineer and City Aisaes- 
sor having reported to tho Council, In 
accordance with the provisions of Sec- 
tion 4 of this by-law, upon each and 
every of said works of local improve- 
ment, giving statenienta sliowlng the 
amounts estimated to be cl.ars:eab:e in 
each case against the various portions 
of real property to be benefitted by the 
said work, and tho reports of the City 
Engineer and City Assessor as aforesaid 
having been adopted by the Council 

the ttaia reports are open for inspection 
at the office ot tho City Assessor, City 
Hall, Dougla." street, and that unless a 
petition asalnst any propo.ied work of 
local Improvement "above mentioned, 
signed by a majority of the ownera of 
the land or real property to be assessed 
for such impr-ovenienl. and representing 
St leest onc-haT^ofe- the value of the aaid 
land or real pi^erly. Is pre.^ented to 
the Council within fifteen days from 
the date of the first publication of this 
notice, the Council will proceed with 
the proposed Improvement upon auch 
terms and condltlous as to tho pay- 
ment ot the cost of such improvement 
as the Council may by by-law In that 
behalf regulate and determine. 


C, M. C. 
City Clerk's Office. October 16, 1912. 


Snbsaetion B, of Ssotlon 8, and Bub- 
asetlou A, of Bsotlon 4, Xoaletpal 
Blsctloas A«t AJnsBdmsnt Aet, Itia. 
Keglatere.(J^vendee8 of property, un- 
^ d>!fr an agreetVient for sale, who ars do' 
slrous of qualifying to vote at tho nest 
Municipal Election, are requested to flls , 
their waivers with the undersigned not 
later than the SOth day of November 
Inst., that being the day on whl<:h tbs 
Voters' List will close, under tlif prov> 
Isions of the Rtatuts. 

dty Clark's OIBos. C it tt * 

. Victoria. B. C. I«*v. I, Hit. T 





Friday, November 29, 191^ 

Spencer's Glove and~ 
Merchandise Scrip 
Good for Exchange at 
Any of Our Three 
Stores -Glove Dept. 

Unusual Sale News That Should Make This 


Store an Exceptionally Busy Centre Today 

Solves the Christmas 
Present- Spencer's 
Glove and Merchan- 
dise Scrip— Friends 
Buy What They Uke. 

Men Have the Best Opportunity of the Season to Buy a Suit at a Tremendous 

Price Reduction 

A Six -Day Sale of 550 Suits Starts Today 

$7.50 TO $10.00 SUITS FOR ? 4.75 
$15.00 AND $18.00 GRADES FOR ^11.90 
$20.00 AND $25.00 VALUES NOW ?ie.75 

(JW is your best chance. We intend to close the sale at 
the end of six days, but we shall be surprised if an^^jjf 

the suits are left by the end of four or five days. 

event the sale will be called off. ^''fWrtV'^'i Jf'!<f''''''-'^''V:^/ 

Such huge reductions should tempt cvW lni'''mo«t'iw6n'omical 
man in town. Even the man who is "'hard up" will feel like taking 
»l|fv»^tage of such :an' offer, in^il||i'||4'WiIV>*.^!ir:»\^t^^ 


Tlie bmst mtk*k lt|4^|i§ ii$4r$ dtttervf j|rot|r ^^<ii«l a|t^n^ 

tioii. They tt ^ghuv^^^^-fff^iiii^kior <|ttAUt^ of m»tei*i»i«, siyli^ 

and tailoring, iaid w< j|Wf#rt|«'*»'pye^>^y^^^ a^^flect Itftinff piX* 

tnent that^. W^^Ve :y«i;||f^^ 

8«U; ' It k tlie. slitisf iei^ :<iiMpil^^%^^ ^pttr #rii^t: 

aihd our fniure business, iiitpdfi)if||^ tKe suit l»|ltf^ 

it is expensive, no matter bttWld^^^lts cost mfcV JKe. 

n smtt 


pzrfm^: "''*rntYirt'^adc of 

to I^UMIO 

fci Iffliwe are 

ted state of the de- 
tweeds, and come 

in both the single and double-breasted styles. 

They are made specially for everyday busing 
in a larqe assortment of sliadcs and patterns. ST 

l^nd come 
itt 32 up to 

44 are to be had. 

275 SUITS, REGULAR ^15.00 TO $18.00 VAL- 
UES, TO CLEAR AT $11.90 

Here is a very fine line of imported worsted ami tweed suits, 
in specially good patterns and colorini^s. They are all thoroughly 
well tailored and trimmed, and shoitld please all men who want a 
smart suit at a moderate price. 

You can choose from double and single-breasted styles in the 
semi-fitting or the sack cuts. The pants are cut in the mil and 
semi-pegtop styles, and there are all sizes from ^2 to 44 to be had. 
jThe coats have the broad shoulder effect, and at their legular j, rices 
are really good values. See the samples in the wind-nvs, ov e.x- 
aminc them in the department, and you will be convinced that they 
are a marvelous value. 

200 SUITS, VALUES FROM $20.00 TO $25.00, 


AT $16.75 

Tn thi.s line there are some of the best ;?25.oo suits that y< 
have ever seen. The materials are the best of in; ported tweeds, 
worsteds, serges and cheviots of the best quality. The tailoring- 
would be a credit to most merchant and custom tailors, end we 
guarantee absolute satisfaction and a perfect fit. 

P.rowns, greys, green mixtures, blues aiui tlio new blue-greys 
arc the chref colorings. All are made in the latest styles for young 
men. and the commercial man . Some have the semi-fitting long 
coats that are so popular with the young men, and the pants ;irc in 
the full and semi-pegtop styles, with cuff oi- plain bottoms. All 
sizes are here, and you c<inldn"t wish for a greater or more desirable 

Short Ends of Materials Have Been Made 

Up Into Smart Skirts 



VALUES TO $7.50 


VALUES TO $14.50 


MAKERS of women's costumes often have a host of short ends of 
materials lett OH;, their hands and are often compelled to make them 
up into .skilits «iid other sniall garments to turn this dead money 
into cash. 

This i« oiie of Ihese cfccasions. A m4tt«faetarcr from whom we buy a 
hU|fe ¥^»f itjir of ottf regular $to^ic sislded us t! We couldvhandle a ^^^^^usLti- 

tity of sfNrts. niftde fjroni his short m49kM he offered them at a tetftp^^lprice 

His offer was aecepte4 provided Ihat the skirts |vere bj« r^^ standard 
ofj^ua^iity and were stylish, and^the result is this %onderftil^ bargain offer for 

•you. V: ■ ,/.*■ "■! '. 

the natni^ Hsult of stwih a tempting price and qualiiy pfferl 

■■■' ; A^'lfci^^^fffc-i^^itlll^'c^ voiles. 

Some are in striped 
iefleet*^ others in "pleasing mixtures colors. You can have tlie 

strictly tailored, the plaited or the fancily trimmed styles, and the regular 
value is up to $14.50. They are bargains worth an early shopping trip. 

AT $2.90 there are values for which you would readily pay $7.50 for in 
the ordinary way. The fact is that the materials alone are well worth the full 
price that we are asking for them. Tweeds, serges and panamas of excellent 
quality are the materials, and there are all sizes and quite a variety of styles 
to select from. 

.See the window display for further particulars, and if you woulil like to see 
them at close range, you are welcome to visit the department. Blues, 
.blacks, browns, fawns, greys and tans are the chief colors. 

When Gold Days Come You Feel the Want of a Good Goat 


IN buying a coat, its utility and the length of time that it will give you satisfactory service are the chief con- 
siderations. Buying a coat is not an every day affair, and when you are ready to invest your money in an 
expensive garment, ir is only natural that you shou Id demand the best value that your money will buy. You 
|'''want the newest and most practical style, a pleasing color, suitable materials ami excellent tailoring. 

From the enormous stock now to be seen at this store, you will be sure m' finding a coat that will give you 
entire satisfaction marked at a price that is well within your reach. We guarantee to give you a good fit, and 
that our garments are tailored in such a skilful manner that their indixiduality and graceful lines will be a 
pleasure thatvvill last. 

Xa buy your coat now is to get the best service out of a minimum expense. See our special values at 
Sii.()o. Tjiey are worth considerably ;nore, in fact, so me are our regular $20.00 grade, and arc well worth that 

In ilu' better lines there arc the ordinarx utility coats in very smart styles. alM> a \ery fine assortment of 
11.. \ I ats, so that choosing should ])c easy anil a j^leasure. Prices range up to $50.00. 

$1.00 Corduroy Velvets for 50c 


50c Geisha and Fancy Silks 
for 15c Today 

.W l.\'(/ ])ccn fiirlunate in securing 151X) yards 
I if cortluroy velvets and 1700 yards of fancy 
I'lural and (ieisha silks at a tremendous reduc- 
tiiin. we arc placing them on sale today at a close mar- 
gin oi ])roiit for a rapid sale. 

If \\c clean ihcm out by the week-end. we shall gci. 
a fair reinrn for onr trouble and outlay, and }"ou will 
,L;ei. a value that cannot be ccpialed. Every yard of the 
material is a desirable quality and will give you per- 
fect satisfaction. 

The Velvet Corduroy comc- in colors light bine, navy, 
green, brown, gre> . emerald, bronze and fawn. It is a 
quality that is easily wrirth S^ a yard. Today's 
price 50^ 

The Silks come in a chariuing assortment of colors and 
patterns, There are sdnie excellent Geisha silks, fancy 
silks and silk muslins to choose from, in colors gold, 
fawn, green, grey, champagne, brown, mauve, light 
navy, emerald, cream and black. Well worth 50c a 
yard and yon' will say so when you sec them. Our 
..' ' ' 15< 


English Linoleum and American Bungalow 
Scrims, Specials at 35c a Yard 

Silk Fringes at a Tremendous 
Price Reduction 


IT won't be the fault of the cpiality of the goods or for the 
want of a tempting price if there are any of these fringes 
left by the time we close the .store tonight. To shop eaily 
will be the ojily safe way to avoid disappointment. 

Ju.s-t what you may want for ,j trimming your Christmas 
dresses, and various other purposes. Ask to see them, they are 
on the main floor. 

nx Xttok MUi Ttimf i> totoa had In colors helio, old rose, ^licht grey, inol«, 
emerald and myrUe. Surely fl.OO valu«H at.ould eall in a hurry at, per 
yard 85^ 

■fylit Jnatk Mlk m»V<« c«me In eolora Mcht irrey, m»le, hello, old rote, 
irrenat. myi*re anA emerald. They are our regular |100 friBges, and 
are worth every emt cf thai ^ee. A clearance at. per yard SOf 



.\n Anglo- ,\merlcan comliin.iUon that slioukl be 

of special interest to nU -who have a home t'> 

:ii;ikp more attractive. Both are excellent values 

worthy of careful consideration. 

Enflleh Jtinolauni, in floral, block aixl i,< , >: 

tern.'i, are to be had In all manner ol' vi.rlu- 

tion.i and color combinations. It Is 2 yard' 

wide, and there are 800 yard.s to he .sold. Some 

of this lot iH easily worth :>0i: a snuare yard, 

and all is worth considerably more than w.' 

are aHkinjr for It nnw. Per square yard 3r><* 

American Bnnr»low Borime. Tliene are bnaiitiful 

drapery fabrics, .suitable i'or .short curtains and 

lianKln»,'», They conic in a very wide ranse oi" 

lolorinsr-'". some in all-over patterns, and others 

will, plain ecntres and fani^y borders. It is :ir> 

inches wide, and a rare value at, per yard '.ITif^ 

S^ ' mUhi 

Shirting Flannels, Flannelettes and 


Are Just the Materials That Will Give You Most Comfort Now 

That Cold Weather Is Here 

AWWR.M and cozy garment is not only a lux 
fortable during the cold weather. The H 
Weight is not an essential if the proper r 
Here are some lines that will give you entire s 
small if made of them. 

•trpled riaanelettea are to b« had in five dep^^ndablR 
Mualitiep, and there are more than twenty fine patterns 
and colorlnifs to choo,se from. Many uBea will sugKest 
themselves to th<^ averaKe woman, and the prlc«s are, 
per yard. 25c, 20c. 18c, 12'/4c and 10<J 

■hlraag rUtaaela, with a MliKht mixture of cotton in 
them to help to prevent shrinkage, and to add to the 
wearinn quality of the matwrials, are here In a variety 
of patterns. It 1" a 28.1nch material, and comes in 
various gra<l««, which are marked at. per yard, i:><\ r«Oc 
and • aB<? 

■■gUiyk^^^laaaala, known as "Vlyella," te one of the most 
dependable lines that w« know of. It is to be had In a 
variety of colorings. Is 32 Inohea wide, and come in two 
qualities. For hard-w«arlng qualltlea, warmth and 
comfort, this material arlH give you entire satisfaction, 
and la worth all that you pay for It. perhaim much 
more. Per yard. T>c and 904> 

urv. but a ptisilive neces.'^itv if v.ou are to be com- 
trhter the material the more comfortable it is. 
aw materials are used and the weave is right, 
atisfactinu, and the cost of your garments will be 

KorrocksM' ramons Planelattes are noted throughout the 
country for their HtiMliiiK gualltl-es, and are the least 
costly materials in the long run. This season vce liave 
a fine assortment nf pattern.s and colorinijw to 
from, Including llislit and dark shades, alHo self colors. 
The cloth has a twilled finish, and will prov« most ser- 
viceable. Width, 36 inches, and the price, per yard, 
only 2n^ 

Xaverelble Klderdowna. Wo l.ave a very large .•stock of 
thhs useful material, but as we have marked It at an 
InvltInK price. It should rapidly sell. It has a beauti- 
ful soft finish, and may be had in a variety of pleftsing 
patterns. Per yard 35< 

raao7 Tlanaalettea are to be had tn a choice variety of 
patterns and colorings, and la 27 Inches wide. They 
have a nappy surface that is plensing to the touch, and 
having a twilled effect It l« a material that will stand 
rough wear. We recommend this line. Per yard 20^ 

Choose Your Silk Waist From 
the Showing on the First Floor 


SrCIl a fine display of the world's best designs 
should be of great interest to all woiiien who love 
to keep up with the latest dictations of Dame 
Fashion, but must keep their expense account moderately 

We have dozens of new and interesting styles to show 
to you, in fact, almost every day sees some fresh goods 
coming in, and in every case the waists show remarkably 
good taste in the combination of the colors, the general 
design, and the skilful tailoring that they represent. 

We welcome you to inspect thcin, whether you make 
a purchase or not. 

Pongee Waists are here in the natural color, made up in 
the strictly tailored style and with plaited fronts. They 
are finished with turndown collars and turnback cuffs. 
.A.11 sizes, and you'll find them a most desirable quality 
at f2.90 

Beautifully Designed Waists are here in variously col- 
ored silks. Some of them are in neat striped effects 
and others come in plain colors, and are trimmed witji 
silk of contrasting colors, laces, frills, and other neat 
trimminofs. All sizes, and the prices start as high as 

.$12.50 each and range down to 



■''>,r''i." as;: ,<;;««.■.. 



Buy Your Hosiery at a Saving 



WK are much overstocked in a few lines and, with the 
host of Christmas goods pouring in, we are forced 
to make room even if we do it at a temporary sacrifice. 

Boya' and CUxla* black wool and cashm-ere hose In the 2-1 and I-l rib, are 
here in sUes from 6 to 9V4. About 75 dozen that have been sold in the 
regular way at frorn S5c to 50c a Palr, are to be sold ut ■ . . .%,%^ 

aUk Xoaa for Woman. These are pure thread stlk. and are beautifully fin- 
IsheJ. They are as comfortable as you can wish them to t)e, and are our 
regular 75c values. Colors tan, black and white. Per pair, today,. ftO^'^ 

SptM SUk Xmra for Wvmaa. Here Is one of our reKular $1.00 Ilne« that Is 
reduced to 7Bc. Even at 11.00 they are worth evejrj^ cent of the pr^e, 
and to see them Is to be convinced of the fact C'olorB hello, grey, black, 
pink and blue are to be had. Per pair, today . . .' -TA^^ 

WooutB't mik X«M, in black only, are to bf> had In sizes 'from SH to 10. 
They are the bet: that your money can buy, and. although the faur 
Itnas that we carry are net reduced, they are marked aa low a« po««tkl«. 
Prl«« par pair. M.IO. 11.10, |1.S6 and |lMI# 




A.iim.^u.^it Mh jta3--,U£i . Jl.. » .. ■......,^..1.^' ,i...Ju, Jh. J. jjifj-iR •,i£.!r.M,k^ £.